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Looking for the next great YA fiction trend? Let NYPL's Anna Rouyer introduce you to Gaslamp Fantasy. Gaslamp stories are set in a magical version of the 19th century. Think Jane Austen or Charles Dickens meets Harry Potter. You'll find exciting recommendations in "Bewitched, Bothered, and Betrothed: An Intro to Gaslamp Fantasy."
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Help reconstruct old New York, one building at a time, with the new version of NYPL's Building Inspector web app.
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It's DIY beer time! Learn more with our Craft Beer Reading List, then join us April 25 for our LIVE from the NYPL Craft Beer event.
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+Arapahoe Library District so we need to get on board with this :)
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Shakespeare did everything a little better - including insults! Read more insults like "fen-sucked brassy nut-hook" and tell us your favorite.
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This is hilarious:
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The answer to today's #QandAwednesday is of course, Moby Dick. The first line from Herman Melville's classic whale of a tale is "Call me Ishmael." As for the connection to The X-Files: Queequeg was the name of Scully's dog. Additionally, Scully's father's nickname for her was Starbuck, a name that was also used in Battlestar Galactica.
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On his or her own, each is a force to be reckoned with. Together, they're unstoppable. They're literary power couples!

Think: F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald. Think Joan Didion and John Gregory Dunne. Then browse 13 Kickass Literary Power Couples.
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Breaking science news! A new happiness study confirms what we've known all along: Library Trips Are As Good for Happiness as a Pay Raise. Need a pick-me-up? Visit NYPL.
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The Woolworth Building, an early New York City skyscraper, opened on this day in 1913. Learn more about the Cathedral of Commerce. #ThrowbackThursday
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For National Poetry Month, we're sharing a poem each day. Today, enjoy "Farewell" by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

To break one's word is pleasure–fraught,

To do one's duty gives a smart;
While man, alas! will promise nought,

That is repugnant to his heart.

Using some magic strains of yore,

Thou lurest him, when scarcely calm,
On to sweet folly's fragile bark once more,

Renewing, doubling chance of harm.

Why seek to hide thyself from me?

Fly not my sight-be open then!

Known late or early it must be,

And here thou hast thy word again.

My duty is fulfill'd to–day,

No longer will I guard thee from surprise;
But, oh, forgive the friend who from thee turns away,

And to himself for refuge flies!
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Love Goethe
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We have another visual book quiz for you on this #QandAwednesday. It's pretty straightforward, so we'll make the full answer a little tougher. Name this book, along with the first line from the book. Also, how is this book connected to The X-Files? How about Battlestar Galactica?
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Thanks for participating, Joe. We'll post the answer within the hour.
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