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It's #NationalHatDay. What are you rocking to celebrate? 
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I missed it!! Too cold 2 rock a fitted anyway but I gotta bout a 90+ lids now. 
I been collecting 4 a minute +Matthew R​ Lls I been got 4 a couple. Lost a few.
Damn...I have about 60 (including about 15 Dodgers and 10 Angels)!
Well, +New Era Cap​​, I have 130 New Era Caps now, so for me each day is a #NationalHatDay! If you want to watch my collection, just have a look at my profile now and then, I post pics of my collection from time to time. 
+Julianne X Well I use to buy 4- 10 new caps per month, that's why I have those new caps.
+BigAce410 sounds interesting bro! Let's follow each other, you can see many of my hats on my profile, and you could post some pics of your collection as well....
I only have 2 new era caps a KTM and red bull one and a mets black outone
where i can buy this some snapback in the philippines ,, pls help me i really need it 
Atlanta Braves fitted, gray under brim. Everyday.
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