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NetObjects Fusion 2015 ist bald erhältlich!
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Have you ever paid for Linux software? Our only business is selling software licenses. 
Of course I have :-) .. and I would pay for a NetFusion Linux Version as well (in fact, I asked for it twice over the last years). I used (and paid for) NetFusion v1.0 through the last. Of course you must earn to sustain your business (obviously), so I am not suggesting a free-bee solution (there are many other commercial software solutions based on the Linux platform - it is by far the largest platform, powering most of the Internet). But now most of my web sites run on WordPress, since NetFusion will not switch away from Windows (which is just too unstable, bloated, and worst of all, highly insecure). In a world moving to cloud-based services, and away from individual computing devices (i.e. desktops with the NetFusion software and copy  of the website(s) created with it, offering a more flexible solution with the ease of use as we know it from NetFusion might be a long-term solution. Just my 2cents, which I shared with you previously :-) ...
P.S.: a tool to convert NetFusion-made websites to WordPress installations wold also be awesome (for pay, of course). Would save a LOT of hassle to re-create everything for an interactive world.
P.P.S.: or a NetFusion tool on top of WordPress to make administration easier for end-users might be a good business idea - and open the entire WordPress market up for you? :-)
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