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YouTube reviewer & #Godzilla‬ fan "Heisenberg" recently published this great look at the new Classic Video Game Appearance Godzilla 12" Head-to-Tail action figure. Check it out!

While you're there be sure to subscribe to Heisenberg's channel at
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This looks veeeeeeeeeeery odd xD
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Introducing the new +Terminator Genisys 2" #Scalers‬ !  From the movie that promises to “reset the future,” the #Guardian#T800‬ and #Endoskeleton‬ are ready for action as a #Scaler‬ mini character.

These cute, collectible minis attach to headphone cords, cables, straps and more for on-the-go fun. Ships to retailers in September!

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"Some new Guardian action for #t2sday‬ prototype shown from @Terminator full reveal at SDCC next week"

-- Randy Falk via Twitter @NECA_TOYS
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Even if the movie's not getting great reviews right now, that won't stop me from buying more NECA Terminators!
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#DannyDeVito waits while his #Penguin‬ prosthetics and make-up are applied in this behind-the-scenes production still from #BatmanReturns .

Be sure to visit for a massive collection of production photos from the making of the film!

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A new gallery featuring the upcoming #BatmanReturns 1/4 scale #Penguin‬ (Danny DeVito) action figure just went live over at the #NECA‬ Blog!

**Please note that here have been some changes to the accessories that will be included with the Penguin -- all the details can be found at the link above!
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Have you had the chance to check out the incredible fan film #Predator : #DarkAges ? The short movie follows a group of war-torn Templar knights who are put to the test against a strange beast that stalks the lands of England. Definitely worth a watch!

Written and directed by James Bushe.
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Yea was pretty good. 
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Have them in circles
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"It's #Prednesday‬ & we're playing w/ our new AvP Predator Series 14 samples. These things are killer!!!" -- Randy Falk via Twitter

For more behind-the-scenes photos and exclusive reveals be sure to follow Randy, #NECA‬ 's Director of Product Development, over at http//
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Guys these look AMAZING! I need to pick these guys up! Keep up the good work! Y'all rock!
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This blog post from the +Stan Winston School is from a few years back but holds a trove of behind-the-scenes photos, video, and artwork detailing the process of creating the #CityHunter#Predator‬ suit worn by Kevin Peter Hall in Predator 2!

Be sure to check out the embedded video for some great footage of the suit being sculpted and some interesting commentary by #Predator2‬ artists Shane Mahan, Bruce Spaulding Fuller, and Bill Basso.
Predator 2's Predator suit comes together at Stan Winston Studio in this Predator 2 special effects behind-the-scenes "Making of" video.
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Here's a quick and fun review of the +GameStop exclusive #Batman   #Arkham #Knight#Batarang‬ Replica with LED lights courtesy of YouTube reviewer "SEAN LONG".

Check out the video at the link below and look for more of Sean's #NECA‬ reviews at
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Fan Creations - 6/26/2015

Fan photos both found and submitted through Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, etc. If any of these are yours, tag yourself and let the world know!
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The #NECA‬ Blog just posted a ton of info and images of the convention & retail exclusives for 2015, including information on how to get yours if you are unable to make it out to one of the cons this year. Check it out!

This summer we have six awesome convention exclusives (one of which has a Toys 'R' Us exclusive variant) — and because the quantities are lower than in previous years, they're even more exclusive than before! However, there are TWO ways to procure one DURING Comic Con WITHOUT GOING TO Comic Con…
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I want that Endoskeleton! 
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The #GameStop Exclusive Batman Arkham #Knight‬ Batarang Replica is in stores now!

Order yours from today:

This full-size prop replica of #Batman‬ 's #Batarang‬ is created directly from the digital files used in the making of the game. Spring-loaded action takes it from folded to fully extended at the push of a hidden button! For more info visit the #NECA‬ Blog:
From the upcoming Arkham Knight, the final chapter in the most successful Batman video game series ever! This full-size prop replica of Batman's Batarang is created directly from the digital files used in the making of the game. Spring-loaded action takes it from folded to fully extended at the push of a hidden button! The Batarang comes with two interchangeable faceplates, one of which features LED lights that recreate the game's "remote control...
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I think your holding it wrong : ) looks awesome 
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