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Available now in limited quantities direct from the #NECA‬ Store on eBay: +Pacific Rim 18" #Striker Eureka action figure with LED Lights!

Order yours today:
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Head on over to the #NECA+Pacific Rim #StrikerEureka 18" action figure with LED lights! Starts shipping to retailers next week!

For the full gallery visit:
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Add a comment... recently posted up this great review of #NECA Series 2 +Dawn of the Planet of the Apes 7" scale action figures, featuring #Koba and #Caesar . Take a look!

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Fan Creations - 4/10/2015

Fan photos both found and submitted through Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, etc. If any of these are yours, tag yourself and let the world know!
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"It's ‪#‎Prednesday‬ & we've got something cool to debut! Feast your eyes & speculate. I will not comment further on it" - Randy Falk via Twitter @NECA_TOYS
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is this the mail away predator
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Head over to for their new review & photo gallery of the #Predator Series 13 #Kenner‬ inspired 7" scale action figures, which includes #Scavage , #Renegade , and #CrackedTusk Predator!
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Have them in circles
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In 1987, Director James Cameron took to the printed pages of #Starlog Magazine to personally reply to complaints brought up by angry Alien fans who hated his sequel, #Aliens . Cameron addresses points as varied as the #Xenomorph 's complex life cycle, the planetoid LV-426, and his take on the origins of the #Alien‬ species.

Vist for the full transcription!
James Cameron's responses to Aliens critics. JAMES CAMERON is the writer/director of ALIENS. Previously, he co-wrote (with Gale Anne Hurd) and directed Terminator. His first film as director was Piranha II: The Spawning. Cameron's other filmmaking credits include Rambo: First Blood II (as ...
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#TBT‬ to August 2013, when the talented "Mr. Oz" blew us all away with his epic Predator ‪#‎Dance‬ stop motion video featuring the #NECA #Predator dance crew and starring #DJCityHunter !

View the video below and be sure to check out more incredible stop motion animation on his "Tales of Isolation" channel here:
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"The original is back this Spring in all new packaging. Your first look in honor of ‪#‎T2sday‬. Under $20. Details soon" -- Randy Falk via Twitter

For more alternate angle packaged photos visit
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"Look who's stalking...still a WIP but it's looking good. Isolation Xeno on ‪#‎facehuggerfriday‬ " -- via Twitter @NECA_TOYS
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Add a comment... recently published this first look at the brand new limited run Planet of the Apes #Lawgiver‬ Statue. Check it out!
NECA gives us a brilliant statue to go with an aperrifi…
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Look what I got today! Who has my #TheSimpsons action figure as one of the 25 greatest guest stars?  - Buzz Aldrin - Google+
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Manufacturer of cool action figures & collectibles from the most popular movies, video games, and pop culture in general.
NECA makes the coolest merchandise from the most popular licenses. From The Hunger Games to Alien, we make awesome products!