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CLE seminars nationwide
CLE seminars nationwide

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Use discount code NBLG10 and receive $10 off.

This code can be used on any live hotel event, live teleconference, or live video webcast (excludes on-demand, MP3 downloads, CDs, DVDs, course books, and CLE passes).

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Funny video - Email in Real Life 

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In light of April Fools' Day, our program developers created a humorous list of the top CLE courses you'll never see advertised (at least not from NBI). Enjoy!

Note: These are not meant to be taken seriously!

1. When Toddlers Strike: Plaintiff's Personal Injury Guide
2. Trial Tactics from TV Lawyers: What They Don't Teach in Law School
3. Armageddon Law: Preparing Your Law Practice for Worst-Case Scenarios
4. E-Discovery: Everything You NEVER Wanted to Know about Digital Data Storage
5. How to Fight a Library Fine and Win Every Time
6. Defending Homeowners in the Catastrophic Foreclosure Crisis Meltdown Apocalypse
7. Strategies to Get Out of the Real Estate Market Before the Bubble Bursts
8. Collecting Debt from Ninjas: Infiltration Tactics and Longbow Fighting Techniques
9. Dying in the Most Tax Advantageous Year: Best Practices for Life Support, Cryogenics and Covert Deaths
10. Everything You Ever Needed and Will Need to Know about the Law: In 90 Minutes
11. Indiana Mom's Secret Teeth Whitening Trick Revealed!
12. Advanced Astrophysics From Start to Finish
13. "YOU Eat Your Vegetables!" Representing Children in Parental Food Disputes
14. From Wigs to Robes: Judicial Fashion through the Decades
15. Flatulence in the Workplace: Employer Rights and Responsibilities
16. Settling the Paper Cut Workers' Compensation Case
17. Height Discrimination in the Workplace
18. Cost Cutters in Schools: The Hairy Truth
19. The Ethical Dilemmas of Attending Legal Ethics Seminars
20. Surviving April Fool's Day 101


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340+ attorneys shared with +Above the Law their preferences and practices in meeting their annual #MCLE requirements.

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Football is back! #GoPackGo

Wishing you and your family a happy and safe Independence Day!

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Ensure a Smooth Path to a New Life

Adoption is an emotional process for all the parties involved. Are you prepared to assist and guide your clients through this highly stressful time in their lives? Whether you represent the birth parents or the adoptive parents, our faculty will update you on the latest adoption laws, help you understand various procedures and requirements, and give you the background you need to handle adoption cases without unnecessary delays, ethical problems, or surprises. Enroll today!

Get all the adoption assistance available for your clients, including tax credits.
Advise wisely on the differences between private placements and agency adoptions.
Comply with the notice and consent requirements for terminating parental rights.
Ensure clients are adhering to the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children.
Avoid problems when dealing with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services when adopting a foreign child by knowing what to expect ahead of time.
Know your role in the interplay between social worker and guardians ad litem during the adoption process.
Prepare for problems such as third-party challenges and dissolution of adoption.
Advise clients knowledgeably with an understanding of current adoption law.
Tackle sensitive ethical issues and other problems that are unique in adoption situations
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