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One of only a few states that currently recognizes the freedom of individuals to buy and sell raw milk legally, South Carolina is basically being accosted by a Big Ag front group, which will attempt to eliminate raw milk freedom in the Palmetto State. We must act now to show that we will not succumb to their attempts to steal even more food freedom from Americans.
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Goodbye food, we barely knew ye.  We had a good 10,000 year run together, didn't we?
The assault on Whole Foods is criminal.  From GMO, pesticide laden, bacteria ridden and hormone injected 'food' is contaminated so badly that it is very difficult to find wholesome products.  Most packaged products contain one (usually many) of these tainted products.  DO your best to select organic, read the labels!  If you have a smart phone, download/install FOODUCATE and scan before you purchase!
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