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I am very excited to invite all of you to stop by and look at my new photography interview site. Each month, I will be featuring at least one new interview with an up and coming or established photographer-- as well as at least one new photo gallery that is either based on a particular theme or an individual photographer.

The first interview-- with San Francisco Bay Area photographer +Steve-Maxx landeros-- is already completed and ready for your viewing and reading pleasure. Steve is known for his wonderful long exposure work (including some breathtaking foggy sunrise-lit images of the Golden Gate Bridge and some incredible nighttime long exposures). He has also recently shifted his focus from digital to film. He has a lot of very interesting things to say about photography! I have included a gallery of favorite images from his work as well.

That said-- I would like to ask all of you for a favor. I would greatly appreciate some help letting people know this new site exists, and I would be forever grateful if you would share this with your contacts and friends (here on Google+ and your other social networks/photo sharing sites). I pondered joining Twitter, but for some reason I just can't get myself to tweet ...

Even though they don't know it yet, I have future plans to interview +Teresa Stover, +Brian Day, +Joel Tjintjelaar, +Athena Carey, +Jeff Gaydash, +Maria Strömvik, and many others ...

Thanks in advance for reading this, for visiting the blog and, if you have the time or desire, for sharing this with your friends and contacts.


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This is a wonderful idea +Nathan Wirth. I surely will be reading the first and all of the coming interviews.
Awesome!! Looking forward to the next iteration. And it was great getting to know Steve a bit better!
Really great of you to do this +Nathan Wirth, I read the first few questions and answers and will check out the rest of the interview when I have time after work.
Superb idea, interesting interview with Steve !
AWESOME Stuff Nathan!!!! Lovely first interview with Steve! Enjoyed reading it a lot. Very thorough!!!
Gulp... Thanks +Nathan Wirth! The interview was interesting for sure. I don't think I've ever really thought about my entire journey like I have for this interview. Lots of changes, lots of thoughts. Thank you again for taking the time to publish this. I am looking forward to the others.

+Joel Tjintjelaar I too thought it was long as I wrote to Nathan, but somehow it almost feels like I can never put my thoughts into words. Thanks for reading.
Great interview and insights behind the images. I had never seen 'Silk and Steel' previously - that is just a jaw-droppingly-awesome image.
Thanks, everyone! And thanks for the shares!!
Really good interview +Nathan Wirth and +Steve-Maxx landeros. A lot of interviews you read on photo blog sites seem rather distant - I mean between the interviewer and interviewee, but this is not, this is different - its like a chat over a beer. Great job Nathan and look forward to your forth coming interviews
Fantastic reading - and I remember Maxwell Smart so well from the late 60`s - my hero ;)
wonderful and so inspiring read +Nathan Wirth! So interesting to discover the journey of such a great photographer as +Steve-Maxx landeros and find out more about his vision. Looking forward to reading about your next guests.
So much depth to the interview really enjoyed it :)
Now that's the way you write an interview! Loved it Nate! You guys feel like friends through your conversation. +Steve-Maxx landeros has been one of my favorite internet buddy's here and on the Flickr and it was great to get an insight into his photographic considerations just as I would have asked them, although probably not quite so eloquently. There's so much good juicy stuff in here that it would make a fine semester worth of collegiate study all into itself. I would like to call you out onto your one gaff though as mentioning the Epson 3800 as coveted hardware is outdated by the updated 3880. Alas, I'll be favouriting this periodical as a desired read! Give us more! Great work +Nathan Wirth-
a really wonderful and insightful interview Nathan. I look forward to reading your interviews in the coming months
Wicked buddy! I did that and got the t-shirt, best investment other than a trip to Reno anyday! You gonna do the piezo conversion +Nathan Wirth?
Thank you very much, everyone! And thanks to everyone who shared the post as well!!
+Nathan Wirth though just noticed RSS feed cuts off after few sentences. Any chance you can enable the full feed?
Bookmarked and off to read your first interview right now...
Opps - I shared this straight after reading it but forgot to come back and comment here because I commented in my share. I totally love the interview +Nathan Wirth!
Good morning/afternoon/evening +Athena Carey! Thanks for taking the time to come back and leave a lovely comment!
Thanks again to everyone for sharing, leaving a comment and taking the time to read the interview!
great site and in-depth interview Nathan. Well done. Looking forward to reading future interviews.
, I am glad to discover his pinhole which I find it interests me. In fact my sister's works for her master degree in Paris 10+ years ago was pinhole.... This is something I will try. Thanks for the interview to inspire and remind me again. Look forward to more interview articles.
will s
Two of my most favorite photographers doing the interview and sharing their point of view together. How wonderful is that !!!
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