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Natania Barron
I read, I write, I geek.
I read, I write, I geek.

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So excited to share that my #novella WOTHWOOD is available for purchase! If you like gritty heroic #fantasy with a Lovecraftian twist, you're in luck. 

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So excited to share the first #booktrailer for my #heroicfantasy #novella, WOTHWOOD. Coming soon from Falstaff Books. 

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Super sick here with a stomach flu, but SUPER excited to share the cover of my upcoming novella, WOTHWOOD. It's heroic weird fantasy with ancient grudges, sleeping goddesses, and a man-eating forest. Stay tuned for more details! 

Tonight I'm working on GLASSMERE -- that Narnia meets Downton Abbey novel. There's someone named Daman, who happens to be a jaguar sometimes. I liked this bit. ‪#‎amwriting‬

"Julia said the words just as Daman’s hand reached hers, just as his skin turned to soft fur, as his body lengthened and grew, whispered in transition to a greater, bolder expression of himself."

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In WATCHER OF THE SKIES, my godlings all have bird forms, as you do. And two of the main characters, Andrew La Roche (Apollo = raven) and Trita Oya (Athena = owl) could not be better represented. And this isn't alternate history fantasy! This is the real world. So cool! +K Sullivan!

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Awesome friends share epic songs when you're having a crap day (week, month).

So Joss totally has a theme song now thanks to +Jonathan Wood. Epic song for an epic godling. Thanks to Jonathan Wood for the find.

"With a roar like the wind, I pulled at the waters below, shaping them and twisting them into my steeds, those I had ridden in happier times before I had gone mad with the power. They rose around the icy bower and tossed their dewdrop manes, seashell eyes rolling in their noble heads."

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As I've been editing WATCHER OF THE SKIES the past few weeks, I'm reminded of how amazing the internet is. This map has proven central to my work. Not sure how I'd manage this alternate history without it. I can't imagine ever writing this book otherwise. I mean, I can. It would have just taken me years and years to do because there's no way I could have photocopied a version of this large enough to look things up as often as I do. #writing #alternatehistory 

From ​Mary Robinette Kowal -- I really like this one. The first five sentences from your first five chapters. No requirements or tagging for other writerly friends, but it's a fun little view into your work!

1.) Eleanor Brevard had not imagined that the manor house at Glassmere would be quite so dusty and decrepit. 

2.) When Aunt Lucy spoke, Julia found herself lost in the sound of her voice. 

3.) Two weeks after their arrival to Glassmere, and they still had not seen their grandmother.

4.) Julia awoke from her sleepwalking standing in the middle of the orchid house, shivering and wet.

5.) When they finished their concert — and really, as it always went, it was ever so much more Julia’s concert than her own — Eleanor decided to take a nap before dinner. 

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So excited to be part of this dark fantasy anthology. It's not often I get to play in a shared world like this. Get thee hither and back! :) #kickstarter  
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