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I rarely check my profile here, reach me on instead :) 

Can we get any insight on the agenda? we need to coordinate a lot of the stuff. other sessions, breaks and it's getting late with no updates on the Agenda.

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duct tape can fix everything.
خلاص يا جماعة ما تقلقوش، أنا صلحتها و الصمغ ماعادش باين.
don't worry, i fixed it.
#Tutankhamun #tut #pharoah  
#EGYPT #Archaeology #Conservation #Ancient_egypt #Burial_masks   #tuts_beared   #AncientEgypt #BurialMasks #TutsBeared   

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Emma Stone is just awesome :D 

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each year we wait an entire year for +YouTube  #rewind  #2014
enjoy :) 

إِذا خَانَ الأميرُ وكاتباهُ * وقاضِي الأَرْضِ داهَنَ في القَضاءِ
فَــوَيْلٌ ثُمَّ وَيْـلٌ ثُمَّ وَيْلُ * لِقاضِي الأَرْضِ منْ قَاضِي السَّماءِ

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"It is extraordinarily important that Obama wants wireless broadband to fall under the same rules as wired. The wireless carriers have gotten away with some of the worst nonsense in the entire game because they insist that spectrum is a scarce resource and they have to act differently, but the reality is that AT&T and Verizon are hoarding huge amounts of unused spectrum and more and more Americans are turning to mobile as their primary internet access."
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