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There's a feature of PyCharm that I'm interested in but it's only available for the paid version and I don't like their subscription model. The feature is called "Remote Interpreter" here's what they say about it:

"Using a remote Python interpreter instead of a local one lets you run, debug and profile your application on a production-like or testing environment, be it the real server or a virtualized one created with Vagrant or Docker."


I have a docker image running locally and I want to connect Wing IDE to the python environment in that image. Does Wing IDE have something similar to this feature? or is there any plans in the future for implementing something like this?

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Wing 6 adds something like this, although in the current beta it's still under development so only works if the remote system is either Linux or OS X and you can install Wing 6 into it (eventually it'll support more OSes and install itself). There are also a couple of other limitations in this beta. Details are at http://wingware.com/wingide/beta
If you try it and have trouble please email support@wingware.com
Oh this sounds like what I'm looking for! thanks for your response! I'll give it a try.
I tried PyCharm for a year - this past 12 months. I don't know what platform you are using but on my OpenSUSE Linux I found that I had to turn off features just to get it to run properly. I went though four versions/updates or so. Every other update seemed to work better but the update in between seemed to go backward. I gave up. I have used Wing for many years and it has always worked on my Linux boxes.

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