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New users - one cool thing about Google+ is that you can "mute" posts. What that means, is if a post keeps showing up at the top of your stream because people are commenting on it, you can make it disappear so you'll never see it again. This comes in handy when a user like me (with lots of friends on my list) posts something... you've seen it, read it, good. You don't want to see people comment on it all day long after that? Just mute the post!

This .GIF I'm sharing is funny and if your mind is open, it'll reinforce one of the great philosophical lessons -- truth is not as "objective" as we might assume, everything we see & understand comes from a certain perspective. That said, you probably won't find an interesting discussion about Nietzsche's perspectivism under the .GIF. So if the discussion is boring you, MUTE AWAY!

To mute, mouse over the circle with the arrow in it (to the right of the post header) and click the "Mute this post". If for some reason you should want to Unmute, just return to my profile, find the post, and mouseover the little circle / arrow header again. There's an Unmute option. If I'd had known this in the beginning of my G+ experience it would have saved me a lot of time... Enjoy :)

UPDATE: Oh yes, keep in mind that you can control email notifications. No brainer / of course you can, but I've seen a lot of people complain about them when they start on G+. For what its worth, I've turned off all the notifications except for those that tell me when I'm mentioned in a post. That's usually worth clicking on if someone is trying to talk to me / say something to me, and because I get so many of them, the regular notifications on the site (top right red indicator) aren't sufficient. It maxes at 10!
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The most profound .gif I've seen on here so far. :)
Tom's probably muted this already. Let the bashing begin. :D
can someone tell me how to message a friend here at Google+

im here at Google+ for almost two months,

still don't know how to send private message

as if Gmail wasn't owned by Google....
+Tom Anderson Question about the mute function. If you mute a post, and someone tags your name in it, will you still get notification?
Will you be able to undo it in the future(the mute thing)?
+Kimpee Enriquez Only when users have the option turned on will you see a "send a message" button below there pic. Not many users do.
+Tom Anderson I actually use the collapse functionality combined with G+Me and Golden View. This then gives me the opportunity to collapse down to a single line each of the posts in my stream, and expand them as I see fit.

I very rarely use Mute :)
Another great post for the new guys on here Tom. I still find it mildly amusing that one of the biggest and best users to follow on Google+ is the creator of one of the original big social networks. Keep up the good work.
+Kimpee Enriquez when you share a post, you can put in someone's name and delete the default (+public) audience. Then they are the only ones who will see it.
+Kimpee Enriquez To message someone, just use the "+" and then type his/her name in your stream, then write your message.
I don't mute at the start, but if I start getting notications, then there is a "Mute this post" at the bottom of the notification view for the post.
Am waiting for someone to develop the auto gif mute extension.
Also worth mentioning for new users: hit Esc key to stop .gifs
In the sharing box, instead of Public or whatever Circle your share box defaults to, delete and type + name of person you want to PM like this ... +Kimpee Enriquez :)
Google + has provided us with the ultimate "social life perpetuation" tool... We can actually make someone shut the f'up, and remain the best pals in the world :) How cool is that?
+Kimpee Enriquez A post shared with one other person is very like a private message. What are you missing?
Tom, You are the first person above B level celeb status I've ever seen reply to any post
i'd rather it not re-order it based on time of comments..also i may not want to mute the post so it disappears...maybe keep it in the timeline but don't remove it?
Your Video is so cool, and funny is that you???
Chris F
Too bad there is no such option for the mobile clients (or i just fail to see it).
I am still searching for one...friends...i need you....:(
Im still trying to get the hang of 'posting' never mind muting them....Google+ newbie!
It's so funny watching Facebook try to play catch-up to Google+, they're just making FB worse, messier, more cluttered.
He's my first myspace friend and my first google+ friend
I always mute posts after reading them. It makes the stream so much more manageable.
+Tom Anderson youve been busy on facebok too. I've read some of the responses and some are barbaric in nature, people don't seem to understand the word social these days. Sigh
that video so very good amazing,,,,,
Very Nice. That's friggn awesome
I like hovering my mouse at the bottom of Tom's posts and see how may +1 buttons I can hit as user comments keep scrolling by.
I've noticed that Google+ will only ever send you 10 notifications for any post. So if you comment on a post and there are 100+ replies after it you don't get spammed too badly, you just get notifications for the first 10 replies.
I can shrink them too. getting so I'm not sure what's one of my plugins and what's not...guess I'll have to use firefox to see what's not standard google plus. ;)
+Damian Guppy Not sure what you mean. All notifications for any one post are grouped into one notification.
Yep i mute this post,and thinking about it again nah its Tom Anderson of Myspace can't do that!
+Sacred Society Tom is on facebook as well. The users over there are not as nice to him as they are here though :)
+Sacred Society Either you've got my celebrity status grade wrong (Could be C level) or I have a penchant for social networking. Btw, better change the name or you'll get deleted. G+ is real names only... they do delete here and don't yet let band/business accounts on yet.
+Joe Ohio Sorry, i wasn't clear and forgot to mention notifications by email. You only get 10 email notifications sent to you for any thread after you comment on it.
Mr. Anderson. Thank you for the insight
What the hell??? :D hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahhahahahahahahahhahahahaha!
+Sacred Society FB & Mark are all good - I admire what they/he have done immensely. G+ is more fun for me, though.
this brilliantly calls in to question what it means to "know" something. nietzsche would be proud.
Its a pity that animated gif isn't animated on the android app...
Caleb W
When are you gonna realize that nobody really likes you you fat sack a crap!? Facebook FTW!
Hey Tom Anderson Since you are talking about truth .... Can anyone lie without a language .....without any language (Sign, sound, criptic, picture) ..without any of those.
I think that the last move mark did on facebook will take facebook to the end of the list.
How did I miss muting? As always, Thanks +Tom Anderson for your helpful posts for those of us who didn't get on the bandwagon until after the cool kids.
. In so far as the word “knowledge” has any meaning, the world is knowable; but it is interpretable otherwise, it has no meaning behind it, but countless meanings.—“Perspectivism.”
It is our needs that interpret the world; our drives and their For and Against.[emphasis added] Every drive is a kind of lust to rule; each one has its perspective that it would like to compel all the other drives to accept as a norm.
— Friedrich Nietzsche
I did have a laugh tonight when I heard on the news a story about today's Facebook changes and how to get around them and go back to the old way. People must really not be taking well to them. Personally i have found a lot of the changes over the last 2 months on facebook have seemed more rushed than usual, and awfully familiar to features of G+
Wow this is awesome indeed
+Chris Jones Use the suggest feature. fastest way to build a few circles.
That is very true. Truth certainly is not objective. But it is good to remember that people bring their views and life experiences to the table.
Will do Tom..Thanks for the Info!
Yea,thats cool! Thats why now I'm more often on google+ than on facebook.
LOL. this reminds me of this lady on Stickam. Some dude in her town always had a video of him taking off his helmet when he turned his cam on. and would wander out in the garage and sit on his motorcycle.
In the end, he was a 30+ year old living at his dad's and his dad was cooler than him.
that was his dad's crotch rocket
just signed up, thanks for the help
Thats so cool.. thanks for sharing !!!!
Its bizarre that there is so much hate for gifs
Yep, I will probably have to mute this one...especially since two other people I circled shared it. LOL But not before reading, of course.
nice one......very cool video
+Vineet Tyagi It shouldn't matter if some one adds you to their circles, it doesn't change what they can see on your profile. Permissions are based on what circles you put people in. Circling is a one way affair.
hahahahahahahhahah coooooooooooooooooooooooooool
After +Gary Vaynerchuk shared this post, I thought I should try out the mute. I muted the post, but Gary's post stayed visible until I reloaded the page. Then it was muted as well.
Belal H
MySpace Tom FTW
nice ............................
sry but how can we go back to add well know personels to our circle ??
cool but do u have a real bike?
In fact this feature is vital when you have a very active stream.
Wish there was a way to mute new users. The comments here are going downhill already.
Far out man, you ran MySpace not Google+!
Joking, keep up the good work Tom!
Adam L
I'm not a fan of how Google orders posts. If I was interested in a post, I would +1 it or comment, following which, I will get notifications via email and on the notification area here.

Having old posts bump new posts off my page is terrible because it means I an now missing new information in favor of a few people in a flamewar keeping your posts active for weeks.

Muting the posts isn't a good option, because what it is a post I care about? I'm still getting the notifications, and I want them to continue. I just don't want it constantly bumped to the top.

To me, this is no different than how Facebook would decide what posts you wanted to see. I want my posts ordered by date of the post, not by comments...
Or you could just get G+me for Google Chrome and collapse all the posts you've read - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Just found out.

Youtube video link - just paste the link in your writting box, and video is embedded in your message INSTANTLY........

now when's the last time i spent more then 5 minutes on FB..........
superbbb i thought it was real one......
salute!!! to cameraman.....awwsome
You some sort of legend TA - BTW are you related to the guy from Beavis and Butthead?
Tom Anderson is the guy who was the first person who would send a message to new accounts on MySpace.
why dont go in race with that bike? friend
Your Myspace friends btw? ;)
Nice! ;D
It'd be nice if there were a similar option that just muted the comments on a post. Sometimes I still want an actual post in my stream, even if I don't care to keep up with what everyone is saying about it.
nice illusion friend but not this time
I can't believe I never noticed the mute option.Thanks for the tip!
Anyone notices facebooks new update? Good thing google+ is still around
Nice DUDE!!!!!!!!!..........I lke it...........
he shoulda crushed it like godzilla
ha ha nice one.......
Is this motorbike yours, dear tom?
FIAT brand! I've never seen that before...
lol, nice GIF, and great post, very helpful
Tom, I love that you've become the new ambassador for Google+!
Facebook keeps trying to get me to subscribe to Tom. He is cheating on G+!... or at least hedging his bets. #SocialGraphic (the social version of an infographic) displaying some initial responses to Facebook's new lyout changes. What are your thoughts?
David S
very cool video
Hey Tom, Is there a widget for google + that allows me to see my feeds from my igoogle dash?
Tom, you are truly a classy guy. Thanks for being my first friend on MySpace ;)
what a cool hunky bike...damn! :P lol
thomas anderson? did you create facebook????
Thank you for the post on Facebook and the redundant changes on Facebook. A lot naysayers are telling people that Google+ is boring and to stay away from it. They have no idea of the potential here. Glad to know you're on board!
WOW .....that's creative n good....
awesome!!! you are now muted..
Tom, I will always rely on you for tech support on all social networking sites. :)
I am not commenting because i have no words for praising this post..
Well done +Tom Anderson ..:)
Man you shot-out for that pic lol
so Tom....what are you doing these days?
Hmmm I wonder if you will mute it after I comment on it.. lol
wow! what a trick. i wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tom when did you become the google + guy? wtf happend to myspace ? :/
Ty P
You know this Google+ is kind of nice. It will be even nicer once i figure out how to log out of it.LOL :-)
Google+ looks great so far! Also, Tom, that .GIF is quite funny ;)
@ Ty P, click on your name on the top right of the screen then on the bottom it says "Sign out"
+Ty P Click on your picture on the top right black bar and at the bottom of that is a sign out link.
it's a little bit lonely on google+. so i followed tom since he was my first and only true friend on myspace :(
better mute this, here come the comments
I have had to mute Tom and Pete of Mashable quite a bit at times.
hahaha, sounds like magic.......

Overall rating

Overall rating
Real truth is objective...perspective is not.
+Tom Anderson , you can't always mute posts. There have been many times when your posts from more than 1.5 months ago pop up at the top of my Stream, posts which I never commented on. If you think about it, you can't mute a post which you never commented on. So G+ has some very basic problems when it comes to the Stream. If someone comments on one of your ancient, ancient posts, G+ flags it as an "hot" post, and sends it to the top of everyone's Stream again. It does this to people who've never even interacted with that post.
+Bagha Shams You can mute a post you haven't commented on. And that keeps happening because of the photo album feature I am protesting :)
I think there should be an option to keep posts in a timeline and be muted automatically, but you can select which posts to unmute.
ha ha... too funny!
i do like the edit butten though
Oh dear lord, don't start spamming here already! :(
hey kid it seems you r going about it all wright . 10,000 hits in two weeks is nothing to sneez at . and always remember to be greatful
This is a major step in globalization.
+Tom Anderson Do you ever feel sad about the way MySpace ended for you?
You created this huge networking site and eventually it was overtaken by a competitor.. You have have to feel upset, but proud in a way right?
hey tom unblock me on facebook ass hole
maxi sz
jajaja genial
Time to mute facebook.
OMG! How did you do that? Awesome!
OMG it's TOM. (or should that be WTF?)
I don't see how this implies truth is not objective. it's a neat gif. it shows how easy it is to be deceived by someone who only shows you part of the truth and to thereby be led to believe something false but the objective truth is always the same.
Dang Tom, didn't know you gave logic lessons, thought you just went around asking people to friend you on MySpace! Hhahaha just joking! lol

Overall rating
what great idea to make scene.......
thanks for this - i want to mute some private messages in my stream cos they can be a bit sensitive and i don't want to look at them all the time - but i couldn't figure out how to unmute them if i wanted them back. now it seems i go to the sender's profile and unmute them there
I thought you'd still see the post if you went to the poster's profile. I'm sure that's happened to me when I've muted vomit making stuff and then checked in on the poster later and it was ' oh my god - there it is again" 
+Deirdre Green You can still see it, but it's not in any searches. And if you don't even remember who wrote the post... :-)
uhhhh I dont get what you just said.
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