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I made it down to the southern tip of Taiwan -- an area known as Kenting. It's almost tropical down here... feeling more like Thailand than Taiwan. When I took this photo, I was standing on a precarious ledge with extreme winds blowing me about. I was hugging the earth keeping a low center of gravity for quite a while before I felt confident enough the winds weren't going to suddenly blow me the wrong way. I love wind. Standing here and looking out at this expanse, feeling the extreme gusts was exhilarating. I will never forget it. I felt so alive, but I also felt like my life was in danger... I'm not an adrenaline junky and am very happy being alive. :-) Trust me, I didn't like the dangerous feeling. I think I would have felt equally happy without the danger.

I was so enamored of this feeling that I really felt I had to capture this place just right. The problem is that it was so windy, my camera was shaking even on a heavy, sturdy tripod. I shot again and again trying to wait for a brief respite from the extreme winds... I'd feel the wind stop for a second and I'd try to press the shutter in time... Finally I think I got something that was steady enough to be in focus. Still, I'm afraid this photo doesn't really convey the magnanimity of this place... If you really want to capture the feeling, try putting the photo on a 70" TV screen, stand 5 inches away from the screen, then get your friend to point a leaf blower at your face, then turn it on. ;-)
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Looks happy and gloomy at the same time ; )
thanks for sharing all ur nice photos. luv it.
by the way... thanks for Myspace... really.
looks like it's going to rain
Great picture! The clouds onto the sky are stunning!
Whoa, this looks like it can go forever.
XD Nice to meet you, Mr. mehmet arkın gürbüz

You are welcome in this little Island too ha :)
Oh my GOD..I like it..Beautiful & Very Cool
my godness....u r fantastic..i believed no one can do like u!...marvelous pic!
Kaka Li
are you travelling in taiwan?
That is truly paradise , have fun Tom
hi Minna - the first link is dead. The 2nd one I've actually seen :-) My friend from Thailand sent it to me :)
Mark X
Spring Scream Music Festival in early April of each year at here. like crazy wind
wow.... is beautiful :)
Mona VJ
wow so beautiful....
Awesome picture you have there!
Seems that we are looking to the edge of the world.
awosom photos Tom, I envy you and hope to visit such places, but there is another place on this plate that I concider gifted with a lot wildlife and the best climent
an East African country called Uganda has got a lot to offer though some a not taped but it is such wonderful place to visit too.
Leah G
lovely sight
I guess you had a wonderful journey.
Wow nice have you been to the 101 building there yet? Amazing view if you go all the way to the top (or at least near the tip).
N.H. M
nice seen
Absolutely Beautiful! Such a great shot; be proud!
so goooooooooood........ anderson,..,.....
i am looking for a frienf
Absolutely Beautiful! There are no words for a picture like this Always <3
Awesome photo. I've been to Kenting twice but can't remember it looking quite like that!
That looks amazing, Tom. I hope you're having a great time in Taiwan.
what a view!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
heh well maybe it's a category mistake to ask if a photo is "real" or not, but if I get your meaning, I think the answer is yes :) +VIJAY KUMAR.B Vijay
wow! Its gorgeous! I'd love to go there
Do you have other pic profile of you Tom? it's kinda bringing back all those scary memories from myspace...lotta scammers there...sorry to say
Thank you for shoot so many beautiful photos of Taiwan.
Really love these!
This is the Sky omens I'm referring our landscapes are of a greater majesty than any vacation pix ever taken & not because our photo tech is greater. How lucky you are to also enjoy earthen sky
Very nice Picture, Super
I just played a gig there last weekend. There's a festival there called Spring Scream. At the lighthouse park. Every year in Kenting. Great that you were there. Maybe you were at Spring Scream?
I looked a little high feeling is still very dangerous, to photograph in such a good photo, Tom you are great! !
我看着都有点危险的感觉还很高的,都能拍摄如此完美,你真的很棒!加油Tom !!
very nice pic. would love to go there one day
Nahhh I'm sure one near fall off a cliff is've other dangers to worry about lmao ;p
बहुत अच्छा है
yes hhhaaa
I love my beautiful island as well.
that was great, indeed ;-)
You'll feel even more precarious, when you undertake intergalactic
สวยงามค่ะ แต่ภัยรุนแรงยิ่งนัก
It's cloudy but, nice place to calm your mind...:)
Fantastic photo, and looks like a lovely place.
great looking shot :)
Nice photo.

Off topic: I see you have kept the same picture since Myspace was popular.
Its looking like sky overlay to this aqua source!!
Can't say I liked Kenting too much... feels like Thailand , in all the wrong ways.
This is beautiful masterpieces designed by God.
Taiwan is a wonderful place to visit...
What a life changing moment! HOW BEAUTIFUL! ENJOY EVERY SECOND :-) 
I have stood right there. It's a beautiful and awe inspiring place
يلا نصيف شم النسيم احلي .....هو الشاطئ دا فين لو سمحت؟
its word can limit its beauty... nice click....
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it's wonderful & peaceful place......!
It sounds exiting.the view owsome
+Tom Anderson I think your description adds even more to the image itself! Now, where's my leaf blower.

I've found myself standing on top of a multi-storey car park peering down at the people and cars below, and I do suffer from vertigo just a can be quite thrilling, being on the edge, that sense of danger, but also that differnet perspective on the world can be amazing.

There's a (not very common!) saying in Glasgow that you should never walk along Argyll street starting at your feet...there are some amazing buildings that you never see until you change the way you look at things. :)
That is just a gorgeous view! You must really be in paradise!
waiting for the day when i can travel and see things like this with my own eyes
I keep having to pick bits of leaf outta my eyes...
Rex Su
Well, that part of Taiwan is in the tropics.
that is so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you are a very lucky man, enjoy it my friend
Luv this pic! Amazing pic and view
I share your love of wind; we were in Australia near a place called Mt. Mary on the site of an abandoned copper mine. The wind was blowing 50-60 mph steady, and gusting higher. We were able to lean over the edge of a cliff and the wind would hold you steady. Yes, were crazy.
beautiful...i love it so much
Hey +Tom Anderson you should do some geocaching while you are there :) I'm really sure you will find nice spots to photograph :)
Thats a great photo and you've really captured the wind in those clouds.
Its heaven on the earth. Hope nobody pollute it
Get an Asus droid tab 
wao superb..... this is our gods gift there is no daught
It reminds me of a familiar experience. awesome pic.
That looks really awesome!
Did you capture this with large apature? Or did you use ISO? Why is it so brightly colored? Nice picture, I can imagine wind.
Breath taking...looks like the sky and land meet.
you are blessed to have experienced this beautiful scene....the rest of us will just have to enjoy your picture.
When I stared at the photo, I felt I was swaying in the wind myself. Kudos Tommy.
Dung ha
So beautyfull! The only word I can say for every thing!!! Nice pic, thank you
Woah,that's really awesome :]
Nice pics, but what the hell do you do for a living? Seems as all you do is travel and take pics. Just curious .
The sky is falling down! lol
I'm pretty certain that's the sea, but maybe we're not praying to the same deity.
Beautiful! Peaceful and serene. I love it!! Good job on pic Tom.
I would LOVE to build a house right there... but, then, it would mess up the scene! :)
Love the comp of colors and textures to provide scope and depth to this image, well done!
i wish i can be there..nice shot anyway :)
Perfect description! I'll see if we can't get it on our Apple TV at home tonight and I'll have my wife blast me with the leaf blower! I'm lovin' the Taiwan adventure!
p.s. Are you shooting with the 14-24 or have you added a fish-eye to your quiver?
Thanks for the photos +Tom Anderson . They bring back some very fond memories of Taiwan. I got tons of pictures of those places but very few of good quality.
Last time I went out of Taipei it was in Ilan county high up in the mountain amongst millennia old cypress trees and temperatures were freezing. I should post some of those pictures.
I love Taiwan! Lived there for two years about a decade ago. I have really enjoyed all of your Taiwan pictures lately +Tom Anderson . They bring back good memories. Thanks.
This photo is amazing, you are much too critical of your talents. It makes me want to find this exact spot!
Well done, man! Just curious about the camera you used?
Great picture, Tom. Really makes me want to pony up the bucks for a good ND filter! Do you ever post exif data or lens/camera used? Or did I just miss it? Thanks!
Well now, aren't you special ...
Thanks for sharing. Spellbound I am and wondering if there is a word other, and wishing there is more, than 'beautiful' to describe this scene.
tom f
i love this amazing view
you did see the true beauty of Taiwan....thanks for taking those amazing pictures~~~~
Don't try to fix that which is not broken.
You are really good at this, Tom. Bless you!
many comment like your photo congratuiate with you Tom and with you nextime share beauty Photo for your friends.
dark blue & dark green goes real fabulous a place to sit & feel goodness that's the best all over a b'ful hilltop or wateva it is
thank-you for being here and sharing this great network of people with common concern and the ambitions to share with others. i am sorry this has taken so long for me to get back but i have been away for a few weeks and still playing catch-up. by the way i recognize the pic of you from myspace, and i frequent the music player often.
Wow very nice and solem place I like that so much
Marta A
esto me gusta q. belleza linda foto marta
all photos are just amazing!!! What's your camara
Beautiful....I love your photos!
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