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Amazon is creating an Android-driven tablet. Is this news, or just another tablet in the iPad vs. Everyone camp? The Kindle's are nice, but the things that make them nice are quite different from what you'd want in a tablet (the "digital ink", small form factor), etc. Great to see these giants of the industry (Amazon & Apple) going to head to head. The consumer (us!) is the winner :) plans to introduce a tablet computer before October, said people familiar with the matter, in a move that will heighten the online retailer's rivalry with Apple.
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Rick DeNoyer
Great... I cant afford it either way.
i'm excited to see how amazon implements their own services onto their tablet.
There's going to be a big flood of nice, cheap, android powered color tablets by years end I think :)
I still don't get the point. Bezos obv has access to data I don't.
No offense Tom but this isn't news. This was leaked ages ago. Your still awesome though! =)
I agree, and what's also interesting is how they're utilizing Android and competing with Google in certain niches at the same time.
There are so many tablets around now, and so many android tablets in particular. A lot of the shit android tablets give android a bad name, i expeet this is probably a rebranded augen or similarly crap one :)
If its good, i may buy it , but currently eyeing up a 10.1
Indeed. I'd hate to see the Kindle go the way of the crowd and adopt a tablet like quality. The digital ink technology is the feature and benefit which sets the Kindle apart from the rest in the arena.
Not a big fan of tablets. But it is fun to watch the big companies out there duke it out on all fronts.
Perso, I don't see how this is really helps. +TheBroken . exactly. Amazon's AppStore is a bad deal for devs and there have been several that have pulled their apps from Amazon.
I'm fine with my iPad 1 and Kindle 3.
So just an Amazon Nook Color that can tap into Amazon's video streaming and music clouds.
What gives Amazon an edge is that unlike the shiftiness that is the Android Market, the Amazon Appstore actually holds developers to standards and has an inclusion process more similar to Apple. They also give game makers more DRM control, which is one reason some game makers dislike Android.

I wouldn't bet against Amazon, but I also wouldn't pre-proclaim anyone to be an iPad killer.
Tired of hearing about this. It's been in the press for months.
Their Kindle everywhere strategy is cost-effective to maintain. Why try and make another piece of hardware.
+Paul Swansen The tablet that releases a way to have both LCD(glossy screen) and Digital Ink will come out on top. As long as the OS is up to par.
Has got to cost less that a IPhone 4/4g/5 (or whatever they are going to call it ... $179-200 US
amazon wants a multimedia tablet so people can buy more amazon stuff. rent/buy movies from amazon, music, shopping, cloud storage, etc...and just general amazon shopping
Keep an eye on this, I expect the Amazon tablets to be the first truly successful Amazon tablet. Bezos does not make dumb business decisions, I don't expect this to be his first.
This has been rumored for a while. It makes sense with their app store and with the success of the Nook Color, which is also an Android tablet.
Android FTW :)
Lab126 (the Amazon co. that makes the Kindle) has some Apple veterans & some off-the-charts brilliant folks, so they have a really good chance of coming up with something, which can compete with iPad....
Maybe partner with HTC, perhaps the only company apart from Apple which really "gets" good design & ux.
But the ipad has a huge first mover advantage in app ecosystem around the iPad - numerous quality apps, huge dev community. This app ecosystem advantage, will be really hard to beat or even match.
But as +Tom Anderson insightfully observed, all this choice benefits us (the consumer)...yay for competition spurring innovation :)
+Nikoo Kalantari Depends on the tablet, that's an awfully broad statement. The problem with Android is usually the crapware and skins the carriers put on them.
Couple months old, supposedly first to be quad-core so more than an e-reader. I expect they'll roll out Amazon Instant Video for Android around then too. By Oct, they'll be up to nearly 200 free apps on the app a day appstore though. With no way to batch it will be a nightmare for anyone who already has Android and expects an easy transition.
The consumer is not automatically the winner, though. When proprietary formats proliferate, we lose. Right now, the "free market" has given us comsumer computers that you have to pay to have unbroken after you buy them because they are loaded with so much crap. The good news: The Kindle runs on an open source OS and Android is an open source OS. So that part is good.
+Nikoo Kalantari It's HTC that is paying Microsoft a royalty per device, not Google.
Presumably Amazon's patent portfolio is big enough where it wouldn't be as easy for Microsoft to get money from them.
+Christina Warren is the idea that Amazon is going to block the Android market place? or just provide a better one?
I've been quite happy with my iPad 2 -- I honestly don't see any Android tablets out there that can compete. It's proven itself time and again that it isn't just a large iPhone. I welcome the competition though, and I would be sad if this was the way to get streaming Amazon VOD from a tablet ... I'd love that on my iPad
I could be mistaken, but I don't believe Google pays settlement money for Android. I believe it's HTC. Google's not afraid of a patent battle. Witness their fight with Oracle.
Oh how I envy you, Tom Anderson, because you have the time to keep up with tech news so easily. It's a pain trying to keep up and managing school & work. Much respect to you, though.
i will be getting an android tablet soon, apple is killing the game though!
Amazon will likely block the Android Market, just as Barnes & Noble does. Geeks will root it, too.
Don't tell me this! I have a Nook! LOL
I read about this a while back...rumor was their tablets would come with a quad core(yes quad core) processor. That just ridiculously awesome! 
+Andrew Lombardi You looking forward to the release of iPad 3 soon? And the release of iPad4 soon after that?
in my house we have an ipad, an acer a500 tablet ( ROOTED) and two kindles. there are only two of us. and many gadgets.
+Tom Anderson IIRC Amazon can't block the Android market unless they also remove all official Google apps.
The consumer is the product! since we spend most of our time on these devices sharing on Facebook,Twitter and G+ where we are exposed to ads all day...
9" screen?!? I think I will stick with my Transformer.
I agree, users win when there is more competition. Innovation is great, but it gets stale without competition.
If you want one soon, check out today's Woot: refurb Xoom for $399. If you have the extra dough, the Samsung Tab 10 is nicer in so many ways (disclosure: own a Xoom and have Samsung review unit now.)
+Edd Jones I hope you are right. Would love to see a link about this
Just a harbinger of future Apple - Amazon wars. Wait til the HDTV's come out.
+David Leek I look forward to all new devices that come out that can convince me its something of use. I don't think there's any way to know when the next iPad version will be out, regardless of what you read. And besides, the amount of Android tablets + phones coming out makes Apple releases once a year look pale in comparison
Out of all this smartphone, tablet, and ereader bs I just want a kindle with color "ink technology" and an on/off backlight that can also switch to a high refresh rate and play videos.
For those who are demanding that this thing be a quad core, my only question is, why isn't battery life #1 on your list? If it's a tablet, I want to be able to leave a desk / power source for about half a day and then it will be useful
+Nikoo Kalantari I disagree on the IPad2 being a better overall package but to each his own. Tried iOS, didn't like it. I like products I can use how I choose.

+Wiley Marques If they block Android Market, people will side-load it. Or devs will release exclusively to Android Market. No self respecting dev (who isn't Zynga) can afford the equivalent of a App-GroupOn...the fact that Amazon can arbitrarily change the price of my app is NOT COOL.

Edit: +Nikoo Kalantari Congrats to you, sir...but you shouldn't have to jailbreak it in the first place.
+Andrew Lombardi Very true. Seeing new releases under the same name blurs the vision slightly. Android masks its updates through numerous devices made by multiple companies.
BTW, I don't trust Amazon to make a better UI than Honeycomb. It has its flaws, but it's still a lot more usable than what Amazon is using to sell apps, streaming videos, and music. I use their digital products in spite of the interface, not because of it.
I don't see Amazon blocking the Android market. It isn't a razor/blades model for them. The Appstore provides cheap advertising and gets people in the door. It gets people to download Kindle and the MP3 store where Amazon makes much more money. It may help Amazon sell tablets. Blocking the Android market would hurt sales and sales are what Amazon is after.
curious to see how this goes forward...
Just jailbreak your Nook Color and you have a Honeycomb rockin' tablet for less than 300. Not bad at all...
Buying an iPhone 5 and iPad HD in September. Who has time to compare all the Android devices? It's not like the Apple products are going to be steaming piles of shit.
The problem with Android is that every new device is a "pry bar" that separates "Android" from itself. The term "Android" and the term "PC" are similar in effect. It just comes down to "price" for most people because they have no idea what "features" mean what to them. Each new generation of devices is a learning experience.

Right now, Intel i3 laptops are a dime a dozen, because the reduced cost of the processor, and the reduced power requirements make two numbers that consumers feel are important, go in the right direction. Price goes down, battery life goes up.

What is not happening on Android, that happens on iOS, is a standard software experience, when you just load the software you need and go. Apple decided it would sell devices, and software would come from others, and the APP store operations would be taxed to maintain profitability at a rate comparable to market success.

The Android space is completely different. Devices are very vertically targeted to a "customer base" and then software developers have to buy all the devices to support them well, and because of extra features for navigation etc, the experience is different on many different types of devices.

So, an Android tablet doesn't really feel any different than a PC laptop, and those are available for about the same price, with a lot more features than an Android tablet in particular.
I'm all for some not-so-friendly competition. I'll never be an "apple guy", so Android is one of the greatest things in the world to me.
So it sounds like in the end it will be a nook running a kindle app.
I think this is G.R.E.A.T. news!! It's one more huge company in the AAPL vs everyone battle. Now AAPL will have to sue AMZN, too. Before you know it, the market will realize that it's ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS that AAPL is among the largest companies in the world and all they really sell is iOS on polished-up mp3 players and an image that people who still buy their stuff are both retro and new-wave.

AAPL will now run out of money from all the litigation. Yea! :-D

As HTC's General Counsel said, AAPL should focus on competing rather than litigating.
I love Amazon for the Kindle and for shopping but with the release of G+ and my existing "Googler" lifesyle, just can't see myself buying an Amazon tablet. I'm still using the iPad 1 for now but will jump ship to Honeycomb once a pure Google tablet hits the market.
I've got a Ipad1 and a Acer Iconia 10.1 tablet, haven't even wanted to touch the ipad since.
Who didn't see this coming the exact moment they launched their app store? It was rumored by reputable outlets months ago. This is hardly news.

They have apps. They have eBooks. They have music. They have videos. Of course they are going to have a tablet.
+Rob Wingader it's not like everyone else in the industry isn't also playing the sue everyone game. Don't forget Microsoft might have a nice little side business with licensing their IP because Android "stole" it, and Motorola, HTC, Samsung, they are all suing everyone
They are just going to make it 10x easier for me to buy shit I do not need...That is how they are going to implement it. Ha.
why doesn't google just make their own tablet? service provider? shoes? guacomole maker?
good, i'll be glad to know there's a tablet i actually want to get out there that i cant get because i'm broke as crap fingers
+Tsukasa Culotta I'm setting at a distance watching the Oracle lawsuit over Android software, and wondering if Google is staying their distance from "making a device", because that will expose them to the law suits more directly. One of their recent rebuttals to Oracle was that they were not the device maker and thus not the one Oracle should be suing.
+Pedro Alcocer The Xoom was the Honeycomb tablet. I don't think there will be a Nexus Google tablet. Ice Cream Sandwich is the next OS that gets an official Google device and that will be a phone (Nexus).

Having read the article I'm not so sure that the October release will be the quad-core tablet. Supposedly, Amazon had two tablets in the pipeline, one of which was going to be running on a Tegra 3 quad-core chip. It would make sense for them to be launching the less powerful one first and dropping the big one closer to the holidays. It doesn't make sense to launch a premium product with a screen smaller than all its competitors.
this tablet will definitely be optimized for Amazon Prime users (video, music, one-click shopping), as what shopkeeper wouldn't want the customer IN THE MALL 24/7?
The question is, is Google working with Amazon to make this the Google Plus optimized tablet? Google will be over the moon if they can see a million Honeycomb tablets in users' hands in another 6 months! G+ could be the killer app here!
Google wants to make a mark in tablet OS space -- this is their opportunity as much as Amazon's!
I don't particularly agree that it's everything vs Apple. I'm pretty sure that that attitude is just the epitome of Apple's marketing genius.
I'll buy the Amazon tablet right away and have it Prime shipped 2 day :)
Excellent news that admittedly has been floating around for awhile. Love my iPad 2 and my Android phone (very neutral - both have advantages/disadvantages) - great to see the iPad get more competition. It may not be an amazing piece of hardware but Amazon will price it very aggressively. Look forward to seeing better Android tables and better iPads!
Partial to the nook, myself!
+Mike Rees No I'm pretty sure it has to do with the fact that the iPad is carrying an 80-90% tablet marketshare.

While quality Android phones like the Droid and Evo created mass-accepted iPhone alternatives, there haven't been any killer tablets yet that have captured the public's attention.

It still is very much Everyone vs iPad.
who uses amazon? i get all my things from skymall
It's important because Apple can't sue amazon out of business
I love this time-saver: Tom surfing G+ all day so you don't have too! My favorite / top posts on/about Google+ stuff today: [...]

You do not need to post links - it is just the observations which are interesting :) Actually much like a newspaper which saves you from reading a lot :)
Yes, the rate of market penetration, by the iPad, because of the history of the iPhone, and the app store success, really drove a lot of momentum that will be hard for competition to beat. I have friends, as I am sure others do, who have no idea what might compete with their iPad or iPhone, because for them, it is a toaster. It does what they need, and it's not a problem for them to just use it.

The tech crowd are more easy to sway and bring to bare as a marketing force. This is why the other tablets have not been getting traction. The non-tech market is satisfied with iOS devices. The tech crowd is being hyper critical of the Android devices, because they want to be able to tell their friends to go buy one. The problem is that the software and hardware shortcomings of the tablets have kept the marketing from the tech consumer side from happening, and they are really the only ones that can understand the Android tablet commercials/advertising that is coming toward consumers at this point.

Watch the iPad commercial. It's about solutions, the average "Joe" gets that. Watch the Android commercials, they're about "features" or "better than" or "wow factor". That is hard for "Joe" consumer to understand. Now, because both iPad and Android have similar capabilities and features, just doing a "solutions" advertisement is hard to do, without making things look like "we are the same as them".

I really think that marketing is the big thing that keeps Android tablets on the shelves the most, but the technical bugs are not to be lightly considered either.
Aleny G
Tom is like a CNN news ticker except it's not depressing.
I think they need to do it. Notice that Android is about to start pushing books right alongside apps in their market. Apple has iBooks - I wont be surprised to see them integrate it in their app store soon as well.
As we all know +Tom Anderson it just takes the right product at the right time. Amazon is a force. I am interseted as long as its solid, no custom UI, and supported fully. Apple makes a neat product, but more and more people are tired of closed OS products. I think Android is proving that.
I never understood why tablet PCs never became popular -- You get the functionality of both keyboard & touchscreen. Was it an issue of price?

I'd still prefer a netbook to to a tablet, given the current prices.
+Mike Rudy that's the point though. There are other great tablets out there, ones that I would easily choose over the iPad. For example, the Blackberry Playbook looks amazing to me, it does tonnes of stuff and the marketing is good (though it does feel incredibly Apple... but using Queen to show that it can run Flash "unlike some competitors" is perfect to me, it reminds me of first year lectures on Flash). It's a good product. It's just been outmarketed by the force of Apple.

That said, I don't want a tablet. I barely get along with the touchscreen on my phone, it's a technology I was a late adoptor of anyway, there's no way I'd use it in place of my desktop.
All i want is an android type competitor to the ipod touch. I can't afford a monthly plan, and don't want something as big as a tablet. I would love to use android otherwise.
Best tablet ever: Nook Color flashed with Cyanogen Mod 7. I love my B&N 7inch tablet. :D
I kinda love my kindle the way it is. I have a tablet for tablety stuff. Bought the kindle just to read.
I don't see why a Kindle should need an operating system like Android. The target of Kindle is quite different from, e.g., Galaxy tablet's target, you don't usually need a full-Acid3 compatible browser on there, nor to develop your own Java applications, nor some speech recognition. I love Android, but it would be really too much for a device like Kindle which has another kind of target.
I'm sick of people marketing tablets as E-readers. It's interesting to me that after BN released their Android reader, they recently released another e-Ink reader with an optical touch screen that looks identical to one of the smaller Sony readers.

Especially because I do a lot of PDF reading, the Sony Daily is the perfect reader for me. Geeks should like it because they can modify the XML databases manually -- that helps me keep my hundreds of PDF's organized by way of writing scripts to manage the internal database. Everyone else who deals with PDF's should like it because of the excellent note-taking and browsing features that the Kindle doesn't have. Even if you don't like PDF's, the fact that I can read content (even DRM content!) from BN, Sony, Google, and even Amazon (with some conversion) as well as libraries makes it a no-brainer (well, except for trying to find it and then convincing yourself you're willing to pay for it).

I really hope Sony doesn't stop making e-Reader hardware because they can't afford to play in this tablet-v-tablet world....
Apple will probably find some bullshit reason to sue Amazon over the tablet anyhow. They cant handle how superior the Android platform is. Android has the potential to evolve, whereas iOS will stay the same like it has since its release.
So they're coming out with the Nook Color, which is an Android Tablet? Way to be late to the game Amazon.
I'm not sure that this will be a direct competitor with an iPad. I don't see that many people buying a Nook Color instead of an iPad now. People are buying Nook Color to read books on, even though it can do more. I just don't see Apple losing share to an Amazon version.
+Gregg Wonderly i appreciate your right to an opinion. I must clarify, based on your words, that iphone/ipad vs Android is like Windows vs Mac/Linux. The masses use Windows and the pros use Linux or Mac. While true, i think the idea is to educate the populous. Point and shoot cameras are swell, but the ability to adjust aperture and and change lenses give you a superior product.
There are a lot of comments on this post and I need to run out the door so I can't read them all, but has anyone brought up the Pixel Qi screens that were used on the Adam Ink? I think if Amazon were to make a tablet using those it may be one of those "Best of Both Worlds" situations.
+robert arias I use both windows and unix, what does that make me? I think you will find that the real conclusion is that you can not judge a user based on their OS choice.
Could not agree more that the consumer is the winner here. Also, would get Android even more traction and solidify its position given the current patent issues.
+ heywood actually I don't. My point was to essentially use his points in sarcasm. Open source is a terrific option that allows more people to join technology. No more multi hundred dollar os updates or mega expensive software. Ios is a beautiful product, but it is not open source. The great part of discussion is that you don't have to agree. I hope to see a world where even kids in third world countries can have technological access, linux in any of many forms can help in that. 
+Matthew Parlane I actually have your same setup as you. It makes you an open minded user. There is nothing wrong with preferring one over another. My comment was more in the big picture
Anybody who succumbs to the use of bastardized words like "sheeple" loses my vote immediately.
this will help authors become bloggers, and bloggers become authors. If this is another step to micro-monetization of intellectual property, I'm all for it
I have to say it.... "No Prob Bob"
+robert arias I am with you on the education part. That's my point. If the product is not selling, then either the product is bad, the word is out and people are purposely avoiding it, or the advertising (or sales staff/effort) isn't demonstrating the right value to the customer and so they have no interest in it.

People have feelings and emotions tied to what they've experienced and the problems they have with technology. Technology advertising needs to pull those strings.

I bought an iPhone not because I was an Apple head. I bought it because I could finally get a real web browser that worked, and I could take pictures with a nice sized view finder. That's the only two problems I knew it would solve for me. Everything else that it did was a convenience that I've grown to enjoy in the form the device and OS delivers.
Now if they could improve the front facing camera
Jesus. Tom. For some reason, G+ is not condensing these threads. It's horrible. Any ideas on fixing that?
Competition is good for us all!
Amazon is developing an Android tablet? Is it an e-Reader? Because Barnes and Noble has been all over that since day one...nook anyone?
hmm...i need a better paying job to keep up with all these new gadgets
no camera? I think that will be a problem for many
Call me when Apple sues Amazon, too.
I've always been more of a Nook fan for a reader since Kindle is so tied to Amazon. If they do the same thing with this tablet, there will probably be similar reasons to prefer other tablets.
I would love another Amazon product. The Kindle was one of my best investments. I take it everywhere & to have a tablet with Android OS? Pure heaven. Sign me up for one!
I'm going with a Chromebook. Tablets are nice (I love the Xoom I've been using at work) but I'd like a keyboard.
I have a 1st Gen Nook that I love. I don't need a glossy-screened colour e-reader, and I have an iPhone.
I am happy.
Amazon is a content provider selling a hardware access device for that content.
Apple is a hardware access device company that moved into selling content.

Let's see which paradigm wins. :)
The Kindle tablet is very cheap... The IPad, not so much
Damn it, it is a nook color with updated hardware. Just as useless until you root/rom it. They aren't trying to compete or they would have made better hardware(unless you compare it to the first gen iPad)
I think that the entire idea of creating devices that are LIMITED as a model is bad. Yes, I get that amazon and barnes and noble want to create portals to their content, but they could/should just work on their content rather than creating devices that only do some things they want.
Apple created a device that does a lot, not everything, it has limitations, but those limitations are very controlled and don't hinder what the device CAN do to an extreme that it is a waste.
The iPad killer has been out for a while, or should I say it is evolving. Android OS as a whole, because of the lack of limits on what the software is capable of, can usually do things that apple's devices can't do, or maybe never will do. As an example Apple will never allow free VOIP calling because they are married to carriers that need you to spend minutes, android allows it.
So all that is missing from "the iPad killer" is the hardware that will truly go above and beyond what apple will create, or at least something that provides functionality that apple will not allow in their closed eco-system. What would kill apple is when android proves that app developers can sell as many apps with them as apple, without the horrible approval process.
Oh, and when ice cream sandwich is fully released, android will have an OS that works across tablets and phones just like IOS, which should improve stability and scalability.
All that said.. the kindle device is as far from being an iPad competitor as the nook color was, and it is not even feasible to consider a killer. It got a hardware update over the nook-- that is it.
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