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I took this shot at Sunset a few hours ago, on the beach off Farrington Highway, in Waianae, Oahu. It's been raining for days all across Hawaii, and we finally got some sun the last few days. Well, sorta, I kept driving and chasing the sun, and escaping the light rain that was causing a mist on my camera lens. Eventually I settled on this spot and sat by the ocean watching the waves roll in as the sun's last rays said their farewell.

Photography Note: For those interested in HDR photography, this isn't one. It's a single shot, not tonemapped. It was a surprise to me, but the long exposure gave this single raw shot a "painterly" impression.
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Lisa Ng
Great photo! Lovely golden tone.
Stunning! ... I could see this a 1500 piece puzzlegame :)
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Beauty it is...wish I was there
A. Praz
nice pic. thanx for sharing
le yang
pictures from photo sometimes better than eyes :)
The spot of light on the left is distracting. Shopping/cropping it out will improve this photo. 
oh god thats is very wonderful..
how did you get that pic.. awsome tom..
that real or an effect.. i don't believe you did that..
thats beautiful how did God did that onli 4 all of us!!!!!!!11
Qi Xia
looks like phuket,thailand
Hey Dude! It's really nice...
It looks beautiful, I like this more natural yet dreamy style. Great work. is amzing, but a bit scaring!
nice photo
Example of great photography...really nice !!!!!!
скажите пожалуйста что за красивое место нашли?и если не секрет какой аппарат у вас?
Very nice photo!!! +1
really stunning shot thnx 4 sharing it
Its awesome! Unbelievable. Very rare view. Quality of a good photographer.
I'm from Singapore and for sure we would never get to see something as amazing as this.
+Anthony Jones This is from a Nikon D3S, set at ISO 320, 14mm Focal Length (there's a big crop, cutting out the rest of the ocean and sunset) and 30 second exposure at F/22
bahut badhiya , shaandaar chitra liya hai............lage raho.....
Great view, beautiful
That is an oustanding pic nice job and thanks for sharing. 
that is a realy great picture i would of loved to have been there :)
Cool! Aren't you the same Tom from MySpace?
Images are the better substitutes for words like "amazing", "awesome", "breathtaking" etc therefore...this picture talks for itself
very beauti ......................... ful............... l
wow! what a calm reflection of the Retired one !
Wow that picture is fuckin amazing, my parents have been to Hawaii 3 times. I am sure they are want to see this. please email me and tell me how to do that I have always wanted to learn how to take better pictures
fresh from the farm... I mean camera...
I particularly like the reflection on the left; did you consciously include it or was it an accident?
Fantastic shot. You really have an eye for this work.
amazing. you've missed your calling.
Surreal. If I could only take pictures have as good...
Hey Tom, "beautiful" picture! Wow where? Farrington Highway? That's quite a deal, did ya skid? This one would fetch you a pretty Penny, a sky like gold they'd say, were you driving your "pick up?" Did you need a push? A jump start, is it a standard, or Rolls Right?
Look at God's amazing creations.
absolutely awesome. the composition of the colors, the sky, the clouds, and the best part,the cloud-like sea. Fantastic.
wow!!! where is it?
tell me plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
its really a heaven! wonderful shot!
thats really pretty:):):):):) this just made my day
Would have loved it to be pointed a little more to the right :)
That is really pretty.. your a good photographer
Tom, how has things been for you? Myspace seemed to rule the world for a long time. I thought it to be great and met some great people around the world. Thanks for opening up the world to so many.
WOO HOO!...Stunning catch!...the Perfect Moment!
really very beautifull
Simply superb, nature in one of its glories!
Why dont you used the camera to take a new pic of yourself because you really need to
talk of creativity and unfailing beauty,
try nature.da was nicely taken
Picture itself so beautiful, then the real there will no words to say!
太美了 欢迎你到中国来拍摄中国的景色
Where did you take it is awesome. Keep it up you carry your camera all time with you................?
Love it. The beauty of mother nature at it's finest.
Tom, I would have to say that your photographs have been rapidly improving since the day you started posting them on here. I picked up photography just a little before you and can say that you have surpassed me by leaps and bounds in the short time.

I think it may be time that you start a new profession!
not HDR? bullshit :) prove it, post link to raw :P
or perhaps it is one raw only, but with huge amount of PP
Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!
This is so gorgeous! I like longer exposures myself... seems to "fill in" the shot.
ya but how do u chat?
love it! Almost brings me back :^D
Amazingly beautiful, God really knew what HE was doing :)
The sunrays posed for you at it's right moment...
Wow, aren't you the lucky one. Hey, trying to spread the word about "KONYA2012" Please go to youtube and type that in, and WATCH. You will not believe what you see. And then, SPREAD THE WORD. Thank you!
Oh Tom, very nice. I don't think most people understand the hoops photographer's jump through to get that perfect image. Thanks for jumping. Ha ha. :-) great shot.
This pic is really enchanting. Thank you.
wow u look to young to say that you are retired
Wish I was there right now. Congratulations on the awesome photograph!
Amazing photograph ....well done!!!
no one can explane it how much it is beautyful
Weren't you the tech support guy at MySpace? Same pic and everything. Lol.
What a miraculous pic. Anderson is great
beautiful you are so lucky to see these things and I am lucky to see the pictures of what you see Thank you for sharing.
It's a great shot,out of this wold
It's pretty. Very serene. Overdone HDR would have ruined that feeling. Glad you didn't go down that route with it.
this is quite different from the rest of sun photograph i've seen. good shot!
woooow, wonderful, it's so cool,,,it can give you peace of mind.
sobhan Allah la ellah ela ho
its really a nice click . i am trying to get it downloaded through my phone.
Woww!so beautifull..perfect pic you have
Kudrat ka karishma.wah Wah Wah.
Kudrat ka karishma.wah Wah Wah.
Its awesome, it depicts serenity, tranquility and a heavenly calmness.
Nice shot Tom. I was in Maui just a couple of weeks ago to photo Humpbacks and sunsets and the sunsets did not happen for me.
Always interesting when a snapshot ends up looking "photoshopped". :-)
it's wonderful i really impress.i jst b4 imagination lik dis wall..
Thank u.
Awesome,very very very beautiful picture.
Great picture. I took a drive on the Farington Highway a couple of years just following the sun heading west until the road ended. It was one of the best days I've ever had.
Is this for real?!!! Astounding!!!
GOD creations are really AMAZING!!!
Kind of shows how you don't always need post processing to creat a great shot. Nice work and timing +Tom Anderson!
What was the exposure on that! Im not a photographer but thats a very nice shot!
How do you take all these pictures and STILL have the stupid profile picture from myspace? Lol
The beauty of Nature lies in the very fact of accepting its complimentary nature to Man´s existence.
I don't know what HDR is but I love your photography.
Interestingly enough ........... wow, exclusive photos
very pretty - worth stopping for - would have been very calming
Thats an amazing&beautiful pic,your an awesome photographer1
you're a great photographer - enjoyed the beauty
You captured and show the Mighty Work of Gods Hand Thank You!!! I've stopped many times in Hawaii and have seen the coast line but never like this .. God meant for you to give this to the world.Thank You again.. Fred Lambert
Ahhhhhhmazingly beautiful ;)
"...Now THAT !.. a photo" Tom you are very gifted and artistic...thanks 4sharing yr talents!
Wonderful image +Tom Anderson. I love the smooth water and the rock formations! It's kind of cool I got in on the 500th comment spot, haha,
You are an amazing photographer, Tom! Thanks for sharing.
What a gorgeous photo...I so wish I were there!!!
echoing, I so wish I were there,whew!
theWest is theBest... made fantastic shoot
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