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In Oahu on the way to North Shore, I always love driving by the orderly rows of Pineapples in Wahiawa. The soil is a rusty red, and the pineapple stalks a luscious green. Two nights ago I was treated to a purple sunset... It all made for a nice palette of colors. I wondered why the earth is this color, and I found this quote from the Dole Plantation website FAQ, "The red earth of Wahiawa, which is famous in Hawai‘i for staining everything from clothing to pets with a permanent rusty tinge, is caused by decomposing volcanic ash that fills the soil with oxidized iron. This mineral-rich mixture may not be so good for your white t-shirt, but pineapples love it, and respond by growing big and sweet."
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Awesome pic Tom!!! (-_-)
amazing color combination, my new wallpaper i think :)
hi tomthats cool.your on my freinds list on my space.
Lovely shot, Tom. The sky and the ground look really incredible. :)
love it!!i love to eat pineapple!!!
+Tom Anderson ...and the sweet aroma that gently sweeps through your window from the Dole plantation. Special place indeed! When we visit from Australia, this is a must do for our family.
+Tom Anderson i miss the days where you posted really interesting content.... it was always a big pleasure for me to read your posts and thoughts, but now only these pictureposts are left... :(
+Mahei Foliaki I think I smelled some rotting over-ripe fruit out there.. but it had a nice aroma. Sorta reminded me of the smell of peaches on after they've fallen off a tree and sat awhile... (Or something from my childhood I can't quite remember...)
I love seeing the baby pineapples. They're so cute.
Bir an önce bahar gelse ağaçlar çiçek açsa
Baharı ve yazı özledim.
You should try going up stairway to heaven. You can get some pretty amazing shots of the entirety of Kaneohe and Moanalua valley from up there.
+Tom Anderson haha! there are a mixture of fragrances in the air. Were you on your way to Haleiwa? Wyland's Gallery out there is pretty cool.
the sun through the cloud seems warm
This is what heaven is like.
+Tom Anderson I'd say probably stairway since you can look out over the all of kaneohe and kailua. It's rough cause you have to go up the ridge and down the stairs so it takes about 4-6 hours but it's worth every second. One of those places that you can't really describe.
I've got some pics from my first trip up before I knew how to use an SLR right that'll give you and idea:
thanks +Shaun McCarthy and +Mahei Foliaki :-) Any other suggestions in the 1 hour range.. i.e. what's the best view / vista you can get to on a shorter hike? So far I've only been up Manoa Falls and the mountain with the train tracks leading to the top (next to Haunauma)
I am from Cameroon and here we grow pineapples too in large quantities. We can do business together if you come over this way with your expertise and technical know how so as to increase output. here is my email.
a cukornádültetvényen a reggeli utáni szieszta?
+Tom Anderson that track alongside Hanauma Bay there is one of the best spots to see a sunset. Also that carpark before the bus stop on the way up to H. Bay

1hr range....Diamond Head crater? or a walk along the beach from Waimanalo to Bellows (beach vista ;))? hmmm, let me think...

There might be some short walks up the Pali or Likelike Highways +Tom Anderson
I see where the name comes from. It has something to do with: OH WOW!
+Tom Anderson Yeah, probably diamondhead's your best bet left with a view. Can get a pretty good view of the city up there. Also makapuu lighthouse is a pretty cool/quick trip, though not really much of a hike. Or just drive to the pali lookout lol.
Also that train track one was probably koko head, though I haven't done that one yet myself for whatever reason
This is just gorgeous, would love to see it for myself!
Truly splendid indeed, I'm speechless
Woah! That is an amazing picture tom.
Nice work!
Wow ! Fantastic !
The Rising Sun ....
Yellowish rays..
Blueish Cloud...!
Nice mood!
really beautiful man...........................natural or........computerised!
Lol! Sharing is caring.. :) I just wish I could go back to my birth place... I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii.. I loved it there.. Even tho I was about 5yrs old when I moved, I hardly remember any of it except for the beautiful palm trees that are there, the pineapple on top of a building & me having albino blonde hair at the time, I was really young when I had to leave.. My dad was in the service at the time.. God, I really do miss it there from what I can barely remember.. :) Sorry, I just thought I had to share that.. I do Love the Hawaiian Islands that I used to live on.. :)
I remember about ten years ago...I was in Hawaii for the 2nd time & told myself same thing about their pineapples being the best I ever tasted...both times in Hawaii, I had been lucky enough to visit Dole pineapple farms...this time I swore I wouldn't leave Hawaii with all the sores I did leave with the 1st time...they say eat all you want, but stick with the frozen pineapple yogurt, lol...learn from my mistake, don't eat more thn U would @home...make that stop a must, if U enjoy eating pineapple;><A.C./AAC@DAPS;]
Who The F**K asked U Jesualdo!!! That's just flat out F**KIN' RUDE!!! Give Me A Break... DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let alone give everyone else a break too!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just Stating What I Feel Is Necessary Is All.. :)
ur pictures are amazing tom, what camera are u using, need to put it on the wedding registry, with pictures like this I think you should be the photographer at my wedding lol
around bromo mountain got a nice view on java island
TOM!! Just curious, what are you using that makes all your pix look like graphic renderings as opposed to actual photographs?
wow..nice capture of the sun with the pineapple fields..
Adel O
Only pros can make these kind of pictures +Tom Anderson and you're absolutely one of them :-)
what do you shoot with and by the looks of this... id say this is HDR.. is it?
+Tom Anderson i agree with +Chris Oddo and would love to know if you're doing any rendering on the computer, or using special lens filters, or what. Thanks!
JE Rupp
Oxidized iron? Sounds like actual rust.
cantiknya.........pemandangan ini
My dad used to live near there when he was younger. He was so lucky.
this is the prettiest picture i have ever seen of hawaii
you've come a long way since X:drive, Mr. Anderson.
Beautiful image, it makes me miss Oahu! When I was there a few years ago, I would go to the Dole Plantation where you can get fresh pineapple and awesome pineapple ice cream :o)
Fantastic colours - amazing sky!
I lived in Wahiawa four years. The pineapples were everywhere for as far as the eye could see. ;-)
Ok, I feel dumb. I always thought Pineapples grew on trees.
I thought it was a painting, until I really looked.
Pretty one --- interesting grasses :)
I want to live there =(
Great pic! ᵅั◡-ॢ)✧˖° ♡
allllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa bhai
Wow This is amazing
Omg! you mean that a REAL picture? cooool :D
Ok, I have to say this quote from the movie. "Friends treat friends more better at the North Shore.". Every time someone speaks of the North Shore, I can't help it, I have to say it. 
Janet C
I used to live there and run by the pineapple fields in Wahiawa. Paradise.
Ian Hex
Absolutely superb shot. Perfect colour contrast.
+Tom Anderson The pillbox hike in Kailua gives you a great view of Kailua and Lanikai - if you keep going past the second pillbox you can get a nice view of the Waimanalo/Bellows area. My five year old daughter can do this hike, with help of course, although it isn't easy. I think it took us about an hour to get up the the pillboxes and about 30 minutes to come down. Doing the whole trail obviously takes longer. Of course the weather today might not cooperate.
Thanks, very informative. I found myself thinking the same question
boo Jay
With so many pictures being shared on G+, it's rare for me to comment as most of them are hardly different from the next, it seems. I'm attracted to colors, particular ones that blend well with each other and stand out, which is why this photo caught my eye.
that must be miracle
I really think if you came to Virginia you would find some great vistas that would rival Hawaii
Wow..that is beautiful! Thanks for sharing:)
awesome where is the "Like" ("cool") ( "awesome") button?
That's extremely beautiful. Interesting
That is a lot of pineapple potential! Nice shot.
That is a beautiful place. I have a funny story about those mountains that involves shotguns, a Black Hawk helicopter, and a friendly shaka. It was definitely an interesting day.
Men, this is an outstanding photo!!! I LOVE it!
I havent ever seen something like this
nice story,with good fake pic.haah
Steve P
Yo, I want a print of this
sooo pretty.

you should save your pics and sell um in a huge a photo book - "by the maker of myspace"

this would be beautiful blown up and huge in any home <3
wow it must be amazing to see the sun rising
M Dane
Do they still have no fences around the pineapple fields ? . . In the 1970's when I lived there . . . I was at first surprised at the lack of security, then I felt a pineapple plant and now know that they would make an awesome security hedge . . . tears through your jeans in no time . . heheheee
i think i can smell grass in this picture.(^_^)
again stunning - your photos are all amazing
todas son hermosas sigue fotografiando para admirar lo bbello de nuestro planeta
Hi Tom, you make incredible pictures, best of anything i saw in my life, each one of them has taste, quality, right angle, composition, necessary brightness, idea and heart you put into it. Thank you very much +Tom Anderson I will be sharing lots of them!!!!! Please more pictures of churches, i post them every Sunday.
thank you greatly for your wonderful job! Kind regards from Toronto.
When next time in #Hawaii  ask for #White   #Pineapples   not acidic but sweet and tender. Mahalo for pineapple #photo .Lots of of Hawaii visitors don't know where - on a bush or a tree or? - pineapples grow.
really beautiful Tom!
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