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Well, I'm back in California ... Sometimes being at home you forget or never learn about all the wonderful things that are around you. I decided to play "tourist" in my own city and headed out to El Matador beach in Malibu. I'd never been there, but it's got some interesting rock formations, which looked dramatic on this rainy evening in LA.
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i just went there the other day. chilled out on a rock and watch the tide move in and out
[there were a bunch of models there on photoshoots, and also a few couples getting wedding photos]
man you should go out more.and don't forget the camera keep posting...
Looking good Tom. How you doing bub?
+Jacob Kleinke haha funny, maybe we were there the same day? I saw a French film crew. They had a man and woman running towards each other to meet in the surf. He was wearing a speedo, no less!
nice shot, it makes me miss the area.
can u become my master.. hahahaha.. nice picture you got
I think this is one of your better shots - nice use of the rocks and moving water
it was my first time there as well. i went there last friday. it was a little chilly, but a nice way to cap off a day. Earlier I went hiking in Rustic Canyon of Santa Monica, so I could check out Murphy Ranch, an old Nazi "fallout shelter" turned hippie commune turned public park.
+Thomas Schwartz I forgot actually... I've processed so many photos in the last few days, it's all a blur. It definitely was a long exposure, but I can't remember if I combined any shots. Maybe for that big rock on the left or the sky--definitely not the water.
+Tom Anderson ...haha, its OK, I know how you feel, I had to reprocess one of my pictures that I took on Friday at least three times and I am burnt out.

I was just wondering because I took HDR shots at Seal Beach and my brother asked me why to water doesn't have the flowing effect like that and it is something that I was wondering how to get with an hdr shot, I am not sure how long to set the exposures.
+Thomas Schwartz yes, well for that water effect I waited until was very low light, then I had the shutter open for 2 seconds, 4 seconds, 8 seconds.. The darker it got, the longer I left the shutter open. If you do that when its bright, the whole picture will come out bright. I'm sure there's some way to do it.. I did it once during the day but I forgot how to do that as well. :-)
well glad your home, sorry I was too busy to hang out.
really nice! puedo sentir imaginar la frescura de estar ahi :))
owesome dude, you did it amazing!! ;)
just wonderful,look at those birds over there, nice 2 look the creature of God & things dat ar happening.
u r amazin, dude. gr8 pic. did gonna b my wallpaper :-)))))))))))))))))))
Great angry looking clouds and blue tones.
hope to be there with my love "hamudeh"
You want to do that in brighter conditions, you need a big thick neutral density filter. Jast like sunglasses for you lens, it lets in less light but does not alter the color. Less light means you can leave that shutter open longer.
Just love the mood! A lovely picture, thanks for sharing!
You're totally right Tom, I have been to great places but never thought to tour in my own place and find out its secrets! Let's see some pictures of your tourism...
you surprised me ... because the picture is very beautiful. what a miracle of God. thx a lot to show that picture
where place had you taken it? wow... so beautiful ^ ^
This one of the fantastic moment I've ever seen before. Really this must be very amazing when people watching it live.
waw... guys add me
I cannot change yesterday. I can only make the most of today, and look with hope toward tomorrow.
Very beautiful!Well done!Thanks for sharing. ^_^#
heavenly view , i real love it. :D
awesome pictures man!!!!!!!!! thanks for posting here:):)
unbelivable ..........................,,,.,,.,.,..,.iiiiiiiiiiiiii its wonderfullllllllll
wonderfulllll man i like it...
isn't Tom Anderson the POF guy?
u hav 2 make these posters and giv me sum! my birthdays next month!
I share the same sentiments- currently in Myanmar- can't wait to return to Calfornia to explore my home state...
thanks for taking this's breathtaking!
Wow, what a great picture !!! Congrats !!!
I'd say! Being a tourist in a place that I live is one of my favorite activities!
Bin Z.
at least one of ur foto looks real...thank god!!!
Ny, Md, Tx, Illinois, ohio, Nj

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Beautiful. Merging of ocean and sky is very nice.
wooh nice yaa...;)
keep it up and i love nature too!! ^.^
Really nice one......
beautiful, yes i agree with you anupama joby
very niceeeeee and pleasent...
did you ACTUALLY take that picture. you can't say you did something when you did'nt do it, unless you did do then wow how did you get it on that angle andd were did you take the pic
This is amazing! I wish I can also see this even at far.
love the birds on the ledge...breathtaking
If/when you get a chance, stop by Benicia. It's just south of Vallejo and north of Martinez. The state park there is great. Plenty of nice little shops and places to eat. I grew up there, so I'm a bit biased, but it's a nice place.
Nice one!!! I like the way u handle camera settings, what's the shutter details.
Nice climat,wheather Beautiful fantastic Superduper etc.,
I can't tell about this but i like this
When I lived in San Francisco / Sausalito - everytime I took a trip to Europe, South America, etc. I'd have a great time but coming home - I'd always feel a sense of pleasure to be back.

Your image really captures the majesty of the Pacific coast.
I've never been to L.A. (or the west coast even) but this is certainly not what I think of when I think "L.A.". Very lovely +Tom Anderson, I do love waterscapes, the colors are beautiful and dramatic here.
I really like these types of pictures.
wow nice journey bro, your picture so wonderful
The right place, the right time, combined with the ability to see and imagine.
You, my new friend, have been blessed with all four. 
yeah i'm with you theren, the picture is beautiful. Have a nice time, Tourist.
one of the most fascinating photos I have ever seen !!
I wonder if we have anything like that in North Carolina
These are the photos that get are the big Guns.

I really didn't know you did this great work.
Most of of shoot thousands to hit a wow shot like this.
Amazing photography Tom.
Ed King
+Tom Anderson So true, I live in a small historic community here in New England and sometimes it feels like more photo opportunities if I drive a bit lol - love the shot
+Tom Anderson this is one of my favourite pictures ever. Nice work. I hope I get this good soon.
+Trey Ratcliff and yourself should come and do a photowalk in australia :) 
i like that place, i wish to go there!
Go Blueeeeeeee.............superbbb
Another great pic mate. Keep them coming
It sounds good to do tourism in your own place tourism its one of the most amazing experience in life help to recreate mind and create a safe environment, keep doing that and you'll live 200 years.
it dosent look real!!!!!!!
so cool
Que hermosa foto!, algunas veces no hace falta ir muy lejos para conocer lugares maravillosos.
great stuff. what did you do for processing?
Lucky you !!!! Im from california coast, been tryn to get home for yrs. Photo is without words, ocean rejuvinates the soul. Makes all troubles flow away n the sound of the relaxing
This is a great picutre :)
its beyond r imagnatn.its superb........................................................
Absolutely Beautiful and Clean
Beautiful, I love the dramatic sky above the water!
Great Work! Fantastic photo.......
wow i want to be there right now!
Dai Sun
Very nice photo 
I do thank you for this picture because I loved such like this photo
It has the surreal look to this shot. It is really nice and amazing shot.
beautiful picture I saved it, and may but it on my desktop for background.
cool!! it looks like heaven , all white and pearly. i wouldn't be surprised if i saw some angels flying around!
I really like the birds in the corner...
love this picture!!!!
Everyone should play Tourist in their home town. You miss a lot because "I can go whenever I want" but frequently don't
to witness such a scenery is aa are so lucky.great photo too.
Beautiful picture Tom, I adore this style of photoart.
is this true?or being edited?
Did you take this pic yourself?
+Ayeh Azari I got that question a lot on this post. I'm not sure why.. Yes, I did. Maybe it's because it seems I'm out in the water? I'm standing on a rock about as big as the large one to my right, and the water was coming in and out all around me. :-)
Laurz G
I love the coloration.
That's a pretty place i bet ou have funn didn't yu
Waw, think this is the most eye catching picture I've seen today, great picture thanks for sharing it with us.
El Matador is my FAVORITE beach in Malibu!
Welcome back! I recently moved to California, so I think I'll go visit this beach!!!
Looks like you travel a lot. Very nice pic's .
I feel like I'm in the photo! Takes my breath away!
dude that is so sick!!! i wanna go there!
That's gorgeous, +Tom Anderson! Such a good spot for some long-exposure water photos (I just posted one of my own today, too ... but further North up the coastline). :) I'm digging the little birds on the rock, such a minor detail which adds a lot to the image.
thanks +Nicole S. Young I struggled to get one where those birds would stop moving and still get a good amount of time on the water :) One guy up there is still blurry :) teehee
I just learned in my photography class that youre not suppose to cut a picture in half.. maybe try to crop it. GEEZ!
woa... the picture is beautiful. I am envy with you. I am feeling relax so much when look it. Thank so much.
I can't download this on my iPhone....???? Wats wrong wid g+??
+Tom Anderson ...thanks for the feedback :)...and I looked up how to take long exposure shots during the day, they said you need a ND filter for the lens
Cool Thomas :) Someone else mentioned that here. I know I once took a shot of waterfall during a fairly bright day and was able to get some movement in the water.. but it wasn't a real long exposure.. just long enough to get some movement. :)
unbeleivable! it's real in the world! i want to travel like you. i love traveling to somewhere that people know very little about.
have you ever traveled to Viet Nam. it's my country. i hope you will travel to there. because there are many wonderful scene and people are very friendly. hihi. nice to meet you!
I definitely suggest national parks especially Yosemite and Arches in Utah. Beautiful!
C'mon......... tom your pics are amzng now i never saw arace b/w water & clouds & you made it possible THUMS UP & HATS OFF
& with the stones slowing their speed!!!! amazing
So this is the place where Sky and Water mirror each other...
Great shot! That's where we used to go drinking in high school. It never looked quite that cool. ;-)
I don't know how you do it, all your pictures are amazing! great great work!
Hallo Mr. Tom you are an icredible photographer. the all pictures that you had took, is describes how God is a magnificience artist and incredible Creator.
It's stunning! I wanna go there! Thanks for sharing Tom
Well said Tom. Looks like you found a beauty!
This is my all time fav of all your shots since you've started photography via G+. Waiting for the next one to top it! :)
Your work is really ...I can't articulate it. Deeper...more complex, I love it.

Make a book please.
Hola .me llamo en PR.y yo tambien,de vez en Cuando ,hago turismo en mi propio pais.come,visit us.Cecy
hi friendz how r u?i m from pakistan i like ur comments thanks for all
Esto é onde?
Aposto que é na madeira porque ouvi dizer que ele come BANANAS em todos os lados que tem rochas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fresh !!!! but so sad and alone
abi raj
abaranji very nice
Its very nice and the picture is very thought provoking. You can find something nice sometimes thats always been there but didnt notice.

huy vo
đẹp lắm.có thể làm quen được không?
all of the pictures are so beautiful, thank you
hi. this city is very beautiful, there is so much colors, is wonderful.
I've gone  through your photos & like them. do you touch them in photoshop before posting online?
Marta A
bello esto es lo que tanto me llama a entrar a qui y pasar el tiempo acmirando t.bza.
Ulsan?  Kidding.
Yeah the caves, the Pt Dume.  The Cliff House Inn & Shoals 6602 Old Pacific Coast Hwy, Ventura, CA 93001 (805) 652-1381. Kind of fun to go poke around there while you're looking for hidden treasures.  Yay Tom!
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