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With dotcom valuations rising by the minute, the question of "when to sell" is becoming more and more important. A lot of people tell me I was smart to sell MySpace to Newscorp in July 2005 (it went for $580 million), because it recently RE-sold for $35 million (Go Specific/JT!). It'd be nice for me to take credit for that decision, but it was not my decision to sell MySpace (our parent company had control and made that decision themselves). Personally I can't complain -- I made far more money than anyone would ever need, had the time of my life, and was lucky in so many ways. But the truth is that if MySpace had waited a year or two, it clearly would have gone for single figure billions. What's more, If it hadn't sold at all, we wouldn't have been forced to monetize in a way that was against our longterm interests. Think of all the value Zuck has built by staying in control for so long and for refusing to go public. Also I get the impression that he doesn't care in the slightest how the market values his work. He's on a personal mission to improve the world, and I'm glad he is. In any case, very difficult decisions ahead for VCs, entrepreneurs and stock market investors. I'm just hoping this doesn't end like 2000 again. The desire to make a buck does help fuel innovation, but it can also wipe out people's nesteggs if they get too greedy. Comic by +Zirta Net
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Well said. I think it's important for innovators to keep in touch with what their goals really are. :)
eu larguei todos os outros e agora fico só no G+
Soooo true! Meanwhile poor old Friendster is somewhere under a bridge! :-/
Relatively speaking... what's a few hundred million?
I am very convinced it will end as 2000 did. It will just take longer.
This is easily the best profile I'm following. Thanks for such thoughtful and informative posts, Tom :)
Thats you on the ground.
You know, there is nothing more charming than being able to laugh at yourself. Well done :)
That comic is awesome, although it does make it look like you're now a bum because you DIDN'T sell, which is totally the opposite.
Wow I didn't know your side of the story, very interesting reading it, and yes im also worried that we may be facing another crash, let's hope it doesn't happen
tom are you aware of the misc? it is a top 20 internet message board based out of bodybuilding(dot)com. they're doing things right.
+Tom Anderson I just love how openly you share here, Tom... don't know if you always did on other networks and I just never paid attention. Lol. Such a telling nugget: "_we wouldn't have been forced to monetize in a way that was against our longterm interests_."
LOL!!!!! Oh man, Tom... you're still a stellar business man who made a website where people could brag about themselves and use bandwidth from other sites. Bravo, Good Chap. Still not sold on Google+ plus, myself... time will tell.
The business cycles are clearly getting shorter as people get used to change at a faster pace. Technology will make it easier and cheaper to build online businesses so monetizing might be more like those IPhone developers... create a new app and cash out quickly as people buy, then move on.
I don't necessarily think that a company who makes a social networking site needs to sell it. can't a business still live on without having to sell it?
i'm glad you face this with maturity and wisdom! Myspace, even though now considered dead, was the grandfather of social networking...Tom, you paved the road for all the networks now like facebook and g+. For that I thank you :)
+Tom Anderson Good points. Also very relevant to the recent increase in internet IPO's like Linkedin. Even more to the ones coming, Groupon and Zynga especially. Of course, next year there's Facebook. Will be very interesting to see that "valuation"!
I see this mistake of waiting too long, because of greed, being taken by Groupon, a total bubble waiting to burst on it's IPO
Hey, if its more money than you ever need I can take the rest.
Atleast I know Tom will always be my friend.
Thanks for sharing your unique perspective on this with us all. I was wondering what you thought about MySpace's very changed circumstances over time. Frankly I think it could happen all too easily that Facebook goes the MySpace route; users are fickle, and trust lost is not easily regained.
So where are you investing your money now? Just curious.
I've always appreciated your posts Tom.... very enlightening.
Also, what Scott Peters just said above LOL
+Ryan Schultz Thx Ryan, but think of all the value Zuck has built by staying in control for so lond and for refusing to go public. Also I get the impression that he doesn't care in the slightest how the market values his work. He's on a personal mission, and I'm glad he is.
What if someone wants to hold on to a site not because of greed but because they still love a site that they own? Should they sell it? Is that what I'm understanding or should I re-read this?
Isn't his how it is in life? Everything is filled with ups and downs, sell your house, car, stock before its 2 late? Find a new job while your skills are in demand?
I saw this graphic earlier. It's even better with your commentary.
Well, at least we can all sleep well at night comfortable knowing that even if we are entering a bubble phase now, when we come out of this one, there's no way it'll daisy chain into another housing collapse. Housing won't be collapsable again by then. #doh!
I agree 100% with: If it [MySpace] hadn't sold at all, we wouldn't have been forced to monetize in a way that was against our longterm interests.

The more MySpace tried to make money by pushing ads at me (and in some cases, wildly inappropriate ads), the more it pushed me away from it. I still like the idea of MySpace as a community for finding music bands, but I fear it has now lost that.

Just MO, obviously...
+Ryan Hall TBH, SixDegrees and Friendster woudl then be the great-grandparents, but it's true MySpace was the first one to really boom :)
Tom, just this one post is enough for me to get addicted to G+! It is so awesome to hear something so honest straight from a legend's mouth..!
+ 1 to you...
This is nice... And you're there too! hehehe
I wasn't driven away from MSpace because of adds....I was driven away because it just seemed to get clunky and difficult to convey how I felt (compared to facebook)....Very similar to how FB is now looking compared to G+.

Theres still things I LOVE about Myspace...Like having your own theme music playing when you visit someone's page...or the level of page customisation.

I still log in there once every 6 months, but its more of a nogistalia thing now.
All social medias are built to their own bussines, of course FB is criying as Lin does
Really well said. You are a smart man my friend. I think it happens to everyone. There's UPS and downs, make the best of it.
so redundant in my stream as to be rendered irrelevant
FWIW, I still log into MySpace about once a week. It did get extremely clunky and tedious, but it seems (to me) to be reversing that trend lately. I'd be happy to see it return as a place for meeting music groups you're a fan of. But it wouldn't surprise me at all if some other site takes over that role.
where can I get those glasses?
Tom - I couldn't understand why you didn't buy it back at that $35 Mil. Do a complete overhaul and just do it again. Many did this before. MySpace can still be rebuild to a significant contender in the social media space - I'd do it in a heart beat and make it that $1B company you talked about.
Google+ should take some of MySpace's plans and ideas and refine them in the typical Googlistic way
AWESOME that you would post this =D
Drôle, mais c'est un peu la réalité! :)
Thanks for sharing the picture. It's true.
lol love the geeky hipsters hanging off of the G+ guy
I would be more comfortable with +Mark Zuckerberg trying to change the world if there were more pictures of him hanging around normal people rather than rubbing elbows with the President.
+Montre Bible I would have agreed with you 100% until my Dad (who can barely navigate through his email) asked me this afternoon 'What's with this Google+ thing everybody's talking about' I love that G+ has no ads, no farmville and I don't have to see my Mom's 'I'm just waiting in line at Costco' updates but, I'm convinced that will change VERY soon!
+Tom Anderson Companies come and go in tech. Companies you fall in love with sometimes go away or fall for all the wrong reasons. The original was absolutely brilliant, but was sued out of existence for introducing an early cloud computing-sound locker concept. Sometimes being too innovative can hurt. Only recently have companies picked up again on their concepts. People give me strange looks when I mention them, but it was a hard lesson I had to learn. In some ways I think MySpace trying to pick up the baton from for a web presence for musicians and bands is also part of what hurt Myspace down the road (among other things).
I don't think G+ is the end of facebook. In many ways it is fundamentally different. Plus competition will probably make both services better. Monopolies create stagnation and poor products.
The manner he's embarked on his personal mission to improve the world sure has gone awry, and certainly lacks longevity, let alone being effective or credible!
I admire your honesty. It's just the way the market goes, sometimes. In regards to Zuck "improving the world," I disagree and I won't bore you with details. I'm simply stating my opinion.
I think it was "gosh darn it, which way to the bank" smart. Good decision.
OKay, Im starting to worry bout Zuckerberg's future. Still, awesome pic. Very true!!
I'm curious how many seen the "The desire to make a buck does help fuel innovation, but it can also wipe out people's nesteggs if they get too greedy." message instead of just the image +Tom Anderson
I love reading your posts on g+. Keep em comin. Great stuff. I was part of the bubble the first time around with Started another company in the wake of the burst and I am still riding it. 
My Uncle did the same with for $40 million, and it resold shortly after to United Online for a lot less than that (I believe). You've got to be able to follow the hype machine and understand the market.
+Alex McNeill it's more how Facebook handles user data by default. Everything is an opt-out service, leading to large amount of users data being leaked via these services. Applications steal user data and users have very little control or education on the permissions apps require to run, so there is little they can do to evaluate an app before infecting themselves.

I would feel far more comfortable with a Social Networking site who kept all of my data private (even from themselves) via encryption. That way we, of the Millennial Generation, have some peace of mind that our data is safe. Currently, we of the latest generation, live in a Big Brother state online, ALL of our data is collected, stored and analyzed just waiting for our Privacy Laws to be eroded away.

As an example: I've used Google since it was possible to sign up for Google. A subpoena to Google would provide someon with enough information to know everything about me, every conversation I've had, every calendar appointment, tons of purchases, where I've been (Latitude), who I've known and what their relationship is to me and likely more. Facebook has the same type of data on millions of American citizens so it scares me to see them rubbing elbows with the Government that created the Information Awareness Office (

Google so far hasn't been terribly Evil in regards to our personal data. (I'm not happy with the Censorship in China, but you pick your battles).

I'd love to see a company that started off by saying 'Your data is yours' and worked as hard as possible to store user data in such a way that it would be possible for the user to secure data to the point that even the owner of the Social Network cannot see it. (For the not-so-technical reading this, there are free, Open Source encryption technologies that make this possible... it would cost very little to implement.)

+Tom Anderson can confirm this, but remember the old adage: "If they're not selling you something, they're selling you".
This is not so true. G+ has a few women, no offence, it's just true.
I agree whole-heartedly. Also, ColdFusion rocks.
is it already happening? haha
I'm pretty sure the bubble will burst again. But this time it will not be as drastic, we have some companies that are just too big to flat out fail ex. Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc. On the last bubble we just had a bunch of small companies popping up.
This is awesome! Best thing in G+ so far. :)
hey man who says facebook cant be beat? myspace was all the rage a few years back, lets make something to compete against facebook.. i'll go 50 in with ya ;)
Whatever, you changed world too. Like your frankness...
The biggest thing I look for is easy of use of the interface. If the UI is garbage, which facebook while good, hasn't changed, is hardly unique, and they love to tinker with the things that don't need tinkering- like the new chat window. G+ has a new interface so it has caught my eye for the moment.
what are you going to make with these millions by the way :)
Thanks for the insight.. founders usually have a better vision of their own idea, so good Job Tom, and on to the next project.
Maybe if the goth girl didn't have eye problems she wouldn't be wearing PURPLE!!!!
hahaha i still have my myspace XD
Well put, +Tom Anderson! I agree, it seems like Zuck is here to change the world & I too wish he manages to do that (if not already!). I totally expect Facebook not to sell out & bounce back, great for us users. Even if that does not happen, I think Facebook is already a milestone - it has got us sharing what we would never have.
I agree +Simon Pasieka The Kool-Aid drinkers over here I fear are either aloof OR in denial to the fact that millions of Facebook users are simply NOT interested in migrating over here anytime soon even if they were given a golden ticket to enter. "We are who we are waiting for" - the rest are spectators in our parade.
I don't think so.. Facebook still better than google+.
Yay Tom, glad we get to see our old friend here on Google+
hey +Antone Johnson ! I'm curious what you have to contribute to the question I ask (and imply in my previous post about content policies). I'm guessing there's some laws outside of a terms TOS that would protect content creators, though am clearly not an expert on the topic.
I think Friendster did that mistake of not selling early
Read somewhere above bout game to gplus, I better not having it, I hate all the app invitation, except google can give option to auto reject all app/games.
So +Tom Anderson , have you ever regret selling myspace? don't look at the money, I mean looking on your effort and time building it.
Moral of the story? Asians love ridiculous sunglasses.
i actually find g+ privacy settings far more confusing. share with one circle, all of them? does it default to all of them, etc? it's also super lame that google is churning out their own guerrilla marketing....lame-o
Finally a post not about Google+. Thanks!
I don't like Google, I like the Tom; but I think easier listen music on mp3 ;/
I'm guessing the girl represents Zwinky and the other guy is a gross misrepresentation of the internet populace? Sometimes I wonder why I don't drink.
Seb N.
So, if you made far more money than anyone would ever need, why didn't you buy MySpace back? :-)
can i have a few bucks for school? or a car? lol
That's a fantastic share Tom. You did great things, Mark did great things, and Google+ is doing great things. With each network there was room for improvement for the next guys to come out with. I'm sure Facebook will have a long future ahead of itself as people do still use Myspace ( not me of course).
"they did a movie about me" , man, haha
I like the comic, but I'm not sure if this'll end up the same way as Facebook vs Myspace yet. I mean, the reason Facebook won was because Myspace, quite frankly, had begun to suck (sorry Tom) and Facebook was far "cooler," to put it in Zuckerberg's words.

Right now, as far as I can see, G+ has a bunch of engineers on it (not exactly the pinnacle of coolness) and is basically a clone of FB (although I do really like the improvements it's made). There's no reason for people to move to it other than liking Google. I'm sure Google will get a bunch of users when it inevitably replaces YouTube comments with G+ comments, but will it be enough? Only time will tell.
Although I am all about us G-plussers maintaining control, I think MySpace sucked because users had too much control, frankly. All the glittering backgrounds + five media players and picture rolls and all that. However, G+ gives us control in the way that I like... our content streams. MySpace gave too much control in the aesthetics department, and it was a hard lesson in how badly the average Joe or Jane is at being tasteful.

I am not the only person I know who felt that it simply became too tedious to even view some peoples' profiles at times, whereas Facebook provided a consistent aesthetic environment. Things were fairly straightforward, and importantly, pretty simple. Even the average dummy could use it, and everything maintained a consistent look and feel.

G+ seems a bit more esoteric, and I hesitate to call it a clone of Facebook at all. I haven't yet seen exact details about the inspiration, but my guess is that nobody at Google was quite trying to topple Facebook.

Mostly, I really enjoy +Tom Anderson's concept that social networking doesn't have to be a zero sum game; I am all about that. I don't think G+ is a Facebook killer, but I also don't think the success of Google+ is dependent whether or not it can replicate a Facebook-like experience.

The key is in providing a new experience, and whether G+ gets 500 million users or only 15 million, I think it should stick to its roots. Just as we usually dislike "two-faced" people, who always change in deceitful ways so they can get ahead, I think the same goes for social networks... just stay true to your original concept, G+.
To use Tyler Durden's phrase, NewsCorp is polishing the brass on the Titanic. I have a feeling Murdoch is going to "slip" off a yacht deck a la Robert Maxwell in just a short time from now. But I digress. I have to take issue with NewsCorp allegedly "selling" Myspace. If they sell it to a company for $35 million but then turn around and invest $40 million in that new company, that looks to me just to be shifting the asset off the official books. Warner Communications did such a move with the old Atari Inc. in 1984, and they [Warner, now TimeWarner of course] did the same to Warner Music Group just a few short years ago. That's also possibly a move to prevent a hostile takeover of NewsCorp based upon stock devaluation due to a poison asset. It is interesting to point out that Warner got rid of Atari Inc. because of that very reason; they were trying to fight a hostile takeover at the time from, yep, you guessed it, Rupert Murdoch.
As for Facebook, it's about to get "Friendstered" by Skynet, aka Google.
I think zuckerberg does care about market value, otherwise why did he have it valued by goldman sachs?
Great comic. Loved the Myspace sales bit.
Awesome Tom! I was at Myspace and left right before the sell. I saw MS go down little by little every day, to what it is today. Wish them the best but I have to agree with you. Greed will bring you down every time. I'd love to chat and get insight, for my little company, on your mistakes, successes, etc.
hah That must be weird to see yourself done up as a cartoon.
lol I dislike Zuckerberg's shady site. Selling your private info and so many adds that there is more add content then social interaction. bu-bye
oh and you should look up Diaspora, a social system where you own and are in complete control of your own personal info. it's in early development at the moment.
was just wondering last night ig G+ would inspire a Social Network 2
+Antone Johnson can you post that on the copyright / stealing post? i'm sure it'll be on the internet for a looong time :) no one will find your comment here.
I don't think G+ would be that popular. There is no game over here... so boring :(
Don't like the stupid games @ FB.
+Tom Anderson makes a timely observation about valuation and exit strategy, but to the wrong crowd. Of course, users would never behave like creators. Their respective opportunity costs are different. Users can always switch, while creators can always redesign. Everyone evolves for different terms and conditions. For example, the +Beta enthusiasm that we are observing here, for a free test drive of the latest alternative social experience, merely represents pawn movements, in an ongoing war for platform innovation, and content delivery supremacy. The objective is to win the hearts and minds of beta users, and early adopters, at the time, who are essentially a fickle bunch by definition. +Zirta Net 's beautiful caricature and profound satire make me smile ;D... The order will invariably change while the names of the surviving players, and the switching dynamics, remain the same. Welcome to natural process of digital self-selection, and experience the speed of social evolution firsthand yourself.
Hmmm.... I was reading +Antone Johnson's copyright comment, but it suddenly vanished after this android client finished refreshing. Was it removed or perhaps some client (caching) issue?
I remember reading a lengthy bio on yourself and mySpace just at the edge of Facebook starting to get big. Yes, I still have a mySpace account (I think...O_o).
Interesting as usual +Tom Anderson "Blessed are those who can laugh at themselves, for they shall never cease to be amused."
+Adam Krause hear you my man, but you're sort of comparing non-related issues. I'm not talking about G+ users controlling their exterior-facing profiles, of course. MS had a multitude of problems and you hit on several of them. :)
Well, MS wasn't totally screwed, and still isn't... but yes, I was touching on some non-related issues. I don't think MySpace itself was flawed, but I think that the user controls may have been given in a slightly less productive way? Not sure how to explain it... G+ is letting users control a more fundamental aspect of the experience, the core content, whereas the old MS model may have focused more on outside appearances? Then again, you made a nice fortune off of it, so I am not one to talk :O I wish I could do something like that.
at least you're rich now.that's what important. :-)
Very funny graphic. This post pretty much sums up all of the social companies. All they really have is hype. Once the hype is gone and people move on to the next thing the site/app is worth nothing. There are no long-term financial gains from a social site/app.
Who's the google+ guy? I'm lost. lol Tom, Mark, and who's the mysterious google+ guy. Does he have a name yet?
lol don't be so stupid cuz even google + is growin don't think that fb would stay and see his company go down and give chance google + to grow, it will bring more fresh in fb to stop the growin of google + ...:) they're not as stupid as we think
Perception oft time becomes reality!! This I doubt!
I really like whoever designed the graphic.
There's something missing in the drawing: there should be big wads of cash bursting from your pants lol ;-)

P.S. Can I have some please? I just wanna pay off my mortgage hehe...
Out with the old, In with the New
By the way , thanks for sharing your posts!
"They did a movie about me!" - I just realize cinema is not the same influencive media as the past decade.
Look at News Corp now. I reckon they may well be selling off a few more of their assets for cut-down price now.
Hey maybe you and others from that banking deal can go back in a month or two and buy all of NewsCorp for a fraction of what they paid you for MySpace!!
i hope some day i getting more fans on google plus like him... lol
Thanks for sharing your insight and experience about this!
Twitter should have sold out a long time ago. You were smart. How in the world do yo turn down $10B.
Really great. Thanks for this comic.
Tom, you are a great guy sharing this with us. Thanks. :)
I am betting my money on Zuckerberg still. It's all about pictures, people don't want to lose their pictures.
I can't stop laughing at this because this is so funny lol.l
+Bryan Calabro how would they lose their pictures? I moved all of mine from FB to picasa with the click of a button.
If you have a facebook account tom, mark is so going to delete it....
A lot of people are commenting on the technological differences between MS, FB and G+... A lot of people left Myspace because it was GHETTO... just like FB is turning... and G+ might turn eventually... that has nothing to do with technology... certain things get old simply because they're getting old... getting more mainstream drives certain people away... this is the cycle of life
I don't know if it will hit that hard...We'll see.
AWESOME!!!. Here is my version :-) Thanks to my 8 year old who was pissing into the toilet and shouted "Look Dada! How awesome I pee pee!", I got the idea to create this image comparing all the social media channels including Google+ and the new myspace :-)
The Social Media Jungle Pee Pee Analogy:
+Adam Krause absolutely, the profiles were part of what drove people away. there's an opportunity there for someone, though, because so many people (mostly younger people, but also creative people) really want a space where they can design their pages. On Facebook, I get hounded for requests for the "old myspace" -- mostly from younger people.
I honestly don't blame you for selling when you did. Myspace had a good run it was really the first website for keeping in touch with everyone online besides using aim messenger or reading their livejournals. Would you have changed anything that happened back then if you could? I finally stopped using myspace when everything turned into an advertisement even my own profile it seems. Do you still go back onto your page or have you finally washed your hands of everything and decided to move on with your life?
Hi Tom maybe I'm so lame and late i noticed your pic as the same guy on MySpace whom greets me when I you are or was the owner of MySpace? CMIIW...sorry havent opened MySpace account for like ages....great to meet here though....
I agree I hate it when people sell out. Wait you didn't?....*follows Tom* lol
You have such a high opinion of +Mark Zuckerberg I tend to see him as nearly 60% profit motivated and 40% ego motivated, but as far as improving the world? Not so much...
I'm glad to hear your point of view. I read that myspace book. Inspiration you could say. My partner and I are now in an uphill battle against Google. Before it was just facebook. Now we have to take on the giant.

But we've got better stuff. We're just fighting to get it done when we both have families and day jobs and Google has 20K employees that can work on this stuff full time.

That said. I know we'll succeed. Because we're building it for ourselves first and foremost. Designed to solve a problem that no social network has tackled. Yet it's so simple.
Careful Mike, don't sound too convincing! You don't want some of those 20K employees hacking your computers to find out what your genious ideas are!
Honestly Tom, it was a lot of fun working at MySpace back in Santa Monica before the monetization became such a huge priority. Sell not to sell.. I think the goal was to make a good product that people liked to use. I believe if you like what you're doing, having fun doing it, and doing a decent job at it, the money will find you.
this is sooo funny! I laughed like 5 minutes straight!
Very thoughtful post. I'm glad it worked out for you. :D
G+ is cool, but its got a long way to go before it replaces Facebook
"The Zombies are coming" - Plants vs Zombies!
Perfect!!! Decision making is the key criteria for effective Biz....
I forget who the quote is from, but even in Art (including music, etc) they said it's best to be 50% necessity (need to earn a living) and 50% creativity.
G+ reminds me of the boy (cartoon) mascot for Hungry Jacks
This is a great picture. +1'd. 
Tom you stole this post from me after i stole it from Tech crunch :)... i posted this at 8:25am you posted it at 9:15am.
Everything has a life and only thing constant is 'CHANGE'
Powerful statement right here +Tom Anderson "The desire to make a buck does help fuel innovation, but it can also wipe out people's nesteggs if they get too greedy." THANK YOU! TRUTH!
So true it's funny.
I'm glad there are no adverts as thats what has enticed me google makes enough money from ads anyway how about we keep this one clean
Erik E.
I dig the +1 shades
I LOVED myspace Tom. I still think it has a ton of potential. particuarly in the music world. It was, and will always be, my first and favorite social network.
Can a few of you guys go to my channel and make comments randomly. I cant delete messages in the drop down box but there is someone there that I dont want to look at. Even if you just say hi to me on several of my post... please
Who played you in Social Network? just kidding, lol . . .
You got jipped! No one seems to remember there was a myspace movie!
it doesnt matter what it is, whatever is new, it will become popular... they are all pretty much the same thing.
A contented mind is a perpetual feast.
and dont forget the BROKEN chatbar fiasco FB currently has
Le dessin est trop drôle :))
Too funny. Jeez i don't even know how to comprehend 580 million!
Y is TOM holding the sign this is how i know this can't be tom on here posting ...again i'm going to say this for the last time it should be Rupert Murdoch holding the sign he pay TOM around 580 millie for myspace money that TOM and his partners are still spending :) #Tom4Ever !! ❤
Exit strategy is very important in... just don't rely on the (coitus) "pull out method"
LOL The guy of MySpace o.0 WTH! D: I love this Picture! o.o
But i don't think Google+ have a bright future. its just started only. so people joined here to see wat it is....
it is funny, so cool !
nope... people are way to content to give up facebook.
Huh?? Google+ has games, like Angry Birds!!!! =D hehe =P FaceBook has games too! Like Tetris Battle! & best of all, both have Bejewel Blitz! =)
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