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I'm back in California and looking through some of the shots I took last time I was here... Here's one from my sunrise at the Golden Gate Bridge. (And here was the cel phone shot I posted of the moment exactly a month ago: Sometimes it's nice to have a camera a little better than your cel phone, even if it is a nice Android Galaxy Nexus. :-)
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Looks like a painting - great capture!
Beautiful shot +Tom Anderson ! I dented my lens today. It still works but I freaked out for a moment there.
I've never seen a sunrise like this... wonderful.
Is it composed using HDR? splendid!
C'mon! That's a painting, right? :)))) (I have no adjectives for this beauty!)
amazing. i have a camera but i can't take a picture like this ;-) two thumbs up!
i like this image i think it"s like your heart
Look like a beautiful panting
Yet another one that needs to be in a gallery... The bird's eye perspective of the sunrise makes the enormous bridge seem so small and the contrast of the blues and the golden oranges warm the heart. Literally, the Golden gate bridge.
It's beautiful!!!!!!!!!
i like.. kereeen pemandanganya !!
Looks like 'out of the world', but great snap indeed!
hey Tom, beautiful pics you took. Me, retired too BUT try to still do things... ought to connect when I'll be back in California...usually I hang out around my area - San Luis Obispo county...
its not real. its 3D modeling
Amazing! Thanks I needed that. To remind me how beautiful life can be. God bless you, for giving me a little glimpse of peace in a world gone mad. Truly Amazing, I wish I could have seen it with my own eyes…
Thanks for sharing.
A colorful view, Tom really different. Frame it!
It is a very nice pic. I wish I was there to see it!!!!!
Nice pic...
I want to see there
This is wonderful. Very inspiring. How do you people find such places? It's utterly beautiful..
At times like this I like to praise the Creator for his most wonderful creation.

And by Creator I mean Adobe. And by Creation I mean Photoshop.

Lay off the HDR, Tom! Good photos stand on their own.
cool .....what does it look like now???
+Tom Anderson you took that shot with your phone? It's beautiful. Would you mind if I downloaded it and set it as my wallpaper?
+Jason Pezzimenti Feel free to download it, but no, the one I took with my phone is pretty washed out.. follow the link above to see it ;)
It's really gorgeous picture.
Wow, I haven't seen Tom in year's!
Super photoshopped

Where were you, Tom, when you took this? Mt. Tam, or Fort Cronkhite, or? Makes me homesick to see it :) Just gorgeous.
its color makes it has a feeling of future
this is beautiful. how does CA manage to get beautiful sky colours
Wow man, this is totally gorgeous. Well done.
Stunning, love it, that picture would look perfect in my hall, 
Love the editing you did on it! If you don't mind me asking.. what program do you use? :o
Wait!! You mean that's the actual shot? You didn't use any lens?
Very said view, wish u got a shot which will suit love love's desire.
"Prizzy from PNG"
It looks like some alien about to fire a laser on the bridge
only one word for your pic LIFE
Not dissing these shots but taking pictures that look my paintings was never something I could understand. I'm sure to people that like them this is a great picture but it always seemed fake to me. 
Absolutely beautiful. looks too good not to be photo shop(ed).
Yo +Tom Anderson you must have some kind of magic camera man, nice pic, just like the pic in Hawaii,(the ray of sunlight pouring down from the clouds). Good job.
U must be using Filters!! I can never get tje perfect sunset without it.. But love those shots of yours
+Kau Pereira He must've used a lens filter (and maybe a little bit of photoshop). I mean there's no other way for getting these colors with a sun that high in the sky!
thought this was just a painting...awesome!!!!!
i love to take puters do you love to take picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
amazing ! great capture of early morning chemtrails :-)
Nice but stop with the filters!
"When I come home to you, San Francisco,
Your golden sun will shine for me."

Thanks for sharing such a cool picture, and making me get all misty-eyed sitting on this bus at o-dark-thirty in the morning headed to work.
this looks more like a painting than a photo Tom! Well done, enjoy the Bay!
beautiful photo +Tom Anderson, I love the colors.... will be adding to my desktop collection... perhaps I'll set it as mine today
beutiful combination of those colors :-)
wow! u took that! keep up the awesome job!
Sc Su
wo so wonderful picture
Looks like a plae that would be in heaven... Thanks it is a keeper!
Fantastic photo, love the city by the bay
wow i can't even take a picture like that! That is wonderful
that looks so pretty it looks cool just how the sky looks rainbow!
Gtfo google plus change your picture you ruined MySpace don't ruin this 
I'm seriously thinking of visiting such a place one day.kindly send me details of that place,that site makes me feel like taking a vacation this minute
I love the whole HDR concept!
Where is that? It's Gorgeous!-- I LOVE IT!!!!
Looks fake and over-processed. This is a great spot, and the views are usually impressive without any additional tweaking. Too bad.
Wow what a massive difference....did you process the mobile one +Tom Anderson ? Well awesome shot seems an occasional early morning can pay off ;p
You should go to Pittsburgh for some industrial and landscape shots.
Nice picture but did you notice the chem-trails in the sky?
A magical place indeed! Thanks for sharing one of my favorite places on earth....and I mean that exact location. There is something special about the way the ocean meets the land there. Everything seems to make sense to me up there.
I've noticed that all your latest posted photos look surreal, like something Salvador Dali would paint, how do you get your photos to look like that?
VERY...VERY...GOOD..........TOM.succes only.....& godbless you
Nice pic. I wonder what camera you are using.
Amy Sou
Emil W
so beautiful
That is a great picture. Love the sun.
Fantastic shot, Tom. Becoming quite the photographer :)
How do you get the photo to look like a painting?
stuningly gorgeous is wat comes to mind <3
Tom!! This is fantastic!! WOW!! That would look fantastic framed!!!
Beautiful image. Where exactly are you standing? I'm flying out of NY to see the US Open in June and hope to get some sunrise and sunset shots over the bridge. Would be appreciative for any great location info. I'll only have one opportunity for morning and evening.
There are so many zillion shots of that bridge, so awesome to see a new treatment....great result. Scuse me while I share!
is this for real? great pic which cam did u use?
Is beautiful is wonderful is amazing thanks for sharing
this is the real thing? not edited?
this shot is so beautiful , and peaceful
I could definitely see this on my wall.
it looks to good to be the real thing is it real or copy of something
Tom, just wondering, where you were standing when you snapped this picture?
It looks like someone drew that, no offense. But wow! And with your Android Galaxy Nexus, nice.
whos bella thorn???????? is she that chick on nickalodian
Is this the Tom Anderson of MySpace?
Welcome home :) This is breathtaking!
Wow, simple awesome ..thanks for sharing ..:)
its your natural photo or edited photo but it is very good
wow, you take great pics. I love it!
Good stuff, +Tom Anderson! Hard to believe, I'm only a few miles away from that beauty. Where did you take it from?
That's wonderful the world!!!
Tom, I have seen this and it is amazing. The first time was on a military ship traveling to Puerto Rica back in 1955. As the ship cut through the waters of the Caribbean the entire prow of the ship became illuminated as well as the spray.

The other times and there were many, was at the end of the Pier in Safety Harbor Florida. I went there many times to watch the fish glow as they swam past. One evening I had some guests from out of state and took them to see this marvel. We were so over whelmed that I dove into the water along with the fish and I became a bright light as I swam beneath the water.

I can testify to the amazing beauty of this phenomenon.

Dr Robert E McGinnis author for over thirty years
Awesome stuff!!...Love how the reflection of the sun is halfway through the bridge!!....
your photographs are very nice. i love them so much!
+Tom Anderson wondering if i could get a higher resolution of this? looks real pixelated on the imac wallpaper. thanks in advance
What a beautiful scenery...
This is a photo I would love to see hanging over my fireplace. :))
you are a big fan of exposer arent you tom?
Breath taking photo! I'm impressed with all your photos. I will be looking at more of them. Thank you for posting such beautiful works of art.
Wow so nice....Its beautiful....The scene is so golden on golden gate.
i wanna ask you , have you taken these fotos yourself? :D
спасибо за красивые фотографии
Marta A
esta foto esta preciosa es bella me gusta marta
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