Twitter Social Research. I answered back a troll on Twitter and it went viral. Like seriously viral "MySpace Tom" started trending on Twitter. The post got 5,000 retweets and the guy who originally attacked me ended up deleting his account.

It seems the main thing people are interested in over there is showing off, one-upping each other and fighting. I've noticed that this kind of behavior before gets a lot of attention on Twitter, but never experimented with it myself. I rarely attack trolls... I mean who cares? Am I being too negative to assume people just like to see a fight, or is it maybe just because it was funny? Twitter's 140 character limit makes it a nice medium for jokes. 

To keep things in perspective, I usually post photos there and get 5-15 retweets from my 190K followers (pathetic!). As mentioned, my come back to this guy just got 5,000 retweets. Quite a difference. As an experiment, I've continued to sound off like a regular ol' Charlie Sheen, and the Twitter audience just loves it... I just added 9000 followers there in a few hours from this activity. (My account had actually been gradually declining before this...!) 

I answered another guy telling me to change my default photo and this also got a ridiculous number of retweets (4,000 and counting). It seems like the tweets where I directly counter-attack someone do the best... This kinda reminds me of those backyard brawl videos on Youtube. 

As Google+ users know, I'm generally a nice guy. I treat people how I want to be treated and mostly ignore people that insult me. Interesting that Twitter doesn't reward that much... .:-/  Thoughts? Any folks on here who have bigger followings on Twitter than G+? It'd be nice to hear your thoughts.
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