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Twitter Social Research. I answered back a troll on Twitter and it went viral. Like seriously viral "MySpace Tom" started trending on Twitter. The post got 5,000 retweets and the guy who originally attacked me ended up deleting his account.

It seems the main thing people are interested in over there is showing off, one-upping each other and fighting. I've noticed that this kind of behavior before gets a lot of attention on Twitter, but never experimented with it myself. I rarely attack trolls... I mean who cares? Am I being too negative to assume people just like to see a fight, or is it maybe just because it was funny? Twitter's 140 character limit makes it a nice medium for jokes. 

To keep things in perspective, I usually post photos there and get 5-15 retweets from my 190K followers (pathetic!). As mentioned, my come back to this guy just got 5,000 retweets. Quite a difference. As an experiment, I've continued to sound off like a regular ol' Charlie Sheen, and the Twitter audience just loves it... I just added 9000 followers there in a few hours from this activity. (My account had actually been gradually declining before this...!) 

I answered another guy telling me to change my default photo and this also got a ridiculous number of retweets (4,000 and counting). It seems like the tweets where I directly counter-attack someone do the best... This kinda reminds me of those backyard brawl videos on Youtube. 

As Google+ users know, I'm generally a nice guy. I treat people how I want to be treated and mostly ignore people that insult me. Interesting that Twitter doesn't reward that much... .:-/  Thoughts? Any folks on here who have bigger followings on Twitter than G+? It'd be nice to hear your thoughts.
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Personally I was not amused by your response. But then I follow you here and know that you are otherwise a nice guy! 
Erica Joy
Apply cool water to burn.

(I'm sorry, I had to.)
Pam Adger
Holy crap a post of yours showed up in my stream....WTF is going on? 
Pam Adger
Oh Yeah epic response....
Well shoot, I just noticed that my Tweet had been made into a graphic and is making the #whatshot here as well. So maybe it's just funny I don't know ... lol
response was awesome.  loved it
Shani H
People get what they give. If you're nice and engaging, you'll get that back. If you're a troll, you'll eventually get trolled. I deleted my Twitter account (it was only created for that Sony store) so I can't really comment on that.

Good on you for standing up for yourself though :) 
Erica Joy
On topic, I find twitter to be kind of...high school. Lots of people wanting to watch a fight, who will instigate it, and then yell "FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!" once it starts. G+ is a bit more collegial.

Not to say there aren't some people who are still a bit high school, but on the whole, people are just a whole lot more mature here. Perhaps because people still think of G+ as "ghost town" the immature types don't bother checking it out?
That was a pretty solid burn, Tom.

Also I like how he just so casually implied keeping a social network alive is super easy. The internet is a fickle place, one day you're hot the next you're
Can I just travel the world with you? Your Instagram. So jellz.
Twitter is like the projects of social media, Facebook is the suburbs and Google+ are the Condominiums and lofts
maybe because most of twitter is just immature people with a short attention span?
There's nothing quite like fighting back. This is what #KeithOlbermann does often on Twitter. Most of the times it's not worth it, but sometimes it could be entertaining. I guess people followed you because they felt entertained by your responses which somehow came to them as a surprise.
It is the right way you've made it...i would have react the same way. 
Tom is my friend again! But seriously... how did you end up in my circle. No matter, your response was funny and probably got so many RT's based off the fact that people dream about being able to say something like that.
Yes I agree. It is completely necessary to smack down and destroy anyone who dares to poke a millionaire.
Hey Tom, what's the qualification to become a troll, lol. If it's age, I think I got it. But anyway, you helped me out once on my myspace, so you're a straight up good guy. But since then, my myspace got hacked: (. We win some, we lose some.
+Tom Anderson you call it "counter attack" but I think that is part of "engagement" with your audience.. sometimes the most personal things are what they want to hear and when they see someone with so many followers engage with them on those hot personal topics, it grabs the most attention and makes you a "real" person.
You got him back, it's not always good to go low to their level, but sometimes it is needed. You know what you did and for what reasons. What has that got to do with anyone else. I hate it that everyone is in everyone's salad. Don't they have enough shit in their lives to keep them busy? Or is it mainly to make them feel better about themselves.
Is he an actual Troll or just someone who said something you didn't like? People all over the world are "slaving away" as you put it just to hold on to their jobs, homes, etc.
Perhaps, showing off your wad to smack someone down is not the best way to show that you're a "nice guy"!
Ok, you've got yourself one more follower on Twitter.
+Tom Anderson I'm verified on Twitter and have almost 14k followers and I get the same thing you get. I stopped a long time ago. Every time I get a new ASCAP award or Grammy I just post a picture smiling with it. They still manage to troll that too. lol. If anyone is curious my Twitter is @Skrill_Dilly on twitter or http://twitter.som/skrill_dilly <---Ofcourse that's not my writing name for my music either. So don't watse your Googlin' troll juices. lol
+Tom Anderson You answered ignorance with truth. I respect you for that. A troll well slayed sir, well slayed.

To answer your question, I have little interest or following on Twitter. Google Plus feels more like I'm conversing with real people. Twitter feels like I'm reliving a flashy version of an anonymous early 90s chat room. G+ is one genuine version of everyone. Twitter is a copy of a copy of a copy...
This is news to me... Ok, who wants to stage a fight on twitter?
freaking hell with so much money go live, spend, see, help others who dont have so much...i dont know, buy space ship, go UP! and crap on us humans who still walk on earth...why do you even waist your time on twitter or any other thing that is so meaningless as twitter and people who post things while they sit on the toilet?
funny world people, im telling you.
I say well done on you +Tom Anderson for shutting him up. The net has far too many trolls going around and it.
You're my online hero, from canada, with this answer. keep going bro.
Dear Tom,carry on the good work everywhere!Good Luck!
+PJ Rosenberg is spot on! its not only about the insult/reply but about engaging with the followers like "the rest"
Twitter posting is often an emotional cry instead of a discussion. The 140 chars and lack of easy 'thread structure' seem to promote that..
It is sad that vulgarity, scandal and arrogance are more popular and interesting than kindness and good sense of humor - on twitter and in real life too.
While the response was perfect when aimed at that target, the problem is that it turns out it was more like birdshot -- as in it hits a whole lot more targets than that which was intended.

Again, I thought it was a great re-troll, it just makes you out to seem more a d1ck than you (I'd hope) really are. 
The troll should have taken it as an opportunity to become internet famous for a few minutes instead of deleting his account. Its not everyday you have +Tom Anderson replying to you, even if he just totally burned you. 
This guys used to be my friend back on myspace. Now it's like he's too COOL for me. The money has changed him. He used to be so quiet.
lol nice trick to get more followers & retweets on twitter tom & tech this kinda of tricks to me also so that I can increase number's of following from tens to hundread
Maybe this is why I don't "get" Twitter. It seems really trollish. I realize they are everywhere, but they seem more condensed there. 
Hahaha.. what an asshole.. what does he care if you sold myspace? I honestly think that was a smart move..
Put it this way: if anyone's looking to know the real you and hear what you actually have to say, they would come to Google+. The conversation is a bit more intelligent. Always appreciate you're thoughts here! 
It's a pretty big takedown.

I'm a huge fan of the hyper-connectivity that social networks bring, but what I don't like is the pitchfork mentality that comes with things like social media #fails, successes, exposes that Snopes proves wrong, Kony2012 et al.

Sensationalism is a huge part of the Internet now - particularly via the speed with which Twitter spreads information - and I try to ignore it.

(But still felt obligated to smirk/comment at your Tweet).
I have a much larger following on twitter. I tweet my amusing thoughts so I can look them up later and recycle them in real life. Twitter and Google+ are very different social networks. The most prominent difference is in the users. Twitter has an anything-goes type feel; some tweets you wish you could unread. The level of maturity of the users on Twitter tends to be very low. The genious of Google+ is that there is no anonimity, and this is intentional; you now leave YouTube comments in your real name. People think twice before saying something immature, vulgur, or hateful when their real name is attached to it. 
Who is more pathetic?
That guy with a troll comment or the millionaire who made his point with the millions he earned and than displays his comeback to all his followers on all social networks?

Or maybe the people that think the guy is sooooo cool.
Check yourself. 
Dumb guy he probably is bored with his life.. +Tom Anderson I loved myspace I don't think I ever liked any other social network as much and all my friends can agree... great job!! Don't let stupid people get to u
+Tom Anderson I enjoy Google+ because there isn't a character limit. But, if you think about it, how much do you have to say everyday that's that important? Imo, Twitter is a great social network. If you are reading too much nonsense, you aren't following the right people then.

Google+ has been a great way to follow intelligent folk, too. Funny enough, most of the time they share as much as you can on Twitter. 

Holy shit that's bad ass own age right Thur'
I would say your first comment is the worst "get over it", that is arrogance i rarely see from you.

My Instagram will be gone by January the 16th unless they step forward and make it very clear that my photos will not be "sold". I am fully aware that everything i post there is copyright me, and at the same time 100% public. But i don't want my pictures and the persons in my pictures to be used in any other connection but those i choose.

I might create a new one, to follow others and the photos i post will be done with the new policy in mind.

The "i am rick james bitch" comment is just you getting hurt and hitting back :)

Useless anecdote when i joined Myspace i was so annoyed by that Tom guy who i didn't know, but he was my "friend" and i didn't ask for that.
Now +Tom Anderson is using this platform to get even more attention? And I thought he was desperate for attention when he named his social network "MY Space".
- jumps in barrel like in the old west
I guess in every social network people will follow you if they find interesting the stuff you say. Maybe the people interested in what you twitted normally were declining and there are always people interested in a fight.
Always been a pretty big fan... well, since you dumped myspace! You use to be my creepy friend that was just there with the same old pic that never updated his profile. And know your like this legend with the same old pic as my creepy friend that was just there... lol
"take the bandage and apply directly to the burn."
+Tom Anderson I forgot to mention, you totally pwned that dude. There is no possible comeback from that comment, you shut him down in the best way, you know that sinking feeling in your stomach that happens right before you heart is torn out of your chest...that is what this person felt after that response. You broke him. I have dealt with similar jerks in the same fashion. Knock them down a few notches and make them feel bad about themselves because some people simply ask for it.
i luv it yr words
People dislike trolls. A good burn on these trolls is funny.
+Sushubh Mittal  I agree. I hit Tom up asking if this post was real, and he posted a public comment about it.

My problem is  that you put this person worth in value of money. If you've done it to him, you've probably done it to other. You made fun of him for working, and hoping that he gets a half day off.  99% percent of the world slaves away and hopes for a half day off. So technically you made fun of all of us for not having 580 million dollars and having to go to work to make a living.

I follow you (+Tom Anderson) on G+ because I saw your pictures on the "What's Hot" Feed, and you made a post of "How fortunate you are to have the money to travel and take these pictures." I enjoy seeing what you've taken, but I didn't find your comment amusing. There were other ways to put this person down, easiest is "if you don't like what I have to say, why are you following me?"

Commenting back to the person is your own preragative, just think your attack was like a bomb, instead of a bullet. You've hit some unintended targets.
Dude, care to throw a million or two of your cool $580million? It's okay if you won't/can't.... I'm slaving away hoping for a week off or 2... Praying actually... Unless tomorrow the world ends :P
It just occurred to me that you are MySiace Tom. 
I'd never really known much about you, but that tweet and looking at what you're up to made me realise you're a top bloke :) Glad you're doing well after MySpace.
Tom Anderson is a boss,no doubt no doubt.
+peter sodja I displayed it here for a specific reason, but you don't seem to have read the post
I honestly am not really a blogger, and don't use much... But I can say that I added you to my lists of "clean" (AKA I get all of your posts, not just some of them) circles because you tend to post very beautiful photos, and don't tend to post crap that I don't care about. Once someone's signal-to-noise ratio gets out of control, I just remove them. Or at least re-classify their circles so that I see less of them. 

I really like your photos, so you stay.

Basically, twitter is basically filled with idiots who take glee in fighting and pain.

I'm pretty sure your following on G+ actually wants your content. :)
hi Tom, thanks for asking. I do twitter, facebook & google +. I have no guidelines i go by - just my own way to "promote" myself and my work in a honest, real manner. I often hit brick walls, insults or just no commentary whatsoever. clowns everywhere! annoying and sad to say the least. when they aren't even that funny. everyone just sharing everyone else's often stupid jokes because they themselves have nothing real/ honest to say themselves. anyway, i soldier on though. I will get it right some day.. xoxo
Mr Anderson, please keep living your life.  I follow you on G+ specifically because of the awesome photos from around the world.
Take it all as a compliment.

People need a kick in the ass sometimes. The viral adulation is a sign of respect.

People like you because of who you are - a nice person who takes amazing photos and is doing what we can only dream of. Humor will always win out over regular content bc its entertainment. People want to laugh and will always respond to a good fix. 
This is so stupid... uncalled for
I love Twitter and use it daily. It is what you make it because you choose who to follow. I'm overwhelmed by news, tech, musicians and entertainment daily and need to follow fewer people.

The guy may have merely been joking with you however your response was witty and on point. He was perhaps slightly rude and you responded accordingly. Good show.

Now I'm hoping I don't lose power with the rain/hail/sleet/thunder&lightning here in Missouri, wow crazy winter weather. 
It takes a true social network guru to make a tweet reply show up everywhere on a completely different network. For that I have added you to, Mr. Anderson.
I was surprised that you let one of them get to you. I've had almost no use at all for twitter since late June of last year. But then again I didn't have much use for it before G+ either.
+Tom Anderson maybe they should call it twatter in that case. If I was following you there I would have unfollowed you. It was really a dick thing to say on your part. He was wrong, but you were more wrong, because all the people retweeted the insult and you effectively insulted this guy 5000 times.
instagram's terms are quite a hot topic now.. basically anything related to it gets quite a lot of overwhelming response.
I think you were also trolling. "get real". Like that's gonna keep people calm. Although it would help to see the original troll's tweet, so I could be totally wrong.
Nina A
I loved MySpace and just got an invite for the new one, but I don't have a fb or twitter just G+. I do feel the audience here is much more mature and engaging than what I've heard in other social networks.

Although your response was directed @ a single individual, others can't help but also get a little offended or stung by your response - seeing how easily it applies to the masses. Nonetheless, it was justified bc he had it coming being a smartass. So good for you +Tom Anderson. Can't ever forget my first friend from myspace lol.
Honestly, it makes me wonder if it makes it difficult for you to have serious conversations with people you want to talk to. With that many replies, how to you separate the wheat from the chaff?

I actually have a lot more Twitter followers than G+, more Facebook friends than Twitter, and USED to have more MySpace friends than Facebook (it tipped the scales last year). People don't move between mediums easily.

I have a small group of people I regularly interact with on Twitter; and we do jokes (like you mentioned), talk politics, and plan to meet up IRL.

Google Plus is really hard to get people on. Less than 2% of people on my G+ are people I actually know in real life. Most of them are internet celebs (like you) that I actually get a chance to interact with because G+ doesn't have the thousands of replies other mediums have. I want so badly to get my friends to join G+ because it is really a lot better in so many ways than the alternatives. 

But they're not going to. Unless the other mediums (like Instagram) make a stupid mistake that causes mass exodus.
+Nina A is it ever right to abuse your popularity and to embarrass someone in public like that? Two wrongs don't make a right.
Hence the reason I can't be bothered with Tweety Bird. Loved your reply to dufus though! You're always a nice guy on G+ & I believe genuinely so. Who gives a toss about trollers and their vitriolic behaviour? Not me. Easy for someone to troll - would love to see a troller come face to face with me though, but shucks what am I saying! They wouldn't have the balls.
580 million ? I just need 1 percent of that :-) ... just kidding .... well not really :-) I think even the topic "why do people like fights on twitter" gets too much attention with this post already.... ignoring and baning trolls is the best strategy IMHO
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says the guys that was not able to keep a social network alive
I think it shows that you're a human.  You're not going around being a jerk to people, you're being nice, someone else tried to childishly attack you, so it's up to you how to respond, and I'm glad you chose the humor route.  It's worth the giggle.
How can people be mean to you? You were my friend when I had none (upon creating my account) and you were their first friend too.

Just keep doing what your doing. I'll see you in success land.
MInd sharing your fortune...haha jkjk
+Benjamin Jancewicz I feel the same way.. I've gotten a few of my RL friends to follow me over, but they still post mostly to Facebook and twitter. But I've also realized that I don't want the people that +Tom Anderson is having to deal with on Google+. We don't have a troll issue over here, we don't get the latest music boy band or teen movie craze on G+ and personally I want sites like Facebook and Twitter to keep them. 
I never find the time to analyze it really +Tom Anderson. I let klout identify interesting fluctuations in my social activities online. I must say that troll hunting does do extremely well on both twitter and facebook. For me, your come back rang true to all of the crap we took in 2009 with the full media saying myspace was dead while traffic and engagement (although declining) were still in the top ten for the world. So in this case, I pictured you as the underdog ;)
I wonder how long it will take people to realise that all us plebs are on the other end of that insult, but you just keep licking his backside.
I'm not gonna lie, is kind of douche baggy to point out how much richer you are then some random dude on Twitter. 
everybody loves a bit of drama me thinks...
I really think this is popular for a couple reasons.

1. It's a hilarious burn that only someone like you or Frankie Muniz is capable of delivering.

2. A lot of people like to see justice served. This guy was clearly being rude and insensitive, so he had it coming, and got it in a big way.

In short, I don't think people are responding to you being mean. Rather, I think they are responding to justice pr0n of epic--amd rarely seen--proportions. I think if you became consistently mean, you'd lose the moral authority that makes that possible.

In shorter short, keep being awesome, and people will keep appreciating when you stand up for yourself :)
+Tjaart Blignaut lol oh please.

When you walk in his shoes you can judge him, until then try to empathize and keep your head out of the ground. I assure you that guy is OK and if anything, a better person today than yesterday. Self-righteous is easy when you haven't a clue. Think about it. 
+Tom Anderson you impacted the WORLD with myspace... You changed lives and that is all the matters!
+Krystyn Chong I can judge his actions if they are wrong. Did he buy immunity to criticism with those millions?
+Tom Anderson I was one of those 9000 followers added... I love what you post on here, beautiful pictures and actual responses... I rarely go on Twitter but when I see something like this, I had to rt and share haha... I think your response was perfect... You should know by now from your success, if you're not offending somebody, then you aren't making a big enough impact... Maybe I took that out of context a bit... but it still holds true!!
+Tom Anderson 
People like to watch others get put in their place. If it is done with class and an acerbic wit so much the better.

Also, car wrecks at NASCAR races get far more replays than any other part of a race. We humans have what I call 'Rubber Necking Syndrome'
+Tjaart Blignaut No, he bought immunity to criticism by being an awesome guy who happens to have millions. For this one burn, he's endured hundreds, if not thousands, of harassing messages. Frankly, as someone who regularly follows him and sees it happen, I'm happy he finally stood up for himself and doled out some punishment to all these people who somehow feel they are entitled to be dicks to him.
I'd said, maybe just maybe, that Google+ is a nicer place because the masses have yet to find it - Twitter used to be a great place when everyone just stayed on Facebook.  

That said, Google+ has a far better filtering and organising system so maybe it will remain a good place to be.
+Tom Anderson LOL. Great reply!  
2cents: Twitter was not all trolls and shouting from the start. I remember it being more of a "we're-all-here-together-let's-play-nice"-thingy. Somewhat like G+ feels now maybe? I guess a social network (or any kind of network with humans in it) evolves. It takes some time for it to find its form, and we, the users, can make it into what we want it to be. Take Facebook for example: it was all like: college kids talking about classes, beer and parties. Then came their parents. And now the corporates. It's changed too. 
For some reason, this popped up on my Facebook today. Some of my tech friends actually shared your Google+ post, and now that it's on my radar, may I just say, "RIGHT?!"

I agree, and I'm done with the Internet being for arguing. I rarely get on here to debate something unless I'm feeling truly passionate, but I just find that I've been occupied with so many better things -- I just don't have the time to deal with or respond to trolls. You're right. There really is no point.

Good post, and glad to hear you're doing well.
LOL Kinda hard to argue after that reply +Tom Anderson... Those kinda money must make it a bit harder to keep track of who are your friends and who are you "friends" though... 
+Ed White granted, but dismissing someone because of your bank balance is lame and childish. He had every right to reply, it's just the reply that really sucks. An "awesome guy" has better things to do however. I think it's sick.
I don't know how to take this. Arrogance to a whole new level, we are all aware that you made half a billion in the process but no need to reiterate over and over. Well done Tom!
+Tom Anderson Twitter has become the Bum Fights of social. Unfortunately I see G+ becoming more FB in that it's full of people posting 'motivational' or images of text with religious or overly-fluffy tones so I'm always happy to add someone to my circles that posts genuinely interesting and/or beautiful stuff.
Can I get trolled so I can get followers lol jk good one though
responding sarcasm rules. proper troll shutdown. his tweet begged for that kind of reply. 
+Tom Anderson i don't know you but from your posts i can relate to you being 'a nice guy'. karma rules too, but some people just ask for the virtual baseball bat on the forehead. 
Nina A
+Tjaart Blignaut I see your point, but shouldn't you be able to defend yourself regardless of the number of followers you have? I agree that maybe a different response would have been more appropriate, but popularity should have nothing to do with it. I think he would've been embarrassed in any case - whether it be privately or in public. He wouldn't have been so publicly humiliated if he hadn't put himself in that position to begin with.
My momma taught me to never stoop to a bully's level. Maybe $580m changes that.

Edit: The response would've been just fine without the second part of the sentence. Hits home a little too hard.
+Nina A yes. He has the right to reply, and yes the response is the problem. Saying that you are better than someone else and dismissing them is never the right response.
+Tom Anderson Twitter is great resource for crowdsourcing. Links and tags make it a simple way to spread practical information. It's frustrating to see resources used to spread malevolence and fear. Your response through the course of this shows character. I do feel for him but, I also understand that people forget that you are a human being too.
+Nina A in addition to that we know how he feels about all the proles down at the bottom. That insult can be applied broadly, even to myself. A half day off  in fact would be nice.
Success attracts haters ... and drama attracts audiences.
Not limited to one or the other platform.

And I don't think the outrage over Instagram was ridiculous.
It forced them to revise the new ToS.

Here on G+ we tend to like FB-bashing and telling each other how superior G+ is.

Yeah it is silly, but this kind of Internet-tribalism may very well be an expression of our primate-instincts.
It was just a top quality come back, plain and simple!
PS I like following your photos on here, it's a good account 
+Tjaart Blignaut And you don't think someone being a dick and dismissing him as a failure because someone else ran the company he built up and sold at its peak, only to see it be managed into oblivion by its new owners is lame and childish?

Frankly, his reply was the only appropriate one he could make. He made half a billion and sold at the point the service was most popular. Far from the failure his heckler tried to imply. No matter how much our own financial situation may sting by comparison, his reply was totally appropriate considering the comment that brought it up.
+Krystyn Chong  I have to disagree with you. 580 million comment was a slap to anyone who works. Read it again, and think about it while your at work wanting to leave to do something else but won't because you need the work. If you're fortunate not to work like that, then you'll never understand.
+Ed White I respectfully disagree, there are a near infinite combination of english words. He could have thought of something that wasn't so snobbish.
+Onix Alicea obviously, $580m is more than anybody needs. Nobody should be having that amount of money ... but that's not really the point here. That's politics...
I dont use twitter. I have absolutly no idea what ye are talking about.

Is'nt it wonderful.
That tweet was funny but I prefer your pictures and other things you say
It's easier to be anonymous on Twitter. The masses that sign up think they can say what they like. More intelligent people like it when it's proved they can't.
Seems like it is getting a lot of play here also. I have seen it pop up several times in my stream already. I think part of it was it is just a really good comeback. 
People love watching a fight. It's that simple. Someone saying sensible stuff is boring. Someone striking back with a good one-liner is fun!

The big question is: do you really want to lower yourself to the level of those trolls to get that extra attention? Your number of followers and retweets is not your high-score in life.
haha i like this.. well WINNING!!!!! haha
well, Twitter is a monitored feed... perhaps you might not be very popular because you did not really Rihanna-ing.. LOL.. good one
people love drama
+Tom Anderson   Your reply showed up in my feed and I tried finding out what is that about. Definitely this shows more info, but I still don't see the offending tweet - can you put it here please?
Hahahaha!! Great comeback +Tom Anderson. Some trolls can be entertaining, others can just be downright stupid, dealt with that once nicely! 
+Tom Anderson Twitter is for the reality show junkies. Its their version of living a false reality. Times each person's actual life by 10 on Twitter. I use to be very active until I gor tired of this very situation you speak of, the negativity gets the most attention. Its no surprise, it's our new media. Also I started seeing people who lives aren't the greatest living fabulous through Twitter. Its a mess.
The guy was being an idiot. That's a poor reason to also be an idiot. Especially in that way. You don't know how people will take things like that. Look at the nurse who answered the phone recently for one example. Would you feel so clever if the guy did that?
waiting for the Discovery channel show, When Myspace Tom Attacks! nice riposte btw.
If you can't burn someone after you DO create and sell a social network, then what's it all about? what IS worth it?  We know from G+ that Tom's not a troll, this was perfectly acceptable self defense on twitter.  Go go Tom.
+Tjaart Blignaut Counter-attacking someone may not be in the best taste, but it has nothing to do with you, or the "plebs" as you put it ... I responded to an individual, not a socio-economic class. In any case, whether I was right or wrong was not the point of my post here and I don't care to discuss it. I know it was "wrong". I get insulted about 100x a day on the Internet. I ignore it for 9 years and when I finally answer back, it becomes an international-Internet incident. (Trending on Twitter, Google+ and Reddit... no less) ! I'm not proud of what I said to him (I'm sorta indifferent)... I am proud of ignoring the hate and venom spewed at me for the last 9 years... but then I've gotten zero pats on the back for ignoring trolls. (Though I'm getting some here as people defend me against you.. thank you +Ed White +Krystyn Chong )  Interesting world we live in :-) In any case, this post has a point, if you don't care to discuss that point, then kindly sir, enough already... we've all heard you. 
+Steven Falconer  the "580 million" statement isn't the insulting part, or really the part that bothers me, it's statement of "slaving away hoping for a half day". I was hoping all week to have the 24th off. What is wrong with that. I understand he (Tom) had a question here, I'm just stating I didn't think his response right. I found it insulting to me, and anyone who works. Just putting in my two cents. :)
Dude is named after a boring sport and a fish.... Nothing to worry about +Tom Anderson you have the most recognized face and name in all social mafia relivent or not. Who the eff is that dude anyway!? 
+Tom Anderson To answer your question, I use twitter to check out boobs. I don't mean idiots, I mean tits. Lots of chicks just take boob shots and post them. I like seeing natural boobs. :)
Well, people know who you are and will scrutinize everything you do. Thing is, the internet is like a huge and ethereal middle school, maybe high school at best. Lots of posturing and talking big. Its all about flame wars and why wouldn't t be? For the first time in history a little d-bag like this feels he can mouth off all he wants with no fear of reprisal because it's all electronic. Seems like he was wrong. It's everywhere though. Look at almost any post here or on YouTube. Someone has an opinion and four comments in someone has to turn it into a competition or outright insult war over something like who's a better band or, god forbid, iOS vs android. As far as I'm concerned, if you can give one of them a metaphorical smack upside the head do it. With vigor!
You did nothing wrong. You may have given him both barrels but that was a really cheap shot he took.
+Tom Anderson I respect the comment of selling and profiting. Nothing wrong with reminding a troll of your success when bashed.Saying that I won't follow you on twitter. I might circle you hear though. Either way, a response from a half a billion-aire would be kick ass. Enjoy your retirement. I'll keep wishing for that half day off :D 
+Tom Anderson regardless of who your insult was intended for, it was broadly aimed at the economic status of the person in question. A status that many of us share. I have made my point I will let it go. I don't know you personally and I don't judge you but I feel that when you have a podium you should understand that with great power comes great responsibility. Any response could have been better in my opinion. In any case cheers and good luck with your photography.
+Tom Anderson Well, you have a pat on the back from me. I always felt really awful when your posts would hit "What's Hot" because people would start pouring in and spewing bile. That's why I'm glad I saw someone finally get it, and I hope other get the message that doing that is just not nice. So yeah, kudos on being that patient for that long!
+Tom Anderson ,
Speaking from my observations from kids in high school and college, G+ just isn't cool yet. While people are beginning to fully understand the power of Hangout chats, it still hasn't exploded. The ratio of people that have a Twitter to G+ is insanely disproportional. I think one reason your tweet response garnered so much attention was the fact that you're normally seen as passive, as you admitted. Furthermore, I'm willing to bet a major reason for the sudden surge in followers is the fact that a lot of people probably didn't know you had a twitter in the first place. Enough retweets (Gladwell's The Tipping Point would really apply here) and you've hit the tipping point on Twitter -- so many more people are now aware of your account, and it will only increase. You essentially created a highly contagious plague for Twitter that results in people following you.
+Tom Anderson Awesome comeback, up until today didn't know you have/had part in myspace.
Just a guy on G+ with interesting posts and awesome pictures. Keep it up :D
If you can't take what you give them get out the kitchen.

Lighten up. Quit judging. Tom is humble and modest in regards to his fame and fortune. He is not someone who looks down on people, he replied back showing just as little respect as that guy gave him.

End of argument. Judge and jury, please do your homework before you issue your verdicts.
+Tom Anderson the following statements you've made here should be another post.

Counter-attacking someone may not be in the best taste, but it has nothing to do with you, or the "plebs" as you put it ... I responded to an individual, not a socio-economic class. In any case, whether I was right or wrong was not the point of my post here and I don't care to discuss it. I know it was "wrong". I get insulted about 100x a day on the Internet. I ignore it for 9 years and when I finally answer back, it becomes an international-Internet incident. (Trending on Twitter, Google+ and Reddit... no less) ! I'm not proud of what I said to him (I'm sorta indifferent)... I am proud of ignoring the hate and venom spewed at me for the last 9 years... but then I've gotten zero pats on the back for ignoring trolls. (Though I'm getting some here as people defend me against you.. thank you +Ed White +Krystyn Chong )  Interesting world we live in :-) In any case, this post has a point, if you don't care to discuss that point, then kindly sir, enough already... we've all heard you.
I like Erica joys comment on that

+Tjaart Blignaut I respectively understand your argument but since you've made yourself Judge of what's deemed wrong I'll be Governor of what gets squashed and issue Tom a pardon and you in contempt of your own court. :) #courtisinrecess 
Everyone has a right to be offended, but that doesn't that +Tom Anderson needs to tender his right to free speech so that he doesn't offend anyone. This is the internet and if what he said about "slaving away for half a day off" offends you then change the channel, unfollow, unfriend, or uncircle. It is after all "a free country" so to speak.
Isaac S
I've never used twitter and refuse to. 
It's one thing for them to sell your info, quite another for them to claim copyright over your pictures.
A self righteous arrogance has evolved on Twitter. The constant negativity and deliberate nastiness got me down and I backed off. Too many smart arses hiding behind the internet. 
+Krystyn Chong I'm not sure how to respond to that. I was just giving my opinion. :) +Daniel Watson I believe in speaking out and discussing things with others. That is why I am on Google+ to begin with. In any case this showed up in the "what's hot" stream that bleeds over into "all circles".
that's what people do some log in to abuse people which is wrong, and it have to stope.
+Tjaart Blignaut I wasn't trying to call you out specifically. Sorry if it seemed that way. I was speaking in general.
+Krystyn Chong I didn't see your previous comment, so I will briefly reply: I don't follow Tom anywhere so I hold an outside perspective. I was judging this single action, I wasn't evaluating his life long behaviour for entry through the pearly gates of righteousness. I realise that humans are complex, and that this behaviour is probably a little out of character for him, especially since his new interest seems to be more related to posting photos.
I guess Donald Trump laughed of your joke. Maybe Kim Dotcom too 
I just have to add this to your thread +Tom Anderson , as you know in Hawaii you need to apply some aloe (we say AH-LO-AY not a-low lol) for this MASSIVE BURN ! :)
You should start a social network one day... just saying.
I still question your existence Mr. Anderson.
+Tom Anderson
I thought you must have known me on Myspace. I kept trying to get you to remind me who you were.

Wierd. I was sure you were into me that first conversation i couldnt remember.
I quit twitter (account still active) because i realized that Twitter was turning ordinary people into larger than life a**holes. I don't facebook and my G+ is very quite but I like it that way.
Tom, my respect. I loved the experiment but do realize that only a certain type of people attract to that behaviour. 
Be careful how you dabble though. Once you establish the person you will be personified, it's not easy wooing the crowd to believe otherwise. Poor honey booboo. :-) 
I laughed but why care about random people following you. It's not a race or if it is it's a extremely shallow race. 
As someone who do not have more followers on twitter, than "Circled" here on G+.
Twitter rewards short messages (naturally) - so good one-liners from "celebs" get viral quick. - On G+ you get to post more in-depth what you think, so you can be sarcastic, without trolling. The nature of the media dictates both form of communication, and witch type of user that it attract.  
Douche-bags are ubiquitous anyway :)  
Ahhhh I thought this was amusing that dude deserved it. 
And people say google+ is dead. You get 5000 +1 and 700 re shares on a photo on g+. You wont get that on twitter unless it goes viral.
+Tom Anderson You're everybody's first #friend so whether it be here or Twitter, your moves, milkshake and tweets will bring the trolls and admirers to your yard.

Always. You put the virility in viral. Must be nice. Enjoy it. :)

I hate that stinky 'ol 500 comment limit :-/
+Tom Anderson You need to throw punches every while and then but making it a habit usually feeds the trolls.
I liked your come-back there and apparently thousands others as well.
Although the guy was being an asshole, I don't think it's particularly funny for a rich guy to poke fun at the majority of the public who have to work hard at day jobs.
Just shows that the fewer number of characters you have to say something the nastier people get.
Quoted from reddit 

"My 2 cents: for those of you that think that Tom is being witty and clever, give it a few minutes and then read the response again.
It's a response that comes from a place of inadequacy and the agitator has struck a nerve. If Tom was truly proud of his achievements and truly happy with his $580 million, this jibe wouldn't have mattered to him in the least. The "I have more money than you" argument has little substance in the context of their discussion, it is merely a solar flare of pain."
But you did make a good point about fear and Instagram.
The guy was saying he failed with myspace and tom's response was that no he did not. It was a huge success for him. The guy had a very narrow view on it. Sort of like saying the guy who invented video tapes had failed. 
Well I have a bigger following on Twitter @VerseEveryDay [when I say bigger, does not mean like yours... :-)] but yes bigger than Google+. So here are my thoughts...

A) Twitter is good for sharing thoughts, news and as you say, Jokes... and in my case, perfect for sharing Haiku.

B) Every negative thought carries with it a dark energy not unlike the one constantly talked about in terms of space or in terms of evil... so it attracts a lot more attention like the news of disaster  rape or something mutilating... as generally people are disposed towards good / positive things of life, negative always catches the eye... hence the more RT's and Attention...


ॐ नमः शिवाय 
Om Namah Shivaya
Good on you for doing something about that guy. There's no place for bullying in real life or online. This person will think twice about doing it again.
+Tom Anderson the problem with "smacking the troll down" as it's being portrayed now is you have now opened up a mighty ol' can of beans for yourself.

Your "new" followers will now expect the witty riposte, the troll bashing long before you become (through no fault of your own) the very thing you hate?

Something I have noticed when posting or responding to posts, I tend to talk freely on them as if I know them and they know me and probably more important GET me. This has got me into some stupid arguments online and it has to be said IRL. When I reread some of the things I have posted I cringe, simply because what was on my mind and what I had wanted to say was so far removed from what was actually written it would've needed a dna test to verify it actually came from me. You can edit, but that is frowned upon, you can update, but that too is frowned upon. It would appear that once it has been posted it is cast in stone in some peoples minds.

The downside of social networks and possibly the internet in general, is that it allows for snap judgements/decisions to be made and posted for the entire world to see. Everyone thinks and says knee jerk reactionary stuff, that they regret almost instantly, in the heat of the moment.

Online it can seemingly never be retracted, but it can be blown out of proportion, taken out of context and as you have discovered develop a basterdized new life in seconds.

Ah well, IF things get too hairy dude, I suppose you can always retreat to a remote castle and sit and count your 580 mil whilst calling out "Damn you internet trolls, damn you all to hellllllllllllllllll" Oh and add a "Muhahahahahahah" to the end, for effect ;)
Haha... you should have fun with it. Especially because you have the celebrity's also what makes you a target.

Although, keep in mind that the trolls are baiting you. If you get butt hurt, they win. So take it in stride, don't get offend publicly, and have a sense of humor... and you may defeat the troll army.
It's the medium. Sharpness and brevity are valued more when you have to work within 140-word limits.

I like G+ for the fact that it allows for more leisurely and nuanced correspondence.
Nice going! You really know how o make a good pun. 
It's on my Tumblr dashboard with -- let me check -- 9,575 notes it's perfect. I don't think it's a matter of showing off or one-upping so much as giving some perspective on the situation; because, "ooh, burn!" aside, it's valid. It's unfortunate that legitimate content gets lost in the fracas and these bitch feuds get all the attention, but that's just the world we live in.
Lesson: Do not f*ck with Tom Anderson - AKA the man who pioneered social networking. Tom, although not a whole lot of people use myspace anymore, if it wasn't for you, these new sites such as FB, Twitter, and G+ probably wouldn't have come to exist.
Perhaps this is the modern style of heckling? The only thing an audience enjoys more than a comedian being heckled is for said comedian to deliver a killer come-back.
Are you suggesting that everyone should start more Twitter fights?
Such an awesome come back lol... it is a sad reflection on society that people value 'hip hop' style 'beefs' over positive happy Tweets however, the come back is impressive and could be seen positive, people were sharing the slap down of a moaning, unfunny, trying to be cool person who was talking out of his arse...
Good comeback Tom, but you don't score any points for trying to be cool by burning a troll. Get off the podium.
Says the guy that... Just kidding. I'm glad to see people like yourself stand up for yourself in public forums as many would only expect you to ignore it. And you are right, 140 characters only gives you the opportunity to take a jab and walk away, versus having real conversations in a forum like here. Good for you! 
Wonder if this kind of sensationalism is a phenomenon of egocentric western cultures.
To me, it feels we are living on the era of trolls and dry, "witty", sarcastic responses. Those people get rewarded with attention, when most posts on most social networks get ignored. If you say "such a lovely day" people will unfollow you cause you are too happy. If you are grumpy and be creative about it "I wish the world ended today so that we'd get rid of Justin beaver" people will love you for sharing their misery.
Now on the whole G+ matter, people invest more time into making it work in a viable and enjoyable way, and get rid of all the drama that can be found in other networks. That's why most of us have two/more accounts, to post our hate feelings towards our coworkers on one, and warm cuddly cats on another.
you are both gay,says the guy who strips for money
Well sometimes you have to "fight" back to keep people at their rightful place. If I were at your position though, I wouldn't have answered back. :) 
To deal with criticism should be learned Tom! Especially when you've so many attention online.
Go get' em Tom. Hit him with you wallet. How lame.
You've certainly managed to hit the nerve, so to speak. Unfortunately, people enjoy such seemingly scandalous events, especially when it involves someone well known, like yourself.

Even though some like to emphasize that G+ users are not like those on other networks, I slightly beg to differ. There are all kinds of people using both platforms, it's just that the difference in number of users makes the difference in the number of trolls (or those interested in sharing information about someone else having a fight) i.e. the more users in total, the more trolls etc.

I may not be right about this, but that's my opinion at the moment.
I think it's just basic human nature, greed vs. fear and being on top of the food chain. People are "violent" by nature, when they smell blood they get excited. I'll caveat that with social arrangement, nurturing and a good dose of common sense that constraints us into well behaved citizens. However, human psyche is pretty freakish...
Well sometimes you have to "fight" back to keep people at their rightful place. If I were at your position though, I wouldn't have answered back. :) 
Who could have thought Tom Anderson could make something popular on the internet. It's like he is everyone's friend
I don't think you're right about the Instagram thing but I would never attack you and your response was incredibly funny.
I don't think the retweets are because of the negative nature of an argument, but because when people see a nice guy retaliate to a troll they want to show that person that they support them (as nice people are generally slightly embarrassed / ashamed to lower themselves to brawling, so need people to tell them that what they did is OK given the circumstances). 
The first word in Twitter is TWIT! Why even bother collecting twits?
Respect. Some one dissed you and you dissed him back. You were better at it. End of. You didn't start it, so good for you.
Actually Tom you've just described exactly why I didn't get on with MySpace (where seemingly everyone wants purely to show off, but not interact), Facebook (where seemingly everyone just wants to collect "friends" and describe every second of their lack of life), or Twitter (where unless you're a vacuous ego maniac with no love for anything but what's "trendy" or yourself, you'll get nowhere).
Second Life was for me a better social experience, and although I don't go there much (at all) now, I have fond memories.
But not until trying Google Plus did I find a social site that gave me real hope. So far, so very, very good.
We bald monkeys have a way to go yet before we are as advanced as our technologies allow us to be.
P.S. I had no idea you were actually a co-founder of MySpace. One learns something new every day!
I like your photos :-)
Moral : Don't be a douche on the Internet 
+Erica Joy I just hope those immature people stay away from G+. Have a twitter acct and I forgot my password never used it. Was not big fan though.
That's why I like G+. it's heaven here , people actually share interesting things and share ideas. Not cr*p
Who cares about the number of friends/followers in social networks anyway. As in most things, it's the quality, not the quantity. =)
although i find polo's tweet quite stupid. I guess toms response is also kinda sad.
Haha dude should of did his research before talking shit haha Burn!!!
Normally I'm just insanely jealous at all the awesome places u post from but that is an epic response hahaha. There's always assholes no matter where u go or what u do. Enjoy your success for making something so successful u redefined social media. There's no point in sinking to these idiots level but when u do at least make it awesome like that. 
+Tom Anderson Just keep doing you homey! On here or on Twitter. Don't let any of these fools change how you do things.

By the way, I'm digging the hell out of the travel pics. Keep them coming! Those pics just let me know how much of the world I haven't seen but need to experience for my self.
The rise in followers/tweets just puts adage to the saying....any news is good news.

As for actually taking on a Troll...good on you
I also had a troll with +Robert Scoble  and i earned a block ... the only thing he said was i am an idiot. I would love to know the reason though . So far he has kept quiet
Is he testing how many shares this one is gonna ge?
Great comeback! Hint to all that took offense to the half day off crack, get a better job, create something if value & sell it. Don't look down because you haven't done "it", and be happy with who you are 
That's going into the books of legends of " How to pwn trolls in a 140 characters or less." Classic Tom!
+Tom Anderson well that was quite funny but Twitter vibes are generally negative.

Bigger following here but my account is private there.
You sold at the high, well done :) Twitter is better than you give it credit for though...G+ is better for the ego...
Wonderful, thanks to share all these amazing photos.
The only reason somebody would take offense to what +Tom Anderson said is if it hit home. If you don't want to slave away then do something about it. Other than that it was an awesome response.
Tom that's all twitter is! Great comeback line! Wish I had a half day off! Lol. You have a legacy! Negative ppl. Hate that!
The man got what deserved. You were just doing the right thing and putting him in his place. Trolls get out line most of the time and nothing gets done. But you sir you just one upped the whole Internet... Good job! Keep the awesome pics coming and words of wisdom. Looking forward to another photo walk when your in LA again. 
I completely agree, Tom, Whenever I tweet something serious or personal, like something about me getting ready for work, going to class, etc., it never gets retweets or even favorited.
It's when I trash talk about someone or something, or, tweet the typical "I'm hungry" or "I love this weather!", you know, common stuff that I know people likely feel. Those types of tweets are the ones people like to retweet and favorite as well.
It's a shame to admit, but Twitter has turned into it. I can remember back in 2007, not even caring about my tweet getting a retweet or fav, all I cared about was being selected by one of my followers to be a #FollowFriday candidate, you know, before Twitter updated their Trending Topics policy. Twitter has certainly changed in the half decade it has been up and running and I must say, it doesn't have the same refreshing, fun and addicting feel, as it used to have when I first started to tweet.
Better to ignore next time seeing as the image doesn't make either of you look nice. 
"It seems the main thing people are interested in over there is showing off..." LMAO! Your tweeted response proves your own point.
Oh. My. God. Tom from Myspace lives again! <3 I took him for dead.
With this kind of post there is no way I cant click the Add Button .. 
+Tom Anderson it's funny in it's own right. Clearly it was popular enough because I saw your tweet on G+ a second time by someone who is clearly not you.

With that being said, you're response, it is funny, but it does come off as you being a D-bag.

If you hadn't posted your comments, I probably would have thought just that and passed this whole post by. So, for what it's worth, good job, but you probably shouldn't make it a habit.
Typical ignorant douche response from marco polo. Like he would know anything about running a social networking site... 
you know tom ... i am not very fund of twitter...

and your default photo .... i like it ... but if you can change it ... pls do
Its best to ignore the trolls... But a few home truths (like your response) can go a long way :)

Even millionaires are human, I think its unfair to have expected Tom to  not respond to that insult. As for his reply being a bomb rather than a bullet, The laugh is totally worth it!!!
So who the he'll are you anyway? How can I block this guy?
+Jose Miranda I don't think you can block anything pushed into the 'hot' circle by +Google+ employees.  I could be wrong, but I think that overrides any 'blocked' posters...unless you completely shut off the 'hot' circle of course.  Considering the 'hot' circle is mostly liberal political propaganda, anti Apple posts and programming code riddles most people won't miss it.
Human nature to retaliate when attacked...
Not a good way to show off. I respect people for how they contribute to society. A maintenance guy in the hospital where I work slaving away contributes more then some of the jackpot millionaires. 
I don't like how you rubbed it in his face that you don't have to work anymore though
Sorry, I LOVE this response :)!! Please keep up the good work, and own more trolls! Good job +Tom Anderson 
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+Scott Spencer, I don't know, but it makes a lot of sense to me to be able to block people and get their posts not shown in the Hot circle... 
Zuckerberg is the new Tom Anderson, and Facebook is the new MySpace. 
Does it count that I had no idea whatsoever who you were until Rosa's post four or five frames above?  Crazy!  Tom, that's the power of the internet.  
+Tom Anderson while the response was ridiculously hilarious, I think the schmo had kind of a throw away line. To those of us who didn't work our asses off to create and develop a massive social network, we would see his line as being funny as well. I can understand however if you personally are a bit "sensitive" to the way it was handled after you sold it off.
We live in a society where people revere celebrities. So anyone of your stature who aggressively handles anyone of the general public, it will see extensive popularity. You made the perfect reference in the OP to Charlie Sheen. However, the old saying of, "you catch more flies with honey than vinegar" is purposefully applicable. 
Good for you Tom. Maybe he'll go back under his bridge 
I think it's a lot like the news. If there is negativity, more people will take notice. I prefer to keep things positive most of the time, but there are those instances when you need to push back a bit.

I don't have many followers on Twitter or G+, just some family and friends; however; I do have a ton of experience posting on forums/BBS/Usenet since early 1994 and it's always the threads with a lot of negativity leading to heavy arguments/fights that garner the most attention.

I'm not sure why, but it seems humans in general gravitate toward the negative. "Misery likes company"? I mean... not everyone sells off their child for 580 million, travels around snapping beautiful photo's while wondering where they could go next. Well screw you buddy! Yeah, I'm the internet tough guy! Oh wait... I have to get to work. :-P

FYI, for those of you who don't get that last paragraph, it's just for fun. Relax and enjoy the day. :-)
+Tom Anderson Looks to me like you were just a dick in your response. Just because you made money selling a social network doesn't mean Instagram is doing right by their users. Stay classy.
Lily L
Chiming in a bit late here but I saw this pic on Facebook and laughed. Everyone here knows you're really quite a humble and modest guy, but sometimes it's nice to lay the smackdown on a deserving troll. The demographic on twitter is clearly younger, more hot headed and always itching for more drama. Quite frankly I find them more stupid and boring. I get higher quality engagement here, and I find the few followers I have really funny and smart, and I'm super thankful they follow me and care about what I have to say.

The instagram post is an obvious viral though, you can't just post a camwhore pic like that and expect the ladies to behave. Jeez. But what's with the apple, I thought you were an android guy?!

Also, justiceporn. 
I follow you on twitter, +Tom Anderson , and loved the witty comeback. I also adore your pictures, but I seldom click over to them on instagram. I'm not a fan (nothing to do with recent changes, I've just never liked them) and clicking from the twitter app onto the instagram site is a hassle. If I'm on the computer, I'll look, but not on the phone. On the flip side, while twitter is almost exclusively a phone activity for me, I do make a point to pull you up on my computer once a month or so to go look at your pictures. :-)
People love drama. Be it a back yard brawl, folks in the street or geeks on the Interwebs. The "no...he didn't!" response of the real world equates to a RT or share online. You've done we'll +Tom Anderson, you put a troll in its place and the geeks reward you for it. Though I hope this new fame doesn't go to your head and change your usual scheduled messages :-)
I would prefer to have a small circle of people that know me, support me and genuinely care as opposed to thousands who are only in it for the fame...unless of course you live by the mantra of keeping your friends close and your enemies closer. lol
That's one helluva burn +Tom Anderson. Next photowalk we're on I'll treat you to a donut for that one. He he. ;-P
Has anyone noticed that "New Year" is trending at #2, right behind "End of the World," at #1? Humans are perverse!
slow clap Well played sir...  well.... played....
Damn, +Tom Anderson ...that's called "goin' hard in the paint, throwin' elbows."  I love
if he sold myspace back then, then who owns it now?
It made me laugh. Twitter only serves a purpose when someone is bored. That's how I see it at least.
Xia Zhu
I only got a Twitter account because my HTC phone at the time "sync'ed with its updates" but I never actually used it... not my cup of tea...

Google+ on the other hand......
I can't speak for why the twitter culture does what it does, but that was an outstanding comeback!  +Tom Anderson could be that you have a nack for witty one liners, try and crappy one and see what happens.
___ ___
I think twitter definitely leads to a lot of "douchbaggery". Because of the character limit, it's not really possible to do much sane arguing, so it leads to insults instead.
Response was great. It isn't mean, it is just the truth. 
Either way +Tom Anderson - I could also sleep at night with a $580 million dollar failure.

That retort was worth it .. well said.
I don't fault anyone in your position for letting off some steam every once in awhile. It was pretty funny.
I wonder how true that is of society in general, +Tshephiso Lekoko, and whether that plays into the acts of mass violence we see.
Sunny D
I still miss MySpace, though, and you'll always be my number one friend, +Tom Anderson. Heh. 
I have more active followers on #Google+ than I do on twitter. +Tom Anderson as you mentioned before, you only get a nice amount of retweets if you insult someone or counter-attack another's tweet. It's sad how that works but it's also fun. 
G+ facilitates conversation, while twitter rewards talking at each other.
5:43am12/2012•_• Mai Nguyen comment hello ! Tom Anderson MySpace association with Google+ website that nice and terrific also nice to meet u at Google+ :)))) Email- /tel no.16047224178 "(^_^)"
my name is anderson  mr anderson  i m unbeatable ...
To start: the comeback was meh, would never call it funny or awesome.
I do appreciate your insight, however, explains quite a lot. Unfortunately my work responsibilities are partially related to twitter. Personally I always viewed twitter users as a bipolar bunch. They either tweet to tell everyone that something sucks badly or that something is awesome. Now when I think about it, they are, for the most part, just cheap attention whores who know nothing better.
But that might be just my sad experience.
I think people enjoy good karma. We've all known people who belittle our own accomplishments to make themselves feel better. Seeing someone get theirs when they act like that is a feel good moment. But btb, I thought they were both funny. If you can't laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at?
Well, to be honest, the internet is a trols playground - Twitter being a equivalent of a one liner stand-up act with people trying to heckle, and we all know its amusing to see hecklers destroyed - hence the retweets. Don't give it much thought, if someone that you don't know dissrespects you, there is no reason to play nice.
What more can you say than "Haters gonna hate"? You just do what you do +Tom Anderson No one can take your accomplishments away from you. Your place in internet infamy is secured.
I like Twitter for quick news feeds.  Facebook is the absolute worst, it's like if you want to read a lot of negativity...go there.  I like the circles thing here and the control we get to what we see and don't see.
Hellz yeah!!! Get 'em TomCat!!! You've been in the game WAY before those other guys where a blip on the radar!
to be fair, great come back.  You shall be hence forth known as Tom Anderson - Troll Hunter
Nice work Tom. Nice guy or not, it was a great comeback (from a slave)
Oooh, you better get that guy some ointment tom because you just burned him to the third degree!
you made a lot of money, good on you , may be some of the people moaning about there job,s should do something about it and use the energy in that direction
+Tom Anderson You seem like a pretty nice guy and you post great content. A lot of popular people just post random things about their lives with others who follow religiously. If that were you I wouldn't follow. Great content and friendly interaction attracts me as a user. Your right on that it doesn't make sense to go after trolls but I'm glad you did. 

On the note of Twitter it has always been hard for me to get involved in that community. Too easy to get lost in the crowd and its ridiculous you have to something out of character just to get some attention. People are more focued on building an audience like some giant popularity contest on there. I feel more encouraged to just be an observer on Twitter.

On Google+ I can be myself and talk about my interests with others. If people follow great, if not it doesn't bother me. Google+ is an engaged community that takes care of it's own. This social network more than any other has earned my loyalty and we will take care of you here too. 
anymore the populous get more self centered and want to attack anyone who is great at contributing... it is just jealousy.   
I think the difference between a reaction and a response gets blurred in the fast changing landscape of social media. Reactions cause more reactions, responses cause conversations. Couple that with no way to convey a tone of voice, or facial expression and you slim down some of the nuances of communicating. Like for example, I like sarcasm, like dead in the face sarcasm, but that usually isn't translated into a post without sounding like an intentional jerk. I like your response, i wish i could boast $580 million in a post, and maybe that's why it got so popular. Thats my thought ;) 
I think it's nice that people still recognize you. I mean, you pioneered social networking at its beginning. I think you took a very smart road with it. Perhaps the people attempting to tease you about its "failure" are the ones who are hurt that it's "gone".

Also, I never get tired of you responding to people that way. I think it's hilarious that they assume you're upset about the way Myspace went and when you remind them that you basically decided its fate, I think it's funny.
I've found twitter to be a great gateway to information. Like some people already mentioned, if you are seeing a lot of junk posts you are following the wrong people.
+Tom Anderson I believe it's a cop out for you to say you were "experimenting" by burning Polo Tapia.  You lowered yourself to an alleged "troll's" level, and threw your money in his face in much the same way as is expected from the privileged to those who don't have.

What did you learn by "experimenting" with immaturity?  Only you know.

What did I personally learn by your "experiment" with immaturity?  Tons of money doesn't undouche a douche.  

You should probably stick to tech speak and pretty pictures because these experiments will only impress fellow, immature people.  

There's nothing to learn here.
Just keep taking those great pics. I always see your pics on #whatshot and they are wonderful.

As for the twitter response. It was funny. I laughed and shared it.

As much as people change these social networking sites, my feeds stay pretty much the same:  informative, entertaining, and educational.  Your feed reflects what you wish to follow.
I still look forward for my days off! SAD.. :)
Great comeback, nicely done...
you right marwan, sad. get a better opportunity you can work when you like
well that's one way to shut a troll up
Wow! You're always gonna have people out there that's gonna hate. Myspace was the shit back in the day! That's how I use to get laid.
I never thought myspace was a failure. Everything in technology has its day. Tom cashed out at the right time. Bigger things were coming anyways. The man is a visionary in his own way. And yea 580 million dollars doesn't say failure at all. 
Twitter is all about the filters you use (who you follow and your lists). It's like walking through a crowded cafeteria. There are many public conversations occurring all at once, you can eavesdrop if you'd like, but they may or may not interest you. If someone in that cafeteria throws a plate of food a someone, everyone stops to look, gathers around, etc. It's the nature of our beast. Generally I choose to follow (and am followed by) people with similar interests so our interactions are very topical. In your case, with 200K followers, they are akin to the (don't say mindless, don't say herd) crowd mentality that tunes into the latest fad show on TV just 'cause everyone else is doing it. So not surprising that your comments, and the resulting cat fight, resonated with them! :)
I'm pretty sure when +Tom Anderson made his reply on twitter he didn't do it for the retweets and follows... But it just goes to show that the world reacts to ignorance... We're you ignorant for what you posted? No... Because it was in direct response to what the "troll" stated. Were you being overly sensitive about him slaving at work? Not at all, unfortunately you found something that got you to the point that you are now, we can't blame you for that... And if anyone doesn't like it, un-circle, un-follow, and everything of that nature. I'm pretty sure all the people pointing fingers have done it in the past, but just can't do it on the level in which you've stated
People reply to celebrity accounts on Twitter (or at least accounts with big follower numbers), without consideration of the real person on the other end.  Yes, Twitter rewards this behavior because people love to watch a flame war.  G+ doesn't reward this behavior because the anonymity/safety net isn't there - only us real people here!    So I'd bet that guy didn't think he was trolling, rather, I'm sure he thought he was just being funny. 

As for responding to trolls, I think a response is only justified when you're deescalating the conflict... or at least not being an intentional douche-bag yourself.  Mentioning your millions was fine, but ridiculing him and/or his job probably crossed the line.
I saw this post via Twitter. I don't follow you on either network, but thought I would add a couple of thoughts. The comeback is well-deserved and humorous, but that's not the experience I've had with Twitter. Quite the opposite, actually. Twitter is essentially a global conversation, where people speak in sentences rather than paragraphs. It depends on who you follow. I follow close to 600 of the world's best graphic designers and lettering artists, and am followed by >300 fans of my own work. It's great. Yes, there are trolls, even among the best. In fact, the lead designer at Dropbox got into a bitter argument with another well-known UI designer, and it became so ridiculous that Morgan deleted his Twitter account. Not so among those I follow — it's friendly, open, and informative.

Another thing I find humorous is that people here are speaking of G+ as a viable social network! I only have a profile here because I use Gmail, but I rarely use it and it feels like very few of the world's movers and shakers have profiles. Is it growing? Possibly so, but I wouldn't cross my fingers.
The only way I ever use Twitter is through plugins that auto post to it for me. I never directly interact with Twitter. Not saying it's a bad service, just saying I never really use it "on purpose".
Not a nice way to refer to a regular paying job, but whatevs.
Congrats at feeling superior because you knew when to sell out YEARS ago.  What good have you done recently?
I don't follow you on Twitter, but I just saw this and I have to say I don't think it's witty.
Bragging with money is one of the pettiest things a man can do and I think you are better than that because of your Google+ posts.
Don't be a asshole on Twitter just to get followers, it'll just cost you the respect of smarter people.
I wish I could post that "trolled a troll and it felt so good" meme here in the comments. Good job tom. I don't even think ppl realize that your super into photography. We all enjoy you here and I love the fact you still have that profile pic. I mean seriously you were the first friend any of us ever had on Myspace!
Good to Go Tom. Don't worry about trolls. One thing I enjoy about G+ is that the trolls are at a minimum here. It's nice to have engaging conversations. I enjoy your photos and your positive outlook.

We expect 'celebrities' to be controlled, polite, and calculating in their persona (other than Charlie Sheen of course).  When a 'celebrity' doesn't stick to that MO, we feel like we are seeing the person behind the celebrity, and the interaction feels genuine.  We get to see the technologist Tom, and the photographer Tom.  Who is the Tom behind that Tom? - Alan Watts - "I"
Ma Loy
+Tom Anderson was my first friend in myspace ^_^ I will not forget that 
My thoughts??? Please find that guy.
Don't worry about all the haters on Twitter. After all, you can't spell Twitter without twit! 
It wasn't really your fault that MySpace died anyway, MySpace just was a victim of the times
I never joined myspace, but I'm assuming you're the "Tom" that befriends everyone. Nicely done! Congratulations on the big payday!
I've never thought you were a jerk +Tom Anderson heck, you've never given and indication you will become one.  I started following you where you were first getting into photography.  Back then you were looking for constructive critiques.  To me, your another photo buddy of mine trying their best to pursue a creative passion.  Thanks for sharing your adventures and the beauty you find along the way.  I always enjoy what your share, even if it is a humorous reply to a troll!

Keep it up!


ps... I should probably let you know that I was a <CF> programmer for a start up way back when myspace hit the streets.  Yes, myspace was awesome then and you were a hero to many of us.  It is a legendary story with a well deserved place in the history of the internet.  Actually, many of my friends are joining back who knows...maybe it's time for a reunion tour!
lol @ im assuimng your the guy that befriends everyone. epic win
Regular Man vs Titan never usually work out in an internet battle, eventually the regular man would lose. Titan vs Titan would become greatest moment in history of the internet
Ryan Ng
Awesome job man
LOL  I guess that put an end to it all, eh?  Great response to Polo.
To add insult to injury, I just got an email from them telling my order has been dispatched and the expected delivery date is 12 days away!!!   #seriousfail  
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heeee 500...................
Kimi Su
Hilarious. ....MySpace will always be the best tho...being able to self edit layouts etc facebook is to personal as well as being ran by the feds
Tom don't worry about what people think! I know your a nice guy! 
As they say the truth hurts. At least you enlightened him to make a difference for himself. +Tom Anderson
Monday/February 02nd/2014 at 1:03am by Nguyen hoangmai > dellpromai good morning Tom Anderson +you are your power ,so sorry about account I really don't want to remind the stupid happen in the pass of Mac iOS 13inches today here we are for the new windows or whatever like your face smile wow sorrow was gone love you Tom Anderson "(^^)" <<<••>>> :) P.s
When is u bring the new MySpace out update it cuz I forgot the old once password n email.
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