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Interesting clouds, aren't they? I've seen these kind of stretched out clouds before, but I'd never seen puffy clouds underneath these stretchers.. I wonder if that means the wind was at different speeds at different altitudes? Maybe a cloud expert can chime in here... :-)

This shot was taken from the top of Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles. Note: On the day G+ launched its new profile style, I was in LA. I went out to capture a cover photo and this was the shot I took. Some people had asked to see the full photo, here it is... (My cover photo is a really close-up crop of this photo.)
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I love it when the sun makes those SPECTACULAR rays of light thru the cloulds...Nice Pic!!<D
+Tom Anderson interesting clouds indeed :) the 2 different crops really gives 2 different feels to the same photo. your theory of different altitudes sounds plausible as the reason for the combination of cloud types :)
+Tom Anderson this is one of my favorite places to hike...even though I was only there once lol...I almost got lost too because there is so many different paths 
Cumulus below, Cirrus above. Cumulus couple thousand feet above you while the Cirrus upwards of 65'000 feet above. The Cirrus almost look like sun rays, nice.
love the lines in the clouds! oh... and clouds!
ah nice +Carl Sizelove mystery solved. I think it's kind of rare to see these two types together.. at least I had never noticed them before :) !
Sometimes it happens as one storm leaves and another approach's. Not sure in this case but the winds are usually going in different directions and the two atmospheres are completely different,
Fantastic shot! :) Can I also use this for my profile cover photo? Heehee!
It did rain later that night or the next day +Carl Sizelove The thing I just read about Cirrus clouds is that they're often indicate a storm is coming in.
nice, love the sky...
Or one is near by, They can come from the tops of distant Thunderstorms also.
Jam Cox
BeTaked by the camera?Looks very beatiful
The views from up there are always spectacular... You're making me nostalgic for LA, +Tom Anderson! Thanks for the beautiful images.
Usually the jetstream is somewhere nearby.
Maishallah that is very beautiful Seen never seen before that Photo Graphs
i think this photo is an indication that you californians are too spoiled with your sunny weather :)
Awesome...well done on the shot...and the composition...
již vam funguje internet tak jak jste si prali ?
Yeah, drowning instead of risking a cowboy drive by was dumb( in mine it was a huge thunderhead).
Damn cows! And their flat rocks.
+Tom Anderson If you see Cirrus clouds (the high thin veil) with small "hooks" near the end, that's an indication that a front is coming, meaning changing weather the next day. Without the "hooks" you probably don't have a front coming. And as +Carl Sizelove said, there are cumulus below. These will morph into stratocumulus in the evening, going from vertical to horizontal. I was a weatherman in a previous life. ;-)
explains the parallel universes theory ... it looks amazing
Nice shot! Love the colour balance. Bottom left looks a little screwy though.
i will edit it and re upload it for you to see
Nice view. Makes you wanna soar over it almost.
+Tom Anderson give timelapse a try. The first time I shot low clouds moving in one direction and high clouds moving in another I nearly choked. I bet the same thing was happening in your sky.
Hui Hui
this is awesomE!
I know this spot well, amazing how this lens 'flattens' the landscape.
some time i see things like these
Chic Vw
I like the picture! It's beautiful! ^^ <3
Nice pic Tom. Can U tag some more??????????????
If U can!!!!!!!!!!!!!
r u a photographer u click so nice pics.
beautiful pic, every day a new painting in the sky to see
a great photo !!!!
This photo makes me feel as though I am flying above the landscape. Well done.
photo is is great but what is meant by LA
hi +Saim Khan Sorry, being a little America-centric. LA stands for Los Angeles :-)
Awesome shot. The background looks nice, and the sky with two different types of clouds look fantastic.
The longer ones are called cirrus clouds, the larger, stratus. No big deal.
It's like the clouds have been raked like that.
Awe inspiring.
He asked for a cloud expert, not a kids answer Rueben.
Beautiful photo. Fascinating cloud formation.
Lei Yi
wow.. amazing shot
سبحان الله دقة متناهية عظمة الله في يد الانسان
أمنت بالله ربا ً ..و ب الإسلام دينا ..و بمحمد الحبيب نبيا و رسولا
beautifulllllllllll and eyecatching
The "stretched-out" clouds are cirri, high-altitude bits of supercooled water that suddenly freezes and gets blown with the winds for some length of time before the crystals evaporate. They're usually to be found at a warm front, which gets pushed up by the colder air underneath.

When the cirri are large and numerous enough, they metamorphose into a thin veil of altostratus, an even sheet of clouds, that gradually lowers and thickens. This is a precursor of rain.

Winds in different altitudes are different, so yes, they're being blown away from you, regardless of the apparently lesser winds at the surface.

The small puffs of cumuli humilis are bubbles of air that've been heated at the warm ground and jump up in small bursts (think bubbles in a boiling pot). They're without much significance for the weather, although if the ground heats up and the air stays humid, they might be lifted higher up than they manage here and form the larger cumulonimbi, pillars of rainclouds.
this is avaliable on earth
i cant amazing this
nice picture
im milan reitmann from slovakia interessing on astronomy from 7 years im 58 years old and i searche friend over astronomy.thanks
for answering sinserelly milan reitmann
WOW Gud job....nice one
I am still pissed that Google took the GOOD "old" version Gmail from me. Google DO NOT BE EVIL !!!
extra-ordinary, wish i had a camera.
we are just like the picture throne out to the circumstances but it is beautiful
Those flaoting clouds &those beams r really beautiful,thnx a lot
nature is so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Eylencenin Tek Mekani { Tenhayiq.Biz } bizi tenha qoymuyun cunku Tenhayiq.Biz
thatz interesting
I think it's a great picture! I too take phots.
good work that turned out to be beautifull !!!!!!!!!!!
Beams pointing to the Dark Tower? :p

Nice shot by the way.
what a stunning photograph. nice work!
great ..... amazing view ......
Tom Anderson, very nice photography! Keep it up!
Love all your pictures you upload. Thank you for sharing. :-)
Tom! dude, tom from myspace? myspace owner tom? dude! you where my first friend on myspace!
Clouds in high altitude ALWAYS goes faster. Or more correctly WE go faster then the high altitude clouds but relatively it seems that they go faster... The rotation of the earth is in cause here.
"I'm gonna post all these "deep" pictures because I'm still relevant."
Is one of those the cloud all of my files are stored in these days? That's some high up. The internet must be a series of blimps.
tinh la
trong giong canh thien duong bi tan pha vay?
nhug ma van dep
Love the Griffith, none of my pictures taken there turned out like this amazing one!
+Tom Anderson The interesting thing about the high cirrus clouds and the stretching, is that sometimes, all those are, are airplane contrails which have been dissipated by the jet stream winds that the airlines are flying in. The U.S. has a 150-200mph jet stream that blows from west to east. This is why flying west to east always seems faster. That jet stream actually goes across the ocean to Europe. High altitude balloon experimenters regularly see 180mph speeds at 80,000ft to 100,000ft high flights.
the clouds streaks really complety the photos semtery and understanding and the town in the left hand upper coner
Nature's Phenomenon, I wish I could be there at the moment this picture was taken.
thanks for telling tom anderson add me in your cricle please
That's an awesome shot nature all ways throws us a bit of Wow don't you think?
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non'e che posso commentare molto l'inglese non lo conosco 
+derek jones Yah I think the Jimmy Kimmel show wanted rain in LA so they sponsored a cloud seeding initiative... there's so many farms here ya know. There's a husk of corn for every actor and model
its haarp, space aliens and the government about to sink LA into the sea with a huge earthquake and tsunami like they did with japan.
I love looking at the sky,Traveling and staying in the images formed by the clouds.
yes you are correct. there are several layers and heights. as well as different clouds. they look like cirrus and status. and by the way good pic
Clouds are my favorite. Could stare at them all day.
it is crazy! how could you get such a beautiful photo. never imaging this world is such a beautiful place.
Nice explore to catch such a beautiful cloud view.
chao ban lan card so glad to be your friends do is a joy. shown to dawn in Vietnam now living in Hanoi
Hex HE
o o! what a joy when you take this photo
Food for chemtrails conspiracy theorists...
Wow! All things really do serve the Beam!
Beautiful clouds in the sky, they look like Cirrus clouds.
mind blowing pictures,........... tom
Hi Tom great photo,i stay in Cape Town and it remindes me of the cloud over Table Mountain.
really been enjoying viewing your photos!!! when did you get this passion!!! ?
Brilliant! Just like I remeber in my mind's eye

Thats definitely a glimpse of art. Well taken.
I was checking my email and in my inbox through google received your pictures absolutely amazing beautiful. How great is our God in all He created and most worthy of our praise. Tom you caught a glimpse of the work of GODS hands in your photo.
Not a fan of the cover photo version, but I really like the full photo. +1
It's very interesting! Did you take it?
Необыкновенный снимок!!!Как Вам удалось поймать такой прекрасный вид?
I know I'm late getting here,but that is awesome....:-)
Hai, very nice image.U are a good photographer,congrats
the place is col en nice to share wow
Es La segunda Vez Que Veo Un Cielo De Estos, Aca En Ecuador Lo Vi Por Cerca De 4 Horas Te Felicito
it would be really cool to see that
Your on another level bro,
Great stuff, Tom. Keep it rolling!
Se esto fosse em Portugues percebia melhor!!!!!!!!
Eu não aviso mail
Your clouds always look so awesome. What lens do you usually shoot your landscapes with? It's a great wide angle lens!
u like nature .i appriciate it.if u capture these scenes its fantastic.good work.
Those "stretcher" clouds you call, are actually chemtrails. The puffy clouds below, are REAL clouds. Do you not notice the "X"'s they make in the sky, and how MANMADE they look? They are chemtrails, made by large planes. They contain several chemicals, most to control weather and other things.
Look it up on google, here is a good link too:
beautiful, taken something like this before here in Nigeria, but never attached a scientific meaning to it. it feels good to see n hear from a whole lot of nature lovers all @ once. Nice job Anderson.
again speedy sky your fav & this time dense forest green & blue in any case looks good
its called geo engineering... chem trails. i have tons of pics like that after the planes fly by.
Oh! Tom. Why can you take pretty photos like this? Really its so beautifull. 
Nice photo.I like photography and traveling
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