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I've taken a few trips to Death Valley in the last few months. This shot was from a three weeks ago... We got some brilliant sunshine peaking through the clouds and lighting up this mountain just as the sun was going down. If you look closely, you can see some tiny dots of people out in the salt flats of Bad Water Basin. This place is huge!

Did you know you can look at G+ pics at a larger size if you maximize your browser to take over the whole screen? First, click on my photo. Then click space bar. Now, on a Mac (chrome or Safari) click the double arrow in the upper right corner of your browser. The picture will show up huge with no borders on top. On a PC, maximize the browser (IE, Firefox or Chrome) and then click F11 to erase the top border and look at the pic on a black screen. Just click F11 to return to normal browser mode. Note: If you like my photos, they'll all look better at a large size like this... There's 16 megapixels of detail you won't see when it's small. :-)
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You're getting prettttty good at this man. Nice work, I've enjoyed watching your learning curve here!
The #newgoogleplus lets me appreciate this image right from the stream. Thanks for sharing.
Yeah, I do see a few people; cool! That's definitely a breathtaking shot. Thank goodness the image wasn't taken during the month of July (because of the weather :P).
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Very nice! We plan to go back later this year and hope to get some better shots.
Wow!!!!!It's great piece.
Bei Jo
waow,, so cool,, it's true? or photo edits?
Fits nice in iPad no need to do maximizing :-)
I always say the best camera is the one that's in your hand. I know I don't always have a DSLR with me. I've been getting more and more impressed with Iphonography as of late.
+Steven Veal I started with a Nikon D7000, upgraded to a D3S, dropped it in the ocean (oops) and now have a Nikon D4.
Really?? iPhone camera is so powerful!!
Magnificent! And thanks to share the method of maximizing the picture!
What a pity. I can't see it
C'est trop magnifique, j'aime toutes tes photos.
I wish also to take a tour to the Valley.
This sceen wash up my soul........
Nice??? this photo is no editing??
i love the photo and i love jquery
Amazing...have u another one..??
also wash up my soul……
Nicely captured. Depth of field
thanks +Ed White - I processed this the day I took and forgot about it.. I'm sure you've had one of those nice surprises before.. "oh I took that? cool!"
+Tom Anderson Most definitely. It's also fun to go back and revisit old photos once you learn more about photography and editing to see how much better you can make old work. +Dallas Nagata White likes to do that every once in a while...I'm always shocked to see how much better a photo we were both happy with at the time can become with a revisit from a seasoned hand :)
yes I'm already +Ed White traumatized by some of the ones I put online earlier :) hehe
Mesmerizing (rather scary for no life). Great shot
+Tom Anderson lol, get used to matter how good you are now, you'll get better later, and your earlier work will never measure up to what you've learned by the time you get around to seeing it again :P I'm sure the fact you are improving by leaps and bounds is exacerbating it ;)
I hope you got to see a great array of wildflowers. I used to live in Goldfield NV. Very close to DV
I love that place! it was 140ºF the last time I went there!
+Dennis Pinner this is actually the lowest point in the US - it's below sea level. Look up bad water basin.
Isn't California grand? Now if we could just fix the government...........
wow...nature has got a lot to show!!
looks like a high way to to the unknown!
Wow, this place really is huge, given the size of people on this pic...
Really this photo is fantastic one.
it really amazingggg.......luv it.......
a nice place......................
Yes , so beautiful ;o3
Absolutely stunning! A certain feeling of serenity amidst a build-up of almost angry looking clouds! I can almost feel the heat and humidity and smell the onset of rain!
i m amazzzzzzzzzzzz to see this dis is awesome
Very beautiful...that picture look like you take from the magazine...
where is the death valley? this is terrific
What a beatuful Scenery!Never see this in China
I just found my new desktop background ;-)
Thanks for sharing that photo. It is amazing
what a wonderful place to see.... :)
Wow!! is that sand on the ground?
wow...I love to take pictures as well but never get to get shots this amazing! I need to travel more for sure!
Great Creation of God !!! BIG Thanks to HIM .. :))
Wow! I've been there, that image is stunning.
its wonderfulllllllll
did you manage to come back?i thought people go there and never return.the land of no return!bravo!
oi you prick, fuckk off back to myspace
i can see people in photo. they are so small, just like ants. you are a pro photographer. Do you have any photo like this?
The sky is amazing, great photo
Great image I love your composition !!
Its goegious place for loneliness .
death valley is awesome. I spent many a day and night in DV. and a huge photo album too.. this is great shot
Nice, surreal affect.
Looks like another planet! Amazing picture. I wish I could take such good pictures.
Mother Nature is one talented BITCH. U were in the ryt place @ the ryt tym
As massive as this is, God can bring you out of any valley! ; )
that is so cool did you have a good time
awesome photo Tom !! and thanks for the tip re: viewing photos ! :)
Todos esses lugares são realmente lindos. inacreditaveis.
Are you a researcher or something? your pics are different....
this is your real name or nick name ?
I like all of ur photo, its awesome :)
This world that you show is wonderful! this picture had the printout of the world, by its acabando.Parabéns hug!!
I haven't been to Death Valley since I was a kid. My most powerful memory was that we were in some lonesome tourist diner and there were live, fat, wriggling grubs in my waffle.
Nice picture. I want to se more pictures of nature.
+Tom Anderson So far, I've managed to get up to 2048x1363 :) But even three megapixels of detail are lovely ;)
Wow that is a stunning shot! You sure post some amazing pictures!
Death valley is one of the most amazing places I've ever been too so harsh yet so beautiful. The view of the valley from Scotty's Castle with both sides going out and seeing the floor in front of you is amazing.

Amazing shot the crazy part of me wants to take those people out I'm not a journalist who cares about reality.
Great photo. I've been to this place and it is incredibly huge. Thanks for the viewing tips, too. I didn't know I could do that.
+Peter Shin yes, btw.. there's a "verified" bad next to people's names on their profiles if they have been verified by G+
+Tom Anderson you have great photos, I really enjoy it. some of them become my laptop's wall paper :) thanks
Kill shot what a day I need a day like this one
Thanks for the tip +Tom Anderson , won't work on a notebook though, seems to be missing the F keys...can't wait to try it out once my old lappy is fixed :) Great pic btw
Hey Tom, I'm really quite fond of your photography, and was wondering if you had a website where you hosted your pics in their highest resolution. I'd like to use them for the desktop backgrounds on my MacBook Pros, as the colors in your photos are extremely vivid and would compliment the beautiful displayed used by these laptops. Please let me know if you do have a website or could start one, it'd be so appreciated! Thank you, Joshua Duarte
when are we gonna bump into eachother again and hit up a sunset ... or gasp... a sunrise? I was just in Japan for cherry blossoms and my next big trip isn't until June in Bolivia with +Colby Brown.
Cool shot....really gives a sense of how large the area is.
Actually, to answer my own questions, to those of you who were wondering, if you click on the picture and it brings up the border, in the bottom left corner there is an "options" button with an up arrow. If you click on that there will be an option to download the picture in it's full size. Now I've got a ton of wonderfully beautiful backgrounds for my laptops.
looks scary , i wouldnt want to be heading there
Küresel bir fotograf güzel
Love the shot, love the picture :)
Myspace creator!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Heii..... thank you, I don´t speacking english..... soy de Venezuela, pero de igual manera me encantó todo, todo, everything.... beautiful fine arts....te deseo lo mejor y que DIOS TE BENDIGA. GRACIAS
Gorgeous ground patterns and sky!
I would love to know if you sold Myspace?
Where did water go? as if evaporated by the drenched skies..)) Great shot! Thank you
thanks +Julia Forbes I only discovered this a week or so ago.. I was amazed myself :) Didn't know you could see pictures that large on G+ !
This is stunning. I love the beach photos.
Great picture, wonderful composition.
That's an extraordinary photo. Hope to travel there to explore the spendor of Death Valley.
pretty amazing pict Tom :)
it's a pretty amazing photo,thanks for sharing it
I can't believe that I have decided to add a comment to all those above which are saying exactly what I want to say! Still, here goes: Your photo is really great and your description and explanation makes it even more brilliant. Thanks.
Thanks for the f11 tip, as I'd have missed the 'people' otherwise. It's a tip that defiantly needs repeating from time to time, especially on FANTISTIC shots like this one! Happy shooting!!
o wow...that is a creation fron god!!!!!!!!!
the sky is really looks so cool sky blue.
Great tip on maximising images, and perfect for this photo - beautiful detail :)
Now that's a good picture. I can't say it's inviting though...
WOW!!!! I don't understand how you do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gorgeous shot, Tom!

I spent a week in #deathvalley, primarily wilderness camping, back at the end of February / beginning of March. I'd like to think I'm out there, somewhere out of frame (miles, like as not) in your shots. ;)

The first 99 of the photos from my trip are up in my albums, if you feel like taking a peek.

I wish I'd had a nice wide lens to bring along, but I only had a 50 prime and a 70-200. Next trip!
Dung ha
Hi Dear! Could you tell me where is it? I like so much! Tell me which way you catch this picture (sit? stand or how?????), please? Thank you if you reply!
Hey there Tom !! loved all of ur pics...surely u'v got a magical hand there buddy!! keep this hand always open 4 us so that we can take frequent mini tours with u by holding ur hand....really amazing....:)
Thanks Tom for sending me such beautiful pictures.

Warm regards,

O'Conroy Ds
Tom, a lot of pose picture you very nice view 
nice pic it must of been beautiful!!!!!!!
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