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This guy dressed up as a storm trooper and walked for 9 months to complete the 4000km journey from Perth to Sydney. He lost 12 KG in weight and wore out 7 pairs of shoes before completing his journey. Is he nuts? No, he did it to raise awareness for the Star Light Foundation. He raised $100,000, $50K more than he set out to raise. Awesome shots of him walking with beautiful John Williams score.
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I actually love the cinematography... Nice for a news report :-) haha
That is just totally unbelievable and inspiring!
Yes.. +Ken Bruce if you're going to get attention for a charity, why not have fun with it? :)
Do you think he found the droids he was looking for?
Do what you love, have fun doing it and if it your doing it to raise awareness your intelligence is worthy of my attention and charity. Love it!
Wonder what would smell worse? His suit or a hockey bag after a game?
Absolutely wonderful; if I lived in Australia I would give him new pair of shoes and socks. 
+Tom Anderson , If I were Google, I would have sponsored him to do this while he's riding the Street View trike through areas cars can't get to. Everybody wins.
this guy is awesome!!! 2 thumbs up!!!
Imagine the distance he could've covered with a Speeder Bike! ;-}
This guy is travelling like a boss.
Adam L
That has got to be the smelliest suit of armor in the whole galaxy.
such an inspiration and all for a good cause
+Adam L , in the words of Princess Leia, I too thought I recognized that "foul stench" , yes, almost as bad as the insides of a disemboweled Tauntaun. But!'s all in the name of a good cause.
+Mark Spencer, if you've been following +Tom Anderson you'll know, he is a forward -looking ahead to the future type of guy and a fantastic artist with a camera I might add. He doesn't go backwards in life.
awesome. glad he did it for something good
"I thought he smelled bad on the outside." :)

Good for him. Should be an inspiration to all in the 501st.
if everyone was as committed as this guy we'd live in a beautiful and peace loving world.
may the force be with you, the man is a legend
He is a legend, bet he was already asleep when he got there lol.
I would like to know how he prepared for this?
+Michael Gardner Actually there are a lot of people in the world who are this committed. They're just committed to the wrong things, and tend to show their dedication using bombs and guns. You can't show much more commitment to a cause than by strapping a bomb to your chest. It doesn't make the world a better place, but it's still commitment.
So actually there could be a pretty good argument for more apathy in the world...
Definitely do it Pier-Luc ;) head over to (thats the Australian Garrison) Jacob is a member
that most definately must have been a hot walk in a strom trooper outfit.
+Tom Anderson Do you know if there's a version that doesn't cut him off when he's talking about the good parts of a 5000km trek?
Hope he didn't get rape by Mad Max
thats cool, really cool, i skate board and get tired after 20 minutes. this walk must have been really hard. nice job with the money to.
Lyze G
Why does "Tom" have the same picture and never changes it? Just wondering...
Star Wars...RULES!!!!!!! Did he meet Obi-Wan Kenobi with Luke Skywalker??
what is the storm guy doing ??????????
He looks a little short for a stormtrooper—but impressive, nonetheless. I do wonder if any of those flies got inside the armor.
Well done Jacob French of the 501st. That took balls and determination
That takes a lot of endurance and mental stability. Also insanity would help.
Dang does he like wearing the storm trooper suit
lol why was he dressed as a storm trooper
Love the video, don't know about the cause though.
He is CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well, I did think the old storm troopers were kinda having trouble fitting into their suits, I mean excersise may help... : )
I saw him at the Tour Down under in Adelaide in January.
Thats pretty cool. There's also a guy who swam across the English channel in a Chewbacca uniform.
Surely dressing up like a Sandperson would make more sense. We have a lot of deserts over here.
Surely dressing up like a Sandperson would make more sense. We have a lot of deserts over here.
Fantastic. A true nonprofit advocate for his charity of choice.
hope he doesnt run into any rebels :D
That takes skill.. Seriously, I would probably die before I even made it half-way.. then again, I'm not very fit. But anyway, this guy has serious skill, my friends.
JP Lang
Good on ya, mate!
eww star wars guy what is his name i dont watch that but i have watched space balls
I passed him while on my motorbike in Western Australia.....I did a bit of a double-take....not something you expect to see in the middle of nowhere.
Thought he would be walking for Widows of Stormtroopers Killed on the Death Star
That is truly wonderful! Great job!
After he walked 4000km he realized the Death Star was in the other direction.
you know o would be a little embarrassed if i waz him
Example of Keeping faith.
That's extreme. That is not a walk I would ever want to take. Now down the east coast of Australia... that might be more interesting.
That is crazy but so awesome. That guy really deserves some props. He is very good for that, that is just great I bet most of the people on earth couldn't do that so he really made himself stand out amongst people. Really I agree. Almost too amazing for words.
Jo Mead
i bet some little kid saw him and was all "mommy!!! i just saw a storm trooper!" and then the mom is all "awww! that REALLY cool sweetie!!!"
like she KNOWS it cant be! i really feel for little kids, its like, i bet we really DO have monsters under our beds but the kiddies are smarter than us... so they figure it out.
Jo Mead
kiddies are so misunderstood!!!
These are not the droids you are looking for.
He passed through our town and now there's a generation of little tackers who believe the Republic and it's Storm Troopers are the "Good Guys"! hahaha Seriously though. He's one amazing, determined and genuinely lovely bloke from all accounts. More power to him and the Star Light Foundation. Great work.
The economy is so bad that the Empire is laying off storm troopers now, ROFLMAO!!
what's up i'm doing the dougie up slow and low !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
low and slow is best ;)
This guy has a wicked cool accent... :)
It seems he has selected the cause to support. Then to achieve the maximum result, he has chosen the Storm Trooper outfit to make the people to sit up and look at him as a strategy. I salute his planning and dedication.
nice LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is why the Empire fell ...
WHOA!! thts amazing!!! thank him!!! <33
its a good cause... but he needs to get a life...
the stormtrooper is awesome~!
still didnt find the droids he was lookin for
wow, thats intense, talk about dedication
we should all dress up as stormtroopers
Awesome. People will continue to amaze!
I'd love to take a stand and do something like this for charity. Sounds like fun!
he came past our town ,,, a truly great man ,,,,,he has done so much for the local charity`s on the way around ,,,,,,,mr storm trouper if you read this ,,,,,, thank you ,,,,,,
Well,i daren t say he is nuts,i would say he had something in mind&wanted it done.good 4 u man.keep up!!!!
Awesome, but even after all that he still couldn't find the droids he was looking for. ;) I hope a Jedi didn't put him up to it with a mind trick.
Saw him in Perth quite a while ago. Such a cool guy!
he is must be a awesome andfit stormtrooprer!!!! :)
He might be awesome and fit, but he still couldn't save the Death Star...
Nice! Love storm troopers!! Although it must have been pretty hot in there lol
He's a nice, cool guy. Kudos to you!
好熱的衣服! 真不舒服啦
As i read this, i was amazed by his determination. Great job! When i grow up, i want to be like him.
fill d.
Don't know if any one said this but here goes! If only all clones had this dedication and respect we might be able to feed the homeless people, sick, etc! We aren't all clones but we can have same goals put others first in stead of yourself and maybe things will change! Just saying
Holy shit! Tom posted something other than a picture he took of some clouds in Hawaii!
Don B
Go back to MySpace.....lmao@ tom
if all the clones had this dedication the empire would still be standing... damn quitter clones
This guy shows the true Aussie spirit. He makes me proud.
good on him, more light needs to be shined on the amazing work the Star Light Foundation do for kids and their families.. top work mate xoxo
that's the human strength.....awesome....
so lunch sounds good to me Tom, Taichung? I know a good burger joint...
well he raised money so i guess he cant be totally off his rocker
That's a great way to get attention to his cause. Nicely done.
Damn it tom, where is the troopers vid. Amazing .
pretty sure i read in the paper he was getting sued by lucasarts for not having permission to run a charity using a licensed costume.
Some man really put his faith in his work
Or something. ilogical says spock & the whole crew Big bang theory,
This has got to have something to do with hidding shame does it? because the famous humping stromtropper on youtube can never hide that glory with accomplishments
Wow, this is great.
And here I was thinking he was doing all that walking due to depression because those were the droids he was looking for! ;')
it is
really amazing just
owsome........... `

it is
really amazing just
owsome........... `

Great going, more young people should so such things. Forget about buying those shoes at the mall and find a way to help someone else who needs it.
Cool guy. I came across him whilst in the far west of South Australia. I dont mind saying I did a double take.
How Amazing, and what really stood out was the senery. To The Great Outdoors!!!
$100,000 for a great cause! May the Force be with Jacob French. :)
Cool I wish I could do that
The force is strong in this one!
They can simply use his stinky helmet instead of an imperial interrogation droid, too!
OK, What's going on in this picture!!
I saw this guy just outside Bairnsdale in Victoria, was a little surreal!
Love the idea and well done for the effort. 
do u no shontae and lol that is a massave walk how old is he
I would love to do something like that......But, I have a family to support.... so, if anyone wanna give me the 100k$ now without a long walk, I'd be happy to accept the offer.
He didn't get a sponsorship for the shoes?
MeRe DiL Me PyaR Ki PyaS RHNe Do,
In NiGaHo Me Teri AaS Rhne Do,
TuM Ne Sab Kuch To Mujse CheeN LiYa He,
Bas tumhari kuch YaaD Pas ReHNe Do.
If the Empire had more men like him. They wouldn't have lost to the Rebel Alliance
Lf Liu
awesome walk
I feel bad for this guy, he is wasting his time.
The force must be strong with this one
When a person decide to allocate such dedication to a cause he/she is becoming a role model for the rest of us - the force is strong in those people! and by doing their deed they share their force with the rest of us!
......and the empire lost the war........
+Tom Anderson I have to agree with you on the cinematography, simply stunning for a news feature. Kudos to the videographer :-)
Mucho Respecto to the guy, but don't you think an alternative form of charity work could have potentially raised more in the 9 months he was walking?
Should of worn a stillsuit.

This bloke is a legend!
Huh. I guess, stormtroopers aren't all bad guys
Looks a little short for a stormtrooper.
tom, lets do something like this in the USA. I will be the princess Leha. We can assemble a full cast by using homeless people as storm troopers and promising them a cornucopia of food at the destination!
Not only is it wonder to see someone go to such lengths for a cause, but again to show how awesome Star War fans are over Star Trek fans.
Hi? Sorry, i thought it was nice, but why did u added me? ( sorry the question, i just wanted to know. Greetings.
this one is really cool... why didnt i think of it before... i think i need to try something like this too..
This web site is a whole world in me
Truly inspirational
My mothers ex boyfriend Ray did a walk like this downunder, many years ago, to raise funds...can't remember the details, but sheesh that guy would've cooked in our heat with that about keen!
Did I hear iPhone?! Lol JK! That is awesome!!!
Great effort for a worthy cause. There are many in Australia who take up these challenges for charity & the public support is huge.
More power to those who achieve.
Agree with your posted comment of living life to the fullest.
Live for each moment, all life is precious & at 71 I believe every day I wake up is a bonus I will make the most of. Go for it mate...
That is awesome! That had to be a phenomenal journey to take.
it will be funny if he was t-baging a guy
i have no shit on my face , ha , funny , i bet his feet are sore and he would like to rest them , he earned it
That's a really great video, Tom. I wish I had shared this one with people sooner. Thanks for posting this. :)
hola soy chilena desgraciadamente no se ingles pero me encanta lo que muestras en tu perfil es igual que ir a esas parte de donde eres
The Force Is Strong In This One.
seems more like a soilder of star
don b
Hi Tomn I like this pic it funny this man done his mission he finch for good
Nope, not crazy at all! When he looks back on his life, he will will smile and tell stories of this amazing adventure. This is what it's all about! Thanks for sharing it.
If your driving down the highway and see a stromptrooper pushing a buggy, do you stop? Yes, you have to, right?
is not one of those clones of star wars
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