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Another shot from my trip to San Francisco. I was happy to capture a few stars in this photograph. It's normally so foggy in SF, that I didn't expect it. Be sure to expand it full screen with the tip I mentioned in this post: This is a view of the Bay Bridge and the San Francisco downtown skyline. I lived there during my college years (in Berkeley) and never got to visit much (too busy studying and the BART was expensive on my (lack of) student budget). I'm really starting to love SF, though... as a Giants fan, I'll get to visit a lot this year. :-)
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Beautiful shot! I miss the city now. Going to catch a Giants game for sure.
heh +Selina Elizabeth Kyle You need to see this one BIG ... even big here and squashed to JPG, it has lost some detail... :-/ looks much better in non-squashed photoshop on my Mac :-)
the bridge and city lights/exposure is great, but i love that the stars made it into the show, too!
hi +Eric Richards I think I masked together 3 photos for this shot (buildings, water, and sky). Another one with no HDR. I'm guessing the longest was 30 seconds because that's all my camera does
Thanks for reminding me why I LOVE living in the Bay Area! Absolutely Beautiful Photo!
Bravo!, This is really beautiful!
wahhh..................nice pic..
Tom Anderson,What a beautiful night view!!!!
I like it so much.
What type of camera do you use, Tom? You took an absolute BEAUTIFUL picture.
Did you use a software to make the pic look like that? Or does the camera take beautiful pics like that? Sorry for the questions but I am searching for a camera I can do photography with, and Nikon is the number 1 brand I'm going with! :) (And I'm looking up the D4 cam as I type this, lolz
What an awesome shot. San Fran is so beautiful at night
I want to take the next flight to San Fran just by looking at this pic. <3 So awesome!!!
Oz awaits just over the magic bridge that crosses golden waters. Extraordinary.
+Elias Borrego I think you've got to have an exceptionally keen eye to notice the difference between Canon, Nikon and the other top brands. I think your main consideration would be your budget and what you plan to do with it... Then you can see what camera you can afford that does what you want. The Sony NEX-7 (the first "mirrorless" camera that is approaching pro level may even be the way to go... I think its around $1,500 ... I did sharpen this photo and did some tricks in Photoshop to make the colors pop a little. Most of my photos are extremely processed.. i.e. there was a lot of work done in software. I think if you're going to really get into photography, you'll probably just fine that you want to use software as well (rather than thinking about what a camera can do vs.. what software can do). If you're really into the technicalities of cameras, check out +Gordon Laing and :-)
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Bruh. Time for a new profile pic. 
Tom, Please update your profile picture please. You have looked the same for at least 6 years!
Avi K
A worthwhile sacrifice and investment though lol Nice pic the bridge didn't look so clean or nice when I saw it...gotta love art ;p
wow very beautiful place.....
hope someday be there
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Look like those r wearing pearls natural one :)
Pi Chai
Beautyful lancaspe!
hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii friends
ho rick
oh soooooo beautiful 
oh what a photography
love it :) very Beautifuly <3
全景照啊!so beautiful,so amazing!
su wa
Exquisite Tom! Look at that water! Liquid gold.. yummy! I want to Pin! :-D
Pinned .. just amazing.. you are getting so good Tom!
Wow ... was there a couple of weeks ago ... But I could not click pictures like this of course!
Really Amazing, love the picture
where were you standing when you took this pic
Wouldn't you know it? I was there a week too soon. The sky was nothing like that on the 15th!! Great shot.
That always looks so cool, like to see it in person someday.
very nice....................................
You take such beautiful pictures! I love your work. I wonder if you can take gorgeous pics like that anywhere, or you have to have to be in a scenic environment?
u like it because it is likable i m right na????????????
Wow, I wish could be there one day ..:) 
No wonder the glitters lead to Hollywood!
You feel as though you could walk on that water.
This scene, what would it beautifully fantastic!
Y- Fi
whenever I'll get a chance to travel the world, I'll surely visit this place
I. Want. Travel to. SF...
Aww thanks for liking my comment! Am just telling the true , it's was amazing :)
its great sight of view..........
Amazing photograph! I love it!
Beautiful, romantic photo, I love San Francisco by night and day!
its really very beautiful photograph
it is great place, i hope sometimes i have enaugh money go there
Albin _
Wow hey you should my space ! It's beautiful too , not as beautiful as your space but my space is pretty good too!
waoooooooo awsm...........vry nce.........
nice view at night. Wonder if it looks that good in day light or without those amazing (colourful) lights
wow would make the perfect postcard.
I was there for a weekend in Feb. in the 1990's and it was fabulously sunny and clear the whole time. Locals said it was definitely not normal. This is a stunning photo
wow would make the perfect postcard for SF
the view is beautiful.............
WOW, so beautiful. magic. it's like a movie. i like it so much..
It looks like ice water at night and THAT'S BRIGHT. sorry i've been living in a Dark City named Gotham City.
Things, Time and Nature Changes as it is Natural Phenomena
its. Being sure
So beautiful
The photo is pleasant. Equally pleasing is to know about your responsible attitude during yourvstudent days to your studies keeping the budget in mind.
That is why you are enjoying success now. Best Wishes.
Great picture! Going there in June then to Vegas! Seriously can't wait.
realmente é uma fotografia de alto padrâo de qualidade , é maravilhosa ;meus parabens
Another nice one Tom. I couldn't comment on the one you posted on 4/24 the foggy LA one since the comments are ful.... Dude...that one is FANTASTIC! I think it is my favorite of yours.
already hear a lot about San Francisco in the books of Danielle Stylist, but no pictures, never been there (too much lack of) must be very beautiful, the lovers' paradise ............ thanks. I would like to see more photos .... a hug
Hey man, go to the top of Angel Island and take a photo of San Francisco. It's breath taking 
Pam L.K
Awesome shot!!
Tonim nerelerdesin yine güzel resim yakalamışsın teprikler sevgiler..
Wow..............!!! I hope go there. plz...
beautiful night view! is that Golden Gate Bridge?
you're the myspace guy?
this is beautiful Tom. Amazing shot
its so totally pretty and romantic if ur in the water and its moon light.
Nice picture of S.F. without the fog.
Love This! I just came back from a trip to Napa Valley and San Francisco! Took a tour of Muir woods and Sausalito which were beautiful! Saw Lombard Street and the 7 painted ladies- so much fun!!! Thanks for sharing!
makes all life's worries fade away in the peace that it exudes!you a photographer?
i love the stars and how you create depth in the pic w/the angle of the bridge. it's like i'm there in the SF atmosphere, real enough that i can touch the water and feel the temperature thru my computer. neat!
don't i have you as a friend on my space? ohhh well
it is such a wonderful view, very refreshing. Dreaming to see it personally rather than on pic.
I Like the Stars...Beauty Picture.
Se ve tan tranquilo...que se antoja nadar un rato!!!
WOW, much better than I do.
That is very very beautiful💛💙💜💗💚❤
The true city of brotherly love.
stunning pics.........!!
I always wander what brand of camera you are using,is it a nikon?
You're getting good pretty +Tom Anderson! Let's meet up for a photowalk next time you're in SF.
Aw, Nice Skylight at night, I wish to visit there.
L K. P.
I have not seen a picture taken from this view. Very nice!
c'est une très belle photo
Bridges are so overdone, I see at least one shot of a bridge every day... Can't impress me anymore.
Nice shot!how long did u leave the shutter closed for?
Berkley - What A Great Time -

As A Travel Consultant These Days and Getting The Opportunity To Travel Frequently, San Francisco is a Fun place To Visit.


Awesome! The buildings & ocean scenery reminds me oh Boston & Charles Ricer here. =D
That view never gets old! I have really been enjoying your night photography. Great stuff Tom. Keep it up!
I'm glad you like my home town. If you want to see the ultimate panorama of the City, stop by SmugMug. I have a 36 ft. wide print there @ 240DPI. And Chris has a giant one too.
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