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Yesterday I wrote a little bit about public opinion, and how it's a "filter" for most people -- an idea that grows and becomes popular tells us what to pay attention to. Popular opinion affects our opinion and subconsciously (some might say insidiously) influences our behavior. Google is an amazing company. If the average non-techie knew even 1% of the things going on behind the scenes, they'd be floored. But the average Joe does not know. My sense is that Google was never truly seen as an "exciting" or "sexy" company to the average Joe.

Yes, technical people admired Google. But to non-techies, Google just works. It does what you want it do. And its design and utility is so straightforward and, well, utilitarian, it's kinda just "there." You use electricity everyday -- it's absolutely critical to everything you do, but you don't think much about the company that supplies the power to you.

With Google+, we're in the beginning phases of a sea change. G+ is going to affect the way people appreciate and think about Google. Put simply, G+ is going to make Google "sexy" to the average person. Pundits & investors have already recognized the excitement around this new "Google." That's where that $45 billion dollar increase in market cap just came from. ( And that stock market excitement is forming a virtuous circle with the excitement of the G+ project itself.

The good feeling for Google is going to grow. It's going to spread beyond tech circles, and Google may have something of the Apple aura, if it can continue down this path. People are going to love Google like they never loved it before. People are going to hang on their product announcements the way they never did before. Larry Page and Sergey, if they so choose, will start to be seen more like a Steve Jobs than a Bill Gates. And all of this is not just because G+ is addicting (which it is). It's because G+ is about people and community. It's a celebration of our very existence, in a more obvious way than "organizing the world's information" ever was.

Google is sexy now. And I'm loving it.

P.S. If you're interested in reading about some of the amazing things "behind the scenes" at Google, I'd reccommend you pick up Steven Levy's "In the Plex". ( It's an important book, at an important time. Levy has followed the Google story since 1999. and has had uncommon access to people throughout every level of the company.
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Corina Newby
Google has always been sexy :)
Shawn F
F*cking Perfect
Well, that's one way to spell "Google"! lol
Ok, this photo gave me my first actual laughter of the afternoon.
I wouldn't consider myself a techie, but I've loved google since I started using it! :)
Sorry..... um what were you saying?
Now thats a gOOd gOOgle i have ever seen
Nerdism made sexy. That's what we need. :)
am soo boored with your posts. honestly. Any other subject?
I seem to want to use Google a lot more today after seeing that pic. But I'm not sure why?
I agree 100% with this. I love the Google is sexy now and that more people will have them in their minds. I just dont want it to turn into an Apple like blind following
If the average non-techie knew even 1% of the things going on behind the scenes, they'd be floored...going by that picture ,,its easy to guess what is going on :)
I subscribe to every google blog I can (in GReader, of course!). I don't get the chance to read all of them, but glad to stay abreast of what's going on. Its good to be a fan of a company that has no i in its products ;)
It's a tribute to your content that I didn't actually notice the image until I had finished the text. -.-
Shawn F
I would hope google would post this as GOOGLE image of the day and put it front page.
I can't wait to see all the updates for G+ that Google has in store!
Tom it looks like ppl R waiting for you to post sth. since i was writing this, U had more than 25 commenting on this post
by the way nice shot
Lol - I just noticed the irony in my previous message.
Roc Wu
Didn't see what are you talking about. That pic is amazing.
Amazing post. I will be checking out your recommended links.
O is my favorite letter(s).
The shear influx of comments just made my browser go stupid for a minute playing catchup. :p
I really like Google. I like the products and services they produce. I am a fan, a Googlephile. But, by the same token, this organization is about to go deeper ... or have the capability of going deeper ... into people's lives and behaviors than anyone ever imagined. So far, they have my trust.
Remove the guy in the "G" shirt and we'll have an apt photo.
are there two guys in the pic - i just saw them
Someone animate this, quickly
Humor and Google can be uplifted and separated.
If only that would be a Google Doodle.. haha
But seriously, great post.
something tells me this post is going to break the comments & +1 record. call it a hunch.
LMAO!!! btw I love the ranting girls!
I have actually spent more time reading your posts than any other. Your insight because of your background makes for great insider knowledge and informed opinion. Keep the posts coming!
Inner grammar nazi hates: "we're in the beginning phases of a sea change" (there should be an "of" in between "sea" and "change")
I'm really excited about the way Google has been grouping everything I generally do online into one cohesive package that I can access from the Android phone in my pocket. I can be completely immersed in information and social interaction, all from one source, if I so choose.

Of course, the flip side of this is that Google basically has a complete snapshot of my life. My needs, my desires, my thoughts, everything. This doesn't scare me personally, but I know that a lot of people are scared by the potential for that kind of access from one entity.
SERIOUSLY?! Come on! Where's the guy dangling his dongle for the "L"? What happened to "equality"? Either do it all the way, or don't do it at all. The sexism of this image does Google a disservice.
Any respect that I may have had for Google is greatly reduced, after viewing this picture. Kindly keep the freaking fake tits out of my face. Thank you.
For those saying the pic is sexist, perhaps you should learn what that actually means first. How is that picture sexist? Where does it demonstrate a belief that women are inferior? Sure, it may show that some women are superior than others, but that's not a knock on all women. If anything it may be sexist towards men, implying that tech guys are nothing but nerdy geeks compared to a well put together and much more attractive female. ;)
Shawn F
I forget where i saw the stats on this but G+ = 80% males right? lol and like one fkin female says "sexist" wtf seriously
What a nice pair of errm guys.
I think the image is apt. G+ right now is the only sexy thing under google's umbrella and it still needs work to really push it into the spotlight. At the end of the day, it's still sandwiched by the lonely nerds that make up the rest of google's techie-centric product lineup.
"Sea change" is an expression. Look it up. No "of" required.
Daryl Yeo
All these pseudo-feminist females need to get a sense of humor. It's seriously annoying.
I disagree about Google's recent market cap increase. They've knocked the ball out if the field with their last earnings report, had patent claims dismissed, had one patent claim capped, won a privacy case and more. To attribute this gain to G+ just doesn't make sense. A latest stock downgrade by S&P even said "growing pains" associated with G+ could have a negative effect on stock price. I like G+, but the hype is just getting to much, next people will start talking about how it slows global warming or something.
Rob Franz
Some of the people who have a problem with this picture really need to calm down...
I can't type fast enough, my page keep scrolling down with so many comments... it will be a record for comments for sure!!
I keep seeing these references to sexsim, but the girl in the photo doesn't seem to be too "oppressed" or "degraded". Taking the photo out of context of what +Tom Anderson was trying to convey, I could see this bothering some women, but taking it in context with that the article was trying to convey feels appropriate.
Ctrl+f "sexist"; uh check it out. Also, boobies are now sexist.
This is my new Android phone wallpaper :))
+Tom Anderson great article, something tells me that you knew this post was going to attract some attention with the big boobies picture!! I assume this is all part of your formula for rampantly viral posts?
Lool. Girls dont like what us man say about the OO in G+. For real though gOOgle+ is the legit sexiest.
+Tom Anderson I agree with you in general and Google does have this opportunity to be "sexy" and have that Apple "aura" to them, but until they fix their pseudo-name issues, playing favorites among celebs, brands and regular people, they will continue to have problems.

They could possibly fail miserably due to the overwhelming feeling of hypocrisy and "doing evil" enough to keep Facebook as the place to go for all things social and people will not even bother with Google+, even if they have better privacy levels.

What good is privacy if I have no account to use it with if it is deleted, or under threat to be deleted?
This photo is sexist. It implies that women can spell Google better than men. I am offended!
irish d
google had me at gmail and that was way back in 2005 when yahoo and hotmail were sooooo uglyyy.
Ming Er
Is G+ the big bang sexy for Google as the Olympic Games were for the Chinese?
Tom. I have to say your interaction with the community is amazing. I wish I had known this version of you when I was myspacin' it up. A little bit of constructive criticism though.. People can talk about G+ forever, but the only true test is time. Right? Anyway, I'll just leave it at that. Personally, I'd love to hear more stories about the early days of myspace, personal things you have learned in life. "What would you tell the 20 y/o you?" I think things like that would be more valuable. In the meantime as many people have said google should be sending you a paycheck, haha, just kidding, but really though..
yikes at the females who are getting testy... what is wrong with boobs again?
boobs for O's in google. yes, it IS a male dominated arena.
The ones that didn't like the pic are the ones with serious issues. They're probably very insecure with themselves and feel extremely threatened by it. So sad. I for one, welcome our new gOOgle hotties! 
I don't think we should get upset over people having fun with the Google logo. This photo isn't endorsed by Google and Tom doesn't represent them either. Call it tongue in cheek if you will. Read his full post to see the association between Google wanting to be more sexy and relevant. The photo is one Tom found, a brave choice, lovely to see some Women here who can see it for what it is.
+Israel Kendall Good points Israel. At the very least, the stock market is overdetermined. That's why I mostly stay out of it :-)
l love the fact that if any stuff crossess your stream, u can join it with your comments. its lively. 
I dont remember Tom talking this much on myspace. hahaha
People need to chill out about the's called creative advertising, happens to both genders, quit trying to victimize a victimless situation.
Sexist? No I guess. But objectifying women is lame. And is so 2009. This reminds me of the geek who has his dorm room plastered in swimsuit models and can't figure out why girls don't want to hang out there. Some women have tried to G+ only to be subjected to a few Hangouts where the guys were actually 'hanging out' and of course the usual crappy hitting on stuff that happens in social platforms..... I mean it is a funny photo. But my instinct opinion on it is so lame. Like 'wanna-see-my-Star-Wars-collection' lame. I love Google. LOVE IT. But this makes me feel like they are not getting it. Totally just my opinion. No judging or any of that. :-)
Disappointed in +Tom Anderson for the use of this image. I'm not sure why he is putting an image with every post as well, as his textual content is excellent.
+Joe Del Vecchio Thank you for making my point: How does this photo show that "some women are superior than others"? Would your gauge for "superiority" be "breast size" or "looks"? Your statement about nerds is exactly why I'm asking for a guy to step up and do the "L" - let's start levelling the playing field by showing men as sexy objects, too. Then we can all have fun, not just the 80% men on G+.

If any of you tech-savvy beefcakes can step up and start pimping yourselves out here on the internets as sexy objects (and then don't mind if we ladies treat you like meat), I'll STFU. I'd really love to see a calendar of nerds posing on Tesla's and robots, for anyone who wants to accept the challenge, btw.
+Tom Anderson Great post good perspective! Sure feeling terrible about all those folks with deleted accounts today missing your photo image.
Side note.

Ever notice that women that feel secure in themselves and their body image don't go around in a fit over "sexist" images.
Sly T
Does not get any better than this!
Google is sexy, techies are sexy... this is a win win situation!
Thanks +Marcel Verstraete, noted. For the people who are going to argue with those upset over the sexism of this image, please be respectful. They're already feeling unwelcome because of the image; please don't make it worse. You know how you feel about it, maybe better to understand why they're upset?
this makes me want to make a google shirt ...
always always always the same, impossible to advertise without putting a pair of tits. Google also ... -5
+Kass Hodorowski I agree. I don't care if this woman stood there between two nerdy guys, honestly.. I think it's her choice to do so anyways. I don't see anyone forcing her to do it. But a vast majority of individuals who have half of the information assume the photo is purely posted out necessity of sexism - If anything, I bet Tom has seen more lewd images on the net than a vast majority of us (and yes, obviously much more desensitized to them, as well) and this is mild in comparison to the level of exposure. Any females who are willing to come on and complain about the ideals of two computer scientists standing next to a woman in a white shirt should re-evaluate the photo for what it actually is. Got your attention to post a reply though, didn't it? :P
Avni Vyas
ugh. I liked Google until I saw that picture. Interesting way to (yet again) marginalize any tech savvy women. I'm kind of disgusted.
Like many things, that "sea change" can cut both ways. If Google doesn't recognize the things that users want and expect and that accidents in one product can effect the entire brand, the brand can get radically damaged. Right now, I'm not seeing Google recognizing the danger that accompanies this sea change.
Big boobs and technological innovation are as American as apple pie
Nice tits. Or at lease she thinks they are...otherwise she'd cover them up. I'm sorry, but slutty chicks are a dime a dozen...I'm not impressed nor would I migrate towards her if I was at the event. Especially in a techie climate where you are among (supposedly) some of the most intelligent people on the planet...and there's some chick walking about with her boobs out. Whatever. Whore.
In the Plex was one of the most fascinating books I've ever read
+Grace Rodriguez First, the little smiley face at the end tends to imply that my message was meant to be lighthearted. Obviously by her being superior I meant her looks. Sexist... no... true... yes. Can a woman (or man) be superior to their peers based on looks? Absolutely! Sorry if the truth hurts those not on the top of the scale, but it is what it is. Believe me, if I was in the shape I was back in my 20's, I would have gladly obliged you... and here's the difference between men and women. If this photo DID have some ripped guy, guys would just joke about how someone photoshop'd a head on their bodies, laughed about it, and moved on.
Lol Jedi Chrome, are those two guys the founders of Google or summin? ;-)
Ugh. Photo fail. -1

Also, if you're a dude?? Try keeping quiet and listening to a woman's opinion about the pic instead of shouting us down (= "chill out"). Get out your dictionary and look up "objectification" and "misogyny".

Am I taking this too seriously? Probably. But then it's 9:45 am and, having seen this picture, I sort of feel like throwing up already. Blech.
Seems a lot of people have missed the point by staring at the points.
Jen try reading the whole post too...
can u add me to your circles google girl :P (and for that mad people, this is just a joke, c'mon, relax )
Its all about sex and it sells "horney nerds" gotta love it
Look. If girls thought it was sexy to show some testicle then you best BELIEVE I'd have those boys flopping out in public getting some sun. They're tits, we like tits. Show your tits.
Good one Lori, he has had some classic gifs too
now I really want to work for google even more
Amanda Kent
I still am baffled by the large amount of pointless comments defending against sexism by ignorant women. Shows how much we've been taught to filter words and narrow down information based on a grouping of keywords skimmed over as one briefly reads comments. A little mind-funneling if you ask me. Also exposes how much (or, alternatively, how little) people appreciate any humor or the beauty of life. Life is too short to be wagging your finger all the time - who knows, it might just fall off one day.
What a nice way to call my attention on to reading your article! hahaha!
I love how the majority of guys on here went "yay! Google is awesome!" and most of the women were like, "well it was." I really think the best way to rectify this is put up another picture, +Tom Anderson - this one saying Google, but with an erect penis as the L.

I'd rather see penises and not boobs. I have my own; I can look at them whenever. I don't see enough penises.
You know, it actually says more about the people who get offended by this picture than it says about Tom. I certainly don't get offended when I see a picture of someone who looks better than me. I might head over to the gym though (lord knows I need to).
lol... google has been sexy for a while.
Agreed, +Amanda K.. They totally missed the point of Tom's post because of a silly posed picture with a beautiful woman. I find it extremely ironic that they instantly feel objectified and get all up in arms at pictures of women showing off cleavage. Good post by Tom.
Where do I sign up for that kind of service? ;)
Id like to rewritee corina newby's comment as "gOOgle has always been sexy :)"
Love this pic... Both hot and clever :-)
+Bryan Zeski Bryan, the uproar is that if she wasn't showing her boobs, we wouldn't be talking about this. None of the guys on here would be going, Google is cool, if that was some "plain Jane" in the middle.

Am I offended? No, cause this is how society is. If I was in the picture, there wouldn't be 200 comments (and growing) about it. If it had been a picture of those two guys with another guy in the middle and his balls making the OO's, people would be eewww! Balls! Or some lame ignorant comment on how all three must be gay.

And that's my problem. We have no issues with naked women, but we'll scoff at naked men. That's all I'm saying
Kass Hodorowski wrote: "Ever notice that women that feel secure in themselves and their body image don't go around in a fit over "sexist" images."

Ever notice how few women 'feel secure in themselves and their body image'? Ever ask why? Photos like this—and the responses—are a key reason.
+Joe Del Vecchio Yeah, I tried having a sense of humor by asking for a guy to step up and do the "L", but I think I let the men's comments get the best of me when they started saying we women are upset because we have no sense of humor, we're insecure, etc. Because I'm pretty humorful. And I'm pretty proud of my breasts.
+Tom Anderson I really like the things you post, but considering that we just learned that over 75% of Google+ users are men, I hope you will be more cautious in the future about images like this. It isn't offensive to me but there are an abundance of men to support your decision to post it and I think it is frustrating and alienating to some of the few of women involved in the discussion.
+Tom Anderson If you want to share photos like this with your friends, go for it. That's the beauty of circles. But it's not appropriate as a public post. If I sent an email like this around my workplace I would have major explaining to do and I would expect a reprimand. If I posted a pic like this on the staffroom noticeboard I could get done for sexual harassment. Wasn't it you who posted about sexual harassment at a tech convention the other day? Well if it was, you are a bloody great hypocrite. I enjoy your posts as a rule but the pic for this one just pisses me off.
We want a pic of Regina with two guys!
Diana McQueen & Grace Rodriguez are funny because they claim its sexist, then at the same time ask for a similar picture where some guy's dong is the L.

Feminist hypocrisy. How typical.
That's pretty darn funny
wow... seriously? who cares about the pic? Google didn't make the pic, it goes with the story, get over it.
+Jacki Bauer I posted about that topic (women on G+), the stats are wrong; but yes, I thought about this before posting. I made my choice (obviously), thanks for being thoughtful about it.
Regarding sexism, this photo reminds me of The Big Bang Theory (the TV show). It may have since died down, but when that show was fresh, there was a lot of negative buzz regarding the main female (Penny, I think?) as a sexist stereotype against women.

I am not a big TV watcher, so between that buzz and what I took to be the sleazy double-entendre of the title, I never even gave the show a glance.

A year or two in, a few of my female coworkers (who I presumed thought well of us) mentioned that our group (the "web boys" as we've been called) reminded them of the characters from TBBT. I had no idea how to take that, so I finally watched a bit of the show, and let me tell you...

I was offended.

Not about the girl, though I could see why some would be offended. No, I was offended that every single one of the "smart guys" on that show were complete dweebs with zero social grace, zero coping mechanisms, and a seeming long list of other personality disorders. This is the impression that I get:

Smart guys are pariahs.

I wondered how poorly my coworkers must have thought of me, until I put it into perspective. Most guys probably see Penny and just think she's a cute, likable girl--not a complete bimbo, not a walking pair of breasts. (At least I hope they don't think that?) Likewise, my coworkers probably watch TBBT and think the guys are cute, shy, likable guys who just happen to be a bit nutty.

So I've just tried not to take the comparisons too seriously, and give the people around me the benefit of the doubt that their feelings for those characters--and me--are well-meaning, not sexist.
If only buying Google stock didn't cost so damn much. They have a big opportunity with G+ and I hope it takes off. It's so nice to have my online life in one place and one place only. Now if only everything wasn't so white. It burns ze eyes!
+Frances Cherman : With all due respect... That is why it's called self-esteem.. It comes from the self, not someone else validating your opinions or feelings. If you don't already feel good about yourself as a person, there's no amount of validating through compliment or personal opinion that would force you to change your mind. It's up to the woman to change that personal perception, not anyone else.
LOL Get over yourselves, you must not have understood what Tom was trying to say if you think this is sexist. You automatically look a picture and think "Oh that's what they are selling" and then you frown. Read the fine print -_-
The more stuff I read from you, Tom, the more I feel bad for all the stupid "Tom" jokes I made back on Myspace. I mean that sincerely.
you need to work on the PR team for them, they'd be stupid not to hire you Tom ;)
+Donna Schakelaar Hi Donna, no that was not me. I appreciate your anger, but posting that image here (public Internet) is not the same as posting to a staff room noticeboard or sending it around to my co-workers.
Great little post aside from the image choice. That said, some people are way too sensitive.
Every time a chick gets upset about a boobie picture and says it's sexist I assume she has ugly tits... Is that wrong? 
To +Joe Del Vecchio and all other people who are complaining that this isn't sexist. First of all, let's see the definition of sexism: So, the word exactly means discrimination against women, it has nothing to do with being superior or inferior, although sexism terms can be used for that purpose.
So, the real question should be: is this image discriminatory to women? So, if we can say that objectifying women is discrimination (which, I believe it is) then this image is discriminatory (the woman's breast in the picture are treated as an object). Although maybe you can prove me wrong.
Maybe you don't find this bad, but as you can see from many of the responses, like the one from +Daudet Hernandez or +Tim Steuer or many others more, you can see that many times the response to the objectifying of women is somehow turned to machoism and may lead to real, hurtful sexual discrimination. And that's the real difference between objectifying women and objectifying men; the first one may lead to real problemas, while the second one is almost always just treated as a joke. The problem is not the objectification, but the real world problems that can ensue or that can worsen.
Although this is a joke, not all jokes are good, maybe you don't like me doing jokes about necrophilia or pedophilia or other horrible things like that. Some jokes can lead to real world problems, and I have found in my life, that most people that laugh and point and stare and make jokes like this, end up discriminating women one way or the other, and I'm not surprised if reality is really like that; that's because sometimes, when women are objectified in fantasy too many times, we can start seeing them as objects in reality.
Jokes are funny, and I may have laugh at this in any other context, but when people are offended, and machoism starts to flourish, we may need to rethink if images like this are the right thing to post.
Lol Karen I wouldn't like to find out the hard way.
Dont think we'll ever see this picture on the google front page.
+Bryan Zeski I get taht we are a sexually charged nation, but again, I don't want boobs. I have them, most women do. We can gaze at them all day if we want; like I said society is catered towards what guys want, not what women want and if there is a what women want, it's (gah, my keybrd!) usually what "guys think women want".

If I was in the picture, with my boobs showing, of course the response would be the same; if I was in the picture with a regular t-shirt with no cleavage, crickets.

And technically, didn't Tom post an article that showed there actually IS more of us on G+. Bryan...women also play video games and not those dumb Barbie ones or DDR.

+Lori Palmer I was being one part serious, one part joking. I don't really want to see balls, I was just saying that the obvious outrage/annoyance that this has caused would be quite different if it featured balls and a dick and not boobs.
Everyone in here is way too serious lol
You don't see that picture on the homepage too often.
It's not that the picture is offensive, or sexist, or not funny, but it's a stupid way to draw attention (and at the same time obscure the actual contents of) to your post. After all the talk of Google+ being the mature Social Network, shit like this is really counter productive.
Amazing how the momentum can change so fast in the tech world. Less than a month ago, Facebook was unstoppable, cool, exciting etc, whole Google was seen on the decline. Now? The trend is changing in Google's favor.

Based on this tech logic, I hope a RIM comeback is possible and on the way :)

+1 Tom!

Maybe I'm not the average person, but I have to say that if Google were a man, he would have had me years ago. Very sexy, and getting more so all the time.

And BTW, this onslaught of comments is fascinating. As a woman, I'm fine with the pic.
+Tom Anderson I'm not angry. I am disappointed. And I disagree with you about public posts not being the same as posting to a noticeboard or work email. What is a suitable standard of comparison then? To me it's like buying a copy of the Guardian to find you have a Murdoch tabloid between the covers. I expected a higher standard. Usually I like your posts. But this pic brings out the immature 13 year old boy in too many male G+ers. And it certainly detracts from the actual post.
The comments keep pouring forth like a cornucopia of outrage. I guess the only thing more interesting then boobies is accusations of sexism. Let's keep it going for the all time google+ comments record. Other possible topics for endless debate: 1)Racism 2)Religion 3)Are apple products great or horrible. Go.
day by day,google is becoming sexy
Appreciate the links Tom.

I'd like to chock up other emotions with the love fest. I'm more fearful of Google than I was previously, as I now respect much more how much of my digital identity is in their hands.
oh dear, +Donna Schakelaar being a progressive person does not mean having to lose your sense of humour for god's sake. They are a pair of TITS is all! get over it. +Tom Anderson lovely article as usual... just one thing, Steve Jobs is FAR from cool... a used car salesman control freak IMO.
Gad. This is yet another example of the stereotypical argument about lame supposedly "sexy" pictures of women, where some of the women complain (correctly) and most of the little boys get defensive or offensive and deliberately fail to put themselves in somebody else's shoes. +Tom Anderson - I think you got the stupidest commentariat of anybody in my G+ circles. I regularly mute your posts. Now I gotta remove you.
I wonder how many people still read the post above once they saw the picture below lol ;)
I think an argument could equally be made that the guys in the pic stereotype us. Makes some guys look like computer geeks, previous reference to The Big Bang Theory. This isn't the first pic I've seen like this with these shirts, expect it to show up often (with willing women posing in them too). I have a similiar pic in my G+ funnies album. Great edgy post Tom!
I got it! The photo is your attempt to prove Google isn't the precursor to SkyNet. :)
Now understand the name... "Silicon valley"
nice photo, it made me smile.
+Sebastián Ventura First, perhaps I fail to see how this objectifies women. At the most it objectifies breast enhancements... but then, they are objects, so...

Second, everyone needs to just lighten up... nowhere does this indicate this was endorsed by Google, nor does it show that they are Google employees. Maybe if we could show that these two guys wore those shirts out and were sneaking up on big breasted women (who also had them prominently displayed) and stood next to them for a photo unbeknownst to the women what they were doing, then I might buy that THEY were being sexist.

Either way, and even if there was a guy standing there with a bold l hanging down, it's funny and it gets your attention, and that was the only purpose behind it.
+Regina Woodard I am being 100% honest and sincere when I say that if I saw a similar picture but with a guy's balls as the Os, I would laugh my ass off. There are much worse problems in the world than seeing partially exposed body parts.
Google is both an amazing company (making the internet more approachable to people who hunt and peck) and to those who know what a driver is. "Sexy" is merely a point of view.
G+! It's like gOOgle.. + bOObs! :D <3
it definitely had that effect on me. i appreciated that they were smart, but still saw them as untrustworthy and overhyped. now it all makes sense! I <3 GOOGLE
You can want to encourage more women to get into tech/science/math, think salary gaps and glass ceilings are despicable, love your mom, and still like boobs. Fact.
that should totally be a doodle for .... hump day?
I'm a little mystified that several people on this thread seem to think this picture originated from Google. It did not. Even if we were to assume that it was taken by Googlers (which I doubt), it would not be on behalf of Google.
I was on G+ before it was 'cool' to be on G+
Bryan, you didn't make allusions, per se; I was being a smartass. You're right - men are more into technology, geekines/nerdiness than women are.

And I'm fairly sure it's because more and more girls are falling behind in science, math, and technology. Like I said, society is very male driven to what males want, not what we want.

I personally wanted to see the ship sink in Titanic because I find the historical story interesting; I still really have no interest to see the movie cause it's just a big romantic bore.

Oh, I know where I'm going with this! I'm going with stereotypes. It's stereotypical for advertisers to target men with boobs and naked women cause men are visual and their brains will stop working when they see an attractive woman; therefore they'll buy whatever.

Just like it's the stereotype of the weak, malnourished pasty guy who lives in his mom's basement playing video games or constantly talking about geeky things like Star Wars or Star Trek that turn off geekiness to women.

The problem with this not everyone is in this stereotype. It's why I made the video game comment; some guys are still in awe at the fact that women play video games; in fact, more of us are playing and not those stupid ass Farmville bullshit, I mean a real video game. (why the hell is G+ so slow today??)

We were talking about image and women in another thread and someone waaaaay at the top of this said something about women being jealous or something because of this beautiful woman.

I think it safe to say that women are not raised to be not jealous of other women and again, that's due to society and image. Again, can any of you guys that were like "wow, Google is awesome" honestly say that if this woman wasn't showing her cleavage to you that you would say the same thing? Let's assume she was a normal looking person, not cleavage and maybe a smaller bust, would you be going "hell yeah, Google!"?

I seriously doubt it. In fact, this post wouldn't be as long as it is if hooch here wasn't showing off. That's society; I'm not blasting it (a lot), but I guess you could say I'm resigned to it.
My wife says it's funny ... so I'm going to take another look.
Alles klar! :-D Ich mag Silikon nur zum Abdichten, z.B. im Bad. ;-)
It's a Halloween costume jeez people... Cuddos to Raymond's wife for having a sense of humor.
+Tom Anderson I disagree with your comment about wanting Google to be more "sexy". The definition of "sexy" means something that is sexually arousing. Your picture seems to imply Google should be more sexy to straight men/lesbians/bi-sexual women. Wouldn't a better picture be of two surfer guys with washboard abs standing with the woman? Do you really want google to be more sexually arousing? I kinda like it the way it is.

People love Apple products not because it's got surfer guys or big breasted women in ads selling the products, people love apple products because they are designed well, and works, kinda like google. :) If you have to resort to sex to sell a product (or having to use this picture to illustrate your point), then you are doing it wrong.
They spelled Google wrong. There are no double 'D's in the word.
+Han Wei That being said, we should eliminate almost all advertising, movies, TV shows, and even news programs. I believe there's a difference when one chooses to put them into a situation like that versus one who ends up so unintentionally. (for both men and women) Yes, she's there for the boobs, and from what we can ascertain, she did so willingly. This was all setup to be funny and grab some attention. Sad that we can't just accept that, giggle, and move on.
Well we know this is planned.
+Bryan Zeski What makes you think that the woman in the photo came to the event with the intent to show off her boobs? In more than one comment you say that the woman chose to show off her breasts. Do you have the context and details of the photo? When, where, how, why, etc? Maybe the woman was hired for the event as a hostess of some sort and she dressed that way because she was told to? Or perhaps not. Perhaps you are correct and the woman did dress that way on purpose. But perhaps the reason she did was because she knew it would benefit her in what may have been a male dominated situation. Did she enjoy it? Did she do it on purpose? Maybe. Did she objectify herself as a result? In my opinion, yes.
+Donna Schakelaar Well, at work, you all have to "be together" out of some level of necessity. There are codes of conduct and speech tailored to that situation. You're subjected to your co-workers and their behavior, even though you may not want to be. The boss / management feels the need to protect you at some level, so the rules are more strict. (Though cynically, these rules exist because they're more worried about lawsuits & liability.)

Google+ is a community / place you chose to visit. It has its own set of rules. (Haven't checked the TOS, but it may even have some rules about sexism / discrimination... it probably does.) So the debate here is over a definition of sexism, perhaps.

But to your points specifically: I didn't send you an email (one of your examples) -- I didn't circle you, you circled me. (Thus, you couldn't even make the argument that I was polluting your 'incoming' stream / if you want to compare the incoming stream to emails.)

As for the public noticeboard at work, that board serves some work function for messages that you are required to look at as an employee of the corporation. Though my post is "public," you are not required to look at my profile by anyone. It's not in a hallway you have to walk down to get to the bathroom. My "profile" is basically a stand-alone page on the Internet.

Maybe you're saying that this image should be posted nowhere on the Internet without it being private, but that seems extreme to me. Seems like you're getting into the realm of free speech there. And it's debatable (obviously, based on the debate among people on this thread) that this image is even sexist in the first place, so I think we'd have to protect it with the notion of free speech.

Not claiming to be an expert here. Just trying to think through your objections.
+Jane Zhang I don't think you understood what was meant by "sexy".
The photo might offend some people, others not; I'm sure someone will print it out and tape it above their bed. Maybe Tom posted it to get the attention, who cares? What I find disturbing is the outright sexism and disrespect towards women demonstrated by a large number of people commenting here. I've witnessed more blatant sexism in the past ten minutes than I've experienced all year. And almost all of those people happen to be men, just saying.
+Joe Del Vecchio Indeed, most advertising, movies, TV shows, basically most of American mainstream culture is objectifying and sexist. That doesn't make it ok.

Nor does the fact that participants in a degrading picture did it willingly make it's unapologetic dissemination ok.

Nor does the fact that it was merely intended to be funny and grab attention make it ok.

I totally think it's a hilarious picture, but you really don't admit that it's sexist and objectifying?
You guys can say what you want, but The G(o)(o)gle was effective at getting (and more importantly) keeping my attention.
I wonder if G+ is more fun for famous people than the average user. What I mean by that is I wonder if its more fun when you know someone is reading what you're writing... :)
The term sexy has been used even for software, it means more spicy, interesting but in that context as with Google wanting to be more sexy it doesn't mean sexually arousing. English is a versatile language ;-)
I wonder if anybody read the whole post?
Don't let them get your down bro. This is freaking funny! But yeah it does objectify that woman between the two nerds a little bit. Or does it objectify the two nerds? Hmmmm
+John Musser - thats an IE problem. (Maybe Google's attempt to get you to switch to Chrome? use Chrome and you won't see that)
+Jacki Bauer Agreed Jacki - I asked people to try and understand why others are upset rather than be so quick to make our own points... hard to do, even in a one on one situation, but even harder here.
+Adam Benson I'm a nerd, and I want you to know that I'm not just a pair of hemispheres and a keyboard ok
I wonder if google goggles would read it as GOOGLE!
nice PS on the letters!
+Han Wei Do I believe that the picture is sexist and objectifying... no, honestly I don't. If anything is, it's her outfit, though I would tend to disagree with that as well since she could probably wear just about anything and still be considered a sex object by your definition. Since she is a willing participant are we to then say that she herself is sexist? if not, why? She chose those clothes, she chose to be part of this picture. Is the intent to be sexy... absolutely. Is it degrading... I don't see how. To me, those definitions must be applied by how the supposed object feels. Does she feel degraded in this situation... would hope if she did she wouldn't have agreed to do it. If having people look at your boobs on purpose is objectifying, then fine it's objectifying... but again, she seems to be quite alright with it, so how is it anyone else's business?
offended people should just lock themselves in their own houses and close all the blinds. and pretend the world doesn't exist.
should have painted one red and one yellow :-/
There are two great reasons to love Google!
omg feminists are so lame. the woman chose how she wanted to dress. stop being so soggy and sensitive... and get a hobby. if it was some dude's bawls you wouldn't be all 'they're objectifying him!!!!'
+Tom Anderson Although to you this is something for "personal" use, due to your status your Posts hold a higher weight. Whether you like it or not, you've become a spokesperson, an evangelist, and you have become more than simply yourself. At least, that's how some people may view you.

The reality is that you are you, and you treat G+ like your personal space. You found the picture amusing so you shared it, and in posting Public you opened yourself up. Everyone knows by now that Public is Public, and you're aware how your posts color people's perception of you. Since you're a smart guy who understands Circles, you're clearly comfortable with posting this or some of the other random pix that go along with your comments.

If you're aware of what you're posting, so be it. Yes, someone will be offended or disagree, that's the world. As long as you're willing to deal with potential repercussions so be it. If someone removes you from a Circle, it happens. If an employer doesn't feel like that would be a good representation of their company and don't hire you, it happens. Unless you're violating g+ policy, do what you want but be prepared for the consequences. You know, just like in the real world.
From Tom's response " I didn't circle you, you circled me" this is my new creed!!
Amy did you read the post and all the subsequent comments?
+Tom Anderson Thank you for saying something to Donna. After reading all of these comments about sexism, I realize that each person is entitled to their own opinion on it. I don't think it is, and I think that most of the women who refer to it as sexism are overreacting a bit. However, to say that you shouldn't have the right to share an image like this as a public post is just..ridiculous. You don't represent anyone except yourself with your Google+ profile. You don't even have a "regular" job that you need to worry about. She completely controls if she wants to see your content or not, and it almost seemed as though she was trying to control what content you put out despite the fact that it is your own personal profile.

So I guess I just wanted to say that I'm glad you defended yourself from the one comment that I felt was the most inappropriate out of all of the negative feedback that has resulted from this picture.
I agree with +Brian Faughnan -- For those of you focusing on how scantily clad the woman in the picture is, trust me. We're all pretty positive she knows that she looks good and is happy to poke fun at the idea. I'm all for women taking complete advantage of the fact that they are attractive, and anyone who whines otherwise simply just doesn't understand the benefit. SHE'S HOT, SHE KNOWS IT, AND IT'S FUNNY. Get over it.

Also, back on topic ...
Agreed! The new ways we are able to communicate with the Internet at large via Google+ is so new & exciting! And the idea of it being "sexy" is something that I feel only really appeals to the tech/nerd crowd (for now), as it's always "cool" to be a hip presence in the "newest thing". With tech and Internet culture quickly sweeping the world, I suspect this will soon change to encompass everyone. New generations of internet users, especially.

Blah, blah. Always enjoy your posts, +Tom Anderson .
Tan Nhu
What a beautiful shot!
+Christian Flowers I get it ; very good points (btw, check out: But the reason I'm writing about the work place stuff in the comments is in response to a poster above. When people disagree with you, you can either dig in and argue, or you can try to understand why they disagree. You always learn more doing the latter. I'm more interested in learning right now than making my points. This photo set off some disappointment from some smart, articulate people, so I'm hoping I can better understand their position. Maybe I'll end up changing mine :)
If you think Google in any way endorsed, or is responsible for this photo, you're bat shit crazy.
I'm actually surprised I haven't seen a "U Mad?" comment yet huh
lol yes, yes I am. but not anymore + Samuel Riksfjord
I thought it was funny! I think sometimes our past experiences dictate how we feel about subject matter other than for seeing it for what it is.
Maybe +Tom Anderson was trying out a Google Doodle for breast cancer awareness month. Way to be insensitive, booby complainers.
Soo basically every time someone leaves the house showing some cleavage or drawing attention to themselves in some sexual way they're objectifying themselves too aren't they? Is this woman not a free person to chose to be in this photo or not? We live in a world where sex rules - for all you puritans know, the woman in the photo orchestrated the whole shot. You're all making way to many assumptions.
it's only after 3 views that you pay attention to the creasy faces of the gays...
Tom, I'll admit that I read this post because of the pic (and anyone offended by it - some men like them and some women like showing them. If your not one of those than keep yours hidden)

I agree that Google just works. I am an Apple/Mac fan for that very reason. I wonder how heavy Google will try and get into the hardware side of things. Could make things interesting.

I, however, am not as enamored with G+ as much as you appear to be. It has great potential but still lacks quite a bit. Let's see how the beta finishes and how well the kinks smooth out. I'm an interested observer (and participant) at this point.
any chance there is a higher resolution photo available?
Google keep up the boob job.
amazing how uptight people are.

great write-up on the tech stuff. Google has got some amazing innovation & turn around that no one else seems to be able to keep up with. (like the simple sites for finding lost ones during natural disasters)

Amazon is similar, but not as much out in the public.
+Tom Anderson +Joe Del Vecchio +Bryan Zeski Thanks for trying to understand other points of view. Discussions are great and are possitive way to all get new ideas and improve ourselves, including myself. I would like to point out some things that I find are important to grapple what I mean when I say that objectification is something that can worsen a real problem.

First, I would like to clarify what objectification is: If you agree with this definition, then we can proceed to say that objectification of women is treating women as objects; sexual objectification is to treat a person as an object for sexual gratification. Then, although only her breast are "objectified", the whole woman becomes an object for sexual gratification, her face and everything; if she was crying then it wouldn't create sexual gratification for most sane people, and therefore not be funny. So the whole woman is there to be treated as a sexual object (tell me if you disagree). If she did it on purpose or not, it's not important to the definition.

Secondly, I would like to point out some comments that I feel explain my point of view in that objectification of women being harmful to society. I have handpicked these to help explain my view:
+Andrew Fletcher : fantastic tits, I would love to explode my jizz all over her
I suppose this comment may be offensive to the woman in the picture, to people who read it and totally out of place
Paul Castro : jealous women are gonna hate
1/10. I know it was a troll... but many people think that the only ones defending this point of view are women...
+Nick Drake : People are fucking stupid. If you're offended by this then you're probably just ugly.
Again, a joke, but still an offensive attack
Sherylin Macale : I'm all for women taking complete advantage of the fact that they are attractive, and anyone who whines otherwise simply just doesn't understand the benefit. SHE'S HOT, SHE KNOWS IT, AND IT'S FUNNY. Get over it.
Okay, it's funny. She is hot, it may be funny, but it's important to know that women that get easy by being hot many times do not explore other skills that they may have, and that's just sad

Another point I would like to make, is that I know this is not endorsed by Google, and I know that in any way is the company saying that objectification is good. In fact, Google has show to many people that they care about many types of discrimination and really help people in those situations.

Lastly, I know that this is a joke, but if I may repeat myself, even though the joke is funny some jokes aren't worth laughing at. Imagine if it was a joke about something you hate in the world and that it endorses it in a humorous fashion (maybe the two ideas I wrote above). I'm trying to avoid Godwin's law...

P.S.: Feminism fights for equallity of gender, so, by definition it can't be pejorative. Please use another word to define people you disagree with; feminazi may be cool. Ok, Godwin's law won...
P.P.S.: Does anyone know why I can't + everyone? Like Sherylin or Paul Castro...
Sebastian... way to take a funny post and picture and turn it into a proper discussion built around semantics and totally kill the atmosphere. Did you really just write a book report for a response? You need a hobby.
seriously? come on lol its a picture ladies. a hot picture. get over it. its funny. halloween costume idea ooooo :D
+Tom Anderson thanks for putting this picture up. and for those whining about it being sexist or whatever - YOU ARE SAD. It's a picture involving consenting adults, not an extension of anyone's penis. So lighten up and stop being so fucking PC. If you want to turn the tables around and objectify men, i don't think anyone's going to complain. So what does that say of yourselves?
irish d
i understand that some women has to say something lest this gets out of hand as evidenced by some very lewd remarks here. it's not jealousy, it's not being uptight. it's about tom not finding a less sexy picture perhaps where it doesn't take the discussion to something else we didn't come here for... this is like having your male friends talk bad things while you're there beside them obviously listening. women can't help but feel disrespected right? but then it must have been too tempting for tom and where else can he find a pic with 2 perfect O's =) so... oh well, i'll just butt out then and leave you guys to your fantasies.

+Brian Faughnan this is not twitter. Leave him be.
People are so serious.

I want to do a picture like this, but have a nerdy dude's penis for the l. :O Because well....I like penis more. ANY TAKERS? ;p
+Brian Faughnan Haha, sorry for killing the atmosphere. I found that some people were willing to discuss some topics that may be important for the improvement of society, so I tried to take advantage of that to have some ideas floating and maybe even changing my own mind. Discussion are great!
And, by the way, my hobby is investigating Google+ Posts and writing book reports, you insensitive clod!

+David Coty As I say, objectifying men does not create a problem for society.
+Tom Anderson I appreciate that you take the time to think about why people are reacting the way they are. I had written another comment but lost it as this page keeps seizing up on my computer.
+Christian Flowers and +Sebastián Ventura have articulated many of my thoughts quite well re the prominence of your profile and the comments. Some of the assumptions about me have been pretty inaccurate to say the least and my friends would certainly not call me puritanical, lacking in body confidence or a sense of humour.
Your point about me circling you is valid. But remember that I am seeing this post from people sharing it as well because it was a Public post. And will have to mute several posts as a result. The pic isn't exactly SFW so you get the dubious distinction of having to go in the brand new NSFW circle. So does that mean I can add you to my politically not correct humour circle?
In this instance, the only ones who are butthurt about objectifying a gender are the ones who are not the subject of the objectification. Notice the nice lady in the picture had no problem with it but a few frumpy ladies who had nothing to do with the picture get pissed. Whatever.
+Jono Craig +Andrej Marinic I didn't misunderstand +Tom Anderson 's use of "sexy". I was deliberately being facetious. (fail.) I love reading Tom's posts, they are articulate and insightful. The use of the picture, which he had every right to as it's his post, diluted the point he was trying to make.

I find technology sexy because it's beautiful in the way it can empower us as humans, (think of space flight, telecommunications, ability for us to see other galaxies, or the ability to organize and over throw dictatorships). Geeks are sexy because of their thirsty for knowledge, desire to constantly improve something (as you can see here on google+) and problem solve. Companies can be sexy in their core business values and how they treat their customers. People can be sexy because of their confidence, their intelligence, their passion for life or compassion for others. So, yes, I was disappointed with the picture, mostly because I held Tom at a higher bar due the type of leadership he had demonstrated here on google+. What I am learning though, is that at the end of the day, we are all just people, with different tastes.
+Jane Zhang the dude isn't running for congress. He's a young male on a social network who posted a picture that would be perfectly fine as the cover of a PG rated film. What high bar did you set for him? He's not a middle school math teacher.
Hahahaha... awesome! G ( o )( o ) gle !
Well, Google should response to public opinions as soon as possible and as formally as possible
So... who's Tits McGee in the middle? xD
And LOL at all the angry sandy vag up in here. Get over the holier than thou attitude. Life's too short to be perpetually angry at other people.
Feng Hu
Wow, it's amazing to see how G+ changes Google's image! :-)
+David Coty She is not the one getting hurt by her objectification (well, maybe she is, but that's not the points). Women all over the world suffer from sexual discrimination. From the Wikipedia article on Sexual Objectification: "Such claims (effects of objectification psychologically) include: girls' understanding of the importance of appearance in society may contribute to feelings of fear, shame, and disgust that some experience during the transition from girlhood to womanhood because they sense that they are becoming more visible to society as sexual objects;[13] and that young women are especially susceptible to objectification, as they are often taught that power, respect, and wealth can be derived from one's outward appearance.[14]"
Skeezy weezy, that pic is the business.
How is this picture sexually discriminating? I think people are reading more into the picture than what is intended. As far as society goes, this is where good parenting comes in. Little girls see these pictures and equate success with image because parents have not raised them to realize that this is not the case. It's up to them to put something like this in a balanced context.(this is just a joke.. see, the O's are boobs!)

At any rate, i don't care - i like the picture and even if it had 2 naked male midgets making the "G" and "L" in google sandwiched between the lady, i would still like it without thinking of the poor children.
there's enough PC in the world... so fuck it.
And seriously... who doesnt remember "Revenge of the Nerds" at the end where Louis scores the cheer leader...."all jocks think about is sports... all nerds think about is sex."
what a wonderful demonstration both the picture and the majority reaction to it are of the old saying that most men can see a lot better than they can think.

Also, if that is supposed to be a demo of how 'sexy' Google is, then, well, two guys that are working hard at being as unsexy as they can possibly be and one woman showing off a silicon valley -> off-putting to heterosexual women. Maybe that's what you want Google to be, we'll see how it turns out.

(and btw, I'm not offended, but I am annoyed)
i think it's a dumb choice for a smart article. i get it, ooooh look, that hot chick's boobs make the two os in google, snicker! and that's somehow supposed to be "sexy" and relate to the "sexy" +Tom Anderson is saying he thinks g+ is. i think g+ is sexy too - smart, fun, useful, flashy, cutting edge of social media-ish. i think boobs are sexy too. and i love my own boobs, breasts, tits whatever you want to call them. and sometimes i even like to dress 'em up and show them off.

but that picture is just dumb, and i'm guessing tom was going for the lazy laugh by using it. but i think it is demeaning to both women AND mean to keep falling back on the "women are hot (and not so smart) sex objects and (techy especially) men are the intelligent (often nerdy) money makers" trope. you can stereotype if you wanna, but it's not that funny and it doesn't do us very much good.

giving someone a reason to make a comment about what he'd like to do with his jizz (really dude? grow the eff up) and allowing for a place that seems to be inviting thoughtful discussion to instead be turned into a place that feels ookie and even hostile towards at least some of the women participating here (not so much because of the photo but certainly due to some of the uneducated and insensitive and in some cases misogynistic comments from people - male and female) just seems a bit thoughtless. and lame. sorry, i love reading what you have to say tom, really you have some smart insights. which is why i hope you give this one some serious thought. ask around, ask your mom and your sister and your friends.

it's totally your right to post whatever you want (that big brother gOOgle says is ok, of course). and say whatever you want. yay freedom of speech! but you do have a huge voice, and a lot of influence, and the way that you choose to use it means something.

it comes down to context. this is a public post. yes it's your public forum. but do you really want to alienate a bunch of smart women (and a few smart men) just to get a dumb stereotypical laugh?

note to all you men (and women) out there who like boobs - the best way to keep 'em close and to have 'em "hanging" around is to treat the people they belong to with respect and dignity. just sayin.'

i didn't set out to write a diatribe and i didn't put much thought into this really, but even though i am a super fun loving AND super smart chick who loves my body AND boobs and a good joke, even ones that aren't "pc", this whole comment stream just irked me.

bring on the flames. though i'd prefer a more reasoned dialog. what ever happened to good old fashioned civil discussions? you know, the kind where we might learn something about one another.

ps props to +Sebastián Ventura , i dig what you have to say.

also, is there anyway to stop the page from scrolling automatically? super annoying to have it scrolling like mad as i'm trying to type...
Google would be the last thing on my mind looking at that shot!.
I don't see where all the anger is coming from but to each his own. This is tame for something posted online nowadays, especially given the context. I can't imagine being able to get through the day in the modern world if my rage threshold was set this low. I think the people who are offended are just more likely to post making it seem like more people are upset than actually are.

I wonder if the women who are offended would still be if the girl was wearing glasses and nerded up like the guys are, but still had her boobs out. Just a curiosity.

I have actually been thinking about the topic of google's image since google+ came out. When people think of google they don't imagine a social networking site so the image of google+ in people's mind when they first hear about it might not be positive. I think celebrities and businesses will be crucial. I was actually thinking that they should spend time on the college crowd since I would have loved to have google+ in college. Especially combined with other google services like docs, gmail, and wave. Google+ combines a lot of nice features you'd have to go to several different sites to get.
I agree with +pilar starr that the picture was a poor choice and detracts from the thoughtful and smart content of your post. And as for those wondering whether it's sexual objectification or not, consider the way in which you're supposed to look at the picture. The point is to look at the woman's breasts. They're becoming the focal point in a way that overrides the woman as a person, turning her into a sexual object in a way that is demeaning.

And yes, I would be offended if the girl was all 'nerded up' like the guys in the picture.
She's not that fit and I hate fake boobs. :-/
Google more like Apple? no thank you, if this happens I'm leaving >:(
In a world in which men and women were considered equal and treated equally both in surface level politically correct conversation/behavior and also in deep cultural constructs, then this picture would be harmless and visual jokes like this that play off of sexual features of either gender wouldn't necessarily carry any harmful subtext.

However, the world is not such a place. Despite many years of struggle with some definite progress, women are still treated as second class people to varying degrees around the world and in our Western commercialized marketing driven culture where marketers prey upon the sex drive to move product, we are constantly saturated with images of women as sex objects valued only for their bodies. It is so built into our culture and society that like fish in water, we often fail to even see it on a conscious level.

Make no mistake though - the images of sexualized women that surround us do affect the way we interact with and view our fellow human beings.

Objectification of men doesn't function the same way because men have been those with power over women in the system. Objectification of men doesn't serve to re-enforce cultural norms because men have long been valued for things other than their bodies whereas women continue to struggle to be valued as people.
Love it! Google + Rocks!
+John Weathers Thanks John -- it would seem to be an obvious point, though many people are ignoring it here.
I thought the picture was kind of tacky, but I'm far more disturbed by the comments here, especially the ones attacking anyone who found it distasteful or offensive.

Sure, women are more likely to be offended by this. Some of us prefer to be valued for more than your visual reaction to our mammary glands. That doesn't mean we are less visually attractive, it just means we have a different sense of what's valuable about ourselves and some people seem to find that offensive.

The photo is a lot more prominent when viewing the post on a computer rather than a phone. The phone app actually allowed me to read the post first whereas on the other the pic is in your face.
+John Weathers So what you don't like looking at a beautiful women? Guess we should just all talk to here and see her mind NOT! It is in our DNA to be attracted to women by there look men choose a sex partner if he sees her as healthy women choose based on his power money and ability to protect her and her kids. That's basics its ingrained in us weather we like it r not and advertising just push that. Thay know what works just like certain colors make u hungry. That's why u see red in almost every large food chains logo. So to change it is to change humanity "ITS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN"
+Tracie Smalls I'd take u up on that :-) never one to turn down a beautiful women 
If this post had been accompanied by a work of Gauguin, Raphael, Gil Elvgren or George Petty would anyone had been offended by the breasts therein? Is it really the content that offends or the medium it is presented on?
As much as I appreciate Google, they have made their share of mistakes, and they continue to make mistakes in the way the operate. As long as Google never "takes over the world" though, I will always appreciate everything they have done for the online world.
+Shelton Wheeler - Yes, I enjoy looking at beautiful women - as much as the next heterosexual male. It has nothing at all to do with her beauty or whether I appreciate it. The problem is that by presenting her as eye candy it re-enforces the cultural role of women as nothing more than eye candy and baby machines for men. Again, if we didn't have centuries of patriarchal constructs that we are still in the process of shedding, then this picture would be different.

Also, while you are absolutely right that as result of biology heterosexual men and women are sexually attracted to one another and that this phenomenon is thus an aspect of human nature, the exploitation of this fact by marketing is absolutely not natural and is a highly disturbing characteristic of our modern society that has applied the science of psychology to manipulate people at a deep level for commercial purposes and political purposes.

That a marketer can cause me to develop positive feelings for a beverage, car, or other product by preying upon my sex drive is deeply disturbing. And those who think they aren't affected are merely deluding themselves and not familiar with psychology.
Great post... and a smart choice of photo to attach to it.. although why the photo has hi-jacked the comments on this post is a little confusing to me..
Google is SEXY! Maybe that is because I'm a CS major.
Tom, I know you wrote a post. I'm just having trouble focusing on it for some reason.
so disappointed in most of you. I can't even labor the point. extremely disappointed.
As always I LOVE reading what you type! =)
Generic rant about sexism. /uninstalls the Internet/
Oh girls you're just jealous. It's not sexist.
Ron Cox
Oh my goodness! Would ya LOOK AT THAT!
I don't get the picture...all I see is OO...^_^ (I kid, but they are nice, though appear to be a bit on the fake side)
It is pretty sexist portraying all guys as bespectacled nerds
This photo gives me hope. Nerds CAN get ladies.
Since when is being "sexy" immediately "Sexist". If this picture is offensive to ANYONE then it's offensive to "nerds" who they portray as actually putting tape in the middle of glasses. This does not degrade women at all. The fact that some people feel the need to immediately scream "sexism" is the actual offensive part. If some lady wants to wear a nurse costume and let her boobs play the parts of o & o in Google, so be it. It's not demeaning her in any way, nor does it have a derogatory message about women. Unless you're offended by the resemblance of most boobs to the letter "O" in which case you should probably lock yourself up somewhere because you're like to be offended by these abominations everywhere you go.

Get over it. It was a post about Google being Sexy, and in that context an image was used of an attractive girl taking part in a goofy photo.
let's not ogle at google...then again, it says "go ogle"...hmmm
wow one woman got all bent out of shape over a pretty lady's fake boobs? the pic is hilarious, google is sexy, boobs rule. if you're offended by boobs, just never leave the house, never turn on the tv, never do anything, cuz, i don't know if anyone noticed or not, but they're everyyyywhereeeee!
Boobs ............ fap scene!!!
And you wonder why their aren't more women on Google+ If the disrespect and objectivity towards women doesn't stop, Google will lose the women it has now. End of story. +Larry Page +Sergey Brin
I don't get how this is's not like someone took a picture that she didn't want taken. They were obviously joking TOGETHER and she looks like the enjoyed the joke.
David C
Oh no, women have boobs, and there's pictures of them. I must cover my eyes sarcasm. Thing is, the nerds should probably be the ones that are offended, since its a stereotype that they wear glasses that are taped.
I'm feminist. I like boobs. I'm ok with cognitive dissonance :)
+John Weathers, I know a lot of women who would be offended by your assertion that presenting one's self as sexy precludes one from being taken seriously in other aspects of their lives.

Sexuality is not mutually exclusive to self worth.
what women don't understand is in order to successfully market you're product, one must take extreme actions in order to draw the majority of users this case, a nice rack of large breasts would do the trick, thus fulfilling every nerd boys/geekoids dreams of boobles.
its a pic of a pretty women with her boobs out, its her right to have them out, if u dont like the post just hit mute and move on. if any thing nerds with glasses should be offended. rock on tom.
Jeff Loki
Some prude probably reported this post. I can't believe people find cleavage to be offensive.
QFT, " If that's officially from Google, I'm terrible disappointed in them. There should be two women in lab coats standing next to a chiseled guy in a thong. Then maybe."

Until things aren't ridiculously one sided in imagery like this, it remains sexist. And sad that there are still those that don't get it.
This is all wonderful but please... drop the Apple/Jobs comparison. There's really no need for that.
this is hilarious!  People that think it's "sexist" #1 don't know the meaning of "sexist"#2 are woman that take life so dam serious they can't enjoy a simple joke #3 are woman that wished they were as well endowed, lol and #4 as always are wining pestering WOMAN!! : )
I can't stop laughing! Crazy!
Here's why it's sexist: it promotes the idea that women are only valuable for their looks and their fake boobs. Men wouldn't like being protrayed this way. It's degrading and stupid. Google can kiss my ass.
in this google sine i like only two <oo> thats sexy
google is the greatest! And look at those great boobs!
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