Many years ago, I joined Google+ and started poking around. Through that experience I met +Trey Ratcliff - I think you all know him! We became fast friends and I picked up a camera because that was his thing. What a change it made in my life...

For years ever since, I've been on the road experiencing the physical beauty of the world. Using a camera was a revolution to me -- it made me stop and notice the world around me. Truly, I was not looking before. I would let beautiful moments like this pass me by... Not now. (There's more, keep reading)

Adding this piece of technology to my travel bag has literally transformed my attention & perception, and the way I see the world. How fortunate are we when the simplest things like clouds and light can bring so much joy into our hearts?

If you don't feel this way when you see a sunset, try a little experiment. Make sure you're outside during sunrise or sunset. Look at the clouds. Just make a small effort to notice. Bring your cel phone and take a photo. Try this experiment and see what it does for you. For anyone that tries it, come back and comment on here a week from now. If you post something about it on your own profile, please hashtag #myspacetomphotoexperiment so I can find it. I'm curious to see what this little experiment does for you :)๏ปฟ
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