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Not what I was expecting to shoot the night I went out for this one in Long Beach, CA, but it reminded me of the Star Destroyer in Star Wars, Episode IV so I had to take the shot. :-) 
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Love it. I can 'see' the shot too ... snap'd!
i like it! the orange night sky looks like it's on fire
You don't understand the power of the underside.
Dang, Tom. Where ya been? You've been posting way less I believe.
Tom, when are you going to do some Hangouts?
Marty D
Wow, really cool. Terrific job
It definitely has a Star Wars feel to it, +Tom Anderson. Those unexpected finds/shots can be my favorites. :-)
Where the hell in Long Beach is that, I live very near there and it does not look familiar. But then again I do not look at the underside of bridges much. :)
This is a really fantastic shot +Tom Anderson , I have to go check if our pier in MB does the Star Wars!
I was wondering where you've been +Tom Anderson ! Good to see your post pop back up in my stream again...
Been a while Tom Nice to see you back. 
Wow I definitely know my city. I looked at the picture and instantly thought, hey this is Long Beach, CA. Then I looked into the post and it said so. I am so proud.
Bryce C
Truly awesome photo. Such an Instagram moment.
would  you lik to tell me how capture this snape
It's like Google+ and Tron came together. Flynntastic.
That's just.. stunning. So cool. Makes me want to find places I wouldn't think of going.
this area of long beach (the ports and bridges) has some REALLY haunting vistas. very industrial.
Just noticed the date, July 1 :-) wow...  So much has happened this year :)  I need to take more pics :)
Great shot, Tom! It does remind me of the Star Destroyer from the Star Wars film. Great to see you post something again. I hope you enjoyed your break from the Internet!
thanks +Carlos Balderas I need to get my new drive in order to fully return... I'm having hard drive troubles :) and chose to ignore it rather than fix it :) haha
+Tom Anderson when did you decide to get involved with photography?  It is something I have always had interest in but realized it takes considerable time to learn.  I have watched your photos get increasingly better over the last year or so.  Makes me want to see what I can do as well :)  This is a great pic, but I really liked some of the Hawaii that is one of my favorite places in the world! 
Nice, I like to go to Shore line village in LB, maybe not the greatest photo op's but not a bad place to visit..Try Parkers Lighthouse next time your their.
Hay Tom could you your dad/uncle thatvim tryin to reach him. I sm randy tuckermans son . I live in calif, hopefully he still has my phone number. Its tge same as my dads.
Tks Bro for passing it on for me. Tell Carroll i send my best wishes to her.
If you are just getting in to photography, I gotta say you're off to a great start..
سلام. شما یک استاد در عکاسی هستید.
hi +Marc Lee and +David Horvath I first started in September last year and got really serious about it in February or so. I had the camera in my hands almost every day since then until July. Hoping to return to my everyday shooting soon :)
Well keep after it +Tom Anderson...I sure enjoy them!  I also enjoy the entertainment value of the back stories that go along with them...getting locked on a beach...or even arrested :) seems every good photographer has a never-ending list of stories.  Hopefully before long I will have some of my own to ought to roam out to the great State of Texas...while we aren't beach front property...we do have some amazing sights out here!
Woah! Really great shot! Is there some HDR-magic involved?
ning lu
outstanding scence
That is a sick picture! and even better that it can be related to star wars LoL!
great picture i could only dream of taking pictures like this!
awsome but surely morphed one ..agree or not ..??
Very Brutalist. In Portsmouth, UK, there was an entire shopping centre built like this, and this mass of concrete reminds me of it. Search for The Tricorn Centre, Portsmouth - in its day, a fine example of Brutalist design that came to be loved and hated in equal measure. Now (sadly) demolished.
Marmite Architecture ! A lot of it about these days....
Far too much Photoshop. Seems an extraterrestrial landscape… in a planet with three suns.
... impressive. Where the three suns are coming form?
Darth Vader:"I am your father!!!!" Luke:"F**k you dad!!!" Darth Vader:"How dare you, I thought I brought you up better." Luke:"No, its not you but isnt that the star destroyer I wanted???" LOL!!
Awesome pic may the force be with you...
If you would all quit being so shallow,, and realize that if it weren't for God 's beauty and colors he's put in this world,, we'd have no pictures to take! I see it in my peacocks every day and say "AMEN " Sorry so long!!!!
Star Destroyer, eh? That's a creative take.

I would have just went with a dirty joke.
I like it a lot. Sometimes it is the things we weren't planning that turn out best.
Really DOES look like Star Destroyer - like a Super Star Destroyer (those really huge ones that you can see in I think Episode VI) - congrats to this fantastic shot
Best reason ever to take a photo.
I think any photo that shows extreme parallax brings a great eye-twist to the image
Fantastic...pic & what it made you think about...
Wow awesome. I mean stunning. Good work my friend !
nice shot sorry not nice its amazing photo
Reminds me of playing 'Crackdown'
Another good shot, Tom. You'd make a great web graphics designer. Do you have a web site?
Awesome pic. It's the things we don't expect that turn out so well :)
How much post-processing did this need? Amazing shot.
This is an amazing picture. I am just trying to think about how he took this shot
you have a fantastic imagenation, Ican taste it even though Im not that one how loves starwar.
Dude, this picture is awesome. It looks proper futuristic and oddly very colourful.  Were there any filters used?  Another great picture to be used as a potential wallpaper I feel...  Nice!
And not a spot of graffiti anywhere
Hands down, it is the most beautiful photograph i have ever seen my entire life, is that enough? 
awesum shot looks like under the auckland harbour bridge at night in new zealand....yah !!
This is a great pic, using it for my wallpaper...
K foto i see what you are saying
so sweet ,, can i have it ??
Jaw dropping and inspiring image. Makes me wanna find the time to explore and see the world. Just my world is now with my family.
Awesomeness is the only weird I can think of
Fantastic capture and symmetry, wow
tell the truth. this picture make me stress and uncomfortable
Lisa Ng
Stunning shot! I love the leading lines.
yes this is beautiful but down side
Frank C
Nice pic, Tom. Good to see you are also on G+. ;-)
Wow, what a brilliant shot
its not a star destroyer, its a bridge 
yo man!!dis place really really remind me of the movie star wars
That's what you call a picture Fantastic ...
Awesome..reminded me of a structure in a space ship..
amazing construction.. make you think true or fiction..
you have three suns in the US? look at the right side of the horizon O.o
It Really Does Look Like Three Suns  :o
Im from california i have seen this view of long beach. you are a great  photographer.
wow!! I loved the colors they look great
tim yu
Admittedly really nice photo.
Of course, this picture appeals to me even though all i really care about is green 4-legged things
Damn, Tom, watchoo doing in the LBC?! Is that the Vincent Thomas Bridge?
oh oh oh its very  nice    its amazing  i cant Believe this view
It would look awesome in a frame on my wall :)
Tom!!  I haven't seen you since myspace collapsed back in 08..  How you been??
+Tom Anderson are you testing HDR Photography? an easy to use and handy HDR feature on G+ would be a big win.
Its Nice but is it real or fake? ???
So glad to see picture than stupid comment about android or iPhone sick of that garbage !! 
Amazing shot! True that it looks like the Star Destroyer!
Ok, made me scroll back in my stream as I was passing by.  Nice one Tom.
It doesnt look real! all the good pics dont even look real... is tht a bridge? im also not a big star wars so i wouldnt no
Shall we call that serendipity? I love when that happens
Or it looks like the underside of the Mothership descending over the bay..  Love this photo!
nice to see more photos from you again!
Looks like Commander Sheppard needs to put a team together!
awesome photo ... just awesome. hope you do not mind *steals* 
somehow i wish to be rich, so i can go to places like this....i love taking photos ...i love nature...high five to the photographer...i love ur pics...
hi all my friends. that play google+
what a wonderful photo! your photo gives me a fantastic feeling, so quiet and warm!
Great photo and work!
Flame in sky... Orignal color...
Great angles, lines, and colors! Nice pic!
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