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The only way to get me off G+ ... or dinner, goin to dinner now :)
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Once Again, Tom, with a complete WIN .gif...
That looks painful. haha, I'm sure she's ok.
very funny Tom, but I don't think even THAT would work for me!
The only way to make me away from my laptop is my GF pulling my hair like that because I ignored everything when in front on laptop, ;=]
I <3 animated gifs
Oh Tom you just HAD to post a gif didn't you?
I didn't know drew carey was ever funny. 
+Tom Anderson In fact, its a double win, because before falling off the stool... SHE PLANKED!!! lol.
LOL - gotta love these brilliant animations!!
Randy G
How do you add content like that?
there is a great planking frame in there :)
Randy G
can someone email me how to add content like this?
God you're a dork.
+Tom Anderson So I am sure you get this question all of the time but why are you so much more active on G+ then you were on My Space? Also, I heard that you are an older guy then your picture portrays? Why not update your PIC? I definitely respect the older guys in social media and you are a blast to follow on G+.
What would you do if you had unlimited money? Correct: You'd post shit on social networks. :D
I'm getting ready to put my foot down. Many more of these unstoppable,never ending little eyesores and I'm going to start blocking.
That dog must feel so incredibly powerful and tough. Top dog!
+Alex McNeill
oh, it is a dog, my eyes play tricks on me, and I also thought that was a guy
Hi Tom, remember me from Myspace? You were my first friend. We had such good times.
oh,my god
Hey Tom, Welcome to the Internet! You've spent too much time in the sun and heat driving around in Vegas.
I'm nearly positive you won't respond to this, but how do you post gifs to your Google+ so that they appear moving on the stream? I've tried uploading as a pic, but it didn't work...
See the Google Talent below :)

If you address it to "Public," it's a blog post.

If you address it to "Your Circles" it's a tweet.

If you address it to your "My Customers" Circle it's a business newsletter.

If you address it to a single person, it can be a letter to your mother.

Blogging, Tweeting, Facebooking at one place :
Haha, but r u sure the lady is viewing G+, looks more likely somebody's Myspace ;-)
My nerd crush may have just doubled.
Hilarious no G+ that addictive?
Hahahah. So funny. Thank for sharing.
tom, you are still the homie 4L
me llama la atencion que las bromas siempre se utilize la imagen de la mujer!!
Funny, but these gifs need a pause button. I'm bleeding from my eyes already.
Get a chair with a back, then you'd be alright in case of a surprise dog attack.
Hey man, I really like G+ as well, but you are super enthusiastic. So I start wondering:
1) Are you the real +Tom Anderson , I mean the MySpace Tom? :)
2) If so, did Google hire you as an evangelist? :)
+Ugur Tarlig , +Tom Anderson founded the first popular modern social networking site. It is probably not unusual that he's more excited about this stuff than the rest of us.

Secondly, one could think of "the enemy of my enemy of is friend" argument, but I wouldn't go there because he seems more happy than bitter
as i read this.... "666 shares" ..... who are you, tom???? ;P
hahaha amazing..that's the only way to off the google+
Retirement is definitely keeping you busy mate!! Too busy, I'd say.
mr. +Tom Anderson another one of my brilliant ideas i know you just <3 ;) . as you may know, there continues to be a real <poserproblem> on the book of faces. my thought: use that <diamond> rating you have on "the space" for anyone that needs it on any other socnets. just thought i'd run that past ya, hope all is well, greg
You're silly, and that video is hilarious! ;)
Sauce! Where's the sauce?
i'm surprise her weave didnt fall off
Normally not a fan of animted GIFs, but that was funny
hahahhahaha.......gelo tah anjing na....
ok, now i'm think twice to change my hair cuts LOL
one more reason for me to like cats more.
I feel the same way Tom! except I don't have a dog to yank me away.
That's my dog! Chico! White dogs can jump! ;)
What got my attention was the dog obviously, but also how she can sit on a high stool and look at a laptop. Got to be awful for one's structural well being.
My dog has never pulled me off a stool, but Oreo can jump pretty dang high and if he knows I have a treat or a toy in my back pocket, well... you get the idea of butt bites.
hahaha.. but that only works to person who has hair/hairy.. :)
Perhaps kill shelters still have a place in society.
Can't stop laughing. Think I just peed a little.
I guess it's better than a poke in the eye with a blunt stick!
The road to social media hell is paved with animated GIFs
Tom are u making these? or are you just that good at finding all these funny shiz? L0L
When kitty wanted to play... Kitty wants to play. She should run around with the kitty more often so that they are both health, and this will be less likely to happen.
como decimos en Costa Rica "TOME CHI CHI" ja ja
t is funny with the hair which died it of laughing
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