I landed in Kuala Lumpur yesterday... Fortunately I found this spot just in time to get some photos at sunset. The two main towers look awesome as the sun sets on them... they reflect light in a truly unique way, but I couldn't quite bring it out in a photo so I decided to share this photo from when it was very dark. :-) The two central towers were the tallest in the world until 2004, when Taipei 101 took over (if you go back in my stream far enough, I've got a photo of Taipei 101). Now a building in Dubai is the tallest. The bridge connecting these two towers is still supposed to be the tallest bridge in the world, so take that Dubai!  I got interrupted about 15 times while taking this photo when others asked me me to take snapshots of them in front of the towers! I guess it looked like I knew what I was doing because I was using a tripod. :-) 
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