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Pretty excited to hear that +Kevin Rose (who has become a personal friend of mine over the last year) and the Milk, Inc team (who has a couple of top-notch engineers from MySpace) may be joining Google, and hopefully Google+ ! These are smart, talented folks ... would love to see what they bring to Google+ :-)

UPDATE: Kevin confirmed it, see his post:
Digg founder Kevin Rose has been hired by Google, according to sources close to the situation.
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Interesting news. This could be good.
Can't blame Kevin for doing it but Milk is screwed. What a disastor of a company.
Gracy M
Seems Google + is on the rise...
Congrats +Kevin Rose . I've been following you since the old Screensaver days so I'm happy to see you continue to be a force in tech.
Nice. When is Kevin gonna hire me as a friend? Ha.
Google is a hackers website! All the way! You are all EVIL Masterminds bent on taking over the world.
So does Google get to mine Oink data? May +Kevin Rose have a good time at his new job.
Finally all the proof I need! Screen shot!
+Tapani Jämsä I was quite surprised... As one that doesn't pay that close attention to the calendar, I thought it was an April fools joke at first... It's a few weeks shy of that, though. :)
A fresh rose has bloomed at the Googleplex. :)
I'd say that Google picked a brilliant mind to the team. That is big news.
I'm sure Kevin is a nice guy, but his particular type of A.D.D has left a raft of incomplete or abandoned projects behind him. Great mind, almost visionary, but those visions tend to be for things that burn out reasonably quickly.
Will be interesting to see what they use him for!
Good luck, KR!
I think that some great things could come of this! Let's see where it goes.
+Thomas Hawk I'm not going to bug Kevin when I'm sure he's getting bombarded... but part of me wonders if it's even true :)
Hello Mr.Everywhere, this is your friend Mr. lost, I figure u figured it"
+Kevin Rose makes money. Not much else. Could this be the start of the endgame for Google? (3152112)
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I remember this dude from TechTV.
I really liked Digg. I did. I was an early adopter and stayed around a long time. But eventually, I switched to reddit. When aesthetics come before functionality, looking pretty isn't really that useful. I'm just curious, if this prove to be true, what does Kevin Rose offer google that google doesn't already have? Is google really turning away from the developer powerhouse it used to be and becoming just and advertising company? I'll be interested to see how the event play out.
I knew him first. So I get the t-shirts!! Right Kevin?
he freakin handsome,man.LOL
You need to change your profile picture, Tom Anderson.
Haha I was just messing with him. hes had the same picture for like 7 years hasnt he? I justwas curious to see what he looked like now a days. :P
and I change mine all the time, Luis.
Rock on. Wish I could have got on with Google, but I think my destiny is as a freelance writer for now.
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