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I'd been driving around all day, shooting all over the island of Oahu... I hadn't been that happy with my shots during the day. And just as the sun was setting I happened across this location. I got really excited when I saw the rocks stretching out in front of me and the clouds forming over head. I took this sot with a big grin on my face, and then I kept walking out onto the rocks further and further into the water, shooting for 20 minutes more. Turns out this one, the first one, was the best. And I almost lost a perfectly good flip flop in the process. Fortunately it came floating back to me. :-)
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It sounds like you had a wonderful day +Tom Anderson . The flip-flop reference makes me glad you didn't step on a pop-top on the way to Margarita ville.
sangat bagus dengan kesan 3 dimensi puas melihatnya denga efek kreatif yang tinggi...good
+Tom Anderson drive fast, take chances…

A good flip flop is no comparison to a great photo ;)

Are you heading out to the Google+ Photographer's Conference on May 22nd / 23rd?
Flip flops are called thongs out here in Aus, this can sometimes cause some embarrassing situations
wow this is really a wonderful place, wish to see it one day
I see a beer can on top of the rock
Very well done. Beautiful capture
I think it was a quite nic experience ......right tom
what a life ... u get to hang out in places like that and take pictures... not fair!
Muy bello!!!! Excelente captura felicidades.
very beautifull and wonderfull....I want to go there
this is absolutely breath taking......
Shani H
+Tom Anderson slippers, they're called slippers here. You're always at Makapu'u :) Have you tried Lanikai?
Rex Kim
So beautiful.
Well, That's nice pict.
It's from Hawaii right?
Great picture with nice sense of depth and perspective. Be careful when you get close to water, you tend to drop/lose things ;)
Natural to us. . But we can not live without it.
Thats a stunner .Well worth the days drive.
Very inspiring. I could sit and look at it for hours and let my imagination roam.
Shani H
+Tom Anderson just trying to get you to blend ;) slippahs. Lol have a good evening
I really like the clouds in the background
Maki MA
so beautiful!
Awesome! I like the back stories too that accompany the shot
U know this photograph it gives a lot of information
It's very nice view, so spectacular :)
Wow, I wish I could be on a such place. Beautiful!
this is serious.................
Oh Mr Anderson... When will I ever be like you. You're traveling the world. I envy you...
waWW, very beautifuL place ...........
wooow ,,, it's awesome.... :D
Great shot, Tom. It's amazing how often the first shot turns out to be the best. But at least we know we worked the subject and there was not a better opportunity there.
i think it's pretty funny that the nice fandy dandy camera makes the thing you're taking the picture of super cool when in actuality it has a lot of drab to it and really it's just the camera, but cool picture though
Flipping Tom Anderson. Wish I'd thought of (and followed through on) MySpace.
think about our life........... :))))))))))
Look's like you stumbled across my beach in Waimanalo. Good shot from Makapu'u Point.
I want to spend at-least one sec there......
amei a foto lindaa d+ me leva na proxima ok rsrs
Phew, lucky it was just the flipflop!
wow i want to go nice
its amazing really really very nice, bro.
Solid yaar, It's really Wonderfulllllllllllllllllllllll..........
hope i can walk on that wonderful place someday! so cool!
i can see a resemblance between the earth&the sky above.nice catch
North Shore of Oahu is an amazing place, you got too be there in Novemebr PipeLine Sufing...Pic's like this is why they call it Sunset beach:)
In most cases, we do not realize how wonderful the world and life, to realize it is only necessary to learn and practice a thing "know hope", and never lose faith. Thank for the picture :-)!
ooooOOOOOOooohhhh pretty!!!
Gorgeous....but I'm partial to da west side pic, Yokz ;-). Once you pass the tents :-/.
I was there back in Sept. I don't think there are any bad shots taken in Hawaii! Nice pic!
Great light scattering across the rocks.
wat a great shot,,,,,just lyk a peaceful look
Wise Men Say,. . If a flip flop, . . floats back to you, . .then it is yours forever, . . and if it doesn't, . . . it never was yours, . . . . .ok?
This is doing a clever artistic
I've gotta unflollow you for the same reason I had to unfollow Guy Kawasaki
Hey Tom! How are you! Glad you decided to keep up!
you have a stunning eye, betcha physical eye is beautiful too :)
Perfect! I looked at this and I was there. I could feel the sea breeze. You made my day brighter. Thank you.
what a photos yaar amazing
Kab Yaj
One of the most scenic places in Oahu. Beautifully captured.
What does a perfectly good flip-flop look like? Did you get any pictures of it floating in the surf?
Interestingly, your eyes see also or you force to see so only a camera? It is unreal! how it is possible to see such landscapes?
you can sell those pics to microsoft , those pics more beautiful than themes on windows 7.
How are you ?
thx Tom Anderson.
Nice shot!!
Its a good pic of Cockroach Bay. Its amazing how you got a shot with nobody at the beach. Keep up the good work!
It's hard not to get a good picture in hawaii, no offense to your skills
Another great photo of my favorite piece of the planet.
Wow! Looks an amazing location.
this is amazing.......... which country ?
*Awesome! Love it, keep em coming. *Smiles2u
simply extraordinary....wish 2 hv a similar talent
Funny how the sun can change your mood like that. Awesome work Tom. We are headed to the Bamboo forests of Hana today, I'll let you know how they are. 
Trying to figure out where this is. The sky feels surreal with the light bouncing gently off the rocks and the Ko'olau backdrop. Terrific capture here. Gotta get you .. +Tom Anderson aka malihini on that "flip-flop" comment though. :p Keep up that amazing exploring - "There's no time to waste, then, is there?" - LOA quote.
it is just amazing! this space... that sense of freedom... it simply invites to explore! thanks a lot for that experience
a speedy sky & beholding water just going on as if in it's own tune truly god is the creator of nature & human a BEAUTIFIER
jajaja I lost 30 min of my life traying to understand what a 'flip flop' was in the electronic sense!!..Dios!!! supongo ese es el riesgo de estar revisando las fotos de los demas jajaja XD..muy buenas por cierto. really good pic!
These are some beautiful pictures.
Dung ha
I like it! It's so beautiful!
beautiful shot! Love the composition. a beautiful picture !
You are lucky it came floating back.
looks like a painting so out come my paints.awesome work,Tom!!!! and thanks for the email about baseball.
Fantasztikusak a képeid! Gratulálok! Csak ámulok, bámulok!
look at this it looks like either early in the morning or going o to early evening love it
Que lindo a natureza,nela se ver tem um gosto previlegiado,parabéns.bjj
Cada foto capta la esencia del lugar y tramite la calma y la serenidad de aquel que con su alma la transmite
hi you!but what you are doing and you are feeling from every corner nhiwnf the many emotions ... all great wish I was like you ...I also have a passion for photography and love to travel many places, but I have a lot of work that I can not make the dream ...
Tom all yo pics are brain holding yo a traveller. Keep it up good talent. Man tthat's more of a calling. bravo
I don´t have any words to say what I feel when I see this pic. Thanks for sharing it with us... :) Di.
for i just love walking in a place alike one day.
Tom and Calzado are pple with the same instinct in eploring abt nature
hi tom ....i m faiza  .i really like your photographs ,they are wonderful ,
Marta A
me encuentro en este sitio tan especial esto es vivir cada dia una aventura. Marta
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