Well, I destroyed my Nikon D3S last night. I'm back in California and went down to the Long Beach Aquarium area to shoot. While trying to get a nice shot of the sun setting behind some palm trees and a light house, my tripod leg started to slowly shrink until everything became a little too front heavy. Before I knew it, the camera started to fall towards the water & pier below. It fell in a gracious, timeless arc and sailed over a pier guardrail about 15 feet down to the concrete boat landing below. It landed lens first with the delightful sound of shattering glass, and then bounced backwards into the drink. The Pacific Ocean welcomed my baby -- tripod and all -- and I stood above watching it sink into the glistening sea with the 3 legs disappearing like you see in the movies. I considered jumping in, but having just destroyed my Google Nexus phone by walking into the Ocean the week prior, I knew there was no chance... It was a goner (I upgraded to the Galaxy, btw).

So now I'm thinking about buying a new camera. Mr. Ratcliff (of the Trey variety) has discussed this with me. He suggested I not wait for, or buy the Nikon D4. Instead, he thinks should just get another D3S. Now I like to have two cameras -- one on the tripod, and one on the hip to capture anything that comes up quickly (mostly people shots) while in "walkabout" mode. The D3S is what I have been using for all my Hawaii tripod, landscape shots. If you look back in my stream for a bit, you'll get a sense of what I like to shoot - landscapes, nature, architecture, low-light and bright light. Not many people in my shots. +Trey Ratcliff believes that the new Nikon D800 will actually be the better camera for this (my) style of shooting. So his recommendation was that I go out and get another D3S and use it like I have been... Shooting everything with it for now. Then when the D800 comes out (mid March), the D3S will become my "hip" camera, and the D800 will essentially become my tripod, "landscape" shooter.

I'm curious to hear others opinions on this setup and suggestion. I don't know personally know any serious Nikon users besides the folks here on G+ ... Of course, whenever I mention this plan to a salesman at a camera store, they tell me I'm crazy. They say I should buy the Nikon D4 and that Nikon isn't even going to continue making the D3S. What do you all think?

Btw, that's me in Death Valley below, feeling very small, sorta like I did as I watched my camera die last night. :-/ Boo hoo!
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