I just spent a few days in Yosemite. It's one of the first places I ever photographed when I started photography 5 years ago... Honestly, I have to say that the first time I went there I was not so impressed. For that reason, I have only driven through Yosemite a few times since... I would just stop at Tunnel view for a sunrise or a star shot. That thinking--that Yosemite was not all that--was reinforced by the landscape photographer community I've become a part of over the years. It seems to be that among my photography heroes, no one really shoots Yosemite so much... I think that's because most serious landscape guys feel like it's too easy. It's a place that tourists go, and landscape photographers would rather go find something few people ever see! Maybe I'm wrong.. but I think that's what most guys think? I don't know. You tell me? In any case, what a mistake I made!

Yosemite is truly stunning if you take the time to explore, and more importantly go when it is RAINING! Did you hear that? RAIN RAIN. Or at least when there has been a lot of rain. The waterfalls just BLEW MY MIND.

Now I'm super eager to go back during next year's snow as well. When I get the time I'm going to go back and hike a lot of the trails and see a lot more. Last weekend I only did the Mist Trail and a lot of the waterfalls in the valley. I love you Yosemite, sorry I thought you were just so so before :) haha!!

Here's a shot I took from the Tunnel View on the second morning I was there. There are some serious crowds there at sunset. It's not so crowded in the morning. Give it try next time you go :)
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