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Like a lot of us, I'm affected by the news of Steve Jobs leaving Apple. I don't know how to interpret his resignation except to imagine that he believes he's too sick to continue doing the work he so obviously loves. I find it sad when someone is robbed of something they want desperately to do by disability, sickness, or poor health. A few years ago at a commencement speech, Jobs said that working at Apple was "the best decision he ever made." I bet choosing to leave Apple was the hardest he's ever made.

Where does this leave Apple? I think Jobs' greatest legacy may not be the actual products he shepherded into creation, but rather the vision and culture he created and made famous. What other hardware / device company can you think of where holding the product in your hands will tell you who made it? How many companies can you think of where you'd know how to work there and know what's expected of you on your first day when you walk in the door? The aesthetic & culture of Apple is understood throughout the world, and I think this legacy will live on even if Steve is no longer with us.

Maybe the greatest accomplishment any leader can hope for is that the team, organization or business he built can continue & prosper without him once he's gone.

I know there are a lot of Apple detractors on Google+ -- I wish I had a place to post this where people could appreciate what I'm saying instead of commenting about what I got wrong, or something even more crass. Whether you like Apple or Jobs, I hope you see these words in the most important context: that we are all in this together... this thing called life. Thanks Steve. :-)
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I am a Google/Android lover, but I can say without shame or reluctance that Steve Jobs is an amazing person, and he took his company to amazing places.
+Tom Anderson I appreciate what you wrote — well said.

Here's how I expressed it earlier:

What has emerged is the Steve Jobs School, a philosophy that is expressed in a relatively large group of folks who have worked with him for so long. These folks probably know almost exactly what Jobs would do in various situations regarding the business of Apple and the design of its products.
I, too, find his resignation very significant and share in your thought that he likely is too ill to continue. That is tremendously sad.

It will be interesting to see how Apple continues without him.
+Tom Anderson You could disable comments and let the +1's speak for themselves. Just a thought.
Apple owes a lot to Mr. Jobs as well as all Apple's customers. I'd say he did a damn good job selling and promoting the product.
Sad, but not surprised, by the news. Jobs made Apple a cultural icon. An amazing contribution.
Love Apple and Jobs. However, I have seen cultures change overnight under new leadership. In fact, it happened to Apple during its history. Let's hope for the best for Apple and Mr. Jobs.
+Heather McLean So far, the comments actually seem to be nice! That's another great thing about far, I've never seen any mean-spirited/bad comments. I think the people here are more mature (of course, time will tell).
Well said Tom. I may not like Apple, but I admire their accomplishments and the influence of Steve on the industry as a whole.
Well said Tom...I may not be a customer of Apple products...but I recognize their quality and his vision.
Thanks for posting this, +Tom Anderson. This video will forever tell me all I ever needed to know about Steve (in a good way):

Think Different

"Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do."

His leadership at Apple will be missed. His legacy, however, will last for generations.
nicely put, tom. i'm a bit brand-agnostic when it comes to tech - by choice & circumstance. but Jobs has been influential in so many ways beyond tech. i don't think there's an aspect of my personal and professional life that hasn't been touched by Steve Jobs directly, or indirectly. he will be missed... but I look forward to seeing how Apple's next chapter unfolds.
I respect the way Jobs came back to what was clearly a company in trouble and nourished it back to life. I don't have to agree with what he created, but I can both respect what he accomplished and feel empathy for a person who has to stop doing what they so clearly love to do. Up here in Canada, we had a politician die recently (Jack Layton, if you're googling) who had been in politics for most of his life and had just become the official federal opposition leader to the conservatives. There's something just so sad about seeing someone having to quit, or passing, just having realized their lifelong dream.
Progress is made on the efforts of people like Steve. Let's hope he's inspired others to pick up the torch.
I don't have to care about Apple or its products to understand that Steve Jobs is a giant among men. What he has done is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Would that people held him up as an example of work ethic and humanity.
It's terrible. I hope Apple doesn't lose to much without his vision! Apple is often the revolutionary! I hope it continues in the same way! Poor Steve Jobs! He must be heart broken!
i am waiting for the book lol
Fantastic post and even better pic.
Stop saying WAS ppl like he's dead!! :(
"I wish I had a place to post this where people could appreciate what I'm saying instead of commenting about what I got wrong"

That is my new Mantra.
Although I may not like some of the products Apple is putting out, that doesn't detract from the greatness of Steve Jobs. He is one the best CEO's ever and I have lots of respect for him.
Good advice, thanks Tom. I feel i have the power of Steve Jobs inside me! GOOOO , the future is our!
Love Steve for what he has done...even people who criticize apple a lot, love Steve for what he is...
I think he will still be instrumental to Apple as long as he has a single breath in his lungs, Cryogenicly frozen to help with the I Phone 5000 in the future?
Excellence is always criticized because the standard of excellence is so high and for most unattainable. True Leadership is rare and should always be appreciated even if you disagree with some of the content.
Steve Jobs basically made Apple into the majestic company it is today. It's crazy how he revolutionized the electronic as well as the music industry. Even if he's no longer the CEO of Apple, he can never be replaced.

I hope he feels better though! Whatever his medical condition is
Love or hate apple, Steve Jobs made a lot of great things happen... Great sentiment +Tom Anderson
lol. a slap in the face to every apple employee for living steves life.
He's not dead, guys :/

He's probably going to continue playing the role he has for the last year.
Why are you all talking about like he's dead? I thought he just stepped down as CEO?
Thanks Steve! Although I haven't used any of your products but will purchase one today for the reason that I admire you! Wish you pink of your health. India loves you.
+Tom Anderson: "I wish I had a place to post this where people could appreciate what I'm saying instead of commenting about what I got wrong"

I hope that that place is here. I've just written my own thoughts and feelings on hearing the news. I truly wish Steve Jobs well, in all the senses of those words.
"He will be missed." ? Seriously? This whole thing is weird as hell.
+Daniel James Yes, G+ is the best community I've ever found online in this regard. But I've posted a few times about Apple and seen a lot of criticisms before.. Of course it's fair to criticize for whatever reason, but right now I'd rather not hear those kinds of thoughts. :-)
I admire his personality and though not really an Apple guy I truly loved how he "did his thing". "This thing called life" you said it Tom we are all in it together. Well an upside is he still will be playing a part, lets not make into an obituary.
+Damian Jackson yea I was just about to say something regarding obits. I'm reading a lot of comments around the internet that sound like obituary. While I'm sure we all speculate that health is an issue here, he is by no means dead yet.
As much as I don't like apple and their corporate morals and ethics, I works never wish ill health of this magnitude on any person. I wish steve the best of luck and hope he can continue on for many years happily. 
+Tom Anderson The fact that people have such strong criticisms for the products and company he created speaks volumes about the revolutionary that he is. I, personally, love Apple products (for the most part), but irregardless the man has accomplished what only a handful ever will. That always brings the naysayers. You should know that by now ;)
I saw a video of the launch of the latest products. When he walked on stage, I got chills. I'm one of the fans and proud owner of almost every Apple product on the market so far. I hope Steve gets better but as you said, for him to leave something he loves so much must mean he feels he's too ill to stay on.
"I wish I had a place to post this where people could appreciate what I'm saying instead of commenting about what I got wrong"

I guess you are mostly pleasently surprised by the responses here +Tom Anderson
He will be missed... not that he's dead or anything, but c'mon, to all of us posters here he was the CEO of Apple, and as such, he will be missed
I have no respect for a company that would rather sue their competitors than compete against them and, therefore, the leaders of those companies. Steve Jobs was smart to leave. He started monopolizing the smartphone market, he sure as hell doesn't want to be there when they get sued for it. An addendum: you put that quote up there about living your own life. He's suing a bunch of people and destroying competition...Microsoft in the late 90s anyone? Finally practicing what he preaches.
I'm not an Apple fan, but can't knock Jobs for the vision he's had. Things will be different without his 'oh, one more thing' speeches. Apple are losing that 'something' without Jobs being there. Hope he's able to recover.
I wish him a full recovery. He's certainly been a giant in the media industry.
Shame he's gone. Always respected his vision. 
Kathi F
"I wish I had a place to post this where people could appreciate what I'm saying instead of commenting about what I got wrong, or something even more crass in a situation like this." —Tom

Don't forget your special moderator powers, Tom :). I haven't checked the crass level on this thread yet. Hopefully the haters got your message—but if not, if ever there was an occasion for deleting stupid comments, this is it.

Like you, I'm sad because no matter what Steve or Apple says, I don't believe he would have quit now, with all that's happening in his business world, if he weren't struggling with his health in a pretty serious way. Thanks for being a good friend to Steve here. :)
i posted this same message on +Veronica Belmont earlier, but the sentiment remains the same. i hope him a quick recovery, and good health going forward. I am a huge Google and Android fan, but his contribution to the tech ecosystem will long outlast himself. i appreciate everything he brought to us, and inspired.
I can see both the good and bad he brought to the company. Apple makes good products, even if they aren't made for me. At least he gave me Pixar... 
+Tom Anderson honestly, as I posted earlier, I didn't know him that well. I knew what he did, how accomplished he was, but I never took the time to 'know' Steve Jobs, until today. I watched the video of his commencement address five years ago and was blown away. Not simply by his story, but by what he inspired in look at my journey as one of embracing what I love and living life to the fullest. I will honor him today, for the life that he has lived, and will live. And thanks to posts from folks like you and many others, I will pay more attention to the impact visionaries make on my that I can in turn impact others.
+Tom Anderson i likeand agree with your comments on the subject. Like or dislike Steve Jobs, he is a person that changed the way people live technology today adn will continue to do so....remember he stays as Chairman of the Board in Apple...
As an Apple employee, I can attest that the outer culture is a reflection on the people that work there as a whole. Steve's vision will continue through us, I promise.
I wish Steve all the best, and hope he doesn't succumb to his disease too early. Failure to admit his merits as one of the tech industry's most successful visionaries is absurd at this point, especially at how he managed to bounce Apple back to relevance - and ultimately, carry it through to its success today. He is indeed a giant among men.

However, I do want his successor, Tim Cook, to loosen up Apple's rather strict and aggressive policies as of late. We cannot ignore all the litigation the company has started and is still contending against its competitors. Hope the new CEO will have the guts to put an end to all these nonsensical lawsuits and return to what Apple does best - making great products and ecosystems.
+Tom Anderson He didn't leave Apple. He simply stepped down from the CEO position and suggested that Tom Cook be the new CEO while he takes a position as Chairman of the Board.
interesting how almost every post you make is somebody else's post...
I never was a big apple user, although I have an Iphone. I'm pretty sure Apple will go back to making products people are willing to pay top dollar for.
Perfect sentiment Tom! I am a mac user & I own not one device with an "i" in front of it, but what Steve Jobs created from devices, software, corporate culture, to his genius acquisition of what became Pixar, he was truly great. I applaud you, even though I often disagreed with you. 
Great post Tom. I think you still have a public in G+ that can appreciate what Steve Jobs has done.
Despite not being an Apple fan, I understand Jobs' role in the history of computing and his retirement is a huge blow to the industry.
Whether I like whatever Apple does or not, nothing still stops me from admiring Steve Jobs for what he has been able to accomplish with companies he has worked with, and that will be his legacy.
As an Mac book owner, an Android user and a google+er... I'd like to say thank you +Steve Jobs :-)
Well said, Tom. Thank you.
Thank you, Steve.
I hope it's just that he's realized that he doesn't need the pressure and would rather be taking it easy in a lesser role.

Well said, Tom! I'm not an Apple fan by any means (or Google or MS, for that matter). But Apple makes fantastic tech-toys and Jobs is a genius at packaging, marketing, branding, and loyalty-building. So I respect him on SO many levels, and this makes me sad as well.

I'd like to be naive and think he just wants to step back and enjoy life a bit. Hell, he deserves a rest! I hope he gets that at least!
I believe he picked the best time for Apple.
I hope he picked the best time for Steve.
I agree that Steve Jobs did an amazing job making Apple one of the most desirable and valuable companies in the world...However, I hate hate hate the constant litigation and lawsuits that come out of Cupertino. I love and appreciate the innovation and fuel for competition from any company, but I refuse to pay them a penny until they drop the constant anti-competitive litigation.
I think one of Steve's greatest--any never mentioned--achievements was his co-founding of Pixar.
Even people who don't care for Apple or its products have to admit that Steve Jobs is an outstanding man, a man who everyone could tell loved his job, was good at his job, and had a vision of the future not just for his company but for everyone. I don't think that anyone could not have at least respect for him for all of that -- and I think I'm with everyone in saying that I hope his health improves and that this is not the last we've heard from him.
Not all of us here are Apple haters, Tom. Thanks for your words of wisdom!
Jobs is a visionary and a man I truly respect irregardless of the fact that I will never buy an apple product.
There's no denying Jobs did a hell of a job reinventing Apple. Regardless, I'm still buying an android phone come upgrade time in November.
to be fair, he is one of the greatest visionary in tech world :) well said +Tom Anderson
The Greatest Astrologer of Computer World ever........:):)
Steve Jobs is a great example of what one man can do, with focus and conviction. I admire him so much. Life is indeed short and I am inspired by how well he continues to live his words. Thank you Tom for your tribute to a great man and as you mentioned, the likes of whom we will remember for a long time to come.
Whether or not we like Apple products or their business models, the company--and truly, Steve Jobs--has had a transformative influence in our lives. Sometimes the flashy style of Apple's products gets in a way of the real feature: the user experience. Douglas Adams said: "Technology is a word that describes something that doesn't work yet." Jobs has been at the forefront of taking technology and turning it into something closer to magic.
I agree. Well said and accurate. But if I have learned anything, the culture can transform those within it, once formed. I think Apple will be just fine, as they have learned from a master.
+Ryan Hiller The Chairman of the Board is a figure head position at best. This action constitutes far more than perhaps you are aware of.
Great post Tom. Well said.
Great guy, good products (though overpriced...) and I was excited to see more about what'll happen. Hope all is well with him.
You were a very intelligent and creative man, Steve. We will miss you.
The legacy of Steve Jobs as a leader and a visionary is undeniably one of the greatest of our time, I would say in the history of this country. Steve Jobs did things his own way, he set the bar for which all corporate leaders should aim for, being passionate and attaching that passion to even the smallest of details, it's those details that make the difference and nobody sweated the details like Jobs.

Steve Jobs has run a tight ship, stepping down was his call, handing over the reigns to Cook was a part of his grand plan, and when it came to making tough decisions, Steve has a strong track record for making the right ones.
I have nothing against Apple or their products. Its the culture that has grown around the company that I don't understand.
I was deeply saddened when I heard the news about his resignation, I'm praying for his health! Great post btw Tom
Jobs made apple inc what it is.. I just hope the next CEO would be as good or better..
Being a business owner for the past 15 years, I feel I have somewhat of an understanding of how difficult it is to overcome adversity and succeed in business. That said, I have a deep respect for Steve and his incredible accomplishments. I wish him all the best in his journey to restore his health. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Tom. Well said.

Hang Xu
I know this will come someday, but never ever expect it comes so soon. My only Apple product is a shuffle, but I still wish Apple and Jobs good luck. Thank you for changing the world!
Will G
You are a class act Tom! Very well said.. 
Well said Mr. Anderson, well said. Love Apple or hate it same goes with Steve Jobs himself, but you cannot deny the man his genius and the ways in which he has affected each of our lives/world in ways few other have or will.
I'm not an Apple lover myself, but your words have given me an appreciation for Steve Jobs and what he did.
Steve Jobs is an inspiration to our generation and will be for generations to come. I applaud him for what he accomplished and believed in. Believe you can change the world, and you will.
I'm not feeling at all adversarial. I am not an apple fanboy, but I own and use products across the board - including apple. Jobs has been a boon to the industry I love throughout his life, and his hiatus from apple resulted in a lot of half-baked pies; let's hope the hands the company is left in are better than those left with the responsibility the last time.

Thanks, Steve, for your contribution to personal computing, and thanks Tom for being on the cutting edge of tech news.
i like this quote: " Your time is limited. Don't waste it living someone else's life"
Isn't he still chairman of Apple? He didn't 100% leave Apple right...?
I posted this on my blog about Jobs:

Too many people are acting as if the man is dead and 6 feet under already. He will still be working with the company as a chairman and you can best believe that when he speaks, people will still listen.

Even if he wasn't there, Apple will continue with the plans he has set up for years to come. AKA I don't see them becoming unsuccessful any time soon. To read more, check out my blog post, you might actually enjoy it :)
I may not be a fan of Apple products, but that's just a personal preference of mine. I can definitely respect Steve Jobs. In 1997, he took control of a floundering company that was begging for a loan from its arch-rival. Over the next 14 years, he turned it into the most valuable company in the world.

That's a HELL of an achievement, and I salute him for it.
+Tom Anderson, small correction... you said that "leaving Apple was the hardest he's ever made", but he didn't actually leave Apple. He is currently the chairman of the board of directors.
Such an awesome post Tom. You captured the moment beautifully. Thanks for sharing this. I really enjoyed it.
Tom I always look forward to reading what you write and I agree with you so much on everything Steve did!
I could not agree more. I wish Steve Jobs the best.
+Tom Anderson , I'm with you on this one. I'm a huge fan of Google but I was an Apple fan first. It saddens me too that he's retiring. I wish him well. Does he accept fan mail? Lol :D
While I don't prefer Apple products, I do respect Steve Jobs and Apple. I think you did a very nice write-up here!

You're a good man Tom. Each of your posts is inspirational, this one, just beautiful.
When I walked into my office on Monday morning after returning from vacation, I was greeted by my tearful staff mourning the loss of Jack Layton, (the leader of our federal opposition party up here in Canada.) Today, Steve Jobs stepped down as CEO of Apple. I agree with you +Tom Anderson, instead of talking about whether or not we agree with a person's political opinions or if we like a company's products etc. We should be talking about how these people led. Jack brought optimism and hope to politics, and he built that into the culture of his political party. Steve Jobs built his passion for innovation and design into the company culture at Apple as well. Even though both of these leaders have left their posts, I think the legacy they have built will continue to have positive impact. The commencement speech Steve Jobs gave in 2005 is one of my favourite... I know it's in your gif already, but I want to post the rest of it here.

"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary. " -Steve Jobs
I mean this in the nicest and most respectful way possible. I'm a huge fan of Steve Jobs and Apple. His incredible attention to detail did change the way I look at and use technology. I'm thankful for the joy he's brought me personally. I used PCs for almost 20 years before my first Mac... and I've never looked back. I hope he lives out the rest of his life peacefully and he's fully aware and proud of having such an incredible impact on technology... and the world.

Being a leader isn't all about design, profit or creating a cult brand, though. As Mr. Jobs moves on from Apple, I hope he had the incredible insight and leadership to bring in the talent necessary to continue to propel the company forward. Of course, Jonathan Ive is still leading the industrial design aspects... so I'm optimistic about what's next. What do you think? Did Mr. Jobs leave Apple prepared for the next decade?
+Terrence Strickland Really??? Is this where we take it? I'm usually the one arguing with all the Apple fan boys, but this is no time to gloat... Steve Jobs is the epitome of the phrase... "You don't have to like me, but you will respect me!" as evidence by the many supportive comments here.

+Tom Anderson You do have a place to post where people appreciate what you're saying... it's right here. In reality being a Google user does not essentially mean you are not also an Apple fan. As I recall nearly every Google employee I saw at Google I/O was sporting a Mac... While Android users are more likely to use Google's services, being an Apple/Mac user doesn't mean you won't use Google's services, they aren't mutually exclusive. Then are the types like me, who doesn't use any Apple products or services, but can't help but respect the man for executing on a vision like no one else could have...
"What other hardware / device company can you think of where holding the product in your hands will tell you who made it?"

Nintendo Game Boy!

Really good. I don't like iOS and Mac that much but it's a great company.
What an amazing legacy he has created and what a beautiful statement! I wish him well in his health....I hope Apple can carry on with its innovative culture even after today. It is a company I have come to love deeply and use its products every single day and they give me pure joy!
While not a Apple follower, I appreciate the way they changed/reshaped the PC world.

In terms of brand identity I would say IBM have/had it's own style and I love black ThinkPad/blade center/black as/400 style!

And btw - old apple products are ugly.
He isn't CEO but he is still part of Apple.
+Tom Anderson thanks... I'm a Google / Android shameless fanboy with the best of um... however, there are more appropriate times and places to fling sh*t but this isn't it... not here, not now....
“Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes… the ones who see things differently..."
Excellent post, thanks for sharing.
maybe he would be healthier if he wasnt so stressed from being an over-controlling boss all the time.
Elli M
Aaand Stephen Davis proves Tom's final point.
We should all hope to have a fraction of the legacy that he will leave behind. No one can fill his shoes as everyone is still busy chasing him in the marketplace.
I felt the exact same way. I posted on Facebook that I was sad to hear that he was retiring, but that I hoped his health got better. Not for Apple, but for his own quality of life. Someone commented to say "Steve Jobs is a lamewad and Apple products are terrible." I was saddened that was their response, and quickly said, "Even if you don't like Apple, the man is sick. Just sayin'." My passive way of saying, "Show some respect." Regardless of anyone's opinion of Steve Jobs or Apple, it's always heartbreaking to here that someone must stop doing what they love against their will.
+Ellen Baker It's that crowd that keeps me firmly planted here... They should keep all that where it belongs, in Engadget's comment section ;-)
There is no modern visionary that compares to Steve Jobs. It is a hard thing to make technology cool and sexy, but Steve Jobs did it over and over. His involvement will be greatly missed.
I've got to be honest with what I believe: I've been very critical of Apple's actions lately, especially with all the lawsuits that have been going on (not just them, but Microsoft and other companies). It's a big mess.

As for Mr. Jobs, love the guy or hate him (I'm not the biggest fan), he's done a lot of great things for the tech industry. Anyone that says otherwise is living under a rock. He's not entirely gone (he's the chairman of the company). I do wish him to fight the good fight and overcome the health issues he's dealing with. I don't wish him any harm at all.
iSad :((((( typing on my iPhone! Will miss Steve Jobs keynotes and turtle neck long sleeve shirt with blue jeans ;((((((((
His Stanford speech hits a nerve with many as we all want to live life on our terms - find what you love, follow your heart, live everyday as it were your last.
I for one am not completely sure is wealth is worsening. I believe that this move was done because, to insure a smooth transition, tim should be the one introducing the upcoming iphone.
Nice comments, nice perspective from +Tom Anderson; I think it's premature at best to not be thankful for what Jobs did in the past days. What he did is indescribable and unexplainable. To me if one can put something into effect then they are Genius. I would describe Steve Jobs by a single word "Genius"
+Brendan LeFebvre :) I know that is not well... but I am just saying that this might not be an indication that he is worse... He loves Apple and I am sure he wants to ensure the best transition possible...
We have no way of knowing what truly moved him to resign until he tells us. I've always set aside my conventional teachings in favor of the "follow your heart" approach. Besides being "happy" following your heart's calling always leads you to discover a true purpose in life. Until today, and seeing some of the things that you've taken the time to post here about Jobs, I never realized that he lived by the same mantra. Thanks, Tom.
I'm a fan of apple fans, or their approach to patents, but Steve Jobs is an impressive visionary and leader. You could argue he is worth 300 billion to that company. No one can take away his legacy our his impact on the world. I think he'll be back in an apple robot! All the best to him. 
+Tom Anderson It's good to do something we like, say Steve Jobs as CEO, he loves it. But if I were him, I won't come back when the first time took medical leaves. Why? "Life is limited", from my point of view, I got money to spend, then I'll quit my job, and spend my time to relax, concentrating on my health, spend more times with family and friends, maybe live in Switzerland, or New Zealand, I like those 2, good mountain and fresh air always good for health.
But of course ppl have different point of view for what they gonna do in their life. But, for me, if I have money like him, better retired soon, Steve decided to resign is good decision, I think he knows now his body is on the limit so I think he should decided earlier, don't wait till your body soak first, don't push it beyond limit, by the time you realize, it's too late. Wish he can get his health back.
Letter from Steve Jobs
To the Apple Board of Directors and the Apple Community:

I have always said if there ever came a day when I could no longer meet my duties and expectations as Apple’s CEO, I would be the first to let you know. Unfortunately, that day has come.

I hereby resign as CEO of Apple. I would like to serve, if the Board sees fit, as Chairman of the Board, director and Apple employee.

As far as my successor goes, I strongly recommend that we execute our succession plan and name Tim Cook as CEO of Apple.

I believe Apple’s brightest and most innovative days are ahead of it. And I look forward to watching and contributing to its success in a new role.

I have made some of the best friends of my life at Apple, and I thank you all for the many years of being able to work alongside you.

What an awesome quote. Thanks +Tom Anderson for sharing this image, and for the nice tribute to Steve Jobs. I started my love for technology with the Apple II. I still think Apple makes great products but don't like the molly coddling of their software. While I don't buy Apple products, I greatly respect the company and Steve Jobs.
Nice quote......................................
don't know what will happen to apple without him
Nice post Tom.I am not an Apple fan for some reasons but I admire Steve Jobs and the way he has shaped Apple....My FB and Google+ update when I heard the news was this..."

Steve Jobs made Apple what it is today.When
Jobs rejoined Apple in 1996, the company was on shambles.It was his vision that turned Apple around.Yes Apple will have future plans of course.(It's dumb not to assume so!)...but Apple wont be the same without Steve Jobs.".....And I don't think there is anyone here who would make a crass comment on Steve Jobs' resignation circumstances.
I'm not much of an Apple fanboy, but I have to admit Steve Jobs was pure Genius and there's not many people in these days that can reinvent a company from a dull, boring and corporate company - to a company that is has an amazing culture, with great sense of inspiration and innovation (which made Apple what it is to this today).

But I still think Jony Ive should of been made CEO because he has an amazing vision in what a product should truely look like, and to also make it inspirational to the person that holds, and uses it for the first time. But I'm sure Steve Jobs picked Tim Cook for a certain reason so it would be stupid to doubt his decision for the whole of Apple.

Just hope the culture that Steve created carries on in the future at Apple, because that's what makes Apple so unique with it's products and also that the way it's polished to perfection (making it premium quality for the consumers that buy it).
Apple=Steve Jobs. We have seen Apple without Steve and therefore, I am wondering what will be the future of Apple.
Steve Jobs is one to idol upon. He inspires us to never settle upon an accomplishment, but to always makes our works to become better. I wish him for good health. As for Tim Cook, Apple's newest CEO to continue what's left on the table and finish the works.
Thanks Mr Jobs. I love my iPod, and iPad. 
+Mike Rees and theres too much emphasis in (usually illogical) function over form elsewhere. There isn't another tech company in the world even similar to Apple and thats a good thing. Otherwise we'd still be using Symbian and Windows Live smartphone devices...

and Jony Ives is still there so incredible beautiful throughly thought through design based on Dieter Rams perfect 10 principles of design is still going to be utilised. It would nice if other designers in the world followed the same principles as there is a HELL of a lot of poorly design items both tech and otherwise.
It's not just what he's done for Apple that we'll miss, but what he's done for the industry. Love or hate Apple, you have to step back and respect what Steve Jobs has given us all in the technology space. None of us would be where we are today without his significant contributions of innovation and creativity to our world.
"We made the buttons on the screen look so good you'll want to lick them." - Jobs
I don't understand why people argue over PC's and Apple's because they both have pro's and con's. I personally love both products and it's sad to see Steve Jobs go but I'm sure he'll keep in touch with them :)
Without argument, one of the greatest businessmen of the 21st century.
At least he'll have time to "live his life" and forget about bussiness for a while.
As much as I dislike this man's attitude towards others. I hope he enjoys whatever time he has left and finds peace while alive.
Awesome post Tom. Steve will be missed. I only hope Apple continues the great innovation and vision.
Steve is one of the Greatest! He teach us a Lesson through his achievements. We all should thank him for everything he did. 1ove.
What's strange is you could interchange most of these comments with replies to a post about the death of Steve Jobs...
I'm not a huge Apple/Mac junkie but I can appreciate what Steve Jobs and his company have done to make modern technology what it is (and what it will be). I think he is single-handedly responsible for the era of digital music (making quality digital music portable in a way that was affordable and convenient is revolutionary - like so many other things he's done). Yes, my smartphone will store music, but I don't use it because my 6 year old iPod is still my best digital friend. The fact that I have my entire library of every song I've ever owned/loved available to me ANYWHERE is something that makes life a lot better.

Your initial paragraph in this post reminded me of how sad I was when I heard that Julie Andrews had cancer and that the surgery basically stripped her of her ability to sing. That seemed so sad and unfair to me as not only was she robbed of being able to create beautiful, beautiful music with her voice, but we were robbed of it as well.
I do love the poster! That echoes the Greek "know thyself" - one of the most difficult tasks one can ever undertake in this life.
I've been hanging around pro wrestling fans for too long, because now we're all expecting the new Apple CEO to look suspiciously like Steve Jobs in a luchador mask. Best comment along those lines: "Larry Page is going to put a bounty out to whoever can unmask him."
Very touching message from Mr. Jobs...he still inspires in greater ways
I don't like Apple, never liked their products at all. Though I have to admit that I've been very close to buying one of their products just because of their clever advertising techniques.

Steve Jobs did an awesome job being with them, and I admire that a lot, maybe if he was in charge of something like Alienware for example they would be even more awesome (pick this example cause this is where I'm writing this :)

I just hope he can accomplish all his desires, for being in his state must be really frustrating sometimes. I know he will :)
I really enjoy seeing that he and I share the same opinion about college and school - it's a waste of time taking the requirements... you should spend your time satisfying your curiosity.
coming up with great lines there Tom. I'm a huge fan of Mr Jobs by the way :-)
gr8 one!!! " Job's job" cant tink of apple witout jobs!!!
Steve Jobs left Apple so they could start innovating for the first time since the 70s
Nice post, I very much liked this... What other hardware / device company can you think of where holding the product in your hands will tell you who made it? Thanks for sharing this.
All I could say is this marks an end of a creative and visionary era for Apple. I take this man as something extraordinaire, a passion that cannot be equaled. I loved Apple products because Steve was associated to the name. Hw I would relate to the company now, I dont know. The link is no longer there.
My fav is - creativity is like a dent in the Universe- Steve Jobs
Ming Er
I'm late, very late in coming to appreciate Steve Jobs. The ipad is my first Apple purchase. For all that is recognized about Jobs, I most want to know more about him as a manager and business strategist, some of which was revealed in the recent Fortune article. The genius of the products are obvious; how they came to be made are less so but no less significant.
Thank you Tom for sharing these things on Steve Jobs. I absolutely LOVED the commencement speech! There were SO MANY great things to take away from it. I posted this Wednesday night after the news, but I'm posting it again: it's heartbreaking to see a man of such creative genius and foresight... just now reaching the full momentum of Apple's comeback in all the areas everyone said there'd be no growth, is likely leaving us too soon. Apple haters are gonna hate, but regardless of what operating system, smartphone or tablet you're reading this on, Steve Jobs' contribution to those industries got us here faster.

I have alot of respect for that kind of innovation, risk taking... and it's that kind of foresight and willingness to think outside the box that draws me to the Apple products I own and enjoy.
'Steve' has many 'Jobs for 'Tim', it's to 'Cook' up more advanced Apple products! :D
Impressiveness speech ,my love TOM,
Steve Wynn also suffers... from a degenerative eye disease that no amount of money can recompense. Terribly ironic.
+Tom Anderson Great article for Great man--Steve Jobs. I'm so fond of Apple & admire Steve to an extent that I'd love to read about both everyday, even I feel if there could be a special place where we can read just about Apple & Steve Jobs. :-)
Tom your a loser. Get back to being my only friend on Myspace.
@Kathleen Poulos Samsung?
Without steve jobs, im not so sire we would be where we are with consumer electronics. He led the way for apple to cultivate the philosphy of true user interaction with their devices.I'm saddened by his passing. My family's thoughts are with his family and the apple family as a whole.
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