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Are you wondering what is the most important thing you could be doing with your life right now? Then watch this video. It may help you discover your life's mission. I think about this question a lot.

Cost of 4 years at Stanford, including tuition, books, housing, meals? $194,342. This speech? Priceless. Let this message sink in, it's one of the most valuable things you could ever learn.
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Saw this quite a while ago and it's amazing
Can you believe today is my first time watching it? So much out there I haven't seen. :-)
Vowed to mute all Steeev Job's posts.
"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life" -- Steve Jobs
Had seen this earlier. Thought provoking... :-)
Stay Hungry Stay foolish I never forget his speech
watched it for the first time a few years ago. I still watch it every once in a while. always inspiring.
+Tom Anderson You Tube is full of wonders ;-) Wish they integrated it natively with G+ ... some how
I think a portion of his speech was shown to our class a couple months before high school graduation. Very inspirational.
I've read his speech before, reading it now again. Really inspiring!
+Hans Huether Mute the post, but watch the video. It has nothing to do with Steve Jobs, and everything to do with you :-)
Will G
This speech has been my inspiration through many ups and downs. Sad day..
too funny, I just finished quoting from it in your previous post...

I'm actually thinking of putting the following quote on our career's page at work tomorrow so we can attract people that are passionate about our cause to work with us.

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it. And, like any great relationship, it just gets better and better as the years roll on. So keep looking until you find it. Don’t settle.” - Steve Jobs
I've seen it before, and you are right. It is priceless. The part about connecting the dots really hit home, too.
one of my favorite speeches of all time. :)
It just occurred to me that this transition in Steve Jobs life may prompt reflection on his life that will inspire self reflection, and energize many millions of Americans who have been stuck, to pull themselves out fueled by the inspiration of his example.
I love this speech - I showed it to my students at the beginning and end of the summer quarter and they loved it as well.
Stay hungry and be foolish!
+Jane Zhang Sounds like a great idea for your company :) I started writing a summary of it too, wish I'd seen your quote. My dictation is messy, hehe.
Seen it before too. Since I first saw Apple II long time ago, Mr. Jobs has been someone very special in my life.
This is one of the most inspiring speeches I have ever heard.
Mr. Jobs is a great visionary with a passion for execution. I used and bought onto his IPhone before there was an IPhone. In case you forgot, it was called the apple newton.

There are no words for this turn of events. I am sending him energy for his health in my meditation.

I agree too!!! Thanks for the post Tom. I hope your enjoying retirement. :)
Wow. I can say the only Apple Product I've ever purchased was an iPod but I have nothing but respect for his vision and what he's created. Great Speech.
Jobs::Thinking different ...
Thank you Steve Jobs you brought us the future in our lifetime.
Steve Jobs, I've never owned an Apple product. And I never really cared for them either, brilliant though they were.

But as a human being, you have my utmost respect. The risks, the vision, the overcoming of obstacles, the man.

And One More Thing

“No one wants to die. Even people who want to go to heaven don’t want to die to get there. And yet death is the destination we all share. No one has ever escaped it. And that is as it should be, because Death is very likely the single best invention of Life. It is Life’s change agent. It clears out the old to make way for the new. Right now the new is you, but someday not too long from now, you will gradually become the old and be cleared away. Sorry to be so dramatic, but it is quite true.

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

[Stanford commencement speech, June 2005]
I must admit I was annoyed by all the noise cluttering up my stream about Steve's resignation. This and your last post truly turned the tides on how I think about the whole situation as I am also merely a hungry fool.
I wonder how much the price of Apple stocks dropped from Steve's resignation alone.
Steveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, nooooo :(
To be honest, if you could afford Stanford, you probably don't have to settle in life. In that way, it was an appropriate message for his audience. Beyond those friendly confines, people have to make hard choices for themselves and their family. Too many don't have the luxury to live Steve's ideals.
So, Steve Jobs thinks Google is "idealistic, overflowing with neat tools and great ideas". Respect
I don't believe the man actually disliked anyone's original ideas. I believe he learned from them.
Couldn't agree more. I watch this video at least once a month, most of the times with my children.
Never settle.
Such humble and tenuous beginnings, makes his life message all the more poignant. Truly amazing human being.
Say what you will about Jobs... But the man is a true genius.
Read the book 'Inside Steve's Brain'. A great glimpse at what makes the man he operates and thinks.
Apple was paying to job just $1 per year for it's CEO post.
I agree following your heart has a lot to be said for it but reality as they say can be a real bitch and bills have to be paid
Always follow your heart! We are individualy made and nothing or no one knows our own success like our heart and soul!
Wow. That was really inspirational. There were so many fantastic take-aways! I think my favorite, though, was, "Don't let the noise of someone else's opinion drown out your inner voice."
It's Steve's best speech, and arguably one of the best Stanford graduation speeches i've heard... Now why #Stanford costs that much for an undergrad edu is really a sore point.. I simply can't pay that, not for twins, and don't know many who can either. I don't know if they still consider parent alumni discounts etc Hope they do.
Look like someone else thought about this video today ;-)
Not an Apple fan, but that was a great speech. Weird actually hearing his voice, lol, only have read the live blogs for any of his keynotes
I'm at a crossroads of my life as well, so this video was well timed. Thanks for the share, Tom. Really inspirational stuff.
This has been and will always be my favorite graduation speech. I have only few regrets in my life--one of them would be never had the chance to shake the big man's hand and say, "Thank you for everything, Steve." Wish him well.
Legendary speech - it was a massive hit here in Spain that several people posted versions of the whole speech with subtitles in Spanish. I think it should be played to all final year high school students on their graduation day before they step out into the big wide world.
What can I say? It's a sad day. Love you Steve. You have quite literally changed the world. 
Truly inspiring. We should all watch it at least once a year to remember it. this goes in the playlist for my kids.
Ok I wonder, I read and wtached the entire speech twice to make sure i really got a grip of what he said... It doesnt spark anything inside me to go forward and change something in my life. Is this wrong? Am I BROKEN? Or looking at it from the wrong angle?
I read almost all of your comments too and I see that it really touched so many of you, and so often.. What am I missing from this?
I am a positive person with alot to live for in life and i love speeches like this. I cannot take away from the fact that iI think about for an example waking up and not wanting to go to work today. if it was my last day I would not go. Inside I know i have to...
Prett awesome, very thought provoking. Thanks.
+Skippy Roo I don't think you're "broken". Everyone has different passions in life, for some it's the simple things like raising a family, for others it's dedicating their life to a company that provides a superior product or service. Imo, do what you love and do it with passion, and that's the true way to "change" the world.
meh... that's why you cannot beat windows on computers Steve Jobs... Because you are Arrogant and Boastful...
+Kavi Chokshi I have push and drive. but i am yet to find something to spark me into actually using what i know i have... I am very smart, have run my own businesses and sold them to start traveling around the world. i jsut found a new business plan and will stay in germany to fill this idea. but i have no motiation at all and this did absolutly nothing for me. i dont have depression or anything i am a really happy guy I just dont have the rive that you all see in this video and i cant seem to grasp it. Makes me think alot, but not about wanting to change it.
Love this speech,one year before,i watched this ,but now it still do me very well....
Jobs is an intelligent and insightful guy but he's not infallible. He did things at Apple that nearly drove the company into bankruptcy which is why the board sided with Scully. Choices he forced for the Mac made it an early failure... until he pushed out the LaserWriter just before getting fired which created the desktop publishing world, saved the Mac, and made possible the platform that exists today.

As someone who has also been through it, I agree that getting hit with a brick can do wonders for your future.
+Skippy Roo Haha, well I dunno what to say. But if you're happy and having fun doing whatever you're doing, then I guess there's no need to worry that a video doesn't produce the same emotion or feeling in you as everyone else.
say what you will about apple but really, thanks to this guy we have great os competitors
+Kavi Chokshi Thats true hahaha....
I drink what and when I want and go where and when i want so i guess apart from knowing that i have to go to work and be "good" then I am doing ok haha...
This really was a great speech. Good points to live by, I'll always remember it, thank you Mr Jobs!
Thanks for sharing Tom. Really inspiring!
my favorite commencement speech so far
When i've saw this speach 4 years ago, i was a little bit shoked about the background of this person. Now, I know why persons like him, like Mark or Eckhart Tolle, made it big. :)
big thank you to Steve Jobs for many many things.
I never get tired of watching this. Or reading the transcript that often makes it rounds on email just at those times I need a lift. I wonder if he knew as he made it that it would spiral out viral and come up year after year.
I actually watched it again yesterday without knowing that he's going to resign today :(
Recently I have had to face serious objection because of what I want to do with my own life. It's been a long arduous battle and despite fight after fight with my opposition. I am determined to prove my stance to be the correct choice. Timing with use of proper tact and relentless perseverance is the formula that can help anyone achieve their goals.
Watched this before...Such a great speech. Very inspiring :)
Just watched this for the first time and I love it. What an inspiration.
Amazing, thank you for sharing that :)
I may not be a fan of apple due to their unrelenting anti consumer practices but I don't think there are many people who can honestly say that they don't have a strong respect for the drive, innovation, and vision that Steve Jobs has shown time and time again. He is and will go down in history as one of the pioneers of our era.
Great post Tom, Thanks

Very Inspiring
Randy Pausch was truly inspiring, although I cry every time I watch it.
Best wishes to Steve Job.
Yumna A
Thanks for the share +Tom Anderson! As a very confused 19 year old, I felt this was much needed advice and greatly appreciate it! :)
+Tom Anderson this may be true but i still get the feeling i should have more "push" in my life... its just a scary thought that half the world can take a great message from this video, and all i get is a blank stare.... kinda worries me you know?
One of my first blog posts was about this speech, great share
It all about context. I believe every young person needs to struggle a bit to fully understand what life is all about as an adult
Hardly one of the best unis in the world. Most expensive probably
Wow this is awesome... I too have never been a fan of Apple, but I am a fan of everything Steve Jobs has been able to accomplish.
Thank you, Tom for sharing these pieces on Steve Jobs. He has, by his vision and determination, surely changed our day to day lives more than any other individual in the past decade.
you said that in the comments of this post at 2:45 am. - "Hardly one of the best unis in the world. Most expensive probably".
Very well timed share. Thank you
I hate to say it but I actually started to cry during this.
Not because of Steve Jobs resigning, a shame though that might be for you Appleites, but because of his thoughts and words on death.
Death terrifies me. I can't bare the thought that I will seize to exist, closed eyes, no breath & very very gone. I still, at 26, feel that my life hasn't even started yet. I can't bare the thought that the end is the end, that there is nothing else beyond it. I think of those who have passed before me & I cry. I cry because of what they achieve lives on, for some its only been years but for others it's been decades. Some people, hundreds of years ago, dared to dream of a life larger than their own, they dreamt of far away lands, dreamt ideas in science that had not been deemed logical, more so they were dreamt as purely witchcraft. Some had ideas that pushed the realm of reality. Many more had ideas that pushed the way forward in terms of art. Some, had the thoughts of family first, family last. Provided so that your family has the chance to succeed & access life like we even now can only dream.
I wish that my dreams can live.
I want my dreams to shape my life, my partners life & maybe the life's of my family (should I be so lucky).
Then, hopefully, with my dreams fulfilled I can slip away or sleep for an eternity with no tears and no tears for those I leave behind.

If anyone should read this, I would like to hear about your dreams.
What do you aspire to be?
What do you aspire to do?
What do you want to be remembered for?

Thanks for taking the time to read this.
Jobs is clearly a motivated man, one who has done great things for Apple shareholders. Leading Apple through innovation in large steps, including the recent iPod/iPhone/iPad stage is great... but at what cost?

The cost of closed systems. DRM for years in iPod/iTunes days. Closed ecosystems of iPhone & iPad - it's stifling competition and their monopolistic control has a negative impact on developers.

There are many great technology people in this world who care less about shareholders dividends and company profits that have done much greater things for technology. Linux Trovalds, Richard Stallman, Tim Berners-Lee, & too many to mention. Even on a company level one could argue that Google's quest of making data more accessible is more noble than creating the latest/shiniest product.
People like this don't retire completely ever,lol :)
So inspiring. It was a great way to start my day. Thank you for posting. I will stay Hungry and Foolish. 
So the message is Drop Out, Don't Settle and If You're Gonna Have Cancer - Make Sure It's Cureable? STFU, Steve Jobs.
+Jason Moller You may notice, it's not about the shiniest product but the product that works like it should. Closed systems unfortunately come from that - you gain a controllable environment and a stream of revenue.

Personal experience: Right now I have my first Android phone. I am yet to find a combo which allows my dynamic (aka "intelligent") Playlists to sync with it, with a Mac as the host system. (Sync means, the tracks are also removed from the memory card after they were listened to and it should work with Podcasts, too) I guess I wil continue to use my very old iPod for that.
Life is our quest, death is our reward. Make it worth it!
+Stefan Sutter With respect, I don't care. DRM hurts only the consumer. Then onto Flash, disallowed purely as Apple cannot bare to lose it's horrific % cut of apps sold if people wanted to use Flash games and so fourth.

My point is this. If this news wasn't about Steve Jobs, instead it was about someone that has done extraordinary things for modern technology - such as Berners-Lee, Stallman & Trovalds - would this still make headlines? The answer is of course no, and that is deeply unfair. Job's is great for profits, building a huge dominating business and so fourth - for technology, I would rather have a slower advancement in UI and better businesses practice than the opposite.
Steve Jobs the original Silicon Valley Pioneer, Innovator ahead of his time ... (Mac's are incredible, I remember using Mac SE in 1987 and thinking how amazing)
+Jason Moller It would still be news if it were sby else. At least to this community.
I don't like DRM either and advocate FOSS whereever possible. The story is told that DRM was also not Job's idea, but the only way he could talk music industry into iTunesShop.
I totally understand your attitude agains closed source, but this IMHO is not the place for it. Give credit where credit is due!
+Skippy Roo No you are not broken. :) Most people would answer the way that you do and would not want to go to their jobs if they knew they were going to die that day.
There are a few people who love what they do so much that they would still go do their job even if they knew they were going to die that day. Jobs is saying find something that you love so much that you would want to do it even if you knew you were going to die.
+Stefan Sutter - Where have I not given credit? I made it perfectly clear, in both my posts, that Apple, with Job's as the helm, has made huge advances. He simple has, no argument by any sane person about both UI and device advances.

My argument is simply this: Apple products come at a cost I cannot accept. I strongly disagree with Apple practices and would rather not have these advances if I were able to chose between a slow advancing Apple with morals and the current almost ruthless Apple with great advances in UI.

I'd never wish illness upon anyone, nor would I belittle the impact of Apple on consumer electronics. I will however express my opinion there are people in technology who have done, and continue to do more for technology than Job's and for more noble reasons too, yet these people go unnoticed by the masses while Job's doesn't.
+Jason Moller Without DRM initially there never would have been a viable electronic music marketplace. Jobs got the record company people comfortable enough to sell their wares through iTunes by promising to put a good DRM system on it. No one else had been able to bring the players together. When he was able to negotiate taking DRM off, he did.
One of the most inspiring speeches in history
It may be embarrassing to admit, but I discovered Jobs through this speech. I watch this speech after every few months.
he asks the right question, the one we avoid too often: if this would be your last day, would you be happy to be doing what you are about to do today?
Tom, you post the greatest stuff. Thanks for sharing this video. Steve has a fascinating life and delivered a great, inspiring speech.
...keep looking don't settle, stay hungry stay foolish....
Steve Jobs is such an inspiration for the young entrepreneurs
Watched for so many times, feel inspired and re-energized every time.
Thanks for posting that video first time I've seen it.
That was a wonderful speech.
Anyone who got to be there is a lucky mofo... Mr. Anderson .
It's to bad kids who weren't lucky enough to be able to go to (Note that didn't say get into .) Stanford weren't able to hear this incredibly inspiring talk.
thanks to the beauty of the internet, anyone can hear this incredibly inspiring talk.
You see, Tom, this is why I follow you:)
I know he's earned his ego but to actually say (and probably believe) that computers would have never (NEVER!) had pretty fonts had he not taken a calligraphy class is ego of the highest order. Does he really believe that Xerox's team would not have kept plugging without him or that the Amiga or Atari could not arrive at this themselves?
Apple is just Apple, Steve Jobs or no Steve Jobs, Apple or no Apple, there would be a company in their place and they'd be just as "innovating" or "revolutionary."
This speech is amazing. The first time I saw this (long time ago) I became a fan of Steve.
Not anybody can give such an amazing and motivating speech.
LOL "I didn't even know what a pancreas was"
Thank you so much for posting this. Deeply touched.
I am not a fan of Apple, I don't like their products or methods. I think I may have just become a fan of Steve Jobs though. That speech was beautiful and educational.
I think Pacino's speech in "Any Given Sunday" was much more inspirational than this. This Jobs fella... meh! :-P
As much as I dislike Apple fanaticism, Steve Jobs is a fascinating man. This speech is very inspirational. Thanks for posting!
Steve Jobs is an incredible man in many ways, and this is especially timely, considering his resignation this morning.
lol still took a subtle shot at Windows, cool guy rolls eyes
You don't need to became a person like him but you always must do by all your ability and effort more. Don't compare you with anyone because you are the one in the world
Wait... Does Steve Jobs really think that computers wouldn't have multiple fonts if not for his 3 Semester Hours in Calligraphy class?!? God Complex much?
+Ben Kubilus you can bet his competitors admire him still, for that exact reason. he's just the best at what he does, and you can't deny that unless you're delusional.
It's great to see Steve Jobs retiring especially for those of us that are anti-apple. Hopefully this means that Apple will no longer attempt to domineer the world, nickle-and-dime the consumer, and fill landfills with the number of different power cords they require for their products.
+Miguel de Oliveira I can deny that, because I'm reasonable and logical. None of these guys are the best. None. That's just naively and pompously false for any person to claim. If he was the best, he would have stopped decades ago. "Fanboys", as they're called are delusional on this point. And by douche, I mean that he is just flat-out rude. There is nothing to admire in that. Admire his work. Admire his accomplishments. Being vulgar and rude? No. Like when he said Adobe was worthless, useless, inferior, dying, and that anybody who uses it is stupid? Yeah, that makes me want to use his products. I personally admire him for what he's done, but I can see reason for those who don't.
Keep looking, don't settle! Life is way too short! Listen to your inner voice! Great speech! Stay hungry ... stay foolish :)
I didn't watch the video yet, but wow at these stats for this post:


I think that is the most I have seen for any post here on Google+ so far.
Curious, is Steve Jobs married? we never hear anything about his wife or kids?
Vinh Ha
hmmm, so you know how to use Google+ but not haha jk. yeah hes married with kids. says so in his video
+Victor Soskin I actually did right after I posted this. It was an impulse posting! But you could have also answered my question in addition to making the comment you just made :)

BTW, still doesn't answer the question about why we never hear about his family...but it is not that important now.
I just watched this on TED this weekend... it gives a lot of context to this week's events. I think it's hilarious that he starts his speech to a bunch of graduates about how dropping out of college was the best move he ever made. :) What an interesting man.
Speeches like this used to be inspirational, now they just make me feel bad. I feel like a total failure watching things like this.
Check out 6:00 for the best dressed person at that graduation. shameless self promotion
Pretty sure one of the most important things I did with my life was not saddle myself with six digits worth of college loans by attending Stanford...
+Ashur Sada I cannot understand why it's so difficult to try before asking others to spend a time to answer you (even if they can respond off the top of their head).
Have no idea why Steve's personal life not popular among the press.
Erika z
thank you, tom, for sharing this video...this is exactly what i needed at this point in my life
Stay Hungry; Stay Foolish!
+Tom Anderson You shared this with me, so I see it only as pure duty that I share it with my friends as well. This is truely a powerful speech and it's especially nostalgic that we look back on it now. Thank you Tom.
i'v got more moved by the ubuntu's history
This video is so much more powerful than the image you shared earlier. Both are great, though :)
hmm saw this video some time back
powerful speech
how can u be kicked out of the company u started
thanx fr sharing
" cannot connect the dots moving can only connect them looking backwards..." fabulous !!! thanks for sharing this video!!!
wow, 240p, we meet again!
i saw this about a year ago and it is worth revisiting.
heard this on NPR today at lunch and was inspired. thanks for showing me where it came from.
He missed a key point when he was talking about death. Since we are all going to die, shouldn't we plan ahead where we would like to spend eternity. Pretty simple way to make sure we're going to heaven. Message me if you're interested.
Steve brags about Pixar, while it ruined animation. Went from magic by artists (Disney) to imitation of reality by computer techs. There are only a tiny handful of 3d cartoons you can remember now: Toy Story, Ants (Maybe) you remember the story line more than the imagery. Now flip back to all the great cartoons you remember in your life - the rest of them will be hand drawn 2d ones. Pixar ruined animation.
i watched this video earlier this summer for a Computer Literacy class.
+Bud Latanville No I mean what I say. Pixar, and 3d animation sucks. And im not defending Disney - other people make animation too. (Warner Brothers, Loony Tunes). Name 10 good cartoons. Then think how many are 3d. Toy Story, Monsters Inc all have a great original story. Story is very important - Snow White, Lion King, but Im talking about visually and how it engaged your imagination. C'mon - Tom and Jerry, Flinstones, Mighty Mouse, Jungle Book, 101 Dalmatians.. No good modern examples of 2d feature animation films because (see my original point) Pixar ruined animation - greed to sell servers to process 3d artwork.
One of my fav vids of all time. First saw it while in France. He's truly inspirational.
Thanks for the post. Brilliant, inspirational, speech. Totally lost on the audience. Money can't buy you everything eh.
Awesome speech... That's some good advices by Mr. Jobs there.
"and because windows copied the mac" That right there sums up why I hate Steve and all apple products. Everything apple did was a copy of something that someone else did all the way back to the beginning when they first came up with the gui, which Xerox did first. Too bad his arrogance and the fact that he's a hypocrite detracts from all the great things I could get from him... I stopped paying attention the second he said that...
I watch it and then I play it for my classes. Also Randy Pausch's The Last Lecture is awesome.

Dale you need to learn the difference between "steal" and "copy". It's also in Bob Gringely's series on Computers.
+Paul Valach I know full well the difference between stealing and copying. It still doesn't change the fact that Steve in particular loves to point out how many people 'copy' from apple, yet they have actually had VERY few original ideas themselves...
Brilliant man, Brilliant Vision, Brilliant Imagination
I just saw the photo taken of him two days after he announced his resignation. Not good. So sad for him, but grateful for all he's contributed.
Wow, that was terrible, up until the part about death. Then it was blunt, in perhaps the best possible way.
That is an awesome message. I get it. But I wonder when watching this how many of those students actually listened or understood what he was saying.

As the camera panned out into the audience you could tell there were quite of few disinterested people and some actually goofing off during the speech. They may regret that as this message is powerful.

And by the way, that's a lot of money to pay for an education only to get a job afterward. All I can say is good luck kids, ur going to need it...
Steve Jobs didn't start Pixar, he just bought it before they were big. He hardly had a hand in any of the decision making, he almost sold it after Toy Story cuz it wasn't making him enough money. Pixar made themselves, he was just along for the ride.
nothing is perfect. stay hungry, stay foolish. :)
False characterization Jen. He let them go 5 years at significant losses and producing no revenue doing nothing but experimenting and innovating because he believed in them. Without Jobs, Pixar would be nothing. Did he develop their technology? No. But he had the vision to enable them.
Really inspiring and giving hope. This says to me (what I really need) : never surrender!
There is so much truth and wisdom in this 14:34 minutes speech. (does not matter, that it is not my first time listenign to it - but the right time).
There are so many sentences which want to be a poster in well done typography.

"conntecting the dots" lets me dive away in thinking abaout live and time itself - in a really longterm positive way. Looking back in a different way - not judging the past just remembering and realizing each "dot" - helps loking to the future without fear. Even and especially in really hard times.
So let's be hungry and foolish -- and let us live our own life.
Bragging, bragging, and then some more... typical Steve Jobs. This speech is useless!!!
You haters kill me. What have you done with your lives?
@ Ilya - 3D animation is only another tool for the artist. I am fascinated by the technology and the look and feel you get from this media. Yes it must have a good storyline, but it also must visually capture the eye as well.
Might sound a bit cliché, but this video actually inspired a lot of my design work this year.
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