I've lived in Hawaii for about 2 years, but I live in a few places, and I had not come back here since I took up photography about 4 months ago... I just got back to Oahu on Thursday and I've been shooting every day. Sometimes I joke I'm now a "cloud chaser" because I'm frequently trying to capture scenery with just the right cloud formations above them. In Oahu I've taken this cloud-chasing to an entirely new level. The clouds move so fast here. In fact, there's so much wind that it's rare for cloud formations to stay the same. People drive slow and mellow here, and I feel very un-Hawaiian doing it, but I'll admit to making a few illegal moves and speeding a bit to get myself into position for a shot. I started this sunset in Kailua, which was not working out, so I sped over the Pali and was whipping my car every which way to finally catch this shot. The golfers were not too pleased that I'd parked my car "in play" :-) Note: I did not park on the course/grass, just where my car could have been hit by an errant shot hehe.. I would never commit such a first-world faux pas... I love me some golf!
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