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I've lived in Hawaii for about 2 years, but I live in a few places, and I had not come back here since I took up photography about 4 months ago... I just got back to Oahu on Thursday and I've been shooting every day. Sometimes I joke I'm now a "cloud chaser" because I'm frequently trying to capture scenery with just the right cloud formations above them. In Oahu I've taken this cloud-chasing to an entirely new level. The clouds move so fast here. In fact, there's so much wind that it's rare for cloud formations to stay the same. People drive slow and mellow here, and I feel very un-Hawaiian doing it, but I'll admit to making a few illegal moves and speeding a bit to get myself into position for a shot. I started this sunset in Kailua, which was not working out, so I sped over the Pali and was whipping my car every which way to finally catch this shot. The golfers were not too pleased that I'd parked my car "in play" :-) Note: I did not park on the course/grass, just where my car could have been hit by an errant shot hehe.. I would never commit such a first-world faux pas... I love me some golf!
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What a great shot Tom; clearly it was worth the effort! I love the halo on the left side of the image; it frames the tree wonderfully.
สวยมากเลยครับ ...
Beautiful capture. That light is stunning.
Wow, you really did a great job chasing these clouds. The sunset is spot on and the scenery is lovely!
This is a beautiful scene to "go back home" to +Tom Anderson . And now with a camera in hand you get to share it with us. Thanks.
Nice.. a real solar flare and not an artificial one generated with photoshop.
I love the Kailua-Kona area! It's beautiful there and your photo turned out exceptionally well. Have a Mai-Tai for me Tom! :)
you are great !!!! this picture is soooooo amazing ! Love it
Breathtaking! And an amazing contrast of a semi-clear sky on the left and the cloudy sunset on the right!
Beautiful shot! I'd say it's worth a couple minor illegal moves. ;)
It is amazing how crisp the colors are - just beautiful
Appreciating the BEAUTY OF NATURE! GOD is an amazing CREATOR ;))
so beautiful !! it looks like in Twilight film.
It's safer than being a SKIRT CHASER. 
it's beautiful !!! I like XD
That's an amazing shot, Tom. It looks so amazing, it almost feels like I'm really there. The image is that amazing. :)
and that's a great shot - worth of all the trouble - speeding, cut-in golfer's way, & etc.. ;p
o, one more thing, i totally agree w/ the upstairs too.
english is not good read do not understand some
I want to learn english???
Hello, I do not know how you go golfing, but the pictures are doing wonderful, there are probably olbżymie golf course, never in it did not play, with us this sport are rare, in fact everyone in our country, loves the sport that forces for a vigorous movement, and of golf courses not too much. foty again greet you hesitate, Feel the spirit of Anna.
you're right :) it really makes you want to go to hawaii ;D You have an incredible talent :) ! ! !
where the clouds really darkish or is that an HDR effect ?
everything is going in favor of this shot. really awesome!!
it is certainly a bright one...looks great Tom
Awasome, love it :D
Well i'am from INDONESIA, nice to know you and your picture :D
Really nice photo. It kinda reminds me of the movie poster from "Big Fish". The sun flare is really cool too.
This is very beautiful! I can't believe you just took up photography 4 months ago. You must have a fabulous camera!
I'm an artist (not professionally), but I like to draw things with this kind of lighting and quality in mind. I was advised to take my own photos, and draw from them. Any suggestions on a camera that is at least somewhat affordable and has a quality outcome?!!
so beautigful , make me comfortable, and release my soul...
its like a painting done on an air canvas. breathtaking
Toto Mc
its a paradise
im loving it...Beautiful Nature rox
Ja Ny
Yes for you the same me very beautiful.
Wes Lum
Haha...Ho cuz, Dis shot stay awesome!
Wes Lum
+Tom Anderson it'd be funny to run into you one day...I'll look for the haole guy with the camera running around! :D
I miss Hawaii so bad. But WHOA! What a picture! Gorgeous! Looks dreamy!
really a sweet mrng wid greenry nd yellowish sun rays!!
Gorgeous scene! Well worth the trouble you went to in order to get just the right shot. Congratulations on your foresight and persistence +Tom Anderson
it is superab scene this is nice for horror movies from where you found this
nice shot @ a right time!!!! BIG UP "Tom"
My Mommas Livin there... I must get back.... Oahu!!!!!
Bosi Ai
very nice picture~~@!@
ITS GODS CREATION WAH........................
stunning even the rainbow in the bottom left corner bouncing off your lens
Beautyful click....amazing :)
I'm jealous of just how awesome this shot looks.
Nice work!
Ja Ny
You don't think like this beause in the future you will to meet the work good the same him>
this is so beautiful, for the next few day i'll close my eyes and transport my being to this spot with a big head spliff, my fam. and block everything else out
Lisa Ng
Fantastic shot Tom! This is definitely one of my favourite photos of yours.
Fore! hehe.
A timelapse of the speedy clouds would look sweet.
hey +Wes Lum I want to organize a Hawaii photo walk on March 4th... do you have a lot of photographer friends that would like to join? Was looking through your photos ... awesome shots, Wes! I saw what looked like a photowalk in there (a shot with you and a bunch of photographers!)
If you happen to go to Maui later this month, let me know, +Tom Anderson. I'll be there until 2/28 and would love to shoot with you.
Looks like a painting. Man! is that mesmerizing.
Dear Tom,

How are you doing? You are an incredable photographer, I must say. Can you tell me which camera and lens do you use to click such wonderful pics. I wish I could stand a chance to learn some good photography tips from you.


Emil W
great shot and funny story
Great shot +Tom Anderson , i am really enjoying watching your new found passion in photography develop.
Wes Lum
+Tom Anderson yes, I know a few groups that do photowalks...Just let me know if you have any ideas in mind, times, etc, and I'll help arrange, spread the word, etc.
very nice ficture tom, I named it tom's fictures...the other do not claim
Great great shot. Also, people that take these types of pics never really explain what they went through to get them. I enjoyed reading your experiences with this shot as well. It really gave it more meaning for me. Thanks!
Gorgeous photo... makes me wonder why you ever left Hawaii at all! Thanks for sharing!
How many degree in Hawaii ? At Paris -1degree
Damn this looks so good
Very nice Photograph. How about some notes? Lens? F stop & shutter speed?
That is inspiring
Dave B
That looks like a painting. Not sure if you're the best photographer ever, or I just REALLY need to go to Hawaii.
Wow Tom, you are doing some spectacular photography these days
It is very beautiful! I like it.
OMG, I am speechless! Its gorgeous!
Terrific shot, Tom. Hawaii sounds like a beautiful place. Too bad I will never visit there.
sooo nice..i love it so much...super like heaven.
Chasing clouds...the problems of the 1%.
beautifull :)

Overall rating
Awesome. Where can I find the full-res version of this?
Stunning Image..... Clean green! Seems like a different world in itself :)
an du
like picture :x:x
does this just happen or do you pull it through lightroom?
Out of this world, beautiful! Makes me wish I was there right now.
it's really great where is this place
Now that I've downloaded it onto my phone, it's almost like having a tiny peek of Heaven right in the center of my hand. Thank You, Tom. I think you may have just made my day a little brighter.

Damn Tom A. ,,, this looks Surreal. I'm curious how you got this effect?
veer kr
Fantastic. Have you applied any HDR?
How Ah
Oh +Tom Anderson, you're so silly! Great photo! The sillyness paid off :)
Looking good, Tom. Of all the years we've been "friends" this is easily the coolest thing I've seen you post.
wow !!!!! amazing pic love the colors
beautiful!! well done!
You should go for exhibiting your work....incredible!
Great photo's...what are you taking these with?
It would be absolutely great to learn how to obtain this sort of photo, aside from the "right time, right place" mantra :))
Can I have one million of your dollars? I mean, you probably won't get to spend it in this life anyway, and then I can chase clouds too!
Keep chasing those clouds... The photo is simply gorgeous!
Uhhh .. how do you say wow in more that 3 letters ?!?!? Beautiful shot.
+Tom Anderson, you really are a great photographer, and you haven't even been shooting for that long! I was wondering whether the photos you post are are free to take or share (I'd like to use this as my desktop background).

Two more things: 1) Do you do any post processing on these photos? This photo looks almost computer generated (not a bad thing); and 2) I think it's great that you have a genuine, personal online presence with your Google+ profile. Reading through many of your posts made me feel like I was actually getting to know the real you.
Amazingly Beautiful ! This Should be default desktop wallpaper for Windows 8!
Impossible - perhaps! Thank you mean! Good programmer!
Kisha K
This is a lovely picture. 
And we shall bow more than the trees do!! I like it!!
Thanks for sharing all your "Cloud Chasing" pics, they're stunning
my God .. this is breathtaking !!!
Cool Pic...hope to go there one day...keep posting those dreams...
Stunning shot! Hey, I still check into MySpace every now and then...
Can't believe that this is real.! nice shot.
Thanks for the lovely sunset! Your composition is pleasingly balanced and integrated.
I miss Hawaii, and my favorites are the Banyon Trees
Fantastic shot +Tom Anderson ! This belongs in one of those picture contests. I'm very impressed by the speed of your progress in the last few months. Keep up the great work!
This pic. Is really beautiful awesome.. One of the great gifts that we get from our to see and for you to Share Ty..:) 
Very nice! While you are there do you ever get over to the Island of Hawaii? There's an observatory on that Island and if you hit the time right, you can capture a green light across the sky, plus the view of the stars is great from up there!
Rae O.
now that's a GOLF COURSE that I need a tee time at now!
boo Jay
Gotta say +Tom Anderson, I think you take better pictures than most 'professional' photographers. Definitely up there with the best.
Randy F
Insanely colorful and beautiful! What camera and filter(s) did you use?
I live on O'ahu and I am obsessed with sunsets. Each one is so different from the next. I admit I need to practice safer driving while trying to capture my's just that they last but a moment. Sometimes their memory is the best i can get. Your picture is beautiful.
Gorgeous tree!!! Oh and amazing sunset too ;). 
amazing....this is love of Nature for us
nice what a pic wowowowowowow
Great shot Tom.. what are you shooting with?
Awesome pic. What kind of camera do you use again? Any tips or websites you can point me to for learning some of your awesome HDR techniques?
Absolutely beautiful, i wish i was there!
interesting, but looks over processed
wow... what a beautiful shot, Tom! It's easy to imagine that warm Hawaiian sunlight on my face as I appreciate this photo.
How can I get a copy of this digitally so I can use as wallpaper? 
+Charity Williams : Click on the photo, then on the bottom left click "Options" and then "Download Full Photo". G+ is awesome!
Wow... uhhh I never really comment on ANYTHING when it comes to random posts but this picture... is amazing! Nice work man! Good eye!
wow the green / orange contrasts in this photo are magical
pretty sunset or sunrise.
so said and so it is...abra cadabra!!!
Where did you take this? Great picture!
Amazing capture and post-processing, Tom. These types of shots make me love HDR more and more. This picture makes me want to be teeing off on that golf course. Great shot!
Just looking at it i imagined it as a poster in my room or wallpaper at tmy desktop! Wonderful!
i chase clouds to. nature always gives us a consistently changing canvas, so to speak
Thanks for the new desktop background. AMAZING SHOT!
Beautiful shot. I put it as background for my desktop!!
Wow!! That is an amazing picture and what a place to live in! :D lucky man, I would kill to see that every once In a while :) xx
the sun never set.i love it
Great pic Tom. What kind of camera are you rockin?
That is an amazing
wow tats totally profetional keep on makin more tom
Wonders of Nature. I love this photo!
Thats amazing! Just amazing, well done Tom
Hi Tom,

I was completely awestruck by your photos. They are truly wondrous and beautiful. You have amazing talent. Thank you for sharing.

I'm not sure how we connected. I'm and artist and I just created my first blog a couple of days ago. Did you see it?

If you would like to: Just go to Google search and type in raykenyons.blogspot it's title is "Creative Outlet... Exploring the Possibilities."

Please let me know.

Ray Kenyon
That image is quite unrealistic, to be honest. Are you sure that's earth and not a concept design? Nevertheless, great post.
did you read that article that said people are less likely to view pictures of scenery on your social network profile? for some reason, the mind just skips over them in search for faces.
the sun go down look like... sad...
Beautiful! The scenery is lovely!
Marta A
esto me encanta realmente precioso lindo.
Marta A
Mis recuerdos en esta belleza Cuando entré por primera vez fue aquí Pérdida total mente y con miedo adentro había entrado a un mundo mágico y ahí ahí estuve por mucho tiempo lloré cuando no los encontré más con sólo me quedé con dos de ya que nunca nos habíamos visto pero que éstas Yo sabía que estaban ahí no se hablaba con nadie no había problemas de ninguna clase yo vivía un mundo para mí desconocido pero a la vez una maravilla para mí siempre le llamó mi mundo mágico Aquí sí Yo viví un mundo mágico envuelta en belleza de paisajes habían cosas maravillosas fotos hermosas de paisajes bellos todo eran a qui. empese y aún todavía sigo por aquí no me arrepiento de nada al contrario he sido feliz desde que entré por primera vez a este mundo desconocido que hoy se presenta conocido para mí y maravilloso ni época de miedo y no saber dónde estás terminó gracias a toda esta gente que me dejaron vivir y me ayudaron a vivir porque yo no estaba viviendo Gracias a todos ellos primero a Dios y después a toda esta gente q. por primera vez a esta etapa con ton arde Anderson Gracias a él y a toda su gente aún estoy por aquí gracias a todos porque mis nuevas comunidades que me metí en ella sí que hay todavía estoy tengo gente buena que y los quiero de verdad no sé si me ama pero yo los amo y aquí estoy en las buenas y en las malas juntos gracias gracias viví momentos inolvidables y aquí estoy todavía viviendo en este mundo fantástico Muchas gracias Marta
Marta A
debe decir tom.
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