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When thinking about New Years Resolutions, I start with thinking how lucky I am... Life is so easy for most of us. No Tsunami's or Nuclear Reactor meltdown's in my town this year. Have you seen this Japanese Tsunami video from inside a cab? Anyone out there actively involved in Japanese rebuilding-recovery efforts? I haven't seen many follow up stories.
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+Tom Anderson I agree. We need to remember our own good fortune. Then that way we just might be able to help spread it to others.
That's great perspective. We are lucky.
It's too easy to forget about one of our greatest allies. The news spends way too much time following this endless presidential race and not enough time on things that actually matter. I was quickly reminded when I stopped by a Honda dealership to check out the new Civic Si's but was told they haven't been able to get any because of the earthquake. I really felt bad for letting myself forget so quickly at how badly this has hurt the country.
agreed, thanks for such positive thoughts!
+Tu-Anh Tran Probably.. hehe.. I am working on them :) This should not be taken lightly :)
Mmm. you may want to subscribe to +Stu Levy on facebook (since his G+ is rather inactive): He's the CEO of +Tokyopop Powered by GeekChicDaily (which used to be one of the biggest licensed manga publisher in the US for a good 10 years and they were one of the first people to bring translated manga to the US back in the 90s). 2011 has been a bad year for them, I supposed. Stu has decided to closed down the American publication in April (and I'm not sure if it's linked to the Earhtquake in Japan)... but since then, he's dedicated himself full time to recovering Japan. Stu is a true inspiration... I can see you two getting along. ;)

PS - Stu has been in Japan since the first couple weeks of the Japanese Earthquake and has been making a documentary about Japan's recovery effort (though I don't think it's completed yet)!
you dont realize the scale of the sunami till you see Videos like this and pictures like the one of the Whirlpool that is a top of 2011 pic on google
I'm just watching the video and I feel threatened. I hate bodies of water larger than my bath tub.....
happy new year tom anderson, can't wait to see the new year's pics xoxo
I receive “NHK-World” transmissions, which I believe are based in Japan. According to news reports from NHK, they have had very difficult times there in Japan recently. I hope 2012 is a much better year for them.
I've seen other footage of this made by an old filmmaker mate of mine living in Japan!!! Just too terrifying to take in tbh!!!
Wow, that would be the scariest moment of my life! One moment you see the water come in than your floating with no ground in site. Poor people.
Wow that video was crazy! Just as if I was there. You make a good point +Tom Anderson I guess we are reeeeeeaaaallly lucky to not have any of this, and really wish nothing like it does ever happen.
We are pretty LUCKY here in VEGAS. Our biggest problem is the sun. WELCOME TO MY CITY, LOL!!!
The US Navy is still involving in the effort
Yes. Disaster seems very light when it is viewed from very far. It is a whole different thing when you have to live in it, experience it. Thank your lucky stars. <making a sign of the cross>
Last year I saw the Tsunami, it was very scary. But good thing i'm here back @ home.
Hi +Tom Anderson. Have you watched Zeitgeist 2011: Year In Review I'd also like to see more follow-up and "happy" news. Success stories. There are some websites dedicated to that, but not really the same quality nor quantity of the regular mainstream "bad" news. Perhaps we should get the Peace Alliance to lobby newspapers to post more high-quality inspiring news. I totally believe that inspiration will sell more than sensation.

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+Ludi Cat Lol, I fantasized about an underwater car just yesterday. That's sooo coool, thanks for posting :) We'll have to wait for fusion tech though. Also, it absolutely has to be able to drive on the beach, and should be more like a suit than a car... Hmm, well, as long as it's shark proof. :p
I second +Danny Choo 's blog. One of the best resources for Jculture (although it's mostly the otaku culture. ;p)
that japanese driver was so brave. . ! ! unbelievable!
+Tom Anderson I think we haven't heard much about Japans Tsunami because the government helped with the recovery efforts, which has since changed power. And they cleaned up a billion times faster than us Americans cleaned up after Katrina. I would like to read a story on how the citizens are doing...that I haven't read about. :) It seems the New York Times is all over this story. Funny how I was conveniently placed in front of a tv for Katrina, 911 & Japan. All 3 incidents made me weep in compassion for the suffering.
Amazing video. The clean may have went well but what I have read regarding the recovery it is very slow going. I know many have tried to stay behind to try and start recovery in cities impacted but twice as many have decided recovery is too costly and too much work and feel possibly too fruitless. I think the biggest negative was the melt down of the nuclear reactor. Very sad. such a wonderful people and culture.
+Coenraad Loubser What I couldn't believe was that the car didn't seal itself up so Mr Bond and the sexy Russian spy posing as his lover could stay dry! Maybe next year's model...
Some of us are lucky to be alive
OMG Anybody knows what happened Yu Muroga
+Yaw Adu Owusu-Takyi We all live in borrowed time. Every moment is pure grace. Perhaps the personality of the Japanese people was shaped by natural disasters, making them "better people" - with this realisation it's more difficult to be greedy or selfish and in so wronging others.
Ahh good..i was just about to ask about him..
in the last moment of video I thought only "FUCK!" ...
The big story that i have heard recently is that much of the foreign aid that was coming into Japan went into fishing fleets that were destroyed INCLUDING THE WHALING FLEET!!!!
Colin C
I'm living in Tokyo now and know those who go up north to help out. It's still really bad. Japan's economy is suffering badly too. Visit Japan!
So horrible - I can't begin to imagine the helpless feeling and this is a "natural" disaster and in so much - people have no one to blame or seek retribution - nothing! So sad!
I continue to pray for the recovery efforts... I have many friends there and I know some days are still very hard.
Those cars are bobbing up and dog like ping-pog balls
Saw this, how scary would that be?! Can't imagine.
I donated to the relief fund- does that count? ;)
that they saying? people in that car alive?
Japan still needs help. Come visit and encourage others to do so too.
Thank you for sharing, Tom! This was a huge disaster, but we learned that people all over the world care about us.
Happy New Year's +Tom Anderson =) Thank you for thinking about Japan alongside with your New Year's resolution... it's sad to feel that the pain & memories of the Japan Earthquake & Tsunami are fading from people's minds... The tsunami destroyed over 60,000 acres of land, swallowing and destroying schools, hospitals, farmland, towns, dams, and nuclear power plants... Over 15,000 lives were lost (3500+ lives are still missing), and nearly half a million people were left homeless, jobless, and are living in shelters. Winter is long and harsh in the Tohoku region, and people are striving to survive within the thin walls of the tiny temporary shelters while praying for a fast recovery...

Here in San Diego, we've organised the San Diego Japanese Emergency Network, and been hosting charity concerts and fundraising events to support recovery efforts in the Tohoku region. Musicians, artists, dancers, chefs, moms and dads... It's amazing how much the tsunami has brought the Japanese community together here in San Diego.

Our next project is "Remembering 3.11 Japan Charity Concert" which will be held on February 4, 2012 (3~7pm) at the Escondido Charter High School (Escondido, CA)* There will be traditional Yosakoi dancing, Taiko performance, Japanese chorus, and demonstrations of Ikebana and shuji painting* (admission is $10 and everyone is invited!!)

Sometimes I feel there's so little we could do in the face of this devastating event and it's catastrophic after effects... but together we can truly make a difference* Thank you again Tom for this thoughtful post & letting me share my long comment =) Wishing you and the world an year of peace and happiness***
Do to constant drills in earthquake-tsunami from pre-school - retirement they only lost 10% of the population. Inspectors investigate building within a week, clearing of access roads took three- weeks for rescue and in a a month they began policy a harsh food safety testing program on radiation contaminated foods with destruction orders and penalties to sell or ship. - Now they are doing not only rebuild but re-writing comprehensive policies as the 10% is not acceptable.
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