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Taroko Gorge is one of Taiwan's greatest treasures. There's over 10 miles of towering marble and granite walls here. The deep valleys are carved out by 1000s of years of erosion from the strikingly turquoise-cast Liwu river. If the natural scenery weren't enough, there's the occasional Pagoda to give you the feeling you're you're looking at a classical Chinese painting. It's definitely something you want to experience in person; I found it really hard to capture the feeling in photographs. The older locals call it the "mysterious valley"... Maybe there's something special here that you can't capture with a camera? ;-)
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Wow. This little image doesn't do it justice I'm sure. Do you have a Flickr account? I'd love to pixel peep this bad boy.
hey +Gino Barasa did you know you can maximize G+ images to take up nearly your whole screen? I just learned that myself. After you click for the larger image, press spacebar, then completely maximize your browser window.
Maybe a shallower angle lens and stitching, to reveal the scope of the scene? I envy the opportunity to try. Nice shot, regardless.
Just beautifull! Congrats from Panama
Now I just need a bigger screen :)
I love this photo, very spectacular.
+Gino Barasa , you can also click Options in the bottom left hand corner and download the full size image. You can pixel peep deep that way. ;-) Awesome vantage Tom!
+Tom Anderson ; Microsoft's freeware "ICE" works quite nicely, as a start. Doesn't like huge files, though; preprocess, save in jpg in a lower res, and stitch from there. :o)
+Tom Anderson - nah I didn't know that. I still need to get midevel on this image though. Epic images like this one need to be poured over like a large bowl of Captain Crunch.
+Anna Bavido Yep, we spent an afternoon there. That was before Ethan's back surgery, when he couldn't walk very much on flat surfaces...but oddly enough, he was fine going up hill. So we hiked up and down some of the cliff was a blast. Next time you come to Taiwan we'll have to visit this place.
+Tom Anderson Was that a small house on the top right?This place looks wonderful to take a hike on.
wow nice one.. i like the view...
You took this with the D4? Sweet. Now I am going to peep it. The details should be lushish.
what a nice place ..................if i can go there...........???
I get the feeling this can't exist on earth its just the magical, like something from an epic fantasy.
Your photos are making me want to travel! Beautiful view, looks like you got to see some off-the-beaten-path sights. :)
This place looking like outstanding i love it
+Brad Sloan I never did get ACR working for the D4 images, but I think I'm OK using Lightroom. Was just wanting to follow along in the book about how it works, but +RC Concepcion pointed out to me that Lightroom does everything ACR does
+Tom Anderson ...... looking at your snaps and the beauty proliferated in those pics... I just wish you to exploit the beauty of +Nepal (#Nepal) as well.... wished to view my country through you lens.......:) dunno m asking lil bit more here...
True stuff. Weird about the stand alone ACR though. I shoot Canon. Maybe I could have been more help if I was more familiar with Nikon stuff.
+Nicole S. Young :-) I want to go to Vietnam this year... where can I see your pics from that trip? (Btw these paths are pretty beaten, I just try to make them look like they're not hehe. Shhh hehe)
+Tom Anderson Where else are you going in Taiwan? Are you going to make it to any of the outer islands? Punghu is a cool place with some great beaches, and some huge temples and Kinmen (where I live) has got some really amazing historical sites. Jincheng (in Kinmen) is hosting a major religious parade sometime in the next couple weeks...not sure of when it is, but I'm sure you'd find it worth the time.
I know, +Tom Anderson, there are scenes that are so difficult to capture - but some people seem to be able to encapsulate part of what they're feeling, part of the mood and "essence" of a place or an event within a single frame, Perhaps that's what differentiates the greatest photographers. But I think you did well here. Although we don't know what it was really like to stand where you stood at that time and place, at least we can develop our own feelings about it based on your photo. There are elements here that make for a mystical and adventerous scene - the high perspective, trees clinging to the cliff, the mist, that lonely pagoda that strangely seems to belong right there on the edge over the rapids. The HDR processing you used here works very well - it's subtle - in fact, I can't tell if it's HDR or not - and the cool color tones give off an ethereal feel. So you've definitely captured something interesting from this place. Whether or not it was what you felt when you were there, only you know.

I don't usually go on so poetically about this type of thing. Must be the coffee. :-)
where is the picture?china? as I watch the kiosk which has Chinese feature
+Tom Anderson I haven't posted a ton of my Vietnam pics yet (still going through them), but I have an album here on G+:

I'm also doing a webinar with +onOne Software in a few weeks specifically about my Vietnam photos. :) BTW, Vietnam is AWESOME. So much to photograph, eat, etc. Be sure to go to Sapa (along with the rest of the country, lol). I only got a few "keeper" photos from trekking through the mountains, but it was just so serene being out there, so far from the craziness of the city.
You're welcome, +Tom Anderson, and hey, it's 1am but it's never too early for some kaffi! :p
+Samuel Bavido I definitely want to visit some of the islands some day.. You live in Kinmen? That's awesome... how many foreigners are there? I'd imagine you could count them all on two hands :)
Beautiful! It's a miracle!
Wow, now I realize Taiwan has many great site
Have to go there someday
what you did capture is breathtakingly beautiful! thanks for sharing!! ;-)
I wish i would have experienced this personally...
+Tom Anderson ... OMG... thnks... and i believe Nepal won't let you down.... looking forward to seeing pics from Nepal frm ur lens...:)
what did you do to my space its wack now
Taroko apparently means "magnificent and beautiful" in the local indigenous language. From the look of your photos, Tom, it certainly lives up to its name.
+Nicole S. Young I considered moving there long ago and visited a few times.. I love it. (This was before digital cameras, I think lol... 1999? I keep hearing about this software too. I'll look forward to your webinar :)
man ...u r damn cool....nice photography.....and wat a place to be...:D
Beautifully captured !
Ell Tee
I lived in Taiwan and in the Rockies and I will vouch that both places are equally as striking and awe-inspiring.
haha sell myspace then travel the world. good move tom, good move.
wonderfull, beautifull.......its totally full
a truly spectacular sight I visited myself a few years ago what makes the water that amazing colour? hope you are visiting the National Palace Museum as well - it's well worth the visit to Taiwan for the museum alone
rawness is intrinsic of the beauty of this place.awesome!
Hey Tom , how come u still using the same picture 4 many years, showing up ur
Hump!! Change it dude!!
Arasu V
The beauty of nature
+Tom Anderson After I found out how cheap it was to live in Vietnam, the thought of moving there did too cross my mind! However, I don't think my boyfriend (or cat) would approve. :)
Wow, beautiful. You have been taking pictures of mostly nature (which I enjoy, your photos make me feel like I am there too:) but do you take photos of people or animals too?
Envy you! Would love to go see the places you've photographed. I so love your pics but nothing beats the real thing.
hey tom~ how can you take it? very beautiful!
make me feel adrenaline and wowww so talented you are
what a wonderful place!...anything NATURE creates in thousands years is umbelievably exciting...
Hema R
what a beautiful place...
put some eyes over the curve of the river; add "happy valley is happy". instant meme.
your picture touched my feelings.
i wish i were in that little bangalow & ......
wonderful picture
i like travel to taiwan
m am'z'd 2 see it... wai'ti'n 4 some mo'r pics
Yep thats where I live. Pretty Cool Tom that you were here. You were my first as well as manys Myspace friends. Taiwan is a pretty undiscovered place for tourists.
Have you been to the "Green Island" in Taiwan? =)
The picture does capture the mysterious soul here. Thanks for posting.
We have been there last yaer...impressive place and very nice place to hike around, if you dare...!
i've been there, it's magnificent.
I've been here and this hdr makes it look way more miraculous then what it is but it is a really cool place but a painful mountain trip.
A paisagem é muito maravilhosa.
Welcome to Taiwan , are you with KK :P
I absolutely Love it! Amazing colors, and the view, WOW.
The nature is great! lovely photograph
Wonderful picture. i love to feel it. hi google fans
wonderful........... but human being are here on the earth to conquer the environment not to follow it.......
wow ... it's great's
hi paul
awesome,you can see similar scenery in the The Little Three Gorges before the Big Dam was built.
Hem Raj
cool pic of hill area.....
Very nicely described ... we cannot capture our feelings in photographs.. tat's true. it has to be felt being very close to the Mother Nature.
Tony Va
agreed but I also can"t help thinking Wingsuit jumpsite
I just speechless. what a beauty.................u r successful to capture the mysterious beauty of nature in ur camera. Thank you
This Called Beauty Of Nature.................
how does one get a copy (print) of your art work? looking for photos to put up in my massage office. Anica
wow dude what a beautiful site..... u r amazing.. i love to live in nature.. and it is really best
made me long 4 visiting this,thnx!
Another hidden treasure of our planet...Let's keep it in secret before we destroy it.:-)
This is a God Power.
Thanks a lot tom FOr sharing this pic.
its perfect......!
i like it, so beautiful
Nada S
seems like a painting
it looks great!!! Am fun of mountains. We, in Georgia, have got many of them.
I've been there; have you watched the sun come up over Alishan yet?
Looks like a sleeping dragon. Must be treasure underneath!
Been there. It's really a great place.
Wes Lum
Awesome shot and location Tom!
wow! its beautifull...its jst one of those places where id go there to clear my head and fall in love with nature all over again.
what a scene
Can U Tell Me Which Country Hill it Was ?
Unbelievable...txs, bravo bis!
SUBHAAN ALLAAH...How Perfect is Allaah..""And it is He who spread out the earth, and set thereon mountains standing firm and (flowing) rivers: and fruit of every kind He made in pairs, two and two: He draweth the night as a veil o’er the Day. Behold, verily in these things there are signs for those who consider!"" Surah 13 verse 2 of Al Qura'n..
Hello Anderson
your photo are good and beautiful where did u take place
wow... mind it... :-)
Wooow!! This is spectacular.I love it.
I have a similar photo, not here though.
Gabe VR
This is the Myspace pic...ever...Nice going Tom!
This looks like a huge monster with its mouth open -awsome
This is one of the prove that there are many strange areas on the Earth.
Amazing n agree with Mr. Boris Chako
great place oh my god
some things ment to be seen but some r felt it was stunning
Hopefully you make it down to Kaohsiung in Taiwan, it's an awesome city!
Mysterious all right! 
Energy is not mysterious...but can only be felt not seen
greateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee>>>>> I like it.....comment for uuuuuu
Bea ...................... utifull
amazing pics u got there. Just a suggestion, try com 2 Papua New Guinea and check out the place
I've been there. Its beautiful isn't it? You took a great photo
huy vo
có thể làm quên cùng nhau nhé!được không?
This is amazing and makes me want to go...
cara muito legal, adorei essas fotos, sou do Parana no Brasil, mas sao lindas.
There is a gigantic wall nearby that make people feel humble and small simply standing beneath it and look upl.
Marta A
una belleza incomparable preciosa. Marta
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