Lavaflow on the Big Island of Hawaii. Amazing!

This is one of my favorite photos of the last year. I put myself in some semi-serious danger to take this shot. I walked, climbed and hopped over lava to get to this point, not exactly smart. :) Also not too wise to stand on a cliff with lava running underneath you and large chunks of the cliff falling into the ocean! Put another way: I'm not recommending this to you. That said, this is truly one of the most exceptional things I have ever witnessed. Hopefully you can be satisfied with my photo and not try this yourself... Here we are seeing the formation of Earth right before your eyes!

The lava flow is so dynamic that sometimes it changes within hours, which makes this photo all the more special to me. I shot this at sunset as little bits of rain were falling and got some water spots on my lens, so I woke up at 4am and came back the next morning. By then it was just too hot to stand in the same spot. I could only last for a few seconds each time I tried. The lava flow had completely changed as well. It looks different every time you go.

I was thinking of going back for NYE last Dec.I thought it would be an awesome place to be on NYE - no crowds, no clubs, no countdown. Just me and the Earth. Luckily I didn't, that was the night that a massive amount -- acres, I believe - fell into the ocean. Capturing lava flowing into the ocean has been a dream of mine for many years... Dreams do come true :)
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