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Dog Lovers Enjoy the Pics -- Camera Lovers, read the post... Yesterday  I got the idea I wanted to take some underwater shots. I picked up an Olympus TG-820 iHS. The $250 camera is water, shock and dust proof. I went snorkeling with it and took some pretty boring photos. (Hey, it was my first attempt!)  But I also felt a sense of freedom that I haven't felt with my DSLR. After my snorkeling session, I was rolling around in the sand, and surf taking shots of dogs and people and not having to worry about my camera. It was quite liberating! Plus, the camera is inconspicuous (compared to my DSLR Nikon) so you can shoot people without being noticed. 

For those of you who follow my photography, you probably know I post-process quite a bit. I was curious to see how these non-RAW files would respond to my Lightroom and Photoshop edits. Overall, I was happy... they came out much better than I thought. I've ordered this album of photos by less processing to more, which should give you an idea of the camera's output before much post work is done. 
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Love this post.  Was this fresh or salt water you were playing in?
Great photos there. Nice to see some dogs in them!
Wow those are great pictures!
Nice shots Tom...hadn't seen any of your post in a while, have you been on an extended vacation? Welcome back!
I'm picturing the rolling in the sand part in slow motion, just you and the camera, a la From Here to Eternity beach style... =D
I think those are great pics without any processing. How did your under water ones turn out?
wow very great pictures i like it!
Nina Y.
Nice photos Sir Tom! We at Limewit are huge fans and we did not know you were on Google+ so we were pleasantly surprised to "discover" you here. I showed your profile to everyone in the office since we were all once faithful Myspace users. Thanks for the memories :)
Great shots! You can however, tell a big difference between these pictures and ones shot with a DSLR.
Btw, can't tell at all that these are point-n-shoot...
Pretty cool pictures for a $250 dollar camera. Makes me have second thoughts about saving for so long for a nice dslr.
Matt C
Are those your dogs +Tom Anderson ? Looks like paradise! Great shots!
Really +J. Scotty? Take a close look at the background again and then tell me if you can't tell.
+Roberto Taylor the Background is the part I sort of "over-clarified" which makes them kind of "painting" like and less real... the unprocessed shot makes them look more like a DSLR, probably.
+Matt Macias I definitely like my DSLR, but I got this one specifically because it can go underwater and you don't have to worry about it. Underwater housings for DSLRs cost thousands and make them even bulkier... 
We've an older model of that Olympus... great shots!
I was thinking about buying a camera like this to use around water with kids. Ill have to pick one up. 
+Tom Anderson These are great photos! I'm happy to see you're embracing each camera's strength (mobile, waterproof, pro-quality, etc) and experimenting more with pushing "the camera you're with" as far as it'll go :)

Also, next time try Haunama Bay...I hear the fishes there beg, so you'd get better shots!
+Ed White thanks ! that's where I started with the snorkeling!  the fish were friendly but I didn't get any shot worth sharing.. I did get a lot of people shots there cause the bay was so crowded!
+Tom Anderson Yeah, that's the downside of's so crowded, nobody goes there anymore :P
+Ed White once you swim out to where the fish are, there's hardly anyone there... I think people are afraid to swim out too much ... I realized while doing it that I'm going to have to dive and get down below to really get a shot... Looking down on fish is kinda dull. I don't really want to shoot fish anyway.. lol. This was my test run. I'm wanting to shoot people underwater
+Tom Anderson Oh, very cool! And yes, now that I think about it, most of the interesting water shots I saw were either at eye-level or the photographer was lower than the subject...I hadn't thought about that until you mentioned it :P Well, good luck, and looking forward to seeing those shots :)
Huye N
Why did you chose the Olympus TG-820 iHS? Did you consider any other water proof cameras?
When will this camera become a smartphone?
the dogs r one of the best posers ! :D really good pic! :)
Emil W
Just shows how little the actual equpiment matters.
One word Beautiful:o)
Nice shot!.... I love dogs they are wonderful friends!
Love these shots! Would love to know more about your post process.
+Brian Rose hey Brian, this one did not make separate posts for each of my photos.. how come? (I'm so happy, don't get me wrong!)
thanks +Stefan Lubinski I just adjusted the contrast, lights and darks, exposure, clarity in Lightroom 4 mostly. Just playing with the tone curve and such. I think in one place I did a little "dodge" to lighten a specific section of the dogs fur
Way to cute. Such an adorable models hehe.
how cum every image you take turns out to look like a painting ?
Went through your prior post photos.  Great eye!  Enjoyed the humor as well: can't go wrong with tee shirts and boobs.  Do you by ANY chance work for google now?  Don't have to answer that.  Just wanted to add that I am yet another fan.  Thanks for brightening my day with your past posts and zest for life.
This is AWESOME +Tom Anderson ! Are these your dogs or just your random subjects? (oh wait, I saw that on another post..:)  Looks like they had a blast, too! :)  Underwater photography can be REALLY challenging but also REALLY FUN!! Difficult to stay still enough and you have to have a decent underwater camera or the color is all washed out!  There are SOOO many underwater photos I completely missed taking cause I floated away!! I am almost tempted to take off and snorkel/scuba dive/go sailing (which I am sorely missing) instead of hitting the playa... almost ;)
I want to do this since a few years -but in here in Germany, all the lakes r forbidden for dogs n our river is so dirty, that i don't want to go in ... But someone send me such pics. I'll try to send them to u. If u Don't get them pls look at my side. Greets Alexandra
awwwww cute doggys the youger puppy says come on pop lets play ball
God, there is just no end of the fun you can have with all the new camera gear come out every minute! I loved this test series +Tom Anderson... loved them doggies too! I'm sure some innocent swimmer won't mind AT ALL if you follow them around with a camera underwater. hehheh. 
ha ha ha .. creepy ...! Hyyyyyy
hey tom can you fix everything on myspace cuse it kinda went down the drain not to hurt your feelings or anything!
se eu escolhesse um cachorro queria um assim acho lindo o grande!
a cachorrinha e bonia mas  nao me entusiasmei 
he he he ... it turns a lot of fans ... this dog jantan
hi  tom  long  time  no   see    my space has  change  to  much  for   me  its
Oi tom sou brasileira. Quer compartilha ser meu amigo?
esta foto demuestra que el grande puede congeniar con el pequeño, si se lo propone, y vivr en armonía.
Cool to see some photos from the Olympus.
Thanks for sharing, Tom. 
the small dog in the picture scares me alot
cute in unusual way..
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