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Bioluminescense is light produced by a chemical reaction which originates in an organism. There are a variety of examples of it, but most come from creatures in the ocean. This image comes from this National Geographic website: and what you're seeing here is phytoplankton.

I did not take this shot, but I'm sharing it because I want to seek out something like this... Anyone know where this is going on in the world right now? I'd love to go see it and photograph it. If you start searching and finding other cool photographs, please hashtag them so I can see what you find. #bioluminescence

Here's an old-school website about the phenomena:
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All you have to do is follow any large vessel in the Pacific to see this..The props turn up the plankton..and glow trail follows!
Used to see it out in Puget Sound in late summer. Not quite that brilliant though.
Do a google search for 'bioluminescent phytoplankton blooms'
Looks like maybe San Diego last autumn?
Laurz G
Did you go to Puerto Rico? They have a great Bio Bay there... It's the most amazing thing I have EVER Seen!
just like a shadow of stars . . . incrdble!
Puerto Rico has a bioluminescent bay,near Fajardo. My understanding is that it happens all year long. Amazing site. It's actually VERY hard to capture with a camera...
Yes, +Tom Anderson! San Clemente Beach Trails! My friends are surfers and took me beach camping nearby and showed me the glowing water. Come down here so we can go!
Try the bioluminescence bay in Puerto Rico.

ETA 4-8-2012: Don't know if you'll see this revision, +Tom Anderson (and maybe someone has said this, too, but apparently this is Vaadhoo Island, Maldives, according to Prof. Brian Cox on Facebook).
you see this underwater when you nightdive (and turn off all of your lights) - this is most likely a manipulated, multiple exposure shot.
es realmente hermoso las cosas que puede hacer la naturaleza beautiful
Years ago I was in Georgia once walking on the beach at night and I though I was loosing it because it looked like the wet sand under my feet was lighting up. I started to jump up and land harder which made the weird lights brighter. It was some kind of jelly fish thing - not sure if it was the same as this or not but it was pretty damn cool!
St. Simons, GA
The bio bay in Puerto Rico is the best. You can swim and kayak there, and take pictures where you can see the glow all around. Check out for more info
I've seen it looking green. This blue looks even wilder +Tom Anderson !! I hope you find some...
In the summer in Sweden and around Scandinavia it happens +Tom Anderson ;) You got time to plan now...
im an outgoing person.. and one scenery like this is i would like to go to.. the shot on this one is fantastic! gladly, i found this site .. now I may now to different places and capture images like this.=>
+Tom Anderson Have you read Gerald Durrell's books on his childhood in Corfu? He has a wonderful description of the bioluminescent marine protozoan Noctiluca miliaris. Most likely to see it on a hot summer night. Large by protozoan standards, 0.6 – 2mm, it emits a greenish yellow light when disturbed to light up the sea around boats, nets and swimmers. Good excuse to go to Corfu, and to read Gerald Durrell...
+Tom Anderson I've been to the Bio Bay in Fajardo, Puerto Rico. It definitely is awesome, especially when the fish start to swim around the boats. They leave glowing trails, and when they scatter, it is so cool! Definitely need a camera where you can set the ISO high enough to capture it. Most point-and-clicks don't pick up the light and you'll only get black photos.
that beautiful scenery, and lucky to be present and congratulations on this wonderful capture of a
We get this off the coast of Northern British Columbia Canada every July and Aug. I will try to get some long exposures of it next time I'm out fishing.
Ed Ying
+Tom Anderson , bioluminescense pretty much occurs everywhere including here in socal...Something cool to do, if you ever go scuba diving at night, turn off your dive lights and just wave your hand around, you'll actually see the glowing specs of plankton.
Laurz G
Tom, yes I have been there. The pictures I took didn't turn out great because I didn't have an awesome camera at the time. It is an experience of a lifetime. One you will never forget. I've been around the world and have to say this is one of the top 3 things I have ever seen. You do have to check the Moon's schedule though, because on a full moon they don't go out. You can go to the bay either on the mainland or to the island off PR. You can google PR's Biobay and get all the info you need.. It's also in 1000 places to see before you die. You can also see it at the Outer banks, NC and Pawley's Island, SC most of the year if it is dark. I'd suggest PR thought. It's the brightest and most pronounced there. Besides if you are going to do it, do it right.
Its amazing how you post something and within 5 minutes you have tons of people raving over it :) A humble photographer here saying you have made awesome strides in a short amount of time and I applaud you. I am still in the Navy (active duty Navy Officer) and we use to see this phosphorescence all the time at sea at night!! I know this isn't your shot but nice work so far +Tom Anderson I have been following you guys since the "bromance" started and you have made some awesome strides. If you find yourself in southern Italy, don't discount a trip to Naples. There are some awesome things to see down here! Take care and I hope to interact with you someday!
or just point some uv light at the white foam. :)
"Es giebt ein Verstummen, ein Vergessen alles Daseyns, wo uns ist, als hätten wir alles verloren, eine Nacht unsrer Seele, wo kein Schimmer eines Sterns, wo nicht einmal ein faules Holz uns leuchtet."

"There is a forgetting of all existence, a hush of our being, in which we feel as if we had found everything.
There is a hush, a forgetting of all existence, in which we feel as if we had lost everything, a night of our soul, in which no glimmer of any star nor even the fire from a rotting log gives us light."

Friedrich Hölderlin

on bioluminiscence ;)

Not a photography, though :)
It happens on the gulf coast of central Florida this time of year
how lucke they are, who can see directly by own eyes......
youre able to see this happen in maldives
The one i saw was green (night scuba-diving) when you move through the water with no light...some sort of green dots all around...
In St. Augustine FL, we used to walk/drive on the beach at night and the phytoplankton would leave a glowing trail wherever we stepped. Not nearly as crazy as this pic, but definitely very cool
My son john saw this in St. Croix. When you swim or kick the water it is like a light show like you've never seen.
so cool!!!!!!!!! Best picture ever!!!!
dude.... how did you mannage to get this??
25 августа приезжай на Черное море.Район Скадовска.Всего две ночи красоты.Море в это время бриллиантовое.Рождаются медузы,море кишит ими.В это время и идет химическая реакция.Море изумрудное,просто чудесное!!!
August 25th come to the Black more.Rayon Skadovska.Vsego krasoty.More two nights at this time brilliantovoe.Rozhdayutsya jellyfish , the sea is teeming with imi.V this time and is the chemical reaktsiya.More emerald !
Apollo astronaut Jim Lovell was saved by that stuff.
I ran into it in Cape May, the South shore in New Jersey. I have never experienced it until that time. :D
I would love to go swim with those ! I would feel just like in Avatar.
West side of Puerto Rico, beautiful bays that are preserved for visitors, you canoe into them and just hang out. it's pretty cool.
waw, interesting please tell me more about It
Ive seen that happen in mexico a few years back. But instead of blue they would glow purple and green.. I believe i was there around February or March about 5 years ago.
Sorry.... ^&^ protects me.. My promise; no bed path fishes.. I'm not SINFUL very well.. TOO STRONG ALONE FISH SINGLE FAITH..
I had the pleasure of seeing something like this in Florida. I had been drinking and thought I was hallucinating. Luckily a sober friend verified that the beach was glowing when I stepped on it. Phew.
I´ve seen it in Costa Rica, Pacific coast, near Puntarenas
HISD must be understand! Why? Reporting on COP FISH on me!
This is going on over in the Maldives
you can see that also in Romania - Black Sea - Vama Veche.
this looks descusting it makes me want to puke
we called them floss fluorescent on Honrby, Island. Just love how you captured the images Tom!
I saw something similar in Puerto Rico, in bioluminescent bay.
Haven't seen it on a beach like that.
That totally rocks the world!!!!!! that real? it looks a bit like the beach from the movie Contact
wow astonashing photo! the glare is perfect LOVE the pic ♥
Tom i saw this before it's easy in any sea or ocean in night with clear sky and no waves on the sea
I've seen this before while hanging out along the coast line of Bodega Bay in California at night. At first I thought it was the stars reflecting off of the surf line but then I noticed that wasn't the case at all! It was a supremely awesome moment I will never forget. It looked like the stars and the ocean were one.
I have seen a few photos of this from San Juan Island in Washington state recently. My only experience with it was on that island as well. We had a group of biology students trudging up the rocky beach at 1am - when we looked back all our footprints were lit up. Was a very cool thing to see!
That is so amazing and beautiful...wish I was there in person to see it...
Saw it in Australia 3 years ago. . . Noosa Heads, Sunshine Coast, QLD
Too cool blue is my fave color and biolumescent cooler stil.
When I was in the Navy, I actually saw this often. As a large ship churns its way through the water, bioluminescent plankton are churned up in the wash of the ship's screws and can be seen clearly in the wake. I recommend you book a cruise somewhere and during the dark hours, go back aft to the fantail and see what the wake looks like. Do some research as to what places see this most commonly and book your cruise there. (All of my underway time was either on the East coast, Mediterranean, or Red Sea.)
Match very well with the stars.Nice pic!
that is the most beautiful pic i have ever seen......luvin it
Very cool Tom! I saw it in San Diego late last year off of La Jolla Shores. It was incredible.
Was blessed to swim at night off the beaches of the Outer Banks of North Carolina many years ago. Each stroke was lit up with this gorgeous phenomenon. Our group stayed out for hours, splashing and swimming and reveling in it. Like bathing in the Aurora Borealis. It is not a common phenomenon here, but I don't know how to predict it's schedule. I'd check with the coastal aquariums.
Correct it is Maldives, this often occurs off coast of India photo was taken by a national Geographic photographer Doug Perrine. Sadly global warming is having a detrimental effect on phytoplankton of which this is one species. Phyto-plankton is one of the essential building blocks in terms of oceanic life's well being, and there is currently a study going on trying to fathom the effect global warming will have on the survivability of this plankton and its possible mutations. Woodland Hastings a Harvard bioluminescent expert has written several papers on the phylo-plankton species.
Puerto Mosquito on the south side of Vieques (Spanish Virgin Islands) just West of Puerto Rico. We snorkeled through the bay and it was just amazing. You could see the outlines of fish as they moved through the water
This picture was taken on an island in Maldives, somewhere in Asia. (It says it on the website link u put up, if you noticed lol)

Awesome glow, beautiful picture!
most locations that this used to occur have become to messed up because polution. it's really sad

this has been and informational from +Nathaniel Gawd Weiss
By the way, how do you bold a word on posts u share in Google+?
Once I swam in the stuff as bright as in this awesome photo. It was in Cape Town...they were casting an eerie glow in a pitch black night with complete cloud cover. They were flickering on my face after going body surfing and left glowing foot prints after the wave washed back down...amazing. Never seen it before or since and sadly no camera! It as breathtaking!

Is it true that phytoplanktons indicate oil reserves?
i wonder if these are like the gold dust we found in my mom's town in the Philippines...theyre sparkling like gold in the daylight <3
I went on my first night dive last night in Monterey Bay, CA. If you moved your hand really fast you could see some blue lights. Our instructors said often there is more. None the less it was pretty cool to see.
nice where did you find that picture
awesome pic! when yall find out where that is, make sure yall tell me!!!
When working in Borneo, just off the coast of Kota Kinabalu
we'd see biolumenesence almost every night....
I saw it at Cold Spring Harbor, NY on Luly 2010. It was absolutely beautiful, as if the sea was an extension of the sky.
Bioluminescence is amazing. I saw it last summer(2011) on the Texas coast while kayaking at night. At first I thought it was the reflection of the stars twinkling in the water but a little different. Then I put my hand in the water and the sparkles grew. I couldn't believe what I saw.
Then I wiggled my hand in the water and it was like a beautiful cool blue sparkler fireworks. Each point of blue Bioluminescence lasted only a moment and the swish of blue lingered for maybe a second. It was an out of this world experience. When I got back to shore, my footprints left a blue shadow in the sand a few paces behind me. God truly is creating a beautiful universe. I am Blessed He shared it with me.
That is beautiful. If only I could c 1 in real life
I saw something like this (not this bright though) on Playa Coco, Nicaragua. It's just south of San Juan del Sur. Every step you took on certain sections of the beach would glow like someone had dumped silver glitter around your feet. It's so beautiful!
I know there are certain bays in central Florida that have a similar phenomenon also happening this time of year. It was quite cool to see fish and alligators swim through it and light the place up.
I have seen this night sailing in New Zealand. It is relatively common. And beautiful. :-)
This is so fun to witness. I first saw it as the water crashed against the hull of a very large ferry travelling between Butterworth and Penang Malaysia at night. I hope you can experience it too.
There's probably more in Puerto Rico than anywhere else. Google phosphorescent bay puerto rico
Near Puerto Rico, on the island of Vieques, is a lake with the highest concentration of these organisms in the world. They offer boat tours at night, and since there's no ambient man-made light, it's darker than most people have experienced, and the light given off as you swim through the lake is brilliantly bright. One of the most amazing experiences I've had in life.
I've seen it twice at night during red tides in the LA area. Every time the waves crash they glow green
I am from Guatemala in Central America, I saw something like this last year in April 2011, in a beach call Las Lizas, next to El Salvador.
i hope dat it's real........i can believe dat i saw that kind of stuff...............i think dat hannah is right.......COOL N AWESOME.......
This is either photoshop, or a hard to find specimen of plankton. Normally it is found about two miles of a small island in the caribean, but if there was some sort of bad weather, i gues they coul come to shore. This of course would kill them though. :(
I experienced this in my university days in San Diego, CA. That is one beautiful photo.
Awesome. If you see Bioluminescense in the water at night, dive straight in, especially if you a mask or dive gogles available. Your whole body glows its amazing.
nice, haven't read all the comments so apologies for a repeat but looks like the end of the film contact
This is one the most beautiful shot
I agree. And this is very intresting. I'd like to experience it
niq bee
Mosquito Bay they call it in Puerto Rico. We had a midnight kayak tour and a must bug spray before you head out. Unbelievably natures wonder. Absolutely incredible experience except the mosquito bites.
so beautiful.......!! i wonder could it be a wish that comes in to the water what could it be ummmmm
"Old-school website" meaning it's not Google+ or a blog? Nice photo by the way. Looks like they went a little crazy on the high dynamic range (HDR) imaging effects though.
Mosquito Bay in Vieques is the brightest and arguably the best. Best way to experience it is by Kayak.
I looked at the pic, and thought: "Bioluminescence, but what?" then i read the post part.
my brother in law shot pics of this in surfside beach, texas a few weeks back (only a short drive from houston)
It was absolutely beautiful in Puerto Rico.
And yet there are still those out there who don't believe in magic.
maybe try the ocean (its all luminescent)
I think there think there tiny jellys could be wrong.
There's a place in Jamaica called glistening waters where this happens too
San Diego has this phenomena called "red tide" because in the daytime the photoplankton look rust colored... we saw it last year, it's amazing. Neon blue lightning in the wave's. It was best in the Encinitas area where the beaches are not overly lit. It's a must see! You can catch them in a jar like fireflies and shake them up. Or kayak through them for a neat effect.
There is a bioiluminescent bay in Puerto Rico that people from all over the world go to see.
Yes - there is a place near Puerto Rico I went where the US used to test bombs.... I've been there at midnight... and been swimming in the blue...
Fajardo, Puerto Rico.... also Culebra (a small island off the coast of P.R) bioluminescence is awesome!!!! if you come to check it out you will not be dissappointed. -highly recommended
I encountered bioluminescence on a sailboat around the San Jaun Islands in Washington several years ago (it was greenish instead of the blue in this picture). It was funny to use the toilet at night because it used sea water (that then went into a holding tank) and it glowed!
God is the Author of Light and His son, Jesus Christ is the Light of the World!
god created this world
although there really is no proof
i still believe it
To add to the Puerto Rico comments, a few years ago I was able to swim in a bioluminescent bay in Vieques Island off the east coast of Puerto Rico. It was one of the most incredible travel experiences I've ever had. The closest I can get to describing it with words is it looks like you're in a Disney movie. I've heard they no longer allow swimming but you can still take kayaks out. Go! You'll never forget it!!
Been to both the bio bays in Puerto Rico main island.. but the one at Vieques is just amazing. Go get your "rum diary" on ... the bio experience is 2nd to none.
this real photo or edited?..don't care, but that pict its so AWESOME!!
oh.. and if you pee in the water it glows!!! thought u might want to know
wow is like another planet
Wait for the Squid runs in Southern California (Laguna Beach, Dana Point) thats when i have seen this most. Its amazing to go diving in. Very weird.
And anyone who confesses Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Lord and also are light shiners! Do you know the One True Light?
I've seen this in Cape Elizabeth Maine in the Spring...AMAZING!!!!!!!!
that looks kinda fake...maybe in post processing the lights were brought out, but that bright IRL?
I've seen this in Maine. If you swim underwater with your eyes open, you can see the water on fire.
It is much better in person. Out in the middle of the ocean with no moonlight
This has been on my bucket list for years now. Some places do boat tours when these blooms are occurring and you can sail along with a sparkling blue wake behind you. Concentrations need to be pretty high though to get this kind of effect.
this is amazing i never knew this could happen. Does it only happen at night
Bioluminescence in the marine animals is a very common feature because of the presence of phosphorus in seawater. This is visible in every seaside at night but the intensity is dependent on the density of zooplanktons and phytoplanktons.At the depth of the sea there are many fishes(scorpionids, specially) which glow with appreciable intensity. Some insects also emit light at night(glow worms) and it is due to the biochemical reaction between LUCIFERIN (a pigment) and an enzyme called LUCIFERASE.
I saw tiny bioluminescent jellyfish in Nantucket last year! I thought they were aliens. It was beyond magical.
I've seen it at night, from a boat on the Whulge, while pulling up a crab pot.
thats a nice veiw i would wanna live there but the bad thing is its too chilly out there dont you wanna put on a sweater or something? lol
Tom, seriously cool photo! I know about the phenomenon...but still...very cool
I know its CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There is a Bio-Bay in Puerto Rico. I am actually going there this summer
you know that is really cool
looks cool i wonder what would happen if you drank the water the beaches, its always so calm listening to the waves, and occassionally seagulls. don't care for sand lice though..thats why i usually carry a lawn chair. horseflies or murder. sooooo miss summer.
No No
that looks so awesome!!!! it looks like blue lights
dude I was walking on the beach one night with my wife and son and our footsteps started to glow. I took me a minute to realize that there must be some kind of glowing algae or something but at first it was pretty tripped out.
If you get somewhere, get a boat and go out at night. If you are lucky to have dolphins or porpoises around playing in your bow or stern wake, you can get some great pictures. Pretty amazing to see a school coming towards your boat from a mile away at top speed - they look like torpedoes. I have experienced this many times in Alaska and B.C. during the summer months.
the most amazing bioluminescent experience I had was in Indonesia, off the coast of Borneo (west). We swam at night in the warm ocean and were engulfed in a pool of light. Eerie and magical!
I've seen it in the Philippines but this picture looks more spectacular than what I saw.
We were just in Veiques Island off the coast of Puerto Rico and went kayaking in the bio bay there which is supposed to be one of the best in the world. We were there on a moonless night and it was amazing. You could see the paths of the fish in the water and of our paddles. When you hold the water in your hand it twinkles like the stars. You can't swim in it though because they want to make sure nothing contaminates it.
I've seen it in Timor Leste - magnificent :)
I saw bioluminescence just like this 15 years ago on the Pacific Coast of Mexico. I was in the town of Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca. It was in the month of December. My wife and I were spellbound! I thought the tequila had been spiked... :-)
It's in Jamaica. They had it on the discovery channel a few years back. They still show it from time to time. These phytoplankton light up all day everyday, but you can see them best at time.
Saw that in Costa Rica near Dominical Last year.
wow... I don't think I'm afraid of seeing the ocean anymore! :o
I've seen this at Sunset Beach. Never this intense though. I mostly noticed it when going on runs at night on the beach. Every step a giant circle glows beneath whenever my foot touches.
+Laurz G is correct, you can see it even in SoCal. You don't need to suba to do it either.
I used to play with the bioLuminescence at night when I lived on a sailboat in the Port of LA - when it is dark, you can put anything into the water (say, from a dock) and wave it around and see the colorful light appear. Also, spraying a water hose into the water, or under-the water surface, this makes a very cool light pattern.

Unlike the photo you shared, the only time I've seen bioLum is with motion, like you see on the waves in the photo, but not like the static points of light up above the water line...
I seen this many time when I was in the US Navy on board my first ship at night it looked as if the water was beautiful aqua green 
Hi! I'm from Puerto Rico and there are only 5 bioluminescent bays in the world as I know and three of them are here in the Island!! It's just an amazing experience! Come visit someday! 
i saw almost the same thing on the beach at goose island, tx. really incredible.
what the heck is that that looks kewl
Tom I live in Puerto Rico and we have two bioluminescent bays. It is something truly beautiful. I've been to the one in Lajas which is on the west side of the island. To come to Puerto Rico you won't need a passport if you're an american citizen. If you'd like to see pictures of our bioluminescent bays I believe you can do a google search ;) Oh and you can see it all year long.
speechless that picture is so cool i wish i could see it in person (~-~)
A little over a year ago, my wife and I went to the one in Puerto Rico. Truly worth doing again.
I don't have any pictures but saw something like this in Malaysia many years ago. Was really awesome to walk along beach and see it.
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YO . i would love to sit and experience this beautiful sight .!
Its so pretty(the waves) The waves are glowing
There are Bioluminescent bays in Puerto Rico. The phytoplankton I saw had a green glow though.
+Tom Anderson, have you read about the Waitomo Caves in New Zealand? The Arachnocampa luminosa glowworms reside in these caves, and it's supposed to look like a magical microcosm of the night sky with a million tiny sparkling stars! I haven't been able to find an amazing enough picture to do this special setting justice, so more amazing and talented photographers need to visit these caves and change that! :]
Hi Tom Im from Puerto Rico. Here we have 4 bioluminescent bays. Fajardo, 2 in Lajas(la Parguera) and Vieques (a little Island an hour in boat) and BTW isn't a Spanish Virgin Island and its at EAST +Conrad Stack LOL. And the bioluminescence its on all the year long.
Red tide is another nickname we used to call it in So Cal.
Yeah about 30 years ago on the Beach @ Salina Del Mar BC Mexico
Used to be able to see the effect on dark nights at the beach tween Huntington and Newport (So Cal)... but there are too many lights now and too much pollution... AAALLLL GOOONE I guess in So Cal
'We get it from time to time here in southern California. I tried to take some pictures of this beautiful phenomenon but had a hard time capturing it. You can't really use flash on it or extend your exposure time either because the moving waves will blur. Focusing is difficult too because it is so dark. You need a really fast lens. It's called red tide because during the day it appears reddish.
This is the most awesome thing I have experienced in terms of natural phenomena. While running down the beach at night at Laguna Beach, Florida during spring break in 2007, I saw the sand light up like thousands of little blue LED lights. It was dumb-founding. I kept running around to people telling them about the "magic sand". I don't know if it happens ever year, but it was amazing. Everyone else there didn't seem to impressed, but WHO CARES! It was glorious. Made me praise GOD for his creativity.
Few years ago, I had to live on board of a yacht that was in the Red Sea, in Hurgada, Egypt ... and in the middle of the night when everything abroad the yacht was shut off, I used to see a similar glowing on the tiny waves on the surface .... I was unbelievable, I could have imagined that there was a such as a COLD LIGHT BLUE LIGHET, too similiar to the one we can see here ..... I used the term of COLD in terms that it emits no heat.

You have to see it by your own eyes to understand what do I mean.
There is a Bioluminescent Bay in Vieques, Puerto Rico. My husband and I visited last June and it the most magnificent things I have ever seen or experienced! They allow you to get in the water and swim. Its a fantastic experience:

There are a few other places in Puerto Rico where you can see this wonder of nature.

Red tide is is a mass accumulation of algae whereas bioluminescence is the actual algae 'glowing'. The algae produces this chemical reaction when disturbed.
When I went to Puerto Rico, there was a little bay in the ocean where it would light up at night because of the ocean life that lived there, but it wasn't exactly like this. It looked more like when the pool lights are on at night, but it was still pretty cool.
There is one in puerto rico called the bioluminescence bay
i look forward to see this in person one day
One of the great things about living in the Azores were the phosphorescent beaches at night.
when I was a little girl my grandparents would spend Thanksgiving at a little hotel in Acapulco, Mexico.They took me a few times. The beach looked like that every night. it was beautiful. You could scoop it up in your hands. It would slowly fade away... Maybe it is still there..I don't know if it was seasonal or not, but it was there.. every time I went, without fail.

Here is a link so you can go see and swim in the glowing water of jamaic. It's are to see from the photos but that waters glow really bight. I am surprise I am the only one posting about the real glowing water, and not the toxic San Diego red tide that kill animals and people every year. Wish I could come with you I have wanted to go to Jamaica and see this almost my whole life.
please circle me google+ers and I will do the same back! <3
Hello, just letting you know that in Puerto Rico we have Lakes i which happen...
I LoVe, luv, LOVE....this shot. Amazing Tom...amazing...thanks for sharing. :)
There is accounts of sailors that go back to the 1600's and probably earlier as well of seeing lights like these at sea. The sailors were often frightened or took it as a sign from god. Very good post +Tom Anderson
Ya you guy's heard of photo shop? YA that's it... It aint real just for you guy's who think it is ive got some stuff to sell you for 50,000 dollars (rocks i found in my back yard) LOL!!!
It's a seasonal thing And it's pretty common in the ocean when the ocean water gets churned up from a boats prop or waves.
Never heard of this! Now I'd like to see it too:) Does it happen anywhere on the East Cost?
Chan Li
Mind if i use it us a background of chrome theme
Smart Alak

You are like me though.


A video of it would be 1000 times better, if +Tom Anderson manages to find a place that this occurs at.
Oh wow... such a beautiful shot...
that is so nice and did you know that your myspace sucks!!!!!!!!!
I know where it is going on! I went to jekyll island once, and i went to their beach one night. If you crouch down and push some sand away quickly on a moist part of the beach near the water, you will see small glow dots, dinoflagellets, (i dont know how to spell it...) but it is only where you push, not the whole beach like in the photo you posted! 
The great island of Puerto Rico! I believe it's called La Parguerra.
What a trip. A couple a beers and some of my flowers and I'd could enjoy kickin it here for hours...
in Persian Gulf, Qeshm island you can see this every night. it is amazing. the tides are green there though not blue
thanks for the suggestions everyone :) I hope to track one down. Puerto Rico seems like the sure thing right now :)
it's quite beautiful, isn't it? :)
I experienced something similar to this about 40 years ago off the South African coast about 30 miles from a city called East London, where I grew up. We were at a type of holiday resort. I was on the beach with some friends and it was very dark with no type of lighting in the area and no moon light. The surf was luminating in the dark as if there was phosphor in the water. When we walked on the rocks, ankle deep, we could see our footprints glow in the dark. The glowing was very intense and we were very fascinated by this. I wish I had a digital camera at the time, but 40 years ago we never had that luck. It was an amazing experience though.
Tom+...find it at warm and Tropical countries. Are planktons,luminous during moon shine and u can see them. swim. Will not appear on cold and rain fall.
I think it is in Ponce, Puerto Rico ( I know it's along the southern coast, but I'm not sure exactly). Thay have glass bottom boast that take you out on the bay at night. It's pretty amazing.
It's a nightmare place inPR. Don't go. Look at the photo... That enuf...ugh...
The bioluminescence phenomenon used to be a feature even of west coast Florida shores way back when I worked out of Miami, though not in the density one sees here; one cannot say today given the intense populating and industrialization of the areas whether it still exists. It is rather nice to see. This image is quite nice even though you did not take it with the D4 (wow, super camera).
Your outshines this, tremendously beautiful images there, I must say, well done. Maybe I should consider the D4. Upper end Nikons are really remarkable.
I lived in China (PRC) many years, look forward to your reflections on the blog through your peregrinations in Taiwan, a place I hope to visit in a couple of years in my retirement. In the last 15 years I was mostly inland in Asia and there is not much bioluminescence there <chortle> - and I did manage to place a number of images from some of my trips across National Georgaphic, perhaps I may share some (example, Gobi Desert, Silk Road places, etc.).

I rather enjoy your images here, Death Valley through Taipei via Santa Monica, and all points in between, well done.
+Tom Anderson This can be found all over the world, not sure if it's seasonal related but I saw it on the Pacific coast in Costa Rica before.
What an amazing photo!
OMG.. Love it. !! :D awesome photograph
what a man u words to say u....................
Reminds me of my sailing days when the ocean would glow with phosference. Great shot, saw when dauphins lit up water while sailing near Galapagos and when someone would pump the head at sea. Really trippy. Also was great experience when anchored off islands in Mississippi and would row ashore and make angle wings in the surf. Thanks for the reminder.
woooooowooh!!!!!!!!!!!!!, can i make it to be there?
Том .Вы выложили очень красивые фото.Это незабываемое впечатление от, светящегося в ночи , моря. Когда я такое увидела впервые , то даже перехватило дыхание.Спасибо.
esta bien liinda ... demas siisiisii es geniial
Estas fotografías son una pasada , que tipo de cámara utilizaron , antes no tenia interés por la fotografía al ver esto me esta gustando 
I saw this in hawaii a long time ago. It was incredible.
Meg A.
sooooooooo cool
Akh IL
thanq     its something
I have seen this during turtle egg hatch season on the FL east coast during the full moon but not as luminescent as this pic- makes me wonder if I find the right SLR setting I might be able to make shots like this one- absolutely fantastic!!
There's a spot in Puerto Rico were you can swim in it, @ your body glows
That is so COLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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