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Update on Hawaiian Photowalk on the Island of Oahu! First, my little surprise: +Trey Ratcliff is now here with me and will be hosting the PhotoWalk together!
Second: I think we should change the meeting time to 6:00pm, and have the walk culminate in the fireworks at 8:30pm. Let me know if this presents any problems for anyone.

Event: Photowalk Waikiki!
Date: March 4th, Sunday
Time: 6:00pm (note updated time!)
Location: meet at the Ala Moana Park main parking lot (if we're full there's additional parking at the mall across the street)
Schemer RSVP: Click here to let others know you're going -
- Free Invite - Need a free Schemer invite? Click here:

About the Plan modification: If we meet at 6:00pm, we'll be able to all say hello and catch the sunset at 6:30. There's some nice shots in the park area of the Waikiki skyline, the condos across from the park, and the park & beach itself. We can shoot around the park, and then start heading towards the fireworks around 7:00pm.

Yesterday I walked the route mentioned in my original post ( and it took about an hour while stopping to shoot, so that's why I think we should leave towards the fireworks around 7:00ish.

+Donny Chambers +James Pakele +Ikaika Arnado +Dallas Nagata White +Wes Lum +James Petersen +Stanley Yamada +Ed White +Ryan Ozawa +Mark Swink +Arleen Boyd +Mick Motor +Lux Xul +Shelly Bonoan +POOHKO HAWAII +Patrick Kaleihiwalani P Ramos +Randy Jay Braun +Mark Paz +Dino Morrow +Robert Nakama +Gabriel Yanagihara +j mac

Plus mention your friends you want to tell about this event in the comments below, and let everyone know +Trey Ratcliff is coming :-)
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man...i wish ohio was closer to Hawaii
Oh man, jealous! bonus points if you get pics with a ukulele for me :)
Sounds like a plan!
thanks +J Mac I'd been struggling with that one for a few weeks!
all pics you taken are so beautiful,,
send the plane for me ... i be packed and ready!!
This shouldn't pose a problem for me. I'll be covering the parade and walk over after!
+Shelly Bonoan I read online that the Parade goes from 4:30 to 8:00pm, but that seems impossible... ! How long can one get their parade on?!
+Tom Anderson , our group of 30+ photographers will still be at the other end of Waikiki. They have been advertising the fireworks on the radio and TV all week here and that will help to make the crowds even worse than they would have been. What may take an hour on a normal weekday on Waikiki can take several times that during a busy weekend day with a festival and parade going on. Best of luck to you and your group from the Ala Moana end. Our group will be meeting in front of the zoo @ 3:00 to shoot the parade and then moving to the aquarium end to shoot the fireworks if anyone else would care to join us. Full details available at: Hope everyone has a blast and that we all get lots of great shots.
thanks +Ed Westberg I just realized I didn't upload my final edit! lol.. The main difference was I had sharpened the rocks and ocean ... fortunately I was just able to edit the photo after I'd already uploaded it, and use in the built in Google+ sharpen. thanks +Brian Rose and the photo team :)
Oh Sheeze....
You are creating a flash mob.... with flashes.
Ha! Well, you know how we locals get into the festivities +Tom Anderson I usually scout the most interesting shots and be on my way to more interesting shots! Can't wait to meet you all!
Wes Lum
Can't wait to meet you, Trey, and the G+ community!
+Shani Hiraoka I kept trying to tag you in the original post but your name wouldn't show up ... can you make it at 6:00?
Oh, uh, by the way, +Tom Anderson, the photo walk might end up covered by KITV 4 now >.>
Everyone should bring a plastic bag to protect their cameras. We get rain showers here even when the sun is shining!
+Arleen Boyd btw, I just saw your Twitter post, thx.. but you said it was Saturday .. it's on Sunday :)
Man I want to fly out there looks fun!
I always dream to experience Hawaii. All your pics could tell.
I wish I was with u :( enjoy guys & have a great time ;)
Will this be okay after the crowd from the Honolulu Festival? Have fun and be careful. Stop by the convention center if you have time!
+Joshua Lum It's tough to know how crowded it'll all be and how it'll play out... Guess we'll all play it by ear :)
+Tom Anderson Parade is at 4:30pm but that might just make for a more interesting Waikiki. Fireworks are at 8:30pm. Good luck and can't wait to see the pics!
wow that photo is absolutely beautiful. make me remember when I could afford to go to Hawaii.....
So beautiful, I am missing Hawaii. The big Island is my favorite, but Oahu is also very nice!
This shot is beautiful!! Love those clouds and gorgeous blue sky - I know the photowalk will be great - perfect location!
who cares what it is its amazing
Try Spam Musubi. I hope you like it. :D
Great pics, I just have to say pictures don't ever do justice to the scenery. I've lived here for just over 4 months and the view is breath taking. :)
awesome pic! awesome plan! have fun on the 4th
I'm not sure if that was the effect you wanted, but it looks a bit too HDR around the clouds in the right area of the frame. Other than that, gratz!
the waves have gone one with the clouds.Amazing.
Did you use to trayel to thailand and phuket ? nick !! it is same photo you
Beautiful, can't wait to see it with my own eyes in 42 days.
Thanks +Tom Anderson for the updates, much appreciated! That's awesome, +Trey Ratcliff is also co-hosting the photowalk.

I'll probably head out to Ala Moana around 4, before the parade crowd piles in. Then meet up with everyone at 6.

Awesome +Donny Chambers... I know we're all G+ users, but for anyone who uses Twitter, I will post locations and stuff if we have trouble finding each other. My twitter name is "myspacetom" - I don't want to clog up G+ with location updates like that.
hi, my japanese dance team 'Suga-ren' is there now. and they will performance in Honolulu Festival.
This time, I don't attend this festival. I'm in Japan now. This is too bad....
Please enjoy honolulu festival, and I wish you will look my team.
ur photos r always beautiful, just awesome.
dear anderson sir, u have a very nice fun of photography.....

your pics are so beautifull, in other word its r SUPERBBB
I love your pictures Tom......please come to India to share your art....
Tom, What are the details about this photo? Where was this taken?
I thought that was one of Trey's works. Very nice.
After two months of 14 hour days (EVERY DAY!), I think this might be just what I need. See you then!
cheeehuuu I'm on it, but can't stay for the whole time, bummers
Tom, looks like it'll be a great turnout looking forward to meeting you & Trey as well as all the G+ community!
and I think you guys should send for me to bring my massage table to add to your itinerary...heheh
oops...too late...I could never be ready and get there in time...shucks1
since you have so much money and time could you help a man who adopted three kids just before the economy went south and is pretty much struggling daily?? I thought not.
Too much exposure so the water looked not natural.
Are you still on Myspace, Tom?? I always thought it was way better than Facebook!!!
Thank"s Tom.sorry i"m not that good,still lerning ,but enjoying all Fotoes.
amazing shot...!! I can almost feel the mist from the crashing waves... soooooo refreshing!! =)
Oh boy, someone's been doing their rain dance! I hope there's good weather tomorrow...
how do u make all these websites and stuff
Certainly wish I could be there. :-(
These pics would make great frames for my room
Wow.. now this is cool and I want to be here. One day, I will.
Nothing like Hawaii! And an Amazing Photo, Nothing like Perfect!
wao! the picture is beauty much!
i very like it!
This looks like a lot of HDR work
i made it, you guys are awesome, too bad i had to leave early!
Man, that's a beautiful shot. It makes me feel like I'm actually there. That's how great the photo is. :) I also hope the photowalk was enjoyable.
you should follow me since i use to have you on my top on myspace to bad its full of ads now. Also amazing photos i want some of those on canvas's.
hey tom, hope things are well :) myspace was and is excellent
Tom....your photos Rage! I have been posting them on my wall...of Buddha's: guitars and something which reminds me of my time with the Dali - got the luckiest soundman job in history for six months. This photo's a bit different...both tells so many saved memories - as well as creating wonderful new ones! I'll be posting once we master a CD set this summer, if you would like a pair of them, let me know, k? (They are sold in pairs, as you'll understand once you getchurrzzz.)
i have a suggestion for you brother..,what if you are hunting on Lake Toba Indonesia.i'm sure you will get satisfactory result with natural there...
and this photo is also quite good...tks
i like the natural it.s huge
All images magnificence
The picture is insane! I love it! However, it's looks as if a tsunami wave is headed your way. ;/
Ocean conditions can change in an instant in #Hawaii  So watch out for this one #big   #wave  and don't turn your back to the water. Unique photo composition of green island hills, gray clouds, tide pools and turquoise colored wave +Tom Anderson 
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