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Hawaii has so many interesting and unique sites. Where else can you see waterfalls cascading down a massive, dormant "shield" volcano? When it rains heavily here on Oahu, waterfalls form on the Ko'olau mountain range. These waterfalls dry up pretty quickly after it stops raining, and there's usually a heavy cloud cover shrouding the mountain tops in fog and mist. I got lucky with this shot -- it was raining, but I was able to capture the scene before my lens got too wet. (The hatchback of my Jeep helped keep things dry between attempts!)

Wikipedia has an interesting entry on the Ko'Olau mountain range: "It is not a mountain range in the normal sense, because it was formed as a single mountain called Koʻolau Volcano. What remains of Koʻolau is the western half of the original volcano that was destroyed in prehistoric times when the entire eastern half—including much of the summit caldera—slid cataclysmically into the Pacific Ocean. Remains of this ancient volcano lie as massive fragments strewn nearly 100 miles (160 km) over the ocean floor to the northeast of Oʻahu."
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Nice info. It certainly looks very unique.
apa beautiful scenery
WAUU eso es muy misterioso y demasiado hermoso!!!

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wow,.,.,!!so many waterfalls,..,.where is these.,,.?//
That is definitely a lucky shot there. Very impressive, Tom! Also, thanks for the information on Ko'Olau. :)
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fre fri
any chance you could provide a high resolution version?
Though I have Never Visited Hawaii Myself, I Would Jump at a Chance to Visit. You're post made me want to travel there in the Near Future Tom
I used to live in Waimanalo, and the waterfalls off the Ko'olau's after it rained were always my favorite sight :)
They're gorgeous, but we do have waterfalls coming off many shield volcanoes here in Oregon ...
its really very nice photos which i have never seen
where is that, want to see it some day
I loved Hawaii!! Spent a year there!! Saw the most beautiful sites not found anywhere else!! <3
i have never seen this type of photos
you have taken some bloody good photos
i don"t usually view. but this one you can comment unknowingly very attracting.
very nic ...........waooooooo
Wow, awesome pic--thanks for sharing!
hi tom what are you doing :) what is happen whit my space ?
WTH aren't you fb guy? I'm confrused. (int. mis.)
I actually really want to go there now :)
Wow, this is so amazing! #bucketlist
God is the best designer, that is why you fault this world, beautiful world
this pic is absolutly stunning. How beautiful
WONDERFUL PLANET! Unfortunately there are some humans that are trying to destroy this amazing planet, our only real home in this universe......
hey tom I havent talked to you since myspace, how have you been man?
Seen this up close and personal and it is amazing...Unforgettable...
I hope my paradise will look like Hawaii. Have been there and can say for sure it is a paradise on Earth. The only mention that there are the most beautiful forests, ocean, sunsets, dreamworld for surfers, the only place on the globe without poisonous animals/insects, with the most relaxed, happy and down to earth people. I LOVE YOU, HAWAII
oh my god, where is this, its such a beautifull picture, is this even real ?
I don't know why, but when I first looked at this picture I thought the clouds were moving.
Are u on a boat? Awesome pic!
What a nice picture indid, wish to see it myself
in shot i count 23 water falls ~~ very nice but if i can add some hint's
very nice shutter speed could of been slower - maybe with a softer lend's and or wider angle" and if the sun where more behind you, i'am sure you no what kind of picture this wood reveille,wonderful pic' Ty what do you think ?
How did ya get this one?????????????
It looks very impressive. I also want to visit this place so much!
You're a lucky man! ^^
Must go to Hawaii to see it for myself! Spectacular! that Ko'olau mountain range looks enormous - looks like the vantage point you picked was ideal.
that is just beautiful, will put that on my 'bucket list'
i wannna go over there
Hey why won't myspace let me cancel my account? You guys never send me the email after going through all the steps
Hawaii is one beautiful place
Beautiful love the clouds toppling over the mountain top just Beautiful.
So beautiful and breathtaking in person; my favorite place to be.
pa pi
First impression? It was totally Photoshopped!
After staring at it a little more my jaw just dropped to the floor and I'm waiting for a doctor to fix it. Nice one :)
best post ever; I love the facts about the volcano wall sliding into the ocean~it must have produced quite the tidal wave. This pic is one of what I consider the rarest things to see on Oahu. Those Falls are really special. Thank you.
I love Hawaii. It's easily my favorite place to visit. Hopefully when it's time I can retire there. Favorite island for me is probably Maui.
Thanks Tom! And thanks again for Myspace.
Indah banget.
Awsome pic...beautiful it <3
Fantastic photo! At the first glanse, i thought you have gone crazy with the clone tool...
nice ???? noooo fontastic
all of your photos are spectacular tom!!!
wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gr8 pic... ur really lucky
How and why does this show up in the technology circle?
This is really beautiful! Thanks for sharing!
wow the beauty of nature.God is truly always at work
Didn't you have almost 20 inches of rain in a very short period
Thanks for all the pics Tom. Also sorry but I haven't checked Myspace in like forever. =p
Wow thats so amazing, you know I wish I could visit the place one day, but that seems so far from happening
that picture is beautiful in every way shape and form. That picture is simply nature at it's finest.
Tom, you should always talk about equipment and settings for us hoot geeks. 
Amazing. hats off to gods creations
mar mag
Really amazing!
My first duty station was Camp Smith, then later on down to Hickham. I'd go back to Hawaii so fast your grandparents' necks would snap from the shockwave.
Beautiful scenery!!! Hopefully I will visit some day soon.
its beautiful thesez r the things we need to keep on earth
Post the raw image next time I would love to see it without being photoshopped . 
Going there for our honeymoon in September. Can't wait. :-)
Nice catch.. Those waterfalls thin out very quickly like you mentioned... 
Absolutely beautiful. Makes you wonder what sort of spectacular sights exist on planets around the universe if our little blue dot has so many amazing ones.
mark a
Its a pic out of neo geo
man ur lucky i want to visit hawaii
i worked in hawaii when i was 16 this is a very beautiful picture it reminds me of the beautiful things in life
wao Great Cool Picture:-)
very splendid atmosphere,hw i wish govt of my country spends money tourism with good faith ERIN IJESHA and other water falls could have well known to the world
very splendid atmosphere,hw i wish govt of my country spends money tourism with good faith ERIN IJESHA and other water falls could have well known to the world
I love hawiee the coffie is awsome
Tom I used to have a my space but the thing I don't like about facebook is you can't customise it like my space but all my family and church are on facebook
hello tom.......maintaining you reputation ........succes
hi frnds... Google + kese used karte he..??? Frnds kese banate he?? Plz help me.
I have always wanted to go to hawai. I hear it is awesome.
Same here, also there was so much hacking going on. I haven't had that on FB. I miss myspace cause of the customise. Nice picture Tom, Thanks
u havnt seen the real hills to u go to eastern kentucky
Such a pretty picture. I am sure to be there in person is ten times better. I have always loved to visit places like this but I live in a beautiful state that I am proud to come home too!
Try the Sacred Pools on the east side of Maui, a few miles south of Hana...
I miss Magnum, TC, and Rick. Alright Higgins, you can come along, but you gotta ride in back of the ferrari.

Those shorts, they were just the best. I'm going to try to bring them back.
How exactly are there so many waterfalls from the same range? and does anyone know from how far away this picture was taken?
menakjubkan (amazingly beaytiful)!!!
Aiint Yhu Thee Dudde Who Made myspace ?
so beautiful looks like heaven on Earth........
I've been here, it was poopy, elephants fly around and poop on you
Bernard longtime since I last was on Oahu but it always brings back fond memories
I especially love the detail of the cloud brushing the top of the mountain. Where did you take this shot from?
beyond beautiful!! i've never seen so many
Hi Tom,

Thank you for replying! I am going to look into both of those. I am
starting to get back into photography and cannot wait to be able to take
photo's and edit them like yours. Do you have any suggestions for an entry
level inexpensive camera that is able to attach different lenses? Thank you
again Tom,
I miss seeing those mountains from my grandparents house. Great photo!
i have been there twice and never seen anything like that its so AWESOME!!!
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its realy superab......! I cant belive my eyes.... Its fake or orignal.
Ah to breath the fresh misty air of Kaneohe
wooow mst...incr
edible....superb..mindblowing.....real beauty of nature
That's right kids. In Tommorowland EVERYBODY gets their own waterfall.
Wes Lum
Nice shot Tom! I think you got the most waterfalls....I need a full frame lol.
They call them the Palis. I miss them so.. used to live there myself for several years. Aloha Hawaii. Hopefully I'll be back again, soon, one day! Hawaii Rocks. The mainland least compared to HI it does!:(
plz i want some one to help me give the skip of a good technical school out there?
Dung ha
HI Tom, you are so great photograph I never see before. Of couse some of that I love so much and some of that look like not real (sorry if I said not good). But I believe you are one of some best photographer!
awesome! Tom how you photographed here. it would be so cool..
What a wonderful natures..
These pictures ar so amazing thanks
to to
Awesome! is it big island or H3 ???
Great love to be with you.
I couldent agree more  I was  in the big island in 2011 I wish to see perl harbor soon
fnny thing wen i had a my space acount  i could totaly customize the page cant do that with facebook
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