Hawaii has so many interesting and unique sites. Where else can you see waterfalls cascading down a massive, dormant "shield" volcano? When it rains heavily here on Oahu, waterfalls form on the Ko'olau mountain range. These waterfalls dry up pretty quickly after it stops raining, and there's usually a heavy cloud cover shrouding the mountain tops in fog and mist. I got lucky with this shot -- it was raining, but I was able to capture the scene before my lens got too wet. (The hatchback of my Jeep helped keep things dry between attempts!)

Wikipedia has an interesting entry on the Ko'Olau mountain range: "It is not a mountain range in the normal sense, because it was formed as a single mountain called Koʻolau Volcano. What remains of Koʻolau is the western half of the original volcano that was destroyed in prehistoric times when the entire eastern half—including much of the summit caldera—slid cataclysmically into the Pacific Ocean. Remains of this ancient volcano lie as massive fragments strewn nearly 100 miles (160 km) over the ocean floor to the northeast of Oʻahu."
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