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+Mohamed Mansour (creator of many awesome G+ Chrome Extensions) and I got into an interesting discussion about being "alone" and "loneliness" on a +Trey Ratcliff G+ hangout tonight. (Perhaps this is a good Valentine's Day topic!)

Mohammed asked me why I didn't feel lonely when spending all day taking photos by myself... I struggled to give him an answer, and in part tried to answer him with this photo. Now there are people in this photo, but it was a special "alone" moment for me, because it was taken during the Super Bowl last week. For any of you who know this beach in Oahu (Kailua) it's normally packed with people. I had a peaceful feeling of solitude out there, very happy to be alone and capturing one of my favorite places with almost no people in a habitually crowded spot.

I told +Mohamed Mansour that some of the things I'm most proud of in life required that I spend months and months (and even years) by myself. This brought about a few laughs from the other listeners... :-) +Trey Ratcliff weighed in with his thoughts on this same experience. After logging out of the hangout and having some time to reflect, I realized that what I had trouble articulating to Mohamed during during the hangout is that the experience of solitude is totally different from feeling lonely. In solitude, one can think more clearly - in fact, my inability to explain to him was a perfect example of it. I couldn't really give him a good answer to his question with 10 people in the Hangout... It was too chaotic for me to even gather my thoughts.

So here's a better answer...

Have you ever felt alone in a room of people? I think all of us have. Or even felt lonely when you're one on one with someone you don't like? (Imagine a bad date..) You feel so different, so apart from that other person, that you start to wonder if there's anyone else for you in this world. (There is, don't worry!)

Conversely, have you ever been alone and not felt lonely? It may mean you're enjoying solitude. Solitude is something you choose when you want to enjoy your own company. That sounds a little funny, but if you don't enjoy your own thoughts and feelings, will anyone else? In solitude, you can reflect, learn, grow, create. Almost all the things that make me deeply satisfied require solitude.

Loneliness chooses you. Solitude is a choice. By choosing solitude, you'll rarely feel lonely.

Happy Valentine's Day :-)
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OMG another post to appreciate mother earth... i love beach
hao hao
I like this photo
Yes, "lonely" and "alone" are two very different things. I have learned to be alone... and not lonely. It took a while and had something to do with liking my own company. I notice that when I don't like my self, then I am pretty lonely.
Great shot,
That picture looks so cool I can feel sand between my toes... :)
oo yes!!!Excellent wind!!!God pic!!!
wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! n why feel lonely in an enviroment like that,the clean air of trees,the view of the sea,mmmmmmmmmmmmmmh i llike it,too bad i am poor wen it comes to take photos.
I wasn't in the hangout, but I understand the laughter - I mean, you are (in my mind) connected to one of the largest social sites in history. But apart from that, I share your experience of solitude and loneliness, and it makes a very good Valentines Day subject :)
Thanks for sharing those pictures, I did not know that places like this existed. IT is so fabulous. I wish you could add location to it :-)
Also, sometimes you need quiet to be able "to hear yourself thinking" and not be distracted. What you write reminds me of the book by Susan Cain "Quiet; The Power of Introverts"
Yes and yes to your questions, and I think most people would answer the same. It's good that were able to put into words the difference between solitude and loneliness, because there is indeed a huge distinction. We all need solitude at some point, but none of us want to be lonely.

I'm so glad you're sharing this photo - it's awesome. I still can't figure out in my mind why it's so good, but it certainly doesn't look like a photo - it's more like a painting, and that's all to the good. The wind in the trees, the color of the water....I don't know how you did it but everything comes together here to create something special. This one photo would make an entire trip worthwhile to me.

I had a great time watching the hangout tonight; there's something really cool about listening to people who create wonderful art having a casual conversation about all these things that interest me. As I'm watching I'm always fighting the urge to say "yes, that's how I feel too!" because normally friends I know don't care or don't know about the details of photography and art. It's great how Google Plus and the internet bring people of common interest together like this - it's hard to find that locally. :)

Happy Valentines Day to all the lonely and alone out there!
This was something I struggled with in my younger years. Loneliness is the worst when you want someone and are unable to have them. That's how you can be lonely in a room full of people, whether friends or strangers -- if you're needing a particular person who's not there, or if you just want someone who understands and no one appears to. I experienced loneliness a lot just after I moved to LA -- no real friends, and struggling to settle in. I'd go out to parties to try and meet people, and it was the loneliest feeling, being in a room of strangers and not clicking with anyone.

Solitude, as you said, is simply the state of not being around people, which is completely orthogonal to whether you want company. Despite humans being social creatures, sometimes, one doesn't actually need anyone else around. Now that I have a kid and husband, I'm surrounded by affection -- but when they go to bed and I get the place to myself, the solitude is bliss :)

You hit the nail on the head when you said that solitude is a choice.
Fantastic photo tom the colours are stunning. A good rave as well, alone really means all one, isolation is what people don't like...
Fantastic shot +Tom Anderson . Great reflection on the difference between solitude and loneliness. But solitude should be in moderation else it may lead to isolation follows by loneliness. :-)
I think the chances are that if you enjoy solitude and your own company, you might just be a normal social being, which thrive in the company of others as well.

If it is a requirement for your occupation to be social, it could very well be that you experience solitude as a luxury to be enjoyed.

My experience is that I can lose myself in it for a whole day, carrying my camera, or just walking the woods, and come back home physically exhausted, but mentally charged.

And being alone in a room full of people? Yeah - that is perfectly normal too, especially if you really want or need to be somewhere else.

The photo is nice, and the location is great, but the hills appear to be HDR processed a bit too much for my taste.
Is this place real? Almost looks like a painting. Wow!
thanks +Derek Kind I feel the same way (oops, sorry hehe) ... a 1000 shots and one that makes me happy is worth it :)
I am pleased to see this photo insha allah i use for the front cover of my laptop
DUUUUUUUDE!!! That's a poster. No wait, a wall mural. Oh No - I got it! The side of an airplane!!
Freakin' awesome +Tom Anderson!! I'm bummed I had to go record tonight before you got back to the hangout. It was sure a great one. And you talked about one of my fave topics... solitude vs. loneliness. siiiiigh. C U in L.A.!
Great composition and wonderful colors!
like a paint... wonderful
Well at first the picture grabbed my attention so much that I didn't pay heed to what was the post about! thanks to Karen Hutton's comment I read the post... let me tell you the post even more better than the picture! Solitude is one favorite topics too! Thanks +Tom Anderson for sharing!
Well said Tom. I spend a lot of time alone but I don't often feel lonely at all. Thinking is a lot easier for me in the quietness of a space with only myself occupying it. =)
Lek Roy
go to Bali...
most wonderful beach...
+Tom Anderson Hehe, sometimes it takes well over 1000 to get a result to be proud of! But I'm glad you're happy with this one, I think it's special, and that's not flattery or hyperbole or anything: sometimes a photo just catches your eye and you don't know why - that extra intangible element that can't be replicated, you just had to be there. Worth missing the Super Bowl for. ;)
I totally get this Tom, I've also spent years 'alone' but rarely do I feel lonely, I really enjoy my own company and it would take someone really special to make me want to give that up. There is a big difference. Being alone does not mean being lonely and when I want company I can find whether online or in the flesh, someone that I connect with. That doesn't mean I don't wish to find someone special to enjoy what life I have left with. But it does mean that I'd rather be alone and happy than with someone and many people don't get this but I believe that they really don't love or like themselves. I think you did great articulating here ;) Perhaps it has to do with the kind of mind one has, I think so deeply and a lot and sometimes I find that being stopped to interact rather annoying as I learn so much and yet I also am an extrovert so when I do want company I enjoy taking in new experiences, ideas and just enjoying...only to desire to seek once again solitude to 'think' lol The more u share of yourself Tom the more I realise we are quite alike in so many ways...thanks ♥ Happy Valentines ♥
Wow...words fail me to describe how beautiful this scenery is... <3 Happy Valentines Day!
+Tom Anderson Spot on! Great reflection. ”In solitude, where we are least alone.” Lord Byron
Lovely scenic shot!
There's definitely something to say for solitude. Everybody needs to be alone to process thoughts and experiences. The trouble is that many people can't really control when they're alone and when not. So at some point you'll always long for some company again, but not be able to find it. That's when solitude ends and loneliness starts. It's a tricky thing.
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+Tom Anderson very thoughtful explanation and one of those which you can put together only while being on your own. I do know loneliness and I do know being on my own in the most creative manner. There is little of value that I can add to your post.

I believe some people are not made for enjoying being on their own. But others need these two modes of existence if we leave our focus there. Much like we need work and repose or family and friends or summer and winter or rhymes and prose or literature and news or males and females. It is the change between various modes which allows us to live like a complete creature with various diverging natures, or how shall we call it? The truth is, we are each one human but not necessarily of the type that can accommodate our true unique core in one single activity all at once. 
+Tom Anderson I do believe exactly that what you expressed above is true. In my particular case, it is a kind of requirement to keep my sanity. If I do not have 'solitude' time with myself, I tend to, after a while, feel kind of smothered and I seek that time alone with a vengeance.

Most people are really afraid to be with themselves, so much so that when confronted with moments of solitude they run away from them claiming boredom and occupying themselves with, sometimes, unimportant or irrelevant activities that tend to distract them from themselves. I do believe that each one of us, however, should embrace ourselves and look inward with a sense of curiosity and awe and I'm sure we would be surprised to discover wonderful things.

Sad I missed the hangout!
Looking at the photo I really appreciate
the way you answer. I think being alone with the nature, your are not alone dear........ You are with the Gods creations.
Great shot Tom! It looks like a painting. You truly get get some wonderful shots. Thanks for sharing.
I want to a bird to fly on this area.
I love your traveling photos. My husband, 3 kiddos and I went tent traveling for 7 months to 15 national parks. We had a wonderful time. We had our 3 cats with us too. They really enjoyed it as well, amazingly! Mew!
Wonderful thought Tom!!! your words could establish good clarity on loneliness and solitude!!! Thank you!!!

just touch ma heart]
itssss really awesome and magnificent plce!!!thumbs up
I think you see angels Under these clouds, and beyond, besides, with so many friends you can not feel lonely, I greet anna
You don't have to explain why you prefer to take photos of a beach instead of watching people play sports. :)
Good post but they will never understand. By "they" I mean people who are much more comfortable or productive being around others than not. It's just two different mindsets.
I like myself, and I love being able to do whatever I want, whenever I want, however I want. I will probably always be single because it's hard to imagine meeting someone who would make me want to give up that solitude and freedom. I like people- but not enough to crave their company just so I won't be alone :)
Hmmm...I am not sure how my wife and kids will feel about me taking trips on the weekends, especially when I travel a lot to begin with :-)
More importantly, I am not sure how I would feel being away from them.
But that is a great explanation +Tom Anderson

I think one has to be at peace whatever he chooses.
This post was very well put. Alone time is essential to my mental well being. Great picture!
That was a wonderful explanation. As I was reading it, I felt as if you were explaining many times I have felt both lonely, and when I have sought solitude. Thank you for this clarity.
bish s
For most gregarious people it is tough to understand the difference between loneliness and solitude. I, although I do like the company of people, have been a seeker of solitude on most occassions and some time people ask me the same question - how can you stand being lonely? My answer to them is the same as yours - when I choose solitude I don't feel lonely.
It is so nice! Thanks for the share.
with beauty of nature such as this, who needs company? i totally agree with you, i know a lot of people who are in a crowd but still feel lonely. Being alone, in solitude, for me, is bliss.
"Loneliness chooses you. Solitude is a choice. By choosing solitude, you'll rarely feel lonely." This is perfect. It's like you don't say to a starving person, "How's the fast going?" It's about choice. Nice.
I whole heartedly agree.. this is one of the best descriptions of the joy of solitude I've seen.

People don't understand me when I try to explain just how much I love being alone.

Especially my wife.
Dear +Tom Anderson , thank you. This is a very refreshing little article, in 2 paragraphs you have answered my occasional inner conflict regarding why I like solitude as compared to being with friends, sometimes. I much prefer to immerse myself in my own thoughts, and reflect upon things at my own pace. I... Dont really know how to put this, but you have answered one of my Life's Little Questions. Thanks :)
It is a amazing... and this one may be in your top 5 already!
This picture is amazing. If this is a real beach I want to go!
dude stop with the HDRI pictures ... take a photography class (your compositions are not bad though)
It is nice. Just like a painting
As a native of the Hawaiian islands, I must say this is a beautiful shot of what Hawaii used to be. I also feel compelled to comment that one is never IN an island, but ON an island. People always make the mistake of saying "I was IN Maui." Or "I was IN Oahu". Correctly, you are ON Oahu, IN the town of Kailua. Sorry, I am a writer, I just can't help myself . . .
I really agree with you,I also enjoy my alone time just walking with my dog listening to music.I choose to do this for me.
The photo is lovely, but what you wrote here is profound. I think it's necessary for an artist to learn to be wholly comfortable in solitude. It's a step toward simple focus and concentration, and a certain sense of comfort in the world, that allows us to see and express what we see without distraction.
Beautiful, but was his answer,"wouldn't you want to share that with someone special?"
Solitude is a good thing, and loneliness is a choice. Lovely photo, but even better are your reflections on the topic. Not that you'll even see this, but I thought I'd chime in. Some of my best moments in life are those I experience alone.
i noticed that when i stopped drinking caffeine i began to like being with myself more because i wasn't agitated all the time; i went from the state of being lonely when alone (because i was looking for fun company to be with) to one of enjoying the solitude (because the fun company i am always with is me). :) have a sweet V~day +Tom Anderson . the picture is beautiful; it makes me crave everything about hawai'i and i can smell the sea salt in the breeze. wish i could oil paint it just to play with a brush in all of those ocean blues. xoxo
Nice Tom! ...Love the feel of this shot. I can almost feel the wind. Makes me miss Hawaii. Such a beautiful place. Was in Maui once about 15 years ago. Hope to take the family there some day :)
the colours of the photo are dreamlke and the distinction between lonely, alone and choosing solitude enlightning.
Seclusion is a choice...
It is hard to feel alone in a place of such beauty and creation
I have been alone and lonely. Alone is far better. Alone lets me accomplish things, think deep thoughts, write, draw, study...lonely cripples me.
Yes, +Tom Anderson , solitude as a "choice" is great. But what do you do after that? You come here on Google+ and you share your works/feelings/ideas/thoughts with other people, sometimes even with strangers (like myself). Because that is what life is all about. Sharing and caring. The feeling of solitude can be beautiful, but making people "feel" some emotions (with an awesome picture, with a nice post, etc.) is not even comparable to being by yourself.
totally agree with you Tom. A beautiful peaceful thought provoking photo, spiritual in nature.
Beautifully stated +Tom Anderson. Those of us who seek solitude are often an enigma to others. I will be referring several of my friends to this post as you have articulated the difference of loneliness and the choice to be alone much better than I could ever hope to.
Awesome post, and great shot! I noticed that, now-a-days, people tend to use technology as a crutch, because they are so afraid to be by themselves.
I Thought Tom Anderson Was Dead , Didn't He Create Fb ?
+Stefano Moscetti True, true. Relationships are so important, I take it as a given... I think it's the solitude or alone part that people often have difficulty understanding.
Beautiful Picture! Ohh how I would love to go somewhere like that! Sigh...
Such a beautiful image. As to your post: Are we ever lonely in the act of prayer? I don't adhere to a faith (or the politics of faith currently in fashion :-) but know of no other analogy to better explain the creative process for someone not engaged in a similar activity. In that moment of focus, you are in your church.
this is the perfect response to his question.
+Tom Anderson You get it and you explained it well. And it's great to see so many other people get it too. Thanks for this post!
you are so lucky you get it so many people travel in life and don't see anything. you see it all and you are one lucky man. I say right on......
looks like a freakin painting.. this is truly awesome!
Learning to enjoy your own company is not lonely at all. I love the peace that solitude brings. Beautifully articulated and beautiful picture!
Great photo of a rare sight. loneliness is rarely found at Lanikai boat ramp but it is a great place for solitude. Lanikai boat ramp is my happy place :-)
hi i m asho from delhi u i like u sir
im bae
you went there? wow i luv it
Ian Hex
Absolute wisdom.
Loneliness chooses you. Solitude is a choice. By choosing solitude, you'll rarely feel!!!!!.....just so .......idk....beautiful???
Nice! But I think its in our hands to choose loneliness or solitude...
Its looks almost like a scenic painting. An excellent scenic photo. It would be great to spend holidays out there.
mother nature is the best companion ever...great shot ...
As long as a person is amazed with the world around him and looks to take in each detail and learn from it he will never be lonely as he is one with the world. Good artists and photographers have this ability that many people lack. In his mind he is complete while he is alone with the wonder that surroundshim while others need people to feel complete.
This photo looks like Kailua Beach in Hawaii. It's beeeautiful!
Been to that beach 1000 times, the wind must have REALLY been blowing that day. Also, what is the effect on the pic? looks sick
Amazing picture...and I; too; appreciate centres me especially when I am in a natural environment... releases a positive feeling
This is really a better answer +Tom Anderson
& beautiful snap...... Thanks for sharing..!!!
You give me NO opportunity to say NO! to circles. I should have that right and you should have the obligation to provide a place where I can say, NO THANK YOU! I'm boiling mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Don't thank me for sharing. Do something about this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
id give anything to be alone, in that spot with a camera, and maybe a snack. Who needs a human? LOL
Beautiful scene +Tom Anderson !

"Loneliness chooses you. Solitude is a choice. By choosing solitude, you'll rarely feel lonely." Well said Tom.
I would agree on the difference between solitude & loneliness yet loneliness is a tricky and sneaky creature...for many epic creative ventures require this solitude...even if you're not 'alone'...

Thanks +Tom Anderson for openly sharing these thoughts...I purposefully visit places during off times, off seasons even to find those moments of solace to enjoy & reflect...(I even turned down invitations to the SuperBowl parties to find some quiet & productive moments by myself--though I'd have loved to be in a tropical paradise vs the rainy sodden sunless place I'm currently ship wrecked in:) Yet, I find myself wishing to revisit & share these moments with someone later, only to find I cannot relay the notion or the place to my audience for whatever reason...the old saying 'you had to be there' may be applied in some ways here...or it may be simply my own inability to reflect & then relay an account of myself...the more intense, the deeper the solitude, the more difficult to that you are much more nimble an orator (on paper if not so out loud)...I also find it reassuring that I'm not the only one who cannot make coherent thoughts, grasp ideas n the like whilst in the midst of a boisterous banter of a group discussion...I find the moment itself somewhat overwhelming (usually in a good way yet overwhelming nevertheless)

I'm going to celebrate Valentine's Day by researching it's history (the bloody, sinful fest full of whips & wantonness...of times of old where in the fertility festival of Lupercalia it was told they drew names out of a hat (Valentines) for their partner of a wanton liason)...Today, I'll take a stab at a bit of writing in solitude...some random socializing & catch some eye candy at the movies with Ryan Reynolds or the Rock...which one? I can't decide... hehe! Regardless, my V-day will likely be MUCH less exciting than the ones of old... :)
Happy Valentine's Day back atcha Tom! Thanks for sharing the lovely pic, too! :)
I have NEVER shot a picture I'm really satisfied with when photographing with a group of people or even a single friend. I need to be alone and walk around in my own world and my own thoughts. I still like photographing with groups on photo walks and workshops and so on because there is many other things you get out of it but I never get any really good pictures on events like this. 
when I feel sad, that is the picture I want in my mind to ease and calm my suffering.
Unrelated: is your profile picture literally the only one you like using? EVER? :P
Wes Lum
Awesome post! I know the feeling of being put on the spot lol. Which is why posting on G+ is so much better than having a conversation or real time chatting with someone. You can articulate your thoughts better. Have a great day Tom!
+Tom Anderson
The people who are worth having around would be able to find you via a decent Google search - or, goodness forbid, Wikipedia!
Some very nicely put thoughts. And yet another great photo, thanks a lot! Your photos in the last weeks were a major contributor that pushed me over the edge - to finally buy a DSLR myself (worrying about the extra weight/bulk held me back for too long).
It would be great if you could share some of your post processing "secrets" some day. I.e. this one looks like you enhanced sharpness, contrast and saturation.
Loneliness is a feeling of inadequacy. Inadequacy at the content of your surroundings and interaction with others. It has nothing to do with being alone. When I was younger I was often lonely no matter who I was around.

Later I realized that I never felt connected with anyone at the time because I didn't feel like they really got me, and I never really trusted them. Having good companions can make a world of difference, so can feeling comfortable in your own skin.

There isn't really such a thing as loneliness, just not getting what you want, and loneliness as we call it, is result of denying the root of the problem.
you know what thomas, i like the work that your enjoying taking photos of beautiful creature that God had made for us to enjoy, keep up. but this will not divert our admiration to the One who made that for us to enjoy. your one of a kind that enjoying that most. good luck friend.
Perfect beauty of nature How God is perfect in all His Character.
+Tom Anderson Solitude can be a way to deeply feel the connection and recalibrate our relationship with the world around us. As we become more "connected," through technology, it is so easy to become disconnected from the very essence of the living world around us. Your images are so well received, not only because they are soulfully beautiful, but because they touch the part of each of us who experience the profound essence of life through your images. You have found your calling...
This topic is very interesting. Sometimes i think loneliness happened because social pressure, to be what other people are expecting while it is not align with our thought. Solitude is more like a freedom to express our feeling and mind without caring on other people's opinion because in solitude you meet, listen, and talk to yourself intensely. In solitude, you don't feel lonely because your inner heart accompany you just like friend commonly..
So awesome photography +Tom Anderson, I guess google+ doesn't let you get more that 500 comments, I tried to leave a comment in your picture above this one and the system doesn't let me do it but well so inspiring your work... :)
Love the tranquil stuff but try get some action shots like braddahs jumping rocks at Waimea Bay. Or the surf at Sandys...
Very well stated, Tom.
Thank you.
Solitude is really great, as you can think about all the things that are pattering every day on every one of us.

Great picture and timing, btw. ;)

Keep on the good work and fun, that you are having!
Be sure to place it on top of your queue ;) Let me know your thoughts once you watch it!
So many comments; I'm not sure if this s going to get read, or if it's been brought up before; I've often shared this article with people because of my own fulfilling solitary experiences leading me to struggle with personal connections. I, like half the population (including, I suspect, +Tom Anderson ) an an Introvert.
Recharged through quiet reflection, struggling to maintain conversations with newly-met extroverts (<internal dialog>how am I? do they really want to know, or is it more of a social interaction; how should I respond? Oh, they've already asked me something else; have I talked yet?</internal dialog>)
Gives perspective on why "american" society praises extroverts, and does not acknowledge introverts, let alone the benefit and positivity that can be our lives.
Tom, I must say that your photos are great and they keep amazing me as I look throughout your album. Thanks for keeping me inspired.
yeah, solitude can be great. my cats don't judge me if i pick my butt or dance dorky.
This is a wonderful picture of my home town! :) and yes it is a rare shot with only a few people. i almost never see the beach like this unless its before 6:30-7:00 am
i hate you tom! you are just cultivating my desire to go on vacation and I cant! hmpf!
I wish i could visit places lyk above...
Tom, you were my "friend" for many years, and I never knew how cool you were I until Google+ came around.

I've tried to explain this to a lot of people, and most still don't understand it.
You're a cool guy. I really appreciate your style of writing! Your posts are more interesting than most "journalism".
the joy of solitude is God's gift for those who may feel lonely sometimes
wow,, it looks like a cartoon ,,but seems so real,, LOL..
Aloha Tom, Your photography, experiences and stories are brilliant. My husband and I are Real Estate Specialists on Maui, Hawaii at The Shops At Wailea. When you plan a visit to Maui, please contact us. It would be great to meet you. I post many photos of our beautiful paradise on FB (I'm just starting to use Goggle+). I would love to share some of your photos and always give you credit as the very gifted artist. Please let me know your thoughts! You can friend me on FB, if you like (Shannon Richardson) and my FB business page is Maui Island Real Estate It would be great to be your source for real property information and referrals on Maui. If, I can do anything for you, please let me know...Many Mahalos, Shannon
This sandy beach and mountains look very familiar to me? I'm sure it was used in LOST and maybe other shows in the past. Wonderful job in photography!
Greeting from Texas.Great photo and album. May you continue to give glory and honor to God with all your work. May God bless you in this life.
I can hear the breeze and the ruffling sound of the leaves in this picture...and it's in my solitude that I could truely enjoy that sound.
You have no idea how much I want to be there right now......
Love this one, looks very peaceful. Would love to be there. Have been in places like that before. Great job the mountains everything is so beautiful.
love this shot, and love this shot some more!! ;-) gorgeous!!
can not stop looking at your photos have showed to my mates they love them to
most beautiful place I've ever seen. kind of place
it's me..   it look's like my kind of life
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