Great idea and some amazing photos here -- a "Top List" or "Top Photos of the Day" culled from Google+.

-Here's my hope for a few improvements: First, there doesn't seem to be a permanent link where one can bookmark / go and see it everyday. Second, I wish it used shortcut's "J" and "K" like Google+ itself to move through photos. (So used to that here.. haha!) Third: It doesn't really seem like it's auto-updating, going to show up everyday. Where's Sep 28? Hope that changes.- Update, +Jarek Klimek (creator of this Top list says all these features are coming.)

Keep an eye on this thing, and enjoy the top-rated photos (based on shares, +1s and comments from September 27th. Nice work +Jarek Klimek (the creator of this site). Oh it'd also be nice to explain the algorithm - what's considered "top"?

Btw, as some of you may have noticed, I've started to get into photography over the last month or so. It started with seeing +Trey Ratcliff's images here, and then meeting him in person. We went on two "photo trips" together -- to Burning Man and China and now I'm back in LA upgrading my computer, software and gear to continue my new interest. In fact, that's why I haven't posted much since Friday. I've been working on photo stuff for the last 5 days! I will share some soon, but I'm not happy with them yet.
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