Remember +Ryan Estrada (circle him!) the official LiveJournal comic who has suggested G+ could use an official comic to explain things to users (user guides, important info, etc.) Here's a brilliant execution of his idea. At MySpace we had frequent blowups over users misunderstanding of our content policies, many of which I needed to speak about publicly just to try and calm everyone. It's a frustrating issue for content creators (because they're naturally concerned about their rights) and for dotcom companies (because stealing your rights or content is the last thing on their minds).

That said, I'm just curious -- can someone please tell me of a time when a website used a shady content policy to somehow "steal" your work and do something that harmed you? I would love to know about a real example. Please keep in mind, I am not trying to generate hysteria around G+'s policy. Google has nothing to gain by upsetting content creators, nor does any other legitimate business.
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