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Here's a Google Doc that is being created about Google+ It's titled "A Collaborative Document: (or how 120+ people wrote a book at the same time)" Despite the title, it's actually a guide being created by Google+ users on how to use Google+. And they're using Google Docs to write it, of course. This is a nice illustration of the post I made on the first day about how Google+ is making Google stronger. Read that here:

It also shows the way in which Google+ users are similar to Facebook users: when given the tools, they will contribute positively to further the service. I mention that point about Facebook's platform strategy in this post about Zuckerberg's first public response to Google+:

In the past, I've used Google Docs mainly because I wanted web access to files. I've never collaborated on it, and now I'm hooked on doing that. Google+ is making me use Google products that I formally only had a slight interest in. In the past week, I've started to toy with Blogger & Picasa. Why switch to Gmail, I used to think? Yahoo will do just fine. I've been using Gmail more and more.

Btw, welcome new users, I see the invites are open today -- read this guide for tips.
Create and share your work online and access your documents from anywhere. Manage documents, spreadsheets, presentations, surveys, and more all in one easy to use productivity suite. It's easy to get ...
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Cool thing about this doc is that so manyu people are working on it that you can't get in, you can only watch.
Thanks Tom, I love crowd sourcing. Bookmarked!
What a great idea! Heading over there now
This is very nifty, thank you for the heads uo
"This is read only because too many people are editing it right now." Very nice, lol. But thanks!
I managed to contribute earlier today but as +John Weaver says it's almost impossible to be one who can edit
+Joseph Lee don't you mean "cloud sourcing"?
Just kidding. I'm 50% ;) (I hope that is not taken the wrong way)
The problem is the medium, Google docs, does not allow for a lot of people to edit the file at once. This raises issues. I wonder if (Google) Wave has the same issue.
I'm amused by that little pop up stating that there are too many people using it.
"This doc is read-only because there are too many people editing right now. Try again" lol
Sorry for spamming the post, but I need an fast and reliable answer: is it ok to send invites to .hotmail adresses?
Google should pursue this idea of doing things in groups: video hangouts, music ( style), tv watching (hulu), doc editing, and so on. This should be their main strategy against Facebook, which is more about one-to-many sharing.
Wave was a tool without a platform. Hopefully G+ changes that.
People shared this so much it blocked me out, now it's read only:
This doc is read-only because there are too many people editing right now.
Your description of this (120 people writing a book at the same time) sounds a lot like the out of touch editors I used to work for in the newspaper biz!
Oh, leave him alone with the picture. It's iconic, at this point.
I still have my Google Wave account ready. But I think it has the same limitations on the number of people allowed to edit at the same time since it's obvisouly based on the same technology.
Tom, are you being paid by Google? You're doing a good job of bigging them up.
He wrote this on Google+. Not sure how talking about Google products on another Google product is indication that he's being paid by them.
wonderful isn't it but i get his message "This doc is read-only because there are too many people editing right now. Try again" there shouldn't be such a problem
i totally agree with tom, g+ is leveraging all the google tools, bottom line google make us more savy when it comes to use web based services
Thx, Tom. Can't share this on iPhone /Safari ... But commenting will help me find it again (I hope). 
I'm a massive Google user, but one little Google product I've never used which after using it for a single week I can't live with, is Tasks. Granted I only currently use it with Google apps (for work), but I'm sure I'll start using it for personal use soon as reminders for watching awesome videos etc.

Next time you're in Gmail expand the top inbox link and click the tasks button. Make sure you read the 'tips' in the action's menu.

Try sorting your tasks by date, giving them a due date, and most importantly, create tasks BASED on emails. To do that click the 'more' drop-down when viewing an email and click "Add to tasks", this will create a task that is linked TO that email. Awesome.

Lastly all your tasks appear in your calendar, which is another product I barely use apart from meetings. You can easily view all the info from you tasks here, and change the due dates around just by dragging. It's pretty special.
Abe Kim
incredible! i absolutely love your post on how g+ strengthens google.
It looks like the document was sabotaged.
I have a google spreadsheet to invite people. It's been crazy keeping it all nice and neat.
see this "GH" crap is exactly what's going to turn G+ into MySpace! (no offense +Tom Anderson I love ya man)

Is there a community team that can block the asswhip who did this from G+ permanently? srsly. this aint 4chan
jonathan- try using a form instead of a spreadsheet. the form will auto populate the sheet for you!
The only feature that I think it's really urgent is the ability to collapse comments.
Doc seems jammed with too many users. If you are not actively editing, please close. If you are reading you can save it and close for others to edit. :)
I dislike the "People to Follow" section.

1) It doesn't add value to the document
2) As G+ grows, it will become less and less relevant
3) It's super subjective
4) The people listed tend to pop up in suggestions anyway
5) Keep the Newt Gingrich bit though
+Luke Toney I agree, perhaps that could be the subject of a whole new document altogether, but for this project it doesnt seem right.
Who owns the copyright to this book? When does it come out in print? :)
wow, this is how i wish documentation would get done at work! who better to write the instructions than those who are beta testing.
This is a fantastic doc. Thanks for sharing.
I'm spanish. If some spanish and latin people want to translate the doc with me contact me.
+José Raposo I think you can only send invites to Gmail accounts, even if you send it to Hotmail accounts, they will be asked to have a Gmail address. I sent one to my Hotmail to see it works or not, it didn't go through.
You could just copy it into google translate!
Excellent Document and also I must say that is an awesome use of Google Docs.
It was looking rather rough and needs translations
I got some of the extensions recommended on that document. Thanks!
Good job on this people! ... +Tom Anderson A bit unrelated.but quick question..seems like a bit of common thread topic today was since it's inception the G+ Male to Female ratio is "out of wack" (no pun intended) you have any reason to believe based on what you have seen and experienced so far that M to F will not balance out fairly quickly when opened "to the public"? I personally think it will balance out fairly quickly and no cause for alarm at current figures.
Please, K-12 education advocates, teachers, admins, etc... take notice to what the information age has to offer, and stop pushing the damn interactive white borads as the best thing ever! Thanks to you Google for giving education another resource to save itself from its own bankrupt imagination.
@ Tom Anderson, dude do you ever change profile pic?
"Create an '*Inbox' circle and include the people you’d like to see every post from. The '*' is used to put the circle at the top of your circles list."

This doesn't appear to work as explained.
+Tom Anderson - Hey, Tom (or anyone else who has access to the doc), I was informed that I'm listed as a Google+ dev in the doc. This is not correct, I work for Google, but not on Google+. Can you please correct this? Thanks.
I can't wait to see how this comes out...if it ever gets 'done' being created! :)
When it's done all the collaborators will probably sigh and wonder how they all got it done before some jerk erases everything with a few clicks. It will happen.
robert scoble's g+ posts and the corresponding comments are lengthy enough to be their own books. lol :)
No!!! They will erase the History too!
Go to Google Docs> History > Erase All History...
Then it will... uh.. okay you win I give up.
Wanna see this article when it's done! Honestly I don't know how they do it what with new things added up almost everyday. Do your best people!
This has been shared 1000x? Holy guac!
It seems to be stuck there. Maybe that's the limit?
+Tom Anderson

Unlike some others, what concerns me most is the network management issue in social-networks.
There is no pavements for standards (as we say). I'm not sure how thats going to help in giving the users a more 'Personalized' experience.
As I see it, there are pros and cons to each network on the web.
Facebook, as I see it is more likely a way for 'Casual' management of social contacts, you know, where things like 'be friends with' and 'Poking' happens. Though the same concept could not be followed, lets say if I want to have a social connection with my colleague and / or persons with whom I'm doing business with. People might have
different perceptions, but that solely my opinion. On the same knot, if I'd like to be a part of developments or progress of a company, doesn't mean I 'LIKE' it. Well, thats kind of no-brainer. Same goes with Twitter, for me its a great micro-blogging tool (which it is). But this is just what it is. Its not a social-network in a broad sense.
Most of the people are so excited about G+, as it offers a better and selective way of getting in contact of your friends (The adage of 'Circles'). The most important thing with G+ is that it will be highly interoperable with already existing Google services (Unlike adding a 3rd party-service like Skype, which FB did). Well, Google created a Win Win situation here. Google+, for me proves to be a tool that is focused more on communication and maintaining social contacts than any other social-network.
Tried to share it with my friends account, but it still shows 1000 shares. The number seems to stuck there..
better report it to Google then with Send feedback!
+Tom Anderson Would love to help with the translation into German. Since the document already shows up in my Google Docs. Unfortunately it's closed for editing. :-(
It's a little disconcerting that people see a need for a book to guide users through what is supposed to be a very user-friendly product.
User friendly =/= all mighty mind reading and magical. User friendly comes from rationalised decisions based on logic. You still need to put in time and effort to learn and understand.
I have to disagree with that, Matt. As a developer I appreciate tools that take a while to learn but provide significant power as a result (hello there, Unix utilities!), but as a user I want the programs I use to be intuitive. I believe intuitiveness is at the heart of user-friendliness.
+Geof Lambert That's a good observation. I think the ratio is 1 female for every seven male (my circles). I am thinking that this would has to improve over time because the rate of adoption is pretty fast to begin with. I am getting about 3 FB friends at least trying out G+ everyday. At that rate, I will have all my 295 FB Friends on G+ within four months.
+Rajiv Vyas Yeah, I think it will level off to reflect the true pure Internet users fairly quickly. I am not exactly sure on the current global statistic, but general Internet user base is fairly 50/50 over all...some regions more men, and in others more women, but overall fairly 50/50. I think the likelihood your personal 295 will have a profile on G+ will probably be quicker then four months depending on how much they open the valve that controls invites in that time frame. That doesn't mean those 295 will all be heavy users of G+ and stop using fb, it just means they will have another way to hear from you if that is the route you take to be a heavy G+ and scale way back on your use of fb.
+Jason Swetland Well I say that because I have an idea of how Google "selected" us "first round users", and that population is fairly biased towards the male population. It would be like if you were Nike testing a new version of a basketball...and you gave one to anybody and everybody who has anything to do with the NBA...players, cheerleaders, stadium employees, fans, etc....wouldn't at first you expect to have a lot of males in that test? I haven't seen or observed any features within the platform that make it biased long-term in either direction male to female. If you look at Yahoo Chat, AIM, Friendster, MySpace, fb, Twitter over time most all of those things saw the "balancing" of M/F. G+ is merely a technology platform that sits on the Internet, as such I think its user base will eventually mirror that of global Internet users at large. To me the user base as it settles out would be more like ratios between say, customers at Starbucks, or drivers of Honda Accords, or viewers of 30 Rock...all of which I think are fairly 50/50. Do you perhaps see something different I might be missing to say that about G+?
Cool. I learned how to format Google+ and facebook. :)
thanks for this. :) i've been sharing it with my invites.
So, here's what is interesting about this document. As far as I can tell, there are three possibilities with this right now...
1- If this document is something you, +Tom Anderson put together, it appears that someone else has "hijacked" it and no one can edit, except for them and their people.
2- I used to be able to edit and actually added some useful pieces of content two days ago that are still there, but now, I'm not allowed to edit.
3- Just too popular and I can't edit (even though I'm in the edit screen, no options to edit).

This is the link I get... ( <--- see, no preview, says edit )

I hope this terrific document of shared knowledge hasn't been taken over by someone who thinks they are better than anyone else... I thought this was to be a document for the people of G+ by the people of G+. <sigh> If I'm totally off my rocker, please let me know.
Looks like +Krista Harmsworth is right about the document which is a real shame... I was wanting to add to it since there are some pretty basic fields missing, but I was unable to do any editing since it seems to be clogged up.
Good read and a great idea.
+Krista Harmsworth Well, for me it just says "This doc is read-only because there are too many people editing right now." I don't think anyone has hijacked it.
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