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Today I was at Sun Moon Lake, in central Taiwan. It's the largest lake in Taiwan and home to the aboriginal Thao tribe. It was very peaceful walking around the lake at this hour (around 6:00am) ... No boats were in the water, so it was very still. I only saw a few people around -- mostly timeless, old looking men doing Tai Chi on the shore. I happened across this spot, not far from Chiang Kai Shek's personal Pagoda. I don't think I've ever felt such a sense of calm as I felt standing here. It felt like I was meditating just by looking at the lake in silence. If my experience was any indicator, I'm guessing people living by lakes have lower blood pressure than city folks. ;-)
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WOW that is nice and a big lake..
Tom, your travels take you to the most beautiful places. I don't know if it's business or pleasure but thank you for taking time to share the awesome pictures.
Oh man that looks so tranquil. I want to sleep there.
beautiful and peaceful,chinese people persue this situation in our spiritual world,thanks for your picture,I saved it.
Very soothing +Tom Anderson ... have fun in Taiwan and have a bubble tea for me! - with a thick straw!
woow great... nice view..

why dont you try to visit bali, indonesia
+Gordon Laing You are always offering expert advice in things photography - thank you, now that I know you like bubble tea, I can return the favor. I'm an expert in the boba-ology. If you ever come to LA I will take you to one of the best boba tea places in the world. I've sampled it in 8 countries, and 27 cities, well, something like that... ;-)
美丽的日月潭,beautiful picture!
Love it...could spend days just watching this calm and peaceful place. Fantastic atmosphere!
How Ah
I love this photo! Makes the perfect wallpaper :)

Well done +Tom Anderson !
I'm in Taiwan Tom.. Hit me up!
+Tom Anderson you just lowered my blood pressure with this photo lol... don't even need to be there! :)
thanks +Hauwa Yusuf ... Does anyone know a Chrome plug-in that lets you translate a single line? Sometimes I get comments like +Whitejean Cheung's but Chrome doesn't offer to translate it... It only seems to ask when it thinks the majority of a page is in a different language.
Mary M
Great pic and so happy you're traveling the world without me +Tom Anderson , not!
Sun Moon Lake is located my city, it is a beautiful place. :)
Beautiful shot. Have wanted to go there for a long time.
I'm so glad that you've turned into a Photographer, +Tom Anderson – the capitalisation is intentional. You make my day, almost every day, with your increasingly beautiful photos and this one is utter bliss. Perfect for my 'goodnight' to G+ as I wind down for Second Sleep. Thank you!
+Tom Anderson I wanted say "Nice shot, reminds me think of a little boy sitting there watching the mother ship landing" on your yesterday's post, but there was no more comments accepted. So I do it here on this post. Cheers!
wooooow......its so so....m u capture it??
how do you keep doing this????! amazing!!!
tom like his you have a new fan, yes that is me
I'm sure you wo'n't, +Tom Anderson – well, as long as you stay away from the CatGIF manufacturing business ;)
very peace place. if there is a sun shine, it would be more attractive.
+Tom Anderson man it's been super busy for a while... thinking to go to the very north west of China in May - snow mountains, deserts, steppes... Haha, so exciting!
Awesome Tom. Love it. Do you sell your photos yet?
+Tom Anderson nice pic. Sun Moon Lake, situated in Nantou County’s Yuchi Township near the center of Taiwan, is the island’s largest lake. This beautiful alpine lake is divided by tiny Lalu Island; the eastern part of the lake is round like the sun and the western side is shaped like a crescent moon, hence the name “Sun Moon Lake”.
I'm really hoping I get to walk those shores before I die.
+Keith Petersen I keep meaning to put them up on Smugmug where people can order prints, but never seem to spend the time to do it. If there's a specific one you like, I can put it up there ... :-)
nice photo....well done....
my parents took me here last winter. i love it
the scene is amazing
im looking forward to go back and visit again :)
Chicago is right on a Lake. I'm sure the blood pressures are high there. I bet millionaires have lower blood pressures on average.
Great pic Tom! Everything is so unbelieveable fast, so silent and peaceful moments need to be kept... to live such moments more often brought us to the idea to buy a yacht - enjoying the silence, the peaceful life, the sea and the beautiful sceneries! Have a great day!
It is indeed very calm. The photo gives the tranquility and beauty of the lake.
wonderful pic with a good camera angle taking mountains at the horijon color is doubtful......but peaceful
nice pic if i can go to there then i can ...............
May i know which part from sun moon lake?
So peaceful and calm that anybody will forgot emotional stress. Nice view!!!
What time of day is it when you took the picture? The water is really still and the light is really soothing.
no words to express about that lake , wounder
Awesome picture of Sun Moon lake. With two young boys, when I go there it is less peaceful :-) Hey, if make your way to Taichung and have some time for lunch/dinner/tea its on me.
Thats what i would call heaven on earth...great stuff!
place where god also want to be..
O.O just looking at the picture, for any imperfections, or animals in the fields, with out being able to do so, instead of finding any my thoughts turned toward the fog , it became a very mystical experience, of calming coolness and a relaxing gentle slaps against the sandy beach. O.O the eyes of a photographer is yet another that i recognize as being miraculous. i give you thanks for taking this shot. awesomeness wrapped in a red ribbon..
I'm happy that you experienced such a peaceful moment. Your picture is serene, in and of it's self. If you believe in the ability of the deceased to affect the living or places, then it's highly possible that it's not just the lake alone. C.
that's the best thing I've ever read in a long time..good to break free
I ❤ lakes! Paddling a lake kayak around is an amazing way to unwind and you can go places you can't get to any other way without a lot more effort, that is :) There is something to be said for the soothing way of any great body of water somehow echos the timeless nature of the ebb & flow of things...convincing you to breathe deep and sigh with wonder at the calming simplicity...for a scene such as this calls to your spirit...making you understand in some telepathic way that there is so very little that matters in reality...time itself stands still for this very moment...cutting down to the very essence of things...that the here & now is as brilliant as the sun...that you must relish those vibrant rays and inhale the elements around you...bringing a calm to your soul...and a smile to your heart...❀
thanks for sharing such a beautiful photo....
you are a natural photographer. regards and great photo
wow dude i was just there a few days ago as well
Love the way you discribe this picture with your story,It make feel like I'm also there, very nice experience.
it is too hot here, looking at that photo helps. :P
Great image;I shall envision this during my next meditation
Nice click... Looks like Wallpaper :-)
Lissa U
so zen. hmmmm. peaceful.
ever best click...may be u got the prize for this....
did u take the boat ride? buy the wine? bath the hot spring water?
Been there! Beautiful spot, you captured it very well.
A wonderful place , My country !
Thank you +Tom Anderson for sharing. I missed it a lot. Will you he traveling to other parts of Taiwan? Please share more photos. 
Baldheaded, old man!
We China and more beautiful place
An absolutely beautiful photograph, thank you for sharing it.
Welcome to Taiwan ! 台灣, 歡迎你!
tom what happen to Myspace...Please bring it back
Welcome to Taiwan! Hope you enjoy your trip
Sure they have lower blood pressure +Tom Anderson . When you wake up and can look at this and have oportinity to enjoy this view all day, you will be also more relax , with lower blood pressure :)
Just looking on this picture make relax , I can imagin how you can feel standing by.Enjoy !
when i was reading this i felt pease and i enjoid .thanks
absolute, living by the water is healing, never ever want to NOT live by the ocean or a lake
One day, I wanted to be there.
I've lived near the Phewa Tal lake in Pokhara, Nepal for a long time, and can testify that that is true. lakes have a calm not found in rivers or oceans..
wow!... Effortless Peace of mind. Very calm
Kim Ong
What a beautiful photo and experience. I've been there and loved it too. Taiwan has great wonders.
so tranquil and peaceful looking
非常欣赏你的照片,谢谢。Enjoy you photo T.Q~
soo amazing ,and very beauty............!!!!!!!!!!!!
perfect dats just awsome dude...thanks for sharing
shiva n
I wish I was you
I Live in Nantou Taiwan. Right next to Sun Moon Lake. Nice to see pictures of Home.
True, but the beauty is fading everywhere... we are a strange species. we dump our garbage and worst into the oceans and then we go fishing. Gee, who goes fishing in his toilet?
Thean R
realy it will work for BP people
don ton
i want more nature photos
Great photo. Look nice and peaceful :-)
nicely captured natural scene !!!
i can feel the calmness from the photo...i can wonder the real future i want to pay visit to this beautiful place.....
im having fun with royal challenge beer now 
im having fun with royal challenge beer now 
its serene silence gives a heart touching feel. . . . . . . . .ossom pic.
I just recently started meditating and this picture is an awesome visual the energies of the actual view must have given you great energies to take you through a fantastic day thanks for sharing
It does look so tranquil in the mornings before the crush of tourists! I'm sure locals, if there are still any around the area, have an elevated blood pressure from all the commotion.
Strangely, mainland Chinese tourist seem highly anticipate going to sun moon lake, something to do with mystification of this place.
Sure would love to be there! thank you for sharing this absolutely peaceful and stunning moment!
I can feel the tranquility out there.the very atmospher for meditating
I bet it was amazing. it looks like it would be crystal clear, is it? I have always wanted to travel to different Countries, it has to be great! seeing different Cultures, the way people are different than us.............I hope one day to do this, at least its a ~Dream~....Angie O.
So, very beautiful that I felt peace through looking at the picture also.
Your right, living near any water or waterfall is the way to go, great photo Tom!
Calm is most definitely the word here. Great job of capturing the emotion of the scene!
Aren't u the MySpace guy too?
I love that you said "timeless, old looking men." It gave me a mental picture of these men who are over 1,000 years old doing Tai Chi.
i feel like that when i do tai chi its amazing
Nice one mate. getting pics of the internet. your really are clever... :?
I would love to be there right now
i feel happy after watching it
So beautiful.......
I am a Taiwanese but I don't even know that Sun Moon Lake can be so beautiful....
I really like it, It makes me feel so I ought to vist there some day.
its a new world........
感覺蠻好的呢~ 喜歡!
ahh wow that tranquil, i could look at the picture for hours
Awesome Tom I'm happy you had such a beautiful experience and being able to add it to your memory bank, but most important that you shared it with me. Just the picture alone brings Peace within. Many thanks for the share.
you know what you have is very good reason to have contact with nature. I like it when you talk about their aventuras.valeu a hug.
T Loft
Thanks for my new desktop background.
luck guy you became one of the few visual peace in a bustaling world
I was just there from last summer before coming to Perú!
wow... so peaceful... :) thanks for sharing ;)
thank you for sharing this +Tom Anderson you're making me want to live in taiwan :) it's beautiful, had i been standing there i would have asked my self "is it time to make a change?" then watched the ripples in the water for an answer. nice to read you felt like you were meditating. :)
thanks everyone :) happy this was well received.. I thought maybe it'd be too simple for so many people to appreciate. glad I was wrong :) !
What a beauty.It is awesome."...."....thank you for sharing
Jafar T
I love to have an experience like that.
This is now my background. That is, until you post some other amazing picture. Thanks so much!
Niice.. I would have to agree...a person should be more relaxed by water then in the city
+Rick Ng I think that's true.. as I drove around the lake during the day it never looked quite as good as it did in the early morning, though I'm sure sunsets were awesome as well. I ended up heading out before I saw that. :-)
To fuzzball: You're embarrassing, and the reason I've lost my sense of national pride.
Cool photo. Yes nature does have a way to refresh ones soul.
gorgeous :) you captured the tranquility of this place nicely :) you do seem to be enjoying yourself which is a good thing!!! and yes, I bet the people who reside here have a much lower blood pressure lol. I know I do when I am back in my hometown which is in the woods of Maine :)
Love Taiwan! Been there a few times! The people are so lovely & gracious! We can learn from them about hospitality!
Thank you +Tom Anderson for sharing. I really missed it there. Are you going to other parts of Taiwan? Could you share more your photos of Taiwan?
Welcome to Taiwan and have a nice trip.
wow it is beautiful! wish I could have been there
It's a Gorgeous picture and very well taken. The depth of your description brings life to the photo.
I have been to Taiwan 6 years ago, but it was a pity that I missed the view of Sun Moon Lake. Sometimes in the future, I must be there again to enjoy the scene.
Rena A
Unbelivable..Just looking at the picture you can feel like you're mediating..
I'm really enjoying following your adventures in Taiwan. This is a fantastic photo, I'm feeling the benefits of lake living just by viewing it. I agree with you. I live near a lake that I mountain bike around several days a week. I often get up to photograph the sunrise there. After my ride, I sit on its shores or stretch by the stream to relax.
No sweat Tom. Safe travels on your way back. Had the comments not been maxed out on your last image from Taiwan, I would have asked...."What is it Mulder?".
mam ji
so beautiful
Sunset is not the Best in life, but the presence of the sunset with the woman be the most beautiful in the sunset of life is to be the most beautiful things in life are the most beautiful Vanity
Thats just how I like it, nice peaceful....
hey tom, that was incredible.... please try to enhance your ability you have a gud future
how am i suppose to date you if you're in Taiwan?
I am to visit Taiwan next year and all these pictures, make me feel even more look forward the trip! Thanks and I will follow on your posts to see more exiciting info / places for Taiwan. 
it feels like time is frozen there. Sooo great!
Great capture, lovely atmosphere to this one well done! One of the places in Taiwan I would love to visit.
+Tom Anderson Actually I've only been few places in Taiwan, but I do love Sun Moon Lake, and you did a great job on that photo, the lake's even more dreamy on that photo!
For a second you just want to break that calmness, create a riple. But other times you love the picture.
+Tom Anderson Thank you for showing the world how beautiful Taiwan truly is. Check out 南投 Nantou, by 清靜農場 QingJing Sheep Farm for the panoramic mountain views.
This place is as crowd as night market if you arrived there at wrong time : ) Great photo.
+William Shyu I've heard that William... getting up early and going on a weekday was a good move :)
thanks guys.. it seems a lot simpler than my others but this is one of my favorites :)
wow!!beautiful. nothing like this in my county (Botswana)
Dan Ho
Taiwan is like my favorite place to visit thus far.

I went there in 2010 and will be back this year. :-)

Nice picture of the Lake!
"Tha" in Hindi; Thai in Thai; "Tai" in Taiwan; have some of the same etymology: "Mother~wife of ancient.". You know Granny girl forever. ~
so nice,... when will u taking photo in Thailand?
wow! i have seen all ur pictures only today. excellent and u have a knack for the shots. really amazing. but i do wonder how u manage to tour all the places
Only nature can produce and give away for free such a beautiful scenery.
My friends and I went to Taiwan, Sun Moon Lake too in Dec 2013. Check out the video we created. We stayed in the hotel besides the lake. Very beautiful scenary right?
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