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Check out this awesome "Bionic" arm, a prosthetic limb that Claudia Mitchell controls with her mind. Mitchell's arm is "myoelectric," picking up electrical signals from her brain. "Electrodes help the signals jump from her body, to the prosthesis, which uses a computer to figure out which motion Mitchell is thinking about." The arm cost 3 million dollars to develop. Here's an article on it: The video gets going about 45 seconds in. Skip ahead if you don't want to hear the intro. Amazing stuff :-)
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+Tom Anderson wow, wonder how many other parts of the body will be bionic like this arm :) thanks for sharing this interesting video :)
There needs to be more media coverage of things like this. I think sometimes we forget just how many incredible things we can do as human beings. $3m? A drop in the ocean really. Truly inspirational stuff, both on Mitchell's part and the scientists'.
Freaky and very, very cool. The science behind this is incredible. Think of all the other uses for this kind of technology!
Helps imagine the possibilities of the Singularity a little better :-)
I was just thinking that I missed seeing all the type of posts you used to come up with before you got going with photography more :) I enjoy your photos Tom but equally enjoy stuff like this, and especially a few of your philosophical type, making everyone think posts! Anyway, thanks for sharing and adding to the cyber cesspoole! hee! :)
So what? I control my arms with my mind, too.
+Tom Anderson
Why Google better search engine than a others search engine? (Researcher, Web Developer)
This is incredible. Can't wait to see it put to use.
I would probably use a different working to prevent puns with "cutting edge" and amputees.
I'm thinking Shadowrun and Ghost in the Shell :)
Only $3m? That's nothing. Wow!
Just amazing Tom , thanks for sharing this .. This looks like it will be expensive, I hope that there will be a charity set up to help people afford this type of prosthetic when it is ready for market..
I'm guessing the 3 million was to develop the technology, not to produce something like this. It's probably already cheaper than that for the next person :)
2 arms = $6 million. You reckon they should make a tv series about this?
Fascinating stuff, both in the technological aspect of sensory / cognitive control and feedback, as well as the prospect of a true prosthetic replacement of a missing limb.
so it's the 3 million dollar woman now wasn't it cheaper in the 70's ? (remember the bionic duo :) ? wonderful its actually happening ....
F*ing Shadowrun. Drone army, printing organs, quantum computing. Whats next?
It never ceases to amaze me how bionics have progressed throughout the years. The future is looking bright :)
That was both informative and scientifically amazing!! Truly amazed by cognitive motor sensory and the feedback control. Seems science fiction will soon become everyday reality.
Those folks are still troopers.
thanks for the share Tom I couldn't imagine waking up like that every day. Horrifying.
+Trans Fix with technology like this, I think it wouldn't be so bad. I'd be pretty proud of my bionic arm :)
You earned it...jealous!
We watched some amazing footage of an actual surgery being performed and electrode being implanted in a quadriplegic's brain. Then we were able to watch him control a video game (and another patient control an electric wheel chair) with his thoughts. (First year singularity university opened)
Cyberdyne Systems called.... they say this infringes on an existing patent
who the fuck r u tom?
OMG now this is something worth investing money into cause it is cutting edge technology and would benefit so many people.
yeah i seen this on youtube, "10 future technologies that already exist", check it out.. some cool stuff..
cant wait for the "IROBOT" arm
how did the person get the arm
Jason T
Soooo, with advancements like this, who thinks cutting DOD funding for R&D is a good idea? The applicable payoffs from R&D investments far outweigh the monetary investments.
the six million dollar man just has 2 of these
What about extending a normal body with a third arm, that can lift 500Kg?
makes the choice of entering the army alot easier. skip to 1:45
hahaha 69th comment anyone who noes what tht meen like it
I feel sad for those people because if that is what happened to me, I'd hate having a bionic arm. I mean im going to freak out everyday in the shower looking at a place with no arm......
Andy L
That's pretty cool.
pore warriors but so good we have good docs we should give them a raise like littley
Ro Roe
pretty cool & I'm glad the wounded people get limbs back. :)
why dont these guys work with disney's animitronic department, make the limbs more realistic
Justifies sending the innocents to go die for profiteers
i think it is really great but a through came into my head are these the first generation of Cyborg-and i am not trying to be funny or anything like that but it my understand that Cyborg are part human and part machine
makes you also realize how amazing your real arm is if this is already worth 3 mill. how much would you think your real arm is worth.
according to work mans comp around $25,000.00
Biomedical engineers have actually created this prosthesis arm about 5 years ago (maybe more). It uses electric pulses to control the arm, like in "Time, top inventions of the year", there is a mention of this "cat ears" haedband that moves its ears upon reaction to the brain impulses. This is relatively new, but its been there for quite sometime.
As someone who's worn orthotic devices my whole life I applaud the efforts being put forward in creating a usable limb for those without one, and to address the statement made by +Vivian Testarossa , you're quite correct as at first there are many who would have that very reaction, however over time while there are still situations like phantom limb syndrome that can effect the user an artificial limb eventually becomes as common a procedure in the morning as having that shower or making the first cup of coffee, automatic
I could say the same about people, who really misuse punctuation.
+Nur Muhammad it has to start SOMEwhere! The first generation of computers too was pretty unaffordable. Now look at you posting a comment through one! Aren't you glad someone invented it even though initially it cost a bomb and a half?
imagine what our great-grandparents would say! they'd think we had discovered alien technology
I wonder what happens when the prosthetic limb becomes more capable than the original one...
Its not the soldiers who don't have brains Prana Cale, its you
Prototype 1? I thought this was called the Luke arm developed by Dean Kamen (with DARPA funding). Who, as we all know, also brought us the Segway, or more importantly, the gyroscopic control system in the Segway.
hola soy nueva en este lugar tan maravilloso buenas noches o buenas tardes a todos besos
there are a lot of bionic body parts. let me try to list the ones i know (im not even a teenager!!!)
6.(parts of hand)
7. (parts of leg)
8. hmm....i dont know anymore...but yeah
This is a similar story about the creation of a robot arm that does the same thing back in 2007 with the help of Dean Kamen.
Go hunt down his follow ups on to see how people start using the arm without thinking about what their doing to really see how far along its come.
Also Im a huge nerd for this kind of tech, I made a post about a year ago on this subject which can be seen here ( ) and on the site you can see other robotics that is in some way similar or as cool as this.
Also Bookmark and visit it regularly, I particularly think the video on Rainbow trout farms and Mushroom fungy are really interesting (I think I posted those on my site too somewhere).
+Ray Melvin A number of research labs are working on improving prosthetics. AFAIK, Kamen is not working with RIC, and there are several other players in the game (iWalk among others).
If only that robotic arm would stop controlling my mind.....
We're so close to being able to get Luke Skywalker hands.
HJ Yang
very important work for many lives affected by accidents and wars.
The first cyborg!
Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker. Not movie fiction anymore. Think how advanced prosthetic limbs will be in 20 years.
u got a shout out on tosh.o awsome
So that video was posted almost 4 years ago - I wonder how much the tech has advanced now.
Thank you for sharing this. This is wonderful.
John Connor would say this is one step closer towards blasphemy
So, I guess an arm, two legs, and an eye might add up to about, uh, $31 Million, which in 1974 dollars is... Six Million! Whee!
I really want to say something different but cant. I'll just say it, "AMAZING!".
I think Deus Ex is getting it's future haha ;)
this is so cool. its like fringe, only better. cause its for real.
I always figured that if you could hijack some never or another and use it as an input device with sufficient training. Kinda wondered how that stuff was coming along
This is a continuing invention and a time will come when in the earth hybrid people will be the most powerful.........Hope that day we will not in earth..............
add me to your circle
imagine how many people that could help
"Affectionately called 'Prototype 1'"
You westerners are 'the' Annunakis. Closest to the God.
Prevention is better than cure, no war!
Fantastic! Now i can grab my stick and feeling it!! Bad joke. Sorry. This cybernetic advance is awesome.
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When you see such videos, you know that science and research is moving in the right direction. I wish it could pick up more pace and reach more deserving people at the earliest.
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@Muhammad, this is not the thread to be expressing your small minded, unrealistic views on religion. Please take your agenda elsewhere and instead say something intelligent about the science behind this technology.
It's just like the game deus ex human revolution and how they augment people with robotic body parts to speed up evolution and converge humans with technology.
Omar S
the new manhattan project
Is this myspace Toms profile pic???
I wonder how long until they become better than the ones we have and people start getting then as an upgrade.
So what does it use? an ARM 5 or an ARM 7?

I am not ashamed!
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great innovation, really a very big achievement in the field of surgery..
i am amazed after learning it!
thats so good and a big achievment in the field(of doctorsare surgery!)thats so wonderful lucky we have people with guts to do surgery im afraid to do it if i had to become one i would be a nurse
That is really sad...I hopegod will bless her god bless her??????

i feel bad for her, but hopefully the new arm helps!
that's amazing~ what a great progress~
Nick CA
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Ahh, Nicholas said it already.
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that video was really cool
creepy military lady aside
Good one and helpful to many people who are suffering without hands......
Its Really a very good invention. But isn't there any drawback of this?
Amazing technology!!! God bless the scientist and surgeons that invest in this 'good' technology!!
Reminds me of the 6 million dollar man back in the 70s. They gave him bionic legs and arms and a bionic eye. We can rebuild her. make her faster stronger more powerful than ever. LOL
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+Tom Anderson This is amazing technology they have going there and specially since they get feeling into their fingers and sense of warmth... Hope this will improve their life.
But on the other note since there was a pricetag on it, makes U wonder how much money a real arm would cost in the making?
I know we have come a long way from where we were when we only dreamed of this kind of thing, but this baffles me still to this day. Incredible.
Wait ! We might be able to transform into a mustang one day ! coming for you Megatron !
Only a matter of time until people get cybernetic enhancements.
Myoelectric prosthethes are a wonderful advance in prosthetics technology. There's a lad, here in the UK, who had the first myolectric hand fitted and he was showing off skills like playing with a stress-ball, with his new hand, while pouring coffee with his other hand. Before, he'd been limited to mirroring actions. And the fine motor control was astounding! It's important to remember that even body-powered prosthethes are very expensive, so there's a lot of work to do before these types of limbs, hands and feet are available to the millions of children and adults around the world who need them.
+Jadey A-S Wilson Yes I was wondering if there is a foundation or charity that might help people with the costs.. This is too amazing and there is too great a need for it to die because it is out of the price range of the people who need it most.
+Mari Thomas: Yes, there are lots of them but they each have their own criteria as to who they help and what, exactly, they fund. In the UK, would be my first port of call. I'm not sure about different countries but the manufacturers or their suppliers are often able to give advice on potential sources of funding. Eg., , who created the world's first electrically-powered shoulder and are now leading the way with iDigits and the iLimb Ultra, offer help on navigating the maze of insurance. And both they and their UK and US clinical teams can do the same. Plus, there are a number of NGOs which help people who've lost limbs due to landmines. But a search for "Artificial Limb Charities" should return results for your part of the world.

A boy (young man, really) in the US called Wyzhir Johnson founded a charity called Wyzhir's Dream Fund, after being fitted with an iLimb, for US residents aged under 22, which is administered here: . Hope that all helps, a bit :) (Sorry to, sort of, hijack your thread, +Tom Anderson !)
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My Dad :(WW2 Canadian-Veteran)-came home unscathed,except his mind.....his only daughter.....he could not talk or maybe he thought he would hurt me with the undeniable truth/facts....His "Mind" could not "forget"....He is gone now and,after raising (5)...:(R)-children!! Sooo a "limb" can be replaced but a "mind"-not so easy....!!!
Oh....! And he actually thought he was Well and healthy and not one visit to the "Shrink"....Please....All skeleton's OUT of the Closet as I have experienced first hand....the atrocities that life and "death" has me!!.....Neeeeeeeed a "Break"!!
that is some serious punctuation, carole.
Great stuff :) but i'd have to say STOP TRYING TO KILL EACH OTHER there would be a lot less dead or injured people if you didn't. Then maybe the money could be used to help those who didn't spend their time hurting other people.
Awesome to see technologyis great
this video with the very charming lady seems to have me at first.
This is the future when it comes to being able to help those who have lost limbs. All I can really say is HOW WONDERFUL! A way to help those who are disabled to be more self sufficient. A blessing from GOD, literally. Thanks for sharing.
It is a major rennovation for above elbow amputee but it is still a long way to go as u can see the hand part (device) and elbow movements are still very robotic .u dont see the new device incorporating rotation of the hand part.
it is very great.I wish i went to those like you
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