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I was out in Death Valley yesterday... There were beautiful clouds and heavy winds that day. I saw a sand storm, which I've never seen before. Kinda helped me to get my Lawrence of Arabia on, but I didn't start any revolutions or anything. I just took this photo. :-)
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Awe...come on! That's just a flurry! Hit up the valley during a monsoon! (and I can't wait to see when you do.)
One of my favorite National Parks. Nice!
+Tom Anderson what happened to your beautiful picture of the Waikiki keyhole skyscraper? It was in your stream but disappeared.
haha +Sonja Miller Williams I did eventually drive right through it, but I was afraid to take my camera out into it.. I just got a new camera after breaking my old one sank into the ocean. I thought it'd be too fitting for this one to die by sand, so I kept it in the car :-)
+Tom Anderson It is like getting pecked by hundreds of little needles to get caught in those. Glad you stayed protected as well as protecting your camera.
So Awesome i really like the clouds :)
+Tom Anderson ; one of the things I'd like to get is that solitary dust devil rising up from the desert. D.V. is the perfect place for it. Kudos to your sorta new found photo interest, I'll say again. Makes the retirement worthwhile, doesn't it? Something to do, and so much to learn--wish I had the time to be able to pursue it in such earnest. :o)
thanks +russ vallelunga I know, I'm lucky, thank you... I've been able to go shoot almost every day for the last few months :-)
Looks great,Tom. Thanks for sharing your Death Valley pic and experience..
In Iraq there were sandstorms that looked like a cloud of black coming at you. 
Really, never seen a sand storm? definitely weren't out on the playa long enuf! You simply MUST experience being engulfed in a dust storm...hehe!! Put that on your Schemer list! Mebbe this year? I was once in one which lasted for a good three hours or tend to lose track of time inside of one...Even so, I ❤ the desert!

Have you ever seen or been part of the dune buggy cross country races? I forget what they're called just's quite a hoot tho! :)
i have experienced a sand storm few days earlier..........
+Tom Anderson found it. I don't think you need to re-process that. It doesn't look like every other HDR but that's a good thing. I can understand why you want to, but I really like it as it is.
thanks everyone :) +James Salsman it bugs me how much distraction there is outside of the main buildings in that pic.. all the buildings and stuff below :)
I think that's okay for a building that you can see right through. Up-pointing pics of sky through it are boring.
A baby one..... o_0 It's still freakin' winter here :( send some warm weather my way +Tom Anderson
Awww I love this +Tom Anderson - my second favorite national Park :) Love how the dust echoes the clouds.
Beautiful shot! Reminds me of Gus Van Sant's movie "Gerry"
Death Valley’s ever changing palette, Almost like being there!
Face in the cloud. look above. it's not what u see below that protects it's the one above.
Interesting fact Death Valley was a sea... granted a long long time (like some few million) ago (I'm a nerd and watch too much History Channel). But at now it is as HOT AS HELL!!! Hope you have water and air conditioning! :) lol!
are u saing dis hapeen 2 u 4 realy or.......,if so is amazing!!!!!
SH iHu
Car runs so fast...
woooowwwwwww...., its beautiful scenery as well
yep. the weather has been like this for a couple days now.
wow so beautiful photo! i love it man
that moment was very terrible but intresting
wow!! never seen anything like this in my life wonderful photo!!
+Tom Anderson at least you didn't get swallowed by that...along with nearly falling off a cliff, being almost run over, arrested, camera's broken and cards eating your photo's lol Lucky there was no revolutions either you might have added attempted assassination to the list ;p
I like this color very much ya.............
What a beautiful lovely nature .............
:) you're very interesting and entertaining...still can't get the image of you dancing around with butt full of buck wheat out of my makes me laugh every time +Tom Anderson
The name sounds odd! According to the picture, it must be Life Valley or Very Good Life Valley~
Looks like Beep BEEP and Wile E are doing their thing :D
is it a that tom anders, real?
Nice! Thanks for sharing. What a Beautiful Day you must have had.
Peace full place every one need to visit this kind of sites....
Breath-taking, never seen a sky so........
The colors are so beautiful in this photo. Thk you for sharing this
Put in some black horses and its a nice wallpaper...

But it's a brilliant photo.
criously n awessummm placee.....:D :D
it looks like a paradise. Dis is wht everybody desire
Hey Tom remember you from myspace!
that must ve been quite a moment,true?????????????
thats beautifull makes u feel at peace with earth
So beautiful. Spent a week in the area.Did you visit Death Valley National Park... built by The Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930"s...and the Borax mines? Amazing!!
itz amazing.... i wish i visit this place once......itz seems like u r in heaven
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Muy bonita esa foto, ojala pudiera estar en ese lugar asi sea por una hora.
Looks like the beginnings of a Virga ! Tom....that's some photo !
u call this "Sand storm!" If u get sand storms like the ones we get here..U will start a revolution..
These sand storms are called "habuub." I'm not sure of the spelling, but I think that is an Arabic word. My husband & I experienced one last year in Phoenix that was 5 miles wide & a mile high!
Tom, a couple photo buddies and I have been planning a trip to Death Valley. Do you drive there from LA, or Vegas? We are just trying to figure out what is the more interesting and photogenic route. Thanks!
Do you apply HDR effects to every picture you take?
thats really beautiful .. the death valley has a life :)
All you need now,is some camels..
beautiful scenery you got there but i think this pik is fake sir, because i also have this image on my cellular phone. . .
i meant pic as in picture as in image reflected onto a sheet of paper
Hope the sand didn't damage the D4
hai tom

i am very glad to read u...
+Tom Anderson Can you please post the details of your images? F-stop, ISO, etc... you have some amazing pics, and I am curious to know more :-)
wow I may go there in April - this may tip my decision to make it a definite!
+Mina Makram all G+ photos show this info if you go to the image and check the drop down on photo info :)
wow nice photo dear! hope that your fine? after this sandstorm? be carefull!
+Tom Anderson Thanks for your reply... I learn something new everyday, keep posting those awesome pics. Thanks!
Death Valley is on my list of places to go before I leave the Planet. It reminds me of the beautiful and strange afternoon summer skies driving down from Missoula to Bozeman Mt. It would get almost dark then pouring rain with thunder and lightning for about 10 minutes and then beautiful clearing skies with rainbows. Amazing.
it looks like a beautiful place to bee but scarey if yhuur there alone :(
Great photo, but not sand storm. Iived in Las Vegas on Lake Mead & Nellis Blvd. A sand storm is a solid brown wall from the earth to the bottom of the clouds. You would not be joking about it if it was a sand storm. They aren't the least bit funny. 
Good job Tom Anderson I think its beautiful and amazing . :)
What a fabulous, sweeping picture. Love the blue tones you've got in the sky contrasting and melding with the slateyness of the far dunes and hills, then the rich sand colour. Another good'un!
great photo ,i just watched lawrence of arabia yesterday ,favorite movie,bill.
on the tombstone of lawrence is, the hour is coming and now is when the dead shall hear the voice of the lord and they that hear shall live. he died very young and was betrayed by both the french and english govts, bill. in australia. i just love these words.
Grreat shot! Reminds me of a huge dust storm in Broken Hill, NSW Australia in the 1940s when the rolling brown clouds evenually
obliterated the sun, causing total darkness at 4pm. I was home alone and scared. Couldn't see the light bulb in the room! Whole city enveloped in fine red dust from Central Australia. The dust storm reached far away New Zealand. Awesome!
Are Man
Thats was amazing..i never seen a cloud like dat...and what type of camera you use catch a view like that?
These pics are outa this world thanks for sharing hun! x
sorry i don't know what do you talking about my friend
I would like to say wounderfull like heaven
beautifull.... simplemente bello.
+Tom Anderson Beautiful man... whatta beauty! How did you snap such a pic in so much light ? One could get lost in this photo when seen in 3D! :)
veryyyyyyyyyyy niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Wow, that is awesome! I've never seen one either. :)
Absolutley breath taking :) I've always wanted to spend some time out there..
I have lived in Ca all my life and I have never seen a wind storm. That is a beautiful picture. Thanks for sharing.
je vous kiffe trop love my ami or my familly .
i hav no word for this.this like a heaven. i wanna tell u its krizma
wow. thanks for sharing Tom! Wish I could have been there as well to experience these gorgeous views. I love to travel and take photo's.
Ooh! We love Death Valley. Beautiful!
chem trails often make a dramitic picture. ive got tons of "pretty" shots of the aun on heavy spray days. its an eerie beauty.
Estou muito impressionada com tamanha
Hi Tom,
It's really a sandstorm
nice,but we have the real sand storms which you do not like to see .
This picture is very beautiful. Thank you Tom.Madeleine grob.
That's a nice picture. What can I say!
Good shot. Been there inside the sandstorm in Death Valley. So I can confirm that there are frequent sandstorms in Death Valley. Got a bunch of sand in my car and had to hose down the door hinges. It started squeaking after the storm. ;-)
Did you go check out 'the racetrack'
I tend to think that whatever you saw is just but a mere imitation of what I go through every other day.
has caught my eyes in one look... it looks amazing as much as it touches your heart
I've been there,
It's really REALLY hot there
but it goes on for miles just flat for mile after mile....
Happy days...
Hi.WooOooW.your photos are very nice.I like them.thank you.some times I take photo.could I send them for you?
The sandstorm or whatever it is, and the clouds in the blue sky would've looked foreboding if it was darker. Great pic. Thanks for sharing..
very beautiful indeed
All ur foto are very very beatifull color n others, Exellence n good luck.
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