I was driving through the mountains of central Taiwan last night, not quite sure where I was going, but enjoying that very fact. It was dark and the cloud cover had blocked out the moon. I had a sense I was passing through farmland, but I really wasn't sure. I had never been to this area and hadn't read anything about it. The car radio was playing static -- I was too far out to get any stations, and I was gradually becoming hypnotized by the road. Then suddenly, up ahead in the distance, I spied a huge glow lighting up the night sky. This wasn't a single light source, it looked more like a spaceship had landed. That was the first thing that came to mind... As I drove closer I started to get a sense for what was going on, and then I found what you see here in the picture. I'm no farmer, but I'm guessing the lights are there to make the crops grow faster. That's my rental car, trunk open, behind me. I'd pulled out the camera and tripod and set it up on the wall to capture myself in the scene. Flying back to Los Angeles tomorrow... Can't wait to process my photos from the trip. This is a single shot (non-composite) from my new Nikon D4.
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